[Vid] Geng`s Pepsi photoshoot/HanGeng in Taiwan & thoughts about SM movie “I AM”

안녕 친구들! v^^.

Our moving is near now! At May the 10th we will move. Aigoo, all the chaos on that day… I die only by thinking of it! ><

Today I at least finished my Purple Line in my room. hm, paint was darker than expected… It dosen`t exactly look bad but would have been nice if it would habe been lighter. Well, nothing to change at it anymore. Now it`s done. I worked on it for the half day.
Doggie was with us and she was pretty restless. Walking from left to right and back. I told her several times to lie down because she was driving me crazy with her constant walking around. New house seems to be a little weird to her without furniture. And it truely is.
I still cannot believe that we will move soon now. Cannot believe that my old mice will move again with me =) Never thought they would live long enough to move again with me… o.o those mice are some die-hard/late kind of mice OTL

After I was done with my Purple Line I prepared everything for the last adds to the Terra rebuild. There is still a little thing missing in the new mice home so I needed to prepare it. I will bring the Terra to the house the next days so it`s already finished and prepared for the mice when we move.
While I was preparing the acrylic glass the glass had an accident: It broke at the wrong place. …. =_= hrrr… *annoyed sigh* I thought I need to scream at that moment! So I unpacked my other things to fix it. Aigoo. Wae does it need to break when I was so careful? At least it`s for mice and mice won`t destroy it because they are not strong enough ^^

After we arrived back home in the early afternoon I packed all the stuff in my car I want to drop off at the house after work tomorrow.
Le me has a key!!!
I packed my playstation, my PSP, my DVD/BluRay Players, litter of the mice I don`t need in near future and some k-pop stuff. I will continue to move my k-pop things the next days + all the little things which stand around in my room so that only the cartons are left then.

Other news besides moving: My baby mice are still not fully cured. That means… all besides Deneh. She`s still snzeesing and we only have 4 more days to go witht he med at the maximum.
Then, because they had some fights before, I took away some of their things so do a little socialization with them. Not the whole program because they already knew each other, just a bit of it.
First night was good, second there were some fights again and now third night was good again. When they stay like this I will give their corck back to them soon.

(NOTE: Some of the links maybe aren`t working yet because it says “protected blog” but the links will work later then)

Geng news:
[VID] Pepsi 2012 Photoshoot
Cannot . Stop . Staring . *.*
[VID] (120426) (Taipei, Taiwan) Love Life Activity – Han Geng accompanying Ward 93 children to watch an SBL (basketball) game.
awww! Look how happy he is ^^ Kids must been happy too to go to that match with Geng, Blackie Chen and others.
but… °.° OMO! That one basketball player! How tall is he? like… 3,50 m or what? Geng looks really small besides him and he already isn`t exactly small… those ppl are not normal OTL

JYJ News:
➤ Yoochun looks great! :3
C-Jes shares a pictures of Yoochun
JYJ Twitter update
➤ JJ, looks at the things you cause ^^
Kim Jaejoong`s concern for the elephants in Thailand makes fans of TVXQ donate to Friends Of The Asian Elephant
I hope elephants can be happy.

HoMin news~
TVXQ reveals that they are not No.1 when it comes to flyer miles in SM Entertainent
*nods* yes, I guess woth BoA flying to Canada/USA often lately she made a loooot of miles!
➤ Changmin, you are always in some kind of evil mode, aren`t you? ^^°
TVXQ’s Changmin describes his relationship with Yunho as “Love and War”
➤ Changmin & Kyu… (Long Version of this story: HERE )
120430 I AM Showcase – Kyuhyun said that once Changmin and him went to eat very expensive beef, in the beginning Changmin said that he will treat Kyuhyun. But after they have finished Changmin said “AH I forgot to bring my wallet!” SO kyuhyun said that he will pay for the meal. The Changmin asked “Then can I order one more serving?” XDDD in the end he really did order another cold noodles and finished it all my himself XD

[CR 音悦Tai-SuperJunior饭团 | Trans by @paperheartsMIN]

Big Bang news
➤ Wow… is is really already 2 month now?
Big Bang concludes two month promotions for ‘ALIVE’
Big Bang’s T.O.P becomes radio DJ for FUBU event
Behind the scenes with Big Bang for Jeju Airlines

Lady Gaga tweets about her concert in South Korea
The second highest attendance? I believe that! Practically everyone would go on a Lady Gaga concert. Although I think some of her MVs are just TOO MUCH in so many ways, very strange and sometimes a bit too scary I would love to watch her live.

➤ This watermelon art is… JUST TOO CRAY!
‘Star King’ features watermelon carvings of Boom & Leeteuk
should I ever throw a party for… whoever or whatever I want that guy to do some art with the food! Incredible! *o*

Soulmatesis at Hanami Fest

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk makes a sexy transformation as Marilyn Monroe!
I simply DIED when he came out like that! So that`s what they meant when they told the ELFs to “be there” when they arrive xD OMG SUN!
*haha* but, Hyukjae… your legs ^^° eh hehe… no.
➤ OMG! This kid is still alive! O:
Super Junior’s Kim Kibum teaser for upcoming drama ‘I Love Italy’ revealed
Just when we all thought we have no clue where he is, what he`s doing or if he`s even alive THIS showed up. Oh well then, hope this drama will be a success.
This teaser was so cute ^^

➤ Thoughts about SM`s new movie…
“I AM” SM Town: Too Good to be True?
…and they are exactly my thoughts! OMG! So true! completely, totally and 4ever THISSSS!!!!

Anti-Shinhwa fan is irritated by member Minwoo on ‘Hello’
Nah, I dunno if calling him anti is right. He`s just a frustrated boyfriend. He dosen`t hates Shinhwa for existing as Shinhwa in the general sense like anti`s normally do. He dislikes them because his girlfriend love them and *haha* is most likely always online to watch their performances and be on twitter for Shinhwa Company xD
But I have to admit: He`s really scary-cray jealous but… annoying him with Shinhwa pop quizzes is also wrong. Uhm… girl, boy: You both need to work on yourself.

➤ This was interesting to read:
I love the one which said I’ve learned that our dog doesn’t want to eat my broccoli either.
Age 7

LOL oh, some dogs eat it but xD mine wouldn`t eat it either!

To end today`s blog entry let`s take a look at what our couples are doing:

“EunHae of the day”:
O-O EunHae, you`re unbeliecable! Please, *cough* not in front of the (ELF-)kids!

“SiHan of the day”:
oooooh, I love this pic! ^^ SiHan lovelies casual-priceless!

☆✭☆[Couple Special] today, SiHan: Always trolling each other…☆✭☆
Zhang Li Yin’s Timeless MV – Behind the Scenes
Photobucket Aren`t they cute? *pinches SiHan lovelies* I could watch them 4ever!

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