New k-dream! , Big Bang won Mtv Italy TLR Awards! & (ˆㅅˆ) massive SiHan spam~

안녕 다들! =D

aaaah, I was fixing up my book shelves yesterday. The 2 remaining. I already fixed up the first one (the smallest) after work on friday.
All in all it took me longer than I thought it would. But I like fixing up shelves! I like it a lot!
I wonder what I will put into them xD not only books, that`s for sure.

Next step is: Finishing the Terra for my baby mice! They are bored in their Duna and their new home is almost ready.
btw… babies have grown! Especially Holly and Deneh. Even my mom said it and she rarely saw them ^^
The fights they had have almost stopped. My socializing worked for them. Nonetheless I will eyes them critically when they move into their new home. You can never know! ;D

btw: moving… we will move in a few days. 진짜… cannot believe we really move now. It will be a completely crazy day! I will not be online at may the 10th #justsaying
+ I´m not sure if I will have i-net connection again right away in the new house. You can never know. When i-net is a bish, I will not be online at the 11th either :/ we will see about that.
Nonetheless: This will maybe be the last entry I write in our apartment.

Then: I should REALLY stop looking at the threads on our mice board about plans for new mice homes… Photobucket makes me want to build one again too, just like… aaaah! oh so bad!

Okie, but now mice aside.
I had a new k-dream yesterday night.

Okay, dream was weird but I could get some things.
I dunno why we were there but there was some kind of… no, not a park but a place where you could do funny things outdoor. It was soe kind of… funny outdoor course/activity trail. Whatever. Dream was too blurry.
More ppl were there and also Geng and me. We didn`t went there together, we met there. oh! what a nice surprise! We naturally went through the area together then – since there were no other ppl we knew. It was immediately super funny with Geng. Aigoo, he was in such a good mood! He laughed a lot, I laughed a lot. He was joking around and we really had great fun at the first 3 stations.
The only weird thing was, after I went to ‘go for little fangirls’ (u know… ^^) I met Hyukjae on my way back to the course. Why da hell was he here too? I have so no idea why Hyukjae randomly appeared. But we only said -hi-, and had the usual talk you always have when you meet ppl you know. Nothing special. And since Geng was waiting I really had no time for Hyukjae anyway, so I excused myself. Photobucket
Once I was back with Geng he dragged me away to the next station of this trail. He said that he heart this one is the most fun to do. But when we arrived there a lot of other ppl were already there. Aigoo, we had to wait in line. WTF! IN LINE!? Photobucket THIS IS A FREAKING OUTDOOR FUN TRAIL! >< So it looked like this was really the most funny station. It was like all ppl of that area were there all of a sudden. *sighs*
Good, so we sat down and waited. Watching the others and waited. Yeah, and… waited and waited… Man! We really waited quite long. HanGeng asked how long this could still take. Le me sighed, I said I dunno, leaned over to him a bit and put my chin on his shoulder (somehow it reminded me of my doggie when she`s tired xD ), pouting. Waiting was too frustrating. Damn.
We started to have a longer talk to kill the time then my dream ended.

Aaaaai! Another Geng dream and it was fun! Also the feeling changed somehow when I´m with him. Looks like Geng is becoming my new good friend =D ME LIKES! Photobucket *clicks on like* I appreciate that we can be good friends now! So I`m friends with both of SiHan lovelies now~Photobucket
Isn`t that great? Emmy will surely think this isn`t fair because she wants to be Geng fan too ^^°
@ Emmy: ooh, come to visit us in my k-dreams! Geng will also be friends with you, I´m sure!

But besides all that, I wonder: Where`s my stalker? oO (Siwon) *starts to miss her stalker* & wae I no can have dream with both of SiHan lovelies? Would increase the fun x 234678495899000!!!
*sighs* I bet it`s the same story like the one I cannot have a dream with DB5K together as a group. Okeh, there were YunJae & Chunnie with Teukie togheter for babysitting Donghae xD but still! This dosen`t count!

The news now.
Yes, it`s a lot again because I don`t really have time to update often lately. Moving eats up all my time and even when I would have time I´m so tired that I only want to chill or sleep. ><

SuJu news:
➤ Why could I tell you the answer to this even before I opened this article?
Super Junior & Girls’ Generation reveal the members who make the most money
Because it`s obvious! Photobucket
and… Yoona`s skirt and Siwon`s jeans have… the exactly same color? *looks closer* is it just me or…
well. whatever.
Siwon`s activities in (especially in) Taiwan/China: Who makes more CFs than SiHan lovelies there? Is there anyone, just to begin with? I don`t think so ^^
➤ aww, isn`t that so cute! ( ˆ ω ˆ ) *pinches Leetuek*
Super Junior’s Leeteuk is over-protective of Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun
Teukie, could you please test the silly guys who show interest in me (although that practically never happens xD ) too?
btw… this reminds me of my workmate Oppa and that he said the reason why we will never have a relationship is because I`m too ” Photobucket ” ← yes, he made such a face! gosh… once again I see: I was born in the wrong land. Not because of Oppa, we were just talking because Ajeossi suspected us dating *facepalm* so no. But you are worth nothing here when others consider you cute/innocent or whatever *sighs* well, at least my friends love and value me. That`s why I don`t need a guy to be happy. I have all of my boys and my friends. I never feel alone~Photobucket
➤ awwww! Leetuek cuteness the second! ❤❤❤
Super Junior’s Leeteuk considers Kang Ho Dong to be his life mentor
➤ Yesungie, why you are always giving us this dark look ^^°
Super Junior’s Yesung takes a casual photo with his brother
they are also cute!
➤ Ah, ye! There was another SelCa (^。^)
Super Junior’s Siwon dazzles fans with handsome photo + hints at comeback
Photobucket HAAAIR! *fangirls* ^^ so cute!
➤ LOL oh boys!
Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, and Yunho reveal each other’s secrets
I love the part that says “There are rumors that Yunho serves and obeys Changmin.” the most! xDDD
➤ Siwon`s Opera picture….
“Damn it all…”
Damn… most perfect sentence/comment on this. I can only say “Damn it all…” too. I give up. If I wouldn`t be married and well educated… ts. ts. I totally give up. *__* Damn it all…
I mean… he even has power over magic! Siwon in Opera GIFs /THIS!
Well, while ELFi only saw “other things” this is what I noticed: Vampire-Ninja Siwon. Siwon-Hair. Siwon-Magic. ah~ me likes! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

HoMin news!
➤ Oh man! His father wrote to fans? aww!
TVXQ member Yunho’s father writes a personal thank you letter to the fans
TVXQ’s Yunho says Super Junior’s Shindong didn’t give up exaggerating in NY either
➤ LOL he want`s to replace Kyu! *haha* that minnie! xD
TVXQ’s Changmin would like to replace Kyuhyun as a member of Super Junior?
And what is Kyu supposed to do then? join Yunho to be TVXQ? xD Switching groups… hm. what an interesting thought!
➤ awww, Leader씨~~Photobucket
TVXQ’s Yunho admits to being the romantic type
TVXQ’s Yunho reveals that his childhood dream was to become a prosecutor

JYJ news!
➤ Tracklist & cover!
[INFO] 120504 Junsu – Tarantallegra Album
Interesting cover. ME LIKES! =)
And look who wrote some lyrics again: BROTHER! =D
Kim Junsu to Make Most Anticipated Comeback
➤ How nice of you Chunnie!
[Trans] 120430 Park Yoochun “Explosive Manners”, Holds Umbrella For Han Ji Min, “The Ultimate Gentleman”
➤ oh hey, JJ, suits you well! =D
JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong tweets photo in traditional military outfit for ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’
➤ Looks like Rooftop Prince is the right drama for him then =)
JYJ’s Yoochun reported to have quite the sweet tooth
Kim Junsu’s Ballad Track Off of Upcoming Album to be Included in ‘Rooftop Prince’ OST
JYJ’s Park Yoochun will postpone joining the army
➤ Eh realy? Under what agency?
Younger sister of JYJ’s Jaejoong is preparing for debut
I would die laughing when she will go under C-jes too! I mean: how cool would that be? ^___^
➤ Full version of Chunnies Tio CF ^^
SOOOO FUNNY! Really, I love these Tio CFs! :3
➤ What… da… Photobucket
[Pic] 120505 Junsu endorsement for CK Jewelry
… (⊙\\\\⊙) what kind of change is this from pic one to pic two!? I`m sorry, but… I… I need to go! >//< *leaves*

Geng news~
[Trans] Geng for LoveLife – talking about his mom ❤
➤ LoveLife vid
T^T Geng is always so serious when he`s talking about his time in Korea.
YouTube comment: “(…) I know he did what he thought was right and I support him but I think he misses SJ and they miss him…. I pray that one day they can stand on stage together again…”
Of course they miss each other. They kinda grew up together, don`t forget that.
Standing on one stage with them again one day is Geng`s dream. Don`t forget that either.
And he loves his mum just soooo much! Photobucket It´s so adorable. (his mom is really nice and always there for him, so I understand that very well ^^)
Oh yeah and the one dislike on that vid: SME, please spare us with your butthurt actions xD hahaha! I bet that one dislike was made by them! ;P
➤ Blackie Chen had a b-day party! =D
Blackie`s guest, Fan Fan & Blackie ^^
Geng and SunLe were thre too! =) and YanYan too. ah haha. looks like Blackie had a bunch of nice guests.
(120502) (Taiwan) At FanFan’s live performance event and Blackie’s birthday party // Cr: Blackie’s Facebook
(120502)(Taiwan) At FanFan’s live performance event // Cr: Blackie’s Facebook
awww, HanGeng so cuuuute! Photobucket awww~~
➤ … 음… EXO-M… ? oO
HanGeng and EXO-M at Meng Niu Charts Event
…what are you eyeing Geng with THAT look on your face == *eyes them* oh yes, but you better look at him. He`s maybe a solo artist but Geng is the King here!
but seriously, what`s with that dark face? It is some kind of dark face, isn`t it? oO I wonder why, and… was the last picture when HanGeng won his “Most Popular Male Singer” award? It must have felt so weird for HanGeng to see this group… I mean, it even feels weird for me to look at them although I don`t hate them (in fact I like both EXO groups` songs) and I`m sure Geng dosen`t hate them either. But still! Think about this, ppl. It`s irritating me… Photobucket
➤ HanGeng is our “261 million dollar baby” ^^, #random news:
2012 Forbes Chinese Celebrity List
^^ I`m proud of you Geng! It`s all because you work hard! And the comment of the admin of my fav blog it soooo true and super epic, as always: Yeah, and most of that money either went to charity or towards the purchase of Gundam models. Photobucket hahaha! I think that too! ^^d Sounds like a true story.
➤ random fun made by my fav SiHan blog: HanGeng as baby
awwww! OMG! This is too adorable and I can imagine this very well! (๑´▿`๑) I never saw this movie but THESE GIFS are overly adorable! ❤❤❤❤

➤ They had a dating ban? oO wth…
U-KISS’ dating ban has officially been lifted

➤ Exo-M…
EXO-M continues to sweep Chinese music charts
…you just wait until the King comes back with his second album. I mean you kids are good but: Don`t forget to bow to the King please! 🙂 Don`t forget to worship the king OTL (which is my Geng of course!)

➤ WOAH… really?
Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, Super Junior, B2ST, and more to perform at Google headquarters
This is so cool! They will perform for google ppl??? Damn lucky google ppl! *envies*

➤ Aaaand we are back with the “shared underwear” stories xD
Shinhwa used to share underwear when they were trainees
haha xD sounds like DBSK to me! ah haha! Funny story! especially the part “Minwoo apparently had no idea boxers even existed until he moved to Seoul to live with Andy, Hyesung and Eric who were all from the United States. “I shoved my underwear into the corner and started wearing Andy’s boxers,”
aaaah haha! how cute!
➤ What da fack, Eric Oppa, just what da fack? xDD
Shinhwa’s Eric discusses his unique way of waking people up on ‘Beatles Code 2′
and then this➜ “Whenever we’re tired or down, Eric will always help us get right back up by pulling down his pants.” xDDD *laughs* you guys! LOL
Minwoo wants to open a Shinhwa museum in 10 years
The part when he said There will also be a stage inside the museum where Shinhwa will hold concerts even ten years from now. is really so cute!
And what else they want to build around the Shinhwa museum… ^^ it will be the “Shinhwa shopping street” or something in the end!

➤ Oppa is not that down anymore, ME APPROVES!
Brian Joo shares photos with high school friends in New Jersey
And he also rested for some time. *sighs* aigoo finally! I was very worried about Brian lately. He was constanly sick, tired out and then his cousin passed away… So it`s really good he can relax for some time now. Photobucket and I`m also happy that he has such long term-friends!

Big Bang news!
➤ oh… errr… oops? oO
YG Entertainment dorms of the past and present compared
WTH… rats?! 2NE1 have really a good life now thanks to Big Bang. … That`s how YG changed? It`s a drastic change!
And now… THE BIG WIN! It`s 대to the박!!!!
Big Bang claims victory at “MTV Italy TRL Awards 2012″
Yo, VIP, do you know that more ppl helped to vote? I bet you do! ^^
Another victory for Big Bang in europe and also another victory for K-Pop in europe!
and… … *suppresses laughing-outburst* … hehehe… the d-kids will cryyyyy! xD completely beaten up by ppl they don`t even know and they never thought of to have power like that. Poor them ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 😛
*leaves before goes fully into gleeful-mode*

Okie, a little fun, SiHan-ness & randomness for today to end this entry:

➤ Random fun with SuJu-M: Pick-up lines xD
Pick-up lines Part 1
Henry so cute! ^^ and it works automatically for HanGeng xD How cool is that?!
Pick-up lines Part 2
LOL Siwon, okay, it was a little lame but… giving up like that? xD ah haha! “No time… okay, bye! *leaves*”
And… xD Look at SiHan!

Geng about Siwon`s chinese…
ah haha! This MC is such a troll! LOOOOL but Siwon is an even bigger troll! ;P

Photobucket ㅋㅋㅋ
meanwhile siwon…
Aigoo, aigoo… he`s so cute, I swear! ( ˆ ω ˆ ) *pinches him* That`s the real Siwon babies, nothing else, take good note of that. ^^ aaah, I cannot even! ❤ Why are both of SiHan lovelies so cute?
but wait! Wait! The pictures of the whole seen is even better! LOOOOL (+ the comment of the awesome admin):
Now what I’d like to see is Karl Lagerfeld’s reaction as he eats his own words at the sight of Siwon’s expression.
xD LOOOL and Karl Lagerfeld cannot see it! xDDD aaaaah hahahahahaha! xD oh I would love to see his reaction too! *dies laughing under the table* Siwon, you DORK! But oh so cute dork! ^3^

➤ My poor heart…
Help my sworn brothers feels (T^T oh so true!)
…in the meantime it hurts as much as YunJae! Photobucket

➤ What happens in a fan`s head when Yishion posts a Justin Bieber pic on WEIBO…
Horror scenario…
Photobucket OMO! NO! NO! NO!!!!!! >__< DON`T SPEAK ANY FURTHER! I CANNOT EVEN! NOOOOOOOOO! My… my poor heart! I`m almost having a heart attack! (((;゚д゚)))
This b-kid… he… he`s not worthy to work with Geng! He cannot keep up to Geng`s awesomeness! This shall never happen! ºд º///)

HanGeng with glasses
^^d oh so handsome! He looks good with glasses!

➤ I know!
^^ aw, two puppies! So true!
And I bet this was the moment when he thought “one day I want to have such a dog too” and some years later Geng got himself his little Husky puppy Rider ^^

➤ Another episode of: SiHan lovelies and their “behind the scenes”.
Left Shore of Happiness MV Behind-the-Scenes
^________^ it really looks like Siwon was like “…o_O………….O_o…” aaah, how cute! (maybe it`s just our fangirl mind? nooo, it`s SiHan lovelies!)

➤ xD The aunties and Siwon.
Everyone wants a piece of Siwon ^^°…
…but Geng gets him in the end. That`s what you need to learn aunties ;P
But DAMN! *haha* those aunties are surely crazy over Siwon xD

➤ Quote: “The number of instances where all the other members are all serious business and paying attention to whatever’s going on while Siwon and Geng just whisper away is ridiculous……( ̄_ ̄|||)
Look for yourself, it`s the truth! *click*
Always in their own world ^____^

➤ True story girl… *nods* I can only agree!
…over the past few months…
SiHan lovelies in general! Love them both very much! (and in the end I don`t really know why… it just happened °.° … it`s a mystery to me)

Okay *haha* I`m done now. No, this wasn`t planned. I just decided to read my fav SiHan blog togehter with you ㅋㅋㅋ that`s why we had this massive outburst of all this stuff now here Photobucket

Oh well, I´m not sorry! I am the admin and you need to bear with me, because I´m just THAT of a crazy fangirl #LikeABoss!

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  1. YunhoFan says:

    This is so funny ~ ! and also I learn a lot as usual ~ ! Thanks ever so much for all the KPop updates that aren’t about JYJ and TVXQ. I love those too but this blog is my study corner (studying KPop is so fun. ^___^) …and this dream of yours is easily explained my dear Sangmi (Dr YF explains.) – I mean, aren’t you doing quite a bit of waiting these days? Waiting to move into your new home, waiting to move the mice into THEIR new home, waiting for said mice to get well…waiting for Junsu’s new release (keke)…of course we would find you standing in line (joined by exclusively chosen KPop stars! *___*) at some point! But…only Sangmi can make such boring things FUN! ^___^
    More of everything, please 🙂

    • Sangmi says:

      OMONA! Unni-ya! What a great comment! *blushes* ^///^ ah yeah, my k-dreams are special. You know, Geng and me are also friends now ^^d we`ve met a couple of times by now in my k-dreams (maybe you remember).

      Now that u listed it up I see how much waiting I did! Aigoo, this was surely quite a lot! O:
      And: That`s such a good explanation! I will hire you as the person to figure out my dreams! ;D

      I never knew ppl can learn something on my blog (besides things about mice and how to keep them as your pets) but I`m happy my blog can be useful for your – since yours is always useful to me too! =)

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