My moving diary, Big Bang in europe! , a lot of Geng videos & I had the first k-dreams in our new house

안녕 친구들! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Yes, it`s been a while. I´m sorry. I´m even sorry to myself… xD
Well, moving was really too exhausting and then we had no internet… aigoo. But before I will blog myself away let`s take a look at the first K-dream I had in our new house. There was another one yesterday but: first things first!

It was basically a longer dream but not all of it was a k-dream and it was extremely blurry and weird. But I could at least get the k-dream part right.
I was in a car with HanGeng. The car was driven by his Manager and we just stopped at a Parking lot. Why da hell I was with them? No idea. Really no idea. oo …
We both sat in the back seat. I looked out of the car`s window and I saw the beach and the sea. I looked at HanGeng and he kinda looked tensed. He tried to gimme a confident smile but horribly failed. I tried to cheer him up but it wasn`t working too well. It was because of what he had to do at this location: Filming a CF with… SuJu-M! Photobucket
Yeah, right. It´s a bomb, né?! I really wondered why in da world SME agreed on this… oO
Down at the beach we could see the set of the CF and SuJu-M were already there. ELFs were standing at the side too, waiting till the CF filming would beginn, fangirling, cheering.
But HanGeng in our car had many thoughts on his mind. Besides the fact that he also wondered about SME it was that he wasn`t together with them for so long now and he also wondered how ELFs would react.
Short time later he went down to the set with his Manager. I took another way down so ELFs won`t see me being with them. At the beach I stood a bit behind the camera team, making sure to be away enough from the ELF and near enough to the filming team so I won`t draw much attention. You can say that way I was able to give silent company to Geng from afar.
(staying away from the ELF was for my own good so that I can continue living Photobucket eh hehe… if they would have suspected something I would have been in trouble and… even more when my stalker would have tried to save me again then ^^°°°°° *lots of drops* I would have been so dead!)
During the filming nothing bad happened. ELF were fangirling like always ^^, accepted our chinese man being back with SuJu well. SuJu & Geng themselves reunited well. I watched them filming their CF on the beach and then the k-dream ended.

Very short and very strange.
I mean, why whould SME agree to something like that? They would rather die as to let SuJu-M filming a CF with Geng! OTL!!!

Day before moving 1, 07.05.12:
Mom and sis basically reserved a bigger car so we can move most of our things to the new house.
Well… yes, only basically.
They went to get it today but when they arrived at this rent-a-car company they were told that they rented out this car to another person and wanted to give them one that was trice as big as the one they`ve rented. WHAT DA F*CKNESS! How can they take reservations for this car and then rent it away???? GAAAAAH! ><
btw: we had no dinner today.

Day before moving 2, 08.05.12:
Mom phoned another 3 comapnies which rent out cars. We were successful with one! OMO!
So we went to get it. Ppl were very friendly there & we were happy that we could find a car to hire in that short time. We were really lucky!
So we arrived at our appartment and quickly packed the car and wanted to drive onto the highway and then mom suddenly said “D: the gear shift isn`t working anymore!” and parked at the side on the ramp of the highway… *siiiiiii~iiiighs*
So we were standing there, not far away from our apartment, on the ramp of the highway and car was basically wrecked. So we walked back home and mom phoned the rent-a-car company. The guy organized another car and came to get the wrecked one. But I didn`t witnessed the exchange because it was already that late that I had to pick um my sister from work.
We met again at the house, help mom to unload the rented car and drove back home all together. While sister was having dinner mom and I packed the new car again and drove to the house once more. It was late in the evening when we came back. We didn`t had dinner today either…. -.- #justsaying

Day before moving 2, 09.05.12:
Time to move everything that`s not needed till the next day! Like always no time to rest.
I haven`t had lunch today and… my room feels so empty! No more moving boxes, they are all away. No more mice, they are at the new house. Babies in the kitchen, older ones in my room. (after the cup board they will stand on is fixed up they will be in my room too)
DAMN! it`s already that late >< Now quickly eat dinner and then die in bed OTL

Moving day, 10.05.12:
I have a day off from work to move but but… yeah, this day is much worse than being at work!
*insert stress, hectic, chaos & exhaustion here~~*

Day after moving 1, 11.05.12:
Mom you SAY WHAAAAAT?! (((;゚д゚))) I-net isn`t working!?!?!? You are kidding me! My WE is so ruined for sure!
so you say you are not kidding me? OMG SUN! That just can`t be! ㅠ﹏ㅠ I miss my friends and now stupid inet guy (who checked by today) said it won`t work because of general fail and he cannot fix it! DAMN YOU INET GUY! YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD FOR NOTHING! FAAAAIL! So much faaaaail!
ㅠ﹏﹏﹏ㅠ I MISS MY FRIENDS! *runs away crying*

Day after moving 2, 12.05.12:
Still a complete mess in the basement… we work and work and it won`t go away *sigh* and since we are still so busy with organizing we aren`t having proper meals at proper times… dinner at 09:00pm (or later) and… no lunch at all since 3 days… what is this???? Moving sucks to the max!
Inet is still not working… ㄱ____ㄱ who knows when it will work again! AISH! I feel so left out and have no clue about whats going on!
I decided to start with my fangirl wall & friends corner in my room. It took me 4ever but it will be sooo cray-cool! =D
It`s just too bad that my scissors won`t cut the tape well… It`s a real pain in the ass to cut the tape for the phptos and… I ran out of chocolate! D:<<<< wae now? wwaaaaaaeeeee meeee????

But that I`m offline dosen`t mean I don`t hear what you do, fandom. =-= *eyes fandom* I judge you, fandom, I judge you!
Hateful ppl were bringing up the topic of SuJu and at the Tokyo Dome again. WHAT KIND OF BUTTHURT BEINGS ARE YOU!? Talking about SuJu would taint the Dome or used a trick to performe there. Hrrr… *annoyed sigh*
1.) what kind of business do you have with an artist you`re not even a fan of, EH?!!
2.) What`s the problem with SuJu performing there? There are many other ppl besides SuJu and our boys who perform there so WHAT DA EFFIN’ F*CK is the problem with SuJu? Why, out of all ppl, do you hate on them? Why not the other artist too? (I will answer for you: IT`S BECAUSE YOU ARE ONLY BUTTHURT and you dunno where to go with all your hate OTL!!!)
3.) You complain about standom? Look at yourself! You are nothing different from them! You ppl already sound like them!

Sometimes I really ask myself why ppl only hate so much on SuJu. Maybe because they are the closest to our boys? (I mean in being the next older band after DBSK in SME).
I mean everyone is like “YAY, SHINee! Hope they are doing well!” but as soon as the topic is called SuJu everyone is like “== … oh, them.” WHAT DA HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM FANDOM?! Why hating on them? Why so hateful in the first place?
And about that “trick” thing: I`m overly curious. What kind of trick should they use to perform at Tokyo Dome? How can someone fake popularity and number of fans? I would really love to know!
This totally sounds like standom logic. When someone talks like that I don`t want to hear a single word about standom from that person. Maybe the ppl who started this actually were stans. But I don`t care! I already saw OT5`s talking like that in the past!

AND SME! Ooooh, out of everyone, SME! I heard they didn`t allow OT5 banners at Dream Concert!
Cassies naturally raged at SME and once again the -more hate than love- relationship between SM and Cassiopeia was back. Unnie said Cassies were mad at them the whole day.
Ts, ts… SME. AIGOO! THAT COMPANY! *facepalm*

ps.: I miss my friends! *runs away crying… again*

Day after moving 3, 13.05.12:
Still no I-net. And no guy from the company in sight. Telekom (the company of our I-net) surely dosen`t care at all -_-”
Work on my fangirl wall is still on progress. Junsu wall is ready, Skip Beat wall is ready, friends’ corner is ready, Geng wall almost ready.
DAMN! This is so frustrating! I have to cut the tape in many little pieces with my scissors and this tape keeps sticking on my scissors so it won`t cut well anymore… GAAAAAH! Photobucket WAEEEEE?????? This tape makes me go insane! But I need it so I need to keep working with it… 아이고 진짜! *throws arms in the air in frustration*

Mom cleaned up the moving mess in her bedroom till 05:00am last night… it`s already after midday again now and no one had lunch so far… AGAIN! Mom just got up and… I begun to eat korean cookies because I`m hungry… T^T
also: I`m so news deprived!! I had a short k-dream with Geng this night and it made me realize even more that I`m SO NOT up to date! D: waaaaah! Where are my GengNews??? I know nothing! I`m out of… everything!
… I bet something happens when I have no inet… Geng, don`t you dare to release your 2nd album when I`m not online! I want to be present when it happens! D:
and mom just said she won`t cook at all today. ts… what da heck mom! If only I would have know this earlier… -.-” I would have cooked something myself. Now it`s too late. Okeh, pizza then!
And… my Mac`s only work these days is to play the music box… oh my ><
ps.: I miss my friends! *runs away crying*

Day after moving 4, 14.05.12:
Ajeossi and Oppa made fun of me because I have no internet since days. Photobucket Oh yeah, you keep laughing… ESPECIALLY YOU, OPPA! When you cannot enter facebook for 2 days the next time and go mad because of it I will remind you! #justsaying AND AJEOSSI! What are you laughing about? You only have proper i-net since the start of the year so STFU!!!!! >___<
When I came home mom said she phoned the Telekom today because she was annoyed that neither the Telephone nor the i-net was working. The guy of the customers service said we need to re-type the password to make it work. Oh yeah, very useful tipp…. ㄱ_ㄱ As if I haven`t done this a hundred times before! Second advice was that we should follow the description in the users manual and this… paper we got with our first modem. Oh well, I can only say the users manual was completely useless because… I don`t even exactly know why. I only know it was really useless and I didn`t understand half of what it said… oO and it was written in german… Really no comment about that! *facepalm*
The other paper wasn`t too usefull either. It only made me able to go half of the way. So I searched the box of the modem to find another paper. There was something written about a i-net address of the company. I was like “oh well, my inet isn`t working but maybe this is some kind of -company site is open only- case” so I tried.
And what do you say, it worked! I came to the site and it looked like on the picture in these papers I had at hand. So I got our customers number, the customers password, another number and the password of our modem and typed it in. AISH! so many numbers and passwords! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME TELEKOM?????
After I did this the I-net finally worked! Photobucket I suddenly saw twitter! I saw ELFi & Soulmate! WAAAAH! And Unni! WAAAAAH! *runs around hyper* DAY WAS MADE!
But: What a pain in the ass! And this Telekom guy was so useless! The first one who came to our house to fix things with i-net up did nothing… I especially asked momm about what he did and she said he basically only put the cables on the model and the power cable into the socket and then he left.
Uhmmm… WAE exactly do I need this guy? I can do this myself!
And what was that with the other guy on the phone? Giving such useless tipps and in the end I had to search for a solution myself? I even had to make our phone work by myself! WHAT DA HELL DO WE PAY THIS COMPANY FOR, HUH????? Photobucket

–End of moving diary–

And the moral is: moving suuuuucks! >< Don`t want to do it EVER again. I SIMPLY REFUSE! + the Telekom makes ppl rage and go insane… as always! *facepalm*

Before we will take a look at some news I will share the second k-dream with u.

This afternoon I had a cool dream!
I was visiting Seoul for 3 days and to make it weird, I was staying at Marta unni`s home. (yes, she was living in Seoul in my dream xD). She had no vacation and needed to go to work so I couldn`t stay with her so much but at least we saw each other in the morning and the evening. During the day I did what I mainly wanted to do: Visiting SuJu Photobucket
They weren`t too busy during my stay so they could spare some time. I remember that I was with them on my second day in Seoul. Judging from the location, I think it was at their dorm. Teukie was talking to me for a longer time but don`t remember what he said, dream was too unclear. Besides Siwon all of them were present that day. In the end I was having a longer talk with Donghae, getting more comfortable with him. We haven`t met that often before, when we met for the first time back then it was reeeally super awkward. Not to speak of the “acting game” happening (all thanks to the other members) so… yes. Something like that was needed to finally reach a normal level. ^^
The 3rd day, which was my last day there, Donghae called me to another location. It was a rather big house. When I rang the door bell he opened it and we walked throught the house to get to the garden. Since the house was big we had time for a short talk while walking. Talking about when I have to go back today and that I have been staying at unni`s house. He was really nice to me. And that fishy was so cute. *haha* well of course, it`s Donghae after all.
When we arrived in the garden all the boys were there and having a lazy afternoon. Oh yeah, guess who was also there :3 My stalker friend Siwon!
This was really the best day of my trip. It was fun with SuJu in the garden and after some all member-time the rest of the afternoon was Siwon/Noona-time. Talking and watching the members while doing so.
I`ve already missed the Pastor and it was a bit furstrating at the CF filming the last time. Basically I was with Geng, just to begin with, and with all the ELF it was impossible to meet up. I saw him but we couldn`t meet. It appeared to me that he most likely thought it has been a long time too since he was relatively clingy, never moving away an inch. But it has been really a long time already!
At the end of the afternoon Teukie announced that they will bring me to the Chang-Dong station, because I had to to take the train to the Incheon airport. Before we left for the station I went to get my things from unnies home. I packed my Mac and left.
When we arrived at the station I saw it was rather small one and very clean. BUT it was very crowded. A lot of ppl came from work at that time and even walking to the platform my train would go off later was difficult. That was the moment Siwon took care of me. Shielding me from the ppl and even helped to carry my luggage. *.* oooh~ how nice of him!
When we arrived at the platform there was another foreinger. An older woman (around 40) and she also wanted to go to the airport. I remembered that I`ve seen her when I arrived in Seoul.
It was still crowded and Siwon became completely clingy while some of the members talked to the other woman. Somehow it turned into a funny conversation because there were some difficulties for the members to talk to her. Somehow I was able to understand her well because I understood that she said she only came to visit Seoul but now she started to like these guys and she pointed on SuJu. Photobucket haha! They quickly made a new fan out of her before she would leave. Good job!
When the train arrived I said goodbye to the members and went into the train with the woman. The display of the train said “Nam Chang Dong” in big letters and was moving to the next station shortly after we`ve entered.
Checking my things I noticed that I`ve forgotten my LapTop bag at Unnies home. I only thought “oh crap!… but wait, I will text her.” so I texted her that I will get my LapTop bag the next time. ^^

The crazyest thing about all this was: I never saw Chang-Dong station but I googled pics of it and they looked really similar to the station I saw in my dreams and… can u imagine the moment when I realized that you can REALLY go to Incheon via the subway line from Chang-Dong…?! My dreams, seriously. I have no words! *waves around with arm wildly*
How is that possible?! I was never there and I didn`t watched a documentary about the districs of Seoul or the subway lines there (because Line 1 INDEED goes from Chang-Dong to Incheon… and where is the airport I had to go to? yup. Incheon!)


Super Junior news!
➤ OPERA MV! :3

Nearly impossible to find one on YouTube that`s not blocked so this is from another site~ Theeeere you go! I love it! ^^
Super Junior’s Japanese single “Opera” debuts at #3
➤ Ah yes *looks through news* this was a while ago
Super Junior’s Eunhyuk shares photo of his parents
➤ Thank you Leader for your words!
Super Junior, “We still have a long way to go to match TVXQ’s popularity”
And everyone else, who always only talk bad about SuJu: You have no right to RT or quote what he said now! You judge him for everything. You are quick at hand to use every chance you get to bash him (and the others, btw… but especially Teukie) and now you are going like quote-quote??? I bet you ppl just did this to talk bad about SuJu again and to make yourself look all nice once again == *eyes everyone* yeeees, I saw what you did on Twitter! Photobucket OTL And I judge you fandom, I double judge you!
➤ I still need to find out if there are really different versions of Opera :3 want to buy one!
Super Junior’s “Opera” tops Oricon Daily Chart and sells over 150,000 copies
➤ I saw the pics of blue ocean in Tokyo Dome! =D Concert was a huge success! I`m so happy for them and proud of them!
Super Junior’s Leeteuk shares his thoughts on performing at the Tokyo Dome
➤ They will sell coffee like crazy now…
Super Junior’s Siwon chosen as Caffe Latte’s newest endorsement model + gains 2 million followers on Twitter

JYJ news!
➤ This was really so cute! Photobucket
Photobucket” title=”Photobucket” target=”_blank”>JYJ’s Yoochun spotted with a child on Children’s Day
➤ Oooh yeah! ;D
XIA drops his first solo album, ‘TARANTALLEGRA’
And this it the MV!
I still think the part where he has this reddish-orange hair is irritating but oh well, it`s Junsu so I can deal well with it.
I love the “vampire set” ^3^ I mean the large one with the moon and Junsu with longer blonde hair. Vampire Junsu I approve! Photobucket
…everything is like vampire lately… I really wonder! But I approve! xD
I can only say: I ordered my copy today. I haven`t heard any song of it besides Tarantallegra yet because I´m too dead from moving and I want to enjoy it when I listen to it. But I´m sure it`s great. Junsu album can only be great because it`s Junsu who sings it! OTL
➤ This blue… thing… wig… whatever on your head on the first pic: Junsu, it scares your wifey, please put it down eh hehe… ^^°°° *drop*
[Pic] XIA Tarantallegra Album Part 2
➤ aaah, Chunnie! So funny-cute! ^^
[Pic] Yoochun – Rooftop Prince Gallery
➤ Damn Junsu! >< You fooled us all!
JYJ Junsu’s (XIA) female disguise has fans doing a double take
I also thought it was an actress! YAH! Stop that Junsu! You wifey is really irritated! o:
➤ Seems like they just think FU now xD
[Trans] 120516 JYJ’s Kim Junsu, “Difficulties With Broadcast Activities? Times Have Changed”
Oh well, EXO kinda “debuted” on YouTube… so yeah. That`s right.
➤ SPAZZ with Chunnie ;P
My duckbutt…
➤ AWESOME! :3 Nice that I will get this!
[Pic] Unwrapping XIA’s Tarantallegra album
Junsu says new music video cost “a lot of money”

Big Bang news!
Netizens find Big Bang T.O.P’s long lost brother
OMG! They are twins! =D
➤ They are so cute ^^ The song is… I dunno… strange. But BB are so cute :3
Big Bang releases their “Visit Korea” CF
➤ Is this already out? I mean the new MV? I`m not sure anymore since I was some days without inet
Big Bang rehearses “Bad Boy” with a live band & releases teaser video for ‘Never Stop Dreaming’
*looks into YouTube* No, it`s not out. YG didn`t release it yet.
➤ RED HAIR! aaaaah, GD, I cannot even! ^__^
G-Dragon poses with Boys Noize with yet another shocking hairstyle
And the other guy is from Berlin? I don`t know this kind of guys xD But he looks like a Bushido copy eh hehe… ^^°°° oh, one more reason to not know him OTL
➤ oh cooool!
Big Bang’s T.O.P to make a comeback to the big screen with ‘Alumnus’
YG Entertainment reveals the official trailer for Big Bang ALIVE TOUR 2012!
➤ Aaaand another CD I need to buy… DAMN! >< My “CDS to buy” list grows long…
Big Bang announces details for new Japanese album ‘Alive – Monster Edition’
➤ WOW! After SuJu now Big Bang will hit & rock the Dome?! WOOOOOW!
Big Bang announces tour dates for their first ever “Dome concert” in Japan
➤ WOAHW, waaaaait!
Big Bang adds Thailand and Singapore to ‘Alive Tour 2012′ list
YOU SAY WHAT?! O: Europe?! I totally missed that! Was this released during the days I was without i-net?! OMO! OMO! OMO! *runs around like a crazy chicken* I hope they come to germany Photobucket Oh please come to germany! There was once a rumor that they will come but this time it could come true! aaah BB please! Soulmate and I weren`t able to see SuJu Photobucket *still emo-ing about it* so we want at least see Big Bang and then go with Patricia & Vicky to the concert!

Geng news! (●ˆ ω ˆ●)
➤ Pics of the Pepsi filming~ : 1, 2 & vampire-outfit GENG! xD I told you everything is like vampire lately! -> 3
➤ Pepsi CF making film – Geng cut~

➤ [VID] (120511) Meng Niu Music Charts – Trip to Italy behind the scenes
➤ [VID] Love Life – Han Geng and Blackie Chen visiting Ward 93 children in Taiwan
This was so cute ^^ That one little girl was cute ^^ Blackie & Geng with the kids is just ^^d
➤ [VID] The Legend Of HanGeng =)
OMO THE RINGS! Photobucket I love the wing-rings! =DDD This vid is 대to the박!
➤ Han Geng & Yang Mi in a Pepsi commercial celebrating the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Bad [60 seconds version]
Just… WOW! Geng, you`re a DANCE GOD! *O* I love it! And I especially love the part with the butterflies… the background is just… so beautiful! Best Pepsi CF EEEEEVER! So epic! Awesome dance! ^^ Geng dancing with copies of himself is overly awesome! Many Gengs! *.* GengFan is in GengHeaven! On top of all this CF is very sexy too! LE ME CANNOT EVEN!!!
And Yang Mi is also beautiful! =)

➤ How nice!
Shinhwa to hold special fan signings to thank fans for their support

➤ Ai! Finally the government do something about anything! >-< It`s about time!
Korean government steps in to prevent entertainment agencies from defrauding trainees

➤ Basically I would disagree in such pattern on fabrics… only HoMin make this pattern bearable to look at OTL
[Pics] TVXQ featured in Trendy Magazine 5/12

➤ ooh, this is so old! But really nice!
Brian shares an old photo taken with G-Dragon and T.O.P
Brian was organising his photos? another thing to realx! I`m really happy that he relaxed a bit lately. He met his friends in USA, he went on a hike today… a lot of things to relax. I´m glad. He was really stressed before… and on top of all he was sick almost the whole time during this stressful time >< I highly disapproved!

Oh well, that`s it friends. This is a new record! Once again I will post now the longest Blog entry ever written.
@ Emmy: You need to gimme new award. The worlds longest blog entry-award is “too small” for this… Almost 4000 words! CRAAAAY!

So I´m really sorry: No couple series today. Just want to say: I`m back again now (v^_^)v with i-net connection!

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