K-dream again, ELF_official now & MBC Korean Music Wave in California

안녕 예러분! v^^.

Let`s start with my k-dream today!
It featured a not welcomed guest and HanGeng! ^______^

This dream was one of the weirdest again but the mid-part of it was clear enough to remember it.
I was staying at a different house, not ours, and there was some kind of street festival and a funfair down on the street. It woke me up so I wanted to go check it out since I thought I could get something to eat there ^^° (always thinking about delicious food). I was walking through it like chill then I saw this stupid bapo called my ex -.-” I thought ‘Great. I`ll leave before he sees me‘ and so the visit I payed the festival was rather short. On my way back I saw someone walking into the hotel near the festival street and thought this person looked like HanGeng, but I was busy with vanishing from the scene so I didn`t bother/cared too much.
The next day: I thought ‘let`s give it another try!‘ and walked through the street festival/funfair thing again. It was great for a while but then suddenly my ex popped up in front of me. I was like -rolleyes- and walked a different way through the festival. I just totally ignored him. But he couldn`t stop stressing me, asked if I don`t want to say hello to him (yeah, you wait for this to happen… that you die before I say hello to you ever again is more likely ==”’ ).
While ignoring him I saw the person from yesterday again and this time I was sure that it was HanGeng ^^ My mood immediately raised to better levels and I decided to pay him a visit. So I just walked away from my stupid Ex of mine while he was still talking his bla bla at me, leaving him behind like -…wth…?-.
When I looked at the hotel you could somehow see the doors of the rooms of this hotel from outside. It was build more like in the style of one of those typical US motels but not that cheap by far. It all looked very clean and like it would have higher standards. The point is that I saw which room was Geng`s because I saw him walking in before. So I went upstairs, his room was on the second floor, walked up to his door and rang the door bell. :3
Geng opened the door, smiling then and said “Oh hey, it`s you! (⌒▽⌒)”. I thought -Hey wow! Is he really so happy to see me? aw~❤-. For the next view moments we were both only like happy-smile-sile like two idiots Photobucket. I thought for a short moment if I it would be ok to hug him but then decided not do this. Our friendship is not like this yet (*haha* yeah, I have such thoughts in my dreams). So I just explained that I`ve seen him and decided to check by to say hello. Geng said he saw me leave the day before and asked “Why did you not come to visit me earlier?”. By that I got a little shy ^//^, dunno exactly why, and said that I`ve seen him too but that I wasn`t sure if it was really him or not. At that time my ex walked past the hotel and yelled something up to me. Nothing special. Just something about that I don`t talk to him but to -that guy- like he said xD. What to say? STFU, butthurt! *haha*
I only gave him a quick look over my shoulder. He was leaving but I had such an uncomfortable feeling like I always have when he`s around. When I turned back around to HanGeng I saw him glancing at my ex, kinda… eyeing him suspiciously. ^^ ah for some reason he had such a dark expression on his face for a second. It was almost funny. Then he said “If you ever have a problem, just come to me.”. I was like ‘O.O WOAHW! Wait! what?!‘ in my thoughts. I mean… OMO! He offering me something like that… Okay, we became friends but… wow. Just wow! I was speechless and a bit shocked for the first second. But then I quickly said “thank you, I really thank you.”

That part of the dream ended then but… Han, you serious?! Photobucket I`m so touched!

haha! xD Of course I will always ignore my ex (*cough* whom I hate so f*cking much! *cough*) and walk to Geng! He better memorizes this view well because that`s all he will ever see of me for the rest of his life: Me walking away to to HanGeng b^^d
Besides the fact that I was really pissed of to meet my stupid ex I was really happy to meet Geng!

JYJ news!
JYJ’s Junsu discusses his thoughts on releasing his solo album, ‘Tarantallegra’
oh well, Junsu. You should have learned by now that broadcasting for JYJ isn`t needed anymore. You can do well without it! HWAITING!
➤ ㅋㅋㅋ
Junsu’s Tarantallegra album sells 100,000 copies on preorders
yup! And my order is among those! OTL!!!!!
Maybe I haven`t had the time or the nerves to listen to any music (no matther what) for a longer tiem these days, because I need to chill myself after moving, but I ordered Junsu`s album!
➤ Oh man, the whole venue was so cool! *__*
[Pic] 120519 XIA 1st Asia Tour In Seoul Concert Venue
➤ Well, I think not only in Japan 😉
[News] 120518 Junsu’s ‘Tarantallegra’ attains massive success in Japan
➤ This was so cute! ^3^
[Info] The Founder of Friends of the Asian Elephant(FAE) named the baby elephant “PaGhreyJae” after Kim Jaejoong
Aww! cute baby elephant! And Jae is surely so happy! One of the elephants he loves so much has his name now ^^d
btw: the place the elephants are looks really nice~~!
➤ That`s good Junsu! I approve then!
[Trans] JYJ’s Junsu, “Tarantallegra is totally my style of music”
Do what you want to do baby~ Express yourself the way you want to. You are free, do what you always wanted to do now. :3
➤ This mom wants to raiser her kid like Junsu? ^^
[Pic+Trans] 120520 Min Young Ki Twitter
➤ Damn you, you lucky ones, damn you! ^^°° *gets jealous*
Fans faint during JYJ member Junsu’s first solo concert
They saw Junsu OTL and Jing Yee was there too! O: My very own dongsaeng was there too! And I thought the tickets she showed on Facebook were for malaysian Junsu concert… But she was in Seoul then!
However, I don`t get why ppl faint at concert. I think it`s most likely because they exhausted themselves too the max. For me there is abolsultely no use in fainting at a concert – because I cannot see the concert anymore then but I payed. I would be mad at myself. oh well. OTL
➤ oooh yes, I saw the pics before the concert started.
Fans of JYJ’s Junsu donate 2.11 tons of rice
➤ Brother working so hard for himself and with Junsu at the same time… sometimes I wonder how he can manage this… o.o
JYJ Junsu’s Brother Junho, “I Thank My Brother For Trusting Me With His Lyrics”
➤ oh look who attended Junsu`s concert!
All the B2ST members show up at a concert of JYJ’s Junsu
BEAST and two of their managers and “nobody cares 4 them” xD oh well, nice for BEAST, so they can relax *haha* it`s a little bit funny nonetheless. But it`s Junsu concert after all. Cassies & Junsu fans are there. In most of the cases they don`t care too much about BEAST in general, so why there and then?
➤ *haha* Junho got an autographed CD from Junsu!
Junho: “XIA 싸인받았다!! Yeah~!!\(^o^)/\(^o^)/\(^o^)/\(^o^)/\(^o^)/\(^o^)/\(^o^)/\(^o^)/”

➤ Random SPAZZ from Unnie:
[Pic/Random] Silly pics ^^
I like the picture where changmin is burning the most xD TVXQ are too hot for themselves. Like that one commenter said “they put themselves on fire” Photobucket

HoMin news!
➤ WOW! This CF is beautiful!
[Vid] TVXQ & Go Ara – New Shilla Duty Free CV + Making Of
Ara, wae so pretty? *o* She`s really so pretty!
➤ Oh damn, this lucky girl! Got hugged by Changmin AND Kyuhyun!
[Pic] 120520 TVXQ – SMTown in LA
OTL what did she do in her previous life to deserve this? It must have been something really great!
➤ There was someone spending a happy time with SuJu & Minho ;D …
[Trans + Pic] KyuHyun & Shindong’s Twitter Update
…and it was changminnie! Oh, Emmy may 4ever disapprove but I 4ever approved! Photobucket
➤ ah~~ HoMin so nice!
[Pic] SMTown in LA – Press Conference and Concert
And…. DAMN! There is this lucky girl again! … BUT SERIOUSLY! WHAT KIND OF SHOES IS SHE WEARING?! Who wears such shoes to a concert where you have to stand and walk on you feet for so long??? OMO! kids these days are insane! O:

SuJu news!
Super Junior Leeteuk’s new number leaves fans curious about his previously revealed number
*O* I only see beautiful hair of Teukie in that picture! Oh yes and this shirt suits him well, btw!
And the thing with the number: yeah… well. You cannot use your phone properly with 1000 pll calling per minute.
Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Yesung have a habit of sitting next to one another on plane rides?
aw, Yesungie and Teukie ❤
➤ WOAHW! Wait… you serious? O.O
Super Junior’s Sungmin, Eunhyuk, and JYJ’s Junsu almost debuted as a three-member group?
Maybe it`s because I see them being so perfect in their groups they are now but… I totally cannot imagine this! I mean HyukSuMin as a band? My fangirl mind can imagine a lot but this… ^^
➤ Ailee and SuJu (respectively Kyu and Siwon xDD)
When Ailee met Kyuhyun…
Admin`s comment: “Somewhere, someplace, Choi Siwon is crying happy tears while nodding triumphantly at the moon.
LOL sure that! *hahaha* Photobucket OH AILEE! LOL I cannot even! *hahaha* oh well, good job then Siwon xD I bet poor Kyu was standing like “…. okay. oO …” then. I can totally imagine Ailee go “아~ 슈주! *only Siwon picture in her head*”
I love you even more now, Ailee! Let`s be best Siwon fangirl friends! (っˆヮˆ)っ *goes to hug Ailee*
Oh well, but you know what: the unbelievable thing came true: I saw ppl talking on YouTube about that Siwon is not handsome. o.o I wonder….
➤ This was also funny:
Heechul and the sand art story
oh! he`s good at is and xD “because the next verse is not my part” LOL that`s so Heenim! And it`s so funny!!! ^_____^ I also love Siwon`s expressions. Very cute~❤
Super Junior’s Leeteuk snaps a photo at Honda Center
HWAITING LEADER! :3 It will be cool!
*sighs* but at the same time, with all those SM Town Live tweets and articles, I realize again and again that I will never be at SM Town concert. It will aways be too far away. i would only go for HoMin & SuJu but since traveling costs a lot Paris is too far away *sighs* My poor heart! OTL (my fangirl heart suffers a lot this year… and the year has just begun! oO … 진심으로… *shakes head*)
➤ A FANBOY chanting to Mr. Simple at SM Town concert in LA! ^^. uh, awesome!

➤ (120518) HanGeng at “牡丹之夜” stars concert in Huai’an, Jiangsu stadium
– Geng during rehearsal before, the same day: *o* Wae so cool!?
#justsaying: the bracelets he wears lately are bautiful-cute-nice! Suits him very well! love them!
With music producer Zhang Yadong
OH MY! *stares* Photobucket I`m just so in love with his style. And he looks so beautifully happy. aw! I just love this pic! (and I also highly approve that he looks very healthy Photobucket )
➤ The photos from Italy! *___* 우와아아아아! : 1 LIKE A BOSS, HanGeng. Just like a boss! *_* , 2 oldschool prettyness OTL! , 3 impressive! but… what da hell is wrong this sign he`s tanding under in the second pic! xD Are they regulary this way in italy? I wonder! funny! , 4 *.* … I have no words to properly desripe this! Geng #LikeABoss #4everRepeatingMyself & 5 just niceeee~~!
➤ and while we are at HanGeng stuff:
Without words…
HanGeng touching himself…
°.° … wae, Geng, wae? You fangirl killer! °///° … *watches for some more seconds… >///< then runs away embarrassed*
admin`s comment: wae so slow-mo and pervy ← OTL THAT! >///<
my comment: Why da hell were so many ppl thinking that this is Yunho… errr… Photobucket they don`t even look alike… Please go get your eyes checked!
➤ Okay, we already had an episode of this but… xD here are more gifs!
HanGeng playing with himself
LOL You playful little squishy! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Love him so much! awwww! :3 how cute! AND SO FUNNY! xD I still roll around on my bed laughing when I look at this! And then the comments!
“I read the caption and for a second my mind took it the wrong way……”
“No, no…it went the right way…”
and then the Siwon gif! LMFAO! I`M DYING! PWAHAHAHA! Photobucket
[SPAZZ] What do you do when a black belt in Taekwondo has you by the neck?
A. Go along with the Taekkyon demonstration.
B. Use your Chinese martial arts.
C. Seduce him. *click*
Aaaah, my SiHan lovelies, waylt? (๑´▿`๑)♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪✧
haha xD HanGeng! But oh look, it`s totally working! Photobucket
Me now: “Geng-sama~~❤ Teach me your tactics, great master! (●ˆ ω ˆ●) I will be a good student! Photobucket ” (*shrugs* oh well, you can never know when it will be of use! Will be good to know those tactics!)

Big Bang news!
➤ oh-oh…
Big Bang’s Nagoya concert causes chaos for Japanese railway system
800 PEOPLE!!!??? That`s really no joke! O:
Big Bang to release ‘Still Alive-Special Edition’
Now I need to pic which album I buy! DAMMIT! Stop releasing stuff! LOL
➤ oh! So you like her, TOP?
Big Bang’s T.O.P is interested in skater Kim Yuna?
She looks like a nice person. Pretty normal. I don`t know her but, TOP sure knows what he`s talking about. =D
Big Bang’s Taeyang flaunts his muscles for L’OFFICIEL HOMMES magazine

➤ I like her! She`s also so pretty! *-*
Song Ji Hyo greets the summer season with ‘Yesse’
Jihyo is really a beautiful and cheerful lady! CJes CEO, take good care of your girlfriend ^^ She`s a nice one! (maybe some men would love to steal her from you ;D )

SS501 news!
➤ WOW! Free concert for so many ppl! O: I envy them a lot!
Kim Hyun Joong to invite 32,000 fans to a free concert in Japan
The question is: Did I miss the release of this single?? But then again… why can`t I find a thing on YouTube… I`ve read this article 3 times to find out if I missed something about the release date but… no, there`s no info. I`m confused. oO *blinks*
➤ I want to watch his drama ^^
Kim Hyung Jun releases OST track for ‘I Love You’
The song is nice!

➤ haha! xD
Shinhwa’s Hyesung bashed by members for being clueless on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’
Hyesung, I like you! ;D So mean when Eric saidGo to the waiting room backstage. aigoo, Leader so mean ;P

➤ OMO! This is cool!
Chinese Orchestra plays TVXQ’s “I Believe”, Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple”, T-ara’s “Roly Poly”, and more
Chinese orchestra, wth! ^^ but so cool!

Watch the full replay of MBC’s ‘Korean Music Wave in Google’ concert
I just say: I will watch this later and… STFU SONES! >< WHAT DA HELL! Why pick on Teukie now, EH? I just don`t get it. Why do ppl always search for an opportunity to pick on him. I absolutely don`t get it. There`s rarely a more lovely person out there thank my second Leader so WTH, ppl, WTH! >___<
Oh well, ELF and SONES were fighting on YouTube and… maybe on twitter too. Aigoo! When he was instructed to moderate then let him moderate! What`s with that hard feelings about it? GOSH! Grow up and that fast please! *sighs*
yeah, and: DAMN YOU MBC CONCERT IN PARIS! Photobucket GAAAH! Damn you all, Paris concerts! (T.T I`m so sorry my boys! So near and yet so far… IT`S A FREAKING EMO DRAMA IN MY HEAD EACH TIME! *runs away crying*)

The next topic is basically news too.
I proudly announce that

Yes. I officially add ELF fandom to my fandoms. Since I was already inofficially an ELF since September 2010 and you all know how much I love SuJu 😉 it was never the question “whether or not”, it was only about the “when”.

So I will warn you: It`s possible that I will rant even more now. And should I see someone of T-list talking bad about ELF and/or SuJu I will probably RANT AT YOU too.
My cassiopeian fandom ist still the main one, but also, my Cassie heart and my ELF heart are now beating next to each other.
Those two hearts are sisters, and older sis and a younger sis. When you hurt one, the other will be hurt too.

But don`t cry my dear Cassies. I`m still Cassiopeia and Cassiopeia will always be my main fandom. If someone asks me what fandom I belong to I will say “Cassiopeia”, but I will also add “but I`m also ELF, BFF and Geng Fan.”.
Cassiopeia and DB5K will aways be my greatest love. But one thing is for sure: My love for my other 3 fandoms is almost as big as my love for Cassiopeia. The only difference is I believe it was meant to be that I would end up in Cassiopeia right from the start.

Okay, after all this blog entry is already posted 2 days too late. I wanted to publish it on monday. Yeah, you see it didn`t worked out well ^^°
But I will give you the couple series today!

The returned “EunHae of the day”:
The perfect EunHae heart! (oh I bet they practised ;P )

“SiHan of the day”:
aaaah! ㅋㅋㅋ Evil HanGeng! This was when HanGeng made Siwon believe he`s upset/angry but he actually wasn`t. He totally tricked him (^。^)
Aigoo, the sworn brother careing can be bad too, Siwon. ;P But bad Geng wasn`t supposed to be like that *haha* aigoo! Those two!

☆✭☆[SPAZZ]A bit spazz: SiHan lovelies and what they did best…☆✭☆
Their specialities… :3
LOOOOL xDDD especially THIS:
#And showering #And being inappropriate about the showering
Photobucket ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I love it when they were like that! MUAHAHA!
#And not paying attention to whoever’s speaking
” #And flirting without knowing it #And just being super heterosexual tbh “
also too true! ^^ Just soooo cute, adorable, funny, inappropiate, not attention paying SiHan lovelies! Photobucket

My love for SiHan lovelies is endless! It really is! I could spam about them the whole day, 10 times worse as Emmy spamms about Minnie, and it still wouldn`t be enough Photobucket *always hyper about SiHan lovelies*

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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