The laughable incident of KMW in google *facepalm*, HoMin to release new single soon & YG signs with girls from casting show

안녕 다들! ^^.

It`s time. Doggie needs to go to the vet again. This is totally fine because I wanted to go to the vet anyway. And when I´m already there I will discuss some mice matters with my vet.
I had two dreams the last days about me going to get some mice for my big terra. THIS IS LIKE A SIGN! I think I will start with prepareations soon.
First I want to get my male mice and this is why I have to sort out things with my vet first. Well, I don`t want them to have 1000098738478 babies later so the little boys need to visit the vet before. Oh well, it`s for their own good too. Male mice cannot live together because they fight each other to death. But living alone is also no option so they need to have their surgery then eeeverything is fine. They can stay with their brothers and can have female company.
*sighs* it at least takes me two month untill everything is ready with them then so I want to start soon.
Doggie needs to get her yearly immunization and… she has something on her ellbow that dosen`t looks right. I hope I can go see the vet next week quickly. I have to phone them first to agree on a date.

It`s not that easy because at work something will be rebuilt and so one of our sections is not really available for the next week… So we all need to work in one section but because we are too many ppl to work together at the same time in that one section we had to change our working hours. So it`s all a bit weird next week. Instead of the forenoon I will work during the afternoon. *sighs* I`m not exactly happy about it. Working during the afternoon sucks. The only good thing is that I can sleep long then.
aah, but after a week everything will be back to normal so I shall not bother OTL

Now the newssss~~~~
Damn, why are there so many news all the time lately? The list I have in front of me is one hell of a list again… Aigoo ( ̄。 ̄ノ)
Let`s start then!

Ailee news!
Ailee turns down an offer to become a waterpark model
Yeah, she`s still a rookie but performs like a boss ^^d
➤ Oh well like I said: LIKE A BOSS!
Ailee impresses with her ‘wedding dress’ performance on ‘Immortal Song 2′
ts! Ailee should have won this!

JYJ news!
➤ aaah haha! ^^ this thing is so cool!
[Trans] 120518 Fan-Made USB For JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Gathers Attention
the only thing which is questionable, if you ask me, is that the head needs to go off to use it Photobucket eh hehe… *embarrassed laugh* you guys… couldn`t you make the feet the part to go off? Or at least make the body like you have to part it in the middle. ^^°°° the head is a bit… violent? poor little JJ USB stick ^^°
➤ I`m glad JJ was eating well! he needs it!
[Trans] 120523 Post of JYJ Tweets
➤ oooooh! Jeju you awesome area! *_*
JYJ’s Yoochun spotted filming a new CF at Jeju Island
It`s not just me who`s reminded of “Picture Of You” MV filming, né? Okay, this maybe isn`t Saipan, but still!
➤ ah CJes! Wae are you like that?
JYJ Facebook update
CJes 4ever posting pictures which makes us feel more comfortable and graced like SME… seriously no further comment OTL. Just great as always.
➤ This looks so couple-ish!
JYJ’s Yoochun and Han Ji Min snap a couple photo for ‘Rooftop Prince’
They just look good together! ^.^
➤ And there we go with another round of Chunnie/Han JiMin couple photos!
Photo of Park Yoochun and Han Jimin revealed/
➤ Rooftop Prince ended with success in high rating #justsaying
[Trans] 120525 Park Yoochun – Han Jimin’s Vow Of Love, Viewers’ “Best Ending”
I wish I would have all the time on earth to watch all dramas I want to see. Inlcuding this one of course. But I don`t even have the time to properly learn korean. And on top of that other dramas are on the list already. Like Hyung Joons or… when will Siwon`s new drama come out? I think nobody knows yet.

Junho news!
➤ [PIC] The Kim twins and their work…
“Everything” single & Tarantallegra 1st Asia Tour
➤ Brother was MC-ing at the Girls Award yesterday ^^
[PICS] → 1 , 2 OMG! *haha* what`s whith those mega colorful ribbons on their head?! OMO! color flash! xD , 3 , 4 & the two MCs backstage 4
➤ *dies* aaaah! what cute-nice pictures!
Junho in japanese Magazine (again ^^)
aaah, I`m so happy! Junho has many fans in Japan! Many OT5`s as well. I`m really proud of him. He`s working hard and is doing well.

HoMin news:
[Trans] 120524 Tohoshinki New Single “ANDROID” To Release On 11 July, Live DVD To Release On 25 July!!
My poor money. seriously. Big Bang dosen`t stop to release stuff, HoMin will release cool stuff soon. Tssss~~~ TONE Live DVD & new singls. aaah! wae?!
YAH! You guys! I wanted to buy Opera CDs (! yes! more than one!) too! D:<
I hope boss give me enough money for all this ^^°°° Opera comes first because it was on the “to buy”-list first. Then… oh well, then let`s think about HoMin single since I need to go to the vet with my doog too OTL
➤ WHAT is this?
[Trans] 120523 Tohoshinki Participation In “a-nation Charge Go! Weider in Jelly” confirmed!
I only see “A-nation” & “Jelly”. what da heck is this? I never heard about it and wae does it have such a stragen name? oO *blinks clueless*
whatever, a-nation, whatever.
➤ HAHA! xD Changmi cool #LikeABoss here!
[Pic] 120525 TVXQ – The Shilla Duty Free
I thought this is so funny because Minnie is the only one to look cool LIKE THAT! ^^
➤ Oh yeah Bigeast I would love to do the same but…
TVXQ claims the #1 spot on Japanese pre-order charts with “ANDROID”
…my “to buy”-list is long! We`ll see about this later.
➤ This was something that was RTed into my tl. A story which is said to be real. I dunno of it`s real but it COULD be real:
The “Yunho, OT5ness & YunJae towel” story
This was the original site where it was translated from. (you can see the pink YunJae towel there ^^. )
➤ Leeeeader씨 so cute! Photobucket
Yunho at a friends wedding!

Big Bang news!
➤ Don`t really care much about wonder girls b it BIG BAAAAAAG! =D Can`t wait!
Big Bang and Wonder Girls to make their comebacks together
➤ O: *jaw drops* OMG SUN! GD! YOUR HAIR!
Big Bang releases teaser image for “Monster” featuring G-Dragon
*o* awesome! Is anyone questioning wae GD won this Boyband hair off thingy a while ago? I don`t think so.
➤ TOP`s teaser
Big Bang T.O.P’s teaser for “Monster” revealed
reminds me a bit of Fantastic Baby outdoor area 😉 (and, because of the fire, reminds me of Love Song area too)
➤ Taeyang`s teaser
Big Bang Taeyang’s teaser for “Monster” revealed
o.o Wonder what this looks like when you look at it from the front! I`m curious!
well, I would love to see the ones of Daesung and Seungri too but they are not revealed yet OTL
Singer Kim Bum Soo has been closely observing Big Bang’s G-Dragon?

Hyun Joong news!
➤ Japan loves him for sure!
Kim Hyun Joong ranks #1 on Japan’s Oricon DVD chart
➤ awww! this is just too nice! ❤
Kim Hyun Joong melts hearts with considerate gesture towards a fan

➤ I like this song! ^^
2PM releases PV for “Beautiful”!
…and while watching this my ELFi friend came back to my mind when she said Tarantallegra MV would be pervy. oh, I think this is partially pervy then too xD
I was only like “WTF is this part of the choreo xD OH MY!”. I bet she had fun watching it *looks at ELFi* né? You pervert! xD LOL
yeah, of course that vid is blocked again in germany so I searched for it. There you go:

YG news:
➤ So… YG picked up some ppl from that casting show?
YG Entertainment signs with remaining SuPearls members
oO… how old are they? they look like 14 years old to me!
YG Entertainment plans on debuting SuPearls as soon as possible
Sounds like YG has a plan. A good plan when they want them to debut asap.

SM news:
➤ oO *blinks* what da hell SM drama? eeeeh? I hear about this for the first time!
SM Entertainment’s ‘To the Beautiful You’ drama to begin airing in August
Minho?! Minho and Sulli???? wth… I`m seriously lacking information!
➤ OTL one SM site is not enough…
[News] SME launches new Facebook page
…*cough* world domination anyone? Slowly SM wants to cover everything. And now opening a “supposed to be” k-pop “blog”… okay. that`s what 1000 fans are already doing. They can only point with more exclusive photos.
And this pretty much means that I´m not really interested ^^° I shall leave now. *walks away quietly*

MBC explains why Leeteuk delivered the closing speech instead of Tiffany at ‘Korean Music Wave in Google’
SONES PLEASE! You were kidding us, right?! I mean I watched this damn vid of the concert after it was released. And Teukie only said some few words towards the end. It wasn`t even worth to call this a “speech”… Seriously. It wasn`t.
Even the representative from MBC had to step in??? Hello? Are you nuts, you SONE kids, or what?
Sure, some ELF kiddos went a bit overboard with saying Taeyeon was making a weird face because she actually didn`t (yeah, kids tend to see ghost *facepalm*) but to bash Teukie for saying one single sentence WAS EVEN MORE WRONG!
아이고, 진짜! 진심으로! I CANNOT EVEN!!!! This is so much “noooo!!!!”, I have no words!
Silly kids searching for a opportunity to hate on Teukie all the time but this was so laughable. Sometimes I think ppl are nothing but only stupid and hateful these days… o___O
Best comment about this on AllKPop: “Some people just awe me with their stupidity -.-”
It was not worth the trouble kids. You always only spread hate. What about showing some love? It`s really no deal at all that Teukie spoke at the end instead of Taeyeon/Tiffany. You were able to listen go their bla bla for the whole show *rolleyes* GOD DAMMIT! Photobucket
And this is all I have to say about this.

➤ [FUN!] You can take a look from monday to friday 11AM – 7PM EST.
Watch the doggie walk around ;D Someone recently commented “I`m here for the dog” xD
AllKPop Office WebCam
Oh well, it`s offline today because it´s Sunday. Try tomorrow if you like. I already saw the dog walkin around! ^^d so cute!

➤ this… o.o this is the crazyness! OMG! I mean… how where they able to do this?!?
SHINee’s noona fans display their love for the group with their artistic talent
Well, at least that`s a hobby! And they are showing their love for their group this way. SONES should go meet the Shawol`s to come to know what they can do besides spreading hate *cough*

➤ Geng & Blackie Chen for Love Life!
In Femina Magazine.

➤ This is also pretty crazy…
Se7en utilizes a helicopter to fulfill his busy schedule
It`s not like Se7en needs to be faster to fulfill his schedule, it`s more like schedule needs to be less busy so he can do it normal OTL.

➤ Damn! >< It´s impossible not to stare!
Choi Siwon’s bulky biceps awes fans
Siwon, wae u are posing so obvious? Dammmit… I could bare look at Yesung!
I was also like “Wow, Siwon your arms O_O” …
(off topic story: But each morning when I look at my Geng poster & the Siwon Poster besides it I go like “aww! *fangirling* They are puppies! Photobucket” )

➤ ㅋㅋㅋ these Shinhwa guys…
Shinhwa’s Junjin tells Eric to leave?
xD Put them into a studio and the show will be made xD LOL
➤ O.O Emmy would DIE if they ever release something like this!
Shinhwa’s Andy wants to release a nude photo album by himself?
xD Andy! MUAHAHA! He goes like “You excluded me back then, now I will exclude you”.

Ooookay! Couple Series!

Old but still so cute,
“EunHae of the day”:

And what`s up with SiHan today?
“SiHan of the day”:
…the moment when Siwon randomly picking this chinese man up ^^ ㅋㅋㅋ I love it! (we will have the gif if this soon ^^)

☆✭☆[Couple Special] today: SiHan and acting.☆✭☆
When they were told to act scared…

Moving update: Although moving is technically over now it`s not over when you look at it in real.
Still so many boxes in the basement. I think I will unpack my DVDs/BluRay`s next.
I miss my movies.
And I also think I will put my PS3 in place soon too. but at the moment PS3 is packed in the original package and needs to do a useful job on the mice terra ^^° I need to find something heavy to replace it first, then I can put it in it`s place.
I`m also not sure If I should put some Model Horses in my new shelves or not…
And talking about book shelves… I miss some of my books and my silver DVD player is still lost… somewhere in the basement I should be able to find both items but I really dunno where to search… oO It´s so weird. The whole basement is filled with moving boxes and somehow neither mom nor I know where to search for our stuff xD We can just slowly unpack one box after another. It kinda sucks.
At least I know which one contains my DVDs. I will also find my silver (german coded) PS2 slim in that box, but I really wonder where my japanese coded PS2 Slim is…

WTH… Photobucket where`s all my stuff? I really wonder!
and t-list is talking about food again. Oh well, it`s dinner time now. I think I will have chinese or japanese noodles with many vegetables today ^^
I`m still no master at cooking but I throw in some things by myself. and sometimes it changes the whole ramyeon when I do this (just for example).
And while we are at it: I want to cook all kind of things for my soulmate sis! Although it`s not all fully cooked by me but it`s changed by me and therefore it`s at least me trying to cook ^^° well, JJ said it`s okay as long as you try, so I try.
Well, I will soon have a korean cookbook and maybe I can learn to cook some things from it.

Random update which has nothing to do with food: Mom looked at my fangirl photo wall yesterday and she didn`t even called me insane LOL she only said “so many photos… wow. O.O “.
eeerrr… okay mom. this wasn`t the reaction I expected but okeh~ at least you accepted my fangirling ways. that`s good!

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