Super Show 4 successfully ended in Seoul, HoMin made an all-kill on japanese music sites & a lot of random talk


Guess what?!
My copy of Junsu`s “Tarantallegra” album arrived today! That was fast! =D
And my Big Bang socks! =D
And Junsu socks! =D
And Big Bang lightstick! =D

*hehe* I always have to behave not to say “T-list, guess what” xD oh sorry, I`m a twitter addict so what?
Well, all the stuff is awesome-cool! Photobucket me is a #HappyFan!

Well, I´m not on twitter while writing this. Blog needs to be done without destraction. I cannot write in an appropriate speed when I`m tweeting ^^ It`s always like “oh, eply just that one mention then I will conentrate on the blog” yeeeeeah…. no.
Just dosen`t work out well.

I already talked about this but I will say it again: this week we have changed working times. I`m most of the time in the late shift. I can just say: LATE SHIFT SUCKS SO MUCH! >< We go home with our sales women or later?! NUUUUUU! I DO NOW WANT!
Well, the only good thing is that I can stay up long and sleep long in the morning. But then the whole day is gone. I wanted to visit the vet with the dog this week but oh well, when? I`m at work for too long. Dosen`t matches with the opening hours of the vet at all *facepalm* Okie, so next week.
Then I wanted to go with the car to the garage but garage wants my car either super early or then whole afternoon… errr… both times NO! So next weeks. *sighs*
I want my old working hours back!
tsss… when I start working so late I cannot find a place to park anymore… So I told mom to play taxi xD oh well, it`s useful that we live very near to my workplace now! ;D

At least I was able to work on my ELFi`s present. I hope I haven`t overdone it. Hope it`s not too dramatic, but I wanted to look back a bit and I thought this was the perfect way to do it.
I`m halfway done with her present anyway. Then I will do sis`s little present and then it`s aaaall ready for shipping.

btw, comes very random now but shipping…. like in shipping a couple: When was the first time CSI Las Vegas was broadcastedb in Germany? My best friend and I were watching it like 4ever like two super CSI nerds xD And we spazzed about it a lot, including shipping some certain couples in it.
Talking about CSI: I still haven`t found my CSI books D: WAAAAE OH WAEEEE???? and where`s my CSI Guid book, eh? Moving cartons keep eating my things… Photobucket so not funny!


➤ Ah, brother, wae so cute?!
Junho`s way to say good night ^^

➤ From Unnie`s new cassie blog
– Junsu! ^3^ [GIF] Junsu’s “Singles” Magazine March Issue Making Film/

Big Bang news!
G-Dragon gets noticed for his “folder bow”
➤ ah, the pics I couldn`t post the last time because they weren`t out:
Big Bang releases Daesung and Seungri’s teasers for “Monster”
the 3rd of june… I CANNOT WAIT! =)
➤ Suprise, suprise. All the video teasers are blocked in germany. But you can try or find a way to solve this problem.
Big Bang T.O.P’s video teaser for “Monster” revealed
I should have used this unlock site but I was too busy. I could watch TOP`s teaser once, only once. but that`s it.
It`s like with some SM vids: It works as long as you watch it soon enough after the release. It´s like the next day someone noticed “oh, they uploaded another video we haven`t blocked yet, let`s do this now” and then it`s blocked. Aigoo! What a pain! I hate it when YouTube is doint this.
And then they say they don`t know a thing about video blocking or the GEMA (which is mentioned in the stupid text that appears instead of the vid). oh well, for sure. This company dosen`t know who`s creeping around on their site with admin right and is blocking vids and leaving messages. Tell this story someone else ㄱ_ㄱ OTL 거짓말쟁이~!!
➤ Heat what they say… *.* Dammit YG, give us “Monster” already!
Big Bang will not be performing “Monster” in Korea
➤ So beautiful! I like it!
Additional “Still Alive” teaser photo for G-Dragon revealed
*haha* but the earrings are WT HECK!? xD Dinosaur? okay, that`s new for me. See this for the first time, but okeh~~ looks funny! GD, you rock! ^^d

JYJ news!
➤ and there we go with the coupleness again…
[Pic] Han JiMin shares a picture with Yoochun on Facebook
…could you two just openly date already? All those couple photos without dating is unberable xD
➤ JYJ Lawsuit resumed
Some follow ups on the main lawsuits between JYJ and SM Entertainment
Sadly this turned into a never ending story *facepalm* Damn you SME!
I watched them fighting HanGeng and now I watch them (still) fighting JYJ… Our chinese man was lucky because he could go to China and therefor out of reach of SME.
This butthurt company annoys me so much! Photobucket they love you but only as long as you are their lapdog…
oh! oh! must prevent myself from ranting OTL *goes on with the news*
➤ JJ new drama receives much love ^^
Jaejoong poses with co-stars Song Seung Hun and Lee Bum Soo on set of ‘Time Slip Dr.Jin’
I think Unni is watching this.
I still can`t get over Skip Beat, it was too awesome! I wish we would get a second season! We should send Donghae & Siwon 4ever to taiwan to film one hell of a bunch of Skip Beat episodes ;D ㅋㅋㅋ ooh, I will never forget that kiss scene! okeh, it was only Gong Xi`s daydreams but who cares! LOL fangirls had fun and raped the replay button xDDD
➤ aaah, this is cool!
Some kind of Tarantallegra FanArt! really nice!
➤ LOl xD I came home lately and saw this trending on the very top of TT!
DBSK Trend…
… XDDD WHAT DA FACK! *hahaha* Fandom, what da fack? LOL finally a good trend. This b-kids sh*t was going in my nerves for sure. (oh yes, Unni said she knows I don`t like them… well, if they wouldn`t be that god damn annoying, immature and inappropriate… *sighs*)

*cries* eeeeeh! D: my wasabi peanuts are emoty!!??? *shakes can* YAH! gimme wasabi nuts! D: NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! Photobucket
*cough* oh sorry for the random drama but I just ran out of… yeah. Wasabi nuts.
Let`s go on!

Super Junior news!
➤ =D Wouldn`t make much sense without Teukie.
Super Junior to release their 6th studio album before Leeteuk joins the military
Awesome, awesome, awesome~~ *starts dancing* Photobucket
➤ Super Show 4 successfully ended.
Super Junior successfully wraps up “Super Show 4″ World Tour with their encore concerts in Seoul
*coughs* well, the ending of the Super Show 4 was more than awesome and I say nothing else but only show you a pic Partricia showed us recently:
Uhm… *coughs*
… …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. … …
the vid….
I was spazz-laughing like an idiot because I was so WTF-shocked first but then I couldn`t help but being just speechless.
That horse and that monkey… seriously! Photobucket I STILL CANNOT EVEN!!!!
aaaand, SME, concerts in Paris & Asia are not really to call a “world tour”. That one US ELF was right. *sighs* And I just wanted to point out AGAIN that I haven`t seen a bit of Super Show 4 because Paris had to be on easter!!!! Dunno if I should be angry or still cry… I`m just concert-emo over this! T^T
➤ eh hehe… ^^° Teukie?
Super Junior’s Ryeowook has become a better cook thanks to Leeteuk?
This is seriously a real challenge! Cooking so that everyone is pleased… for so many ppl… I just say Wookie is doing great-great! (one great is not enough xD )

And now beware of the AWESOMENESS… these are the
➤ Italy Photpshooting
There are still pics coming *________* [PICS] : 1 damn, I love this! , 2 ,3 & even when in europe he still finds kids to kidnapp xD 4.
➤ [PICS] His Life Magazine *________* : 1 O: *stares* , 2 , This is Spartaaa! oh nu, wait. It`s Geng! =D 3 , … O: 4 Who else is in love with these pictures?! O: *stares* I am… *o* & it`s so close that it hurts 5 I always tell you: his eyes so pretty! *________*
➤ HanGeng`s new CF for Nokia Lumina 800 *__________*
…if he continues like this my eyes will have star form soon. *_________* I cannot even! THIS IS AWESOME!
Nokia, wae you no broadcast this cool cf in germany? It`s awesome! Geng is awesome! AAAAH! TOO AWESOME!

HoMin news!
TVXQ tops Japan’s Tower Records with pre-sales for concert DVD + upcoming single
➤ DAMMIT! >< and I still cannot place an order! :/ My cassie heart is sad!
[Trans] 120525 “All-Kill” On Japanese Music Sites, Tohoshinki’s New Single Is 1st On Pre-Order Site

➤ Poor Eric, bad members!
Shinhwa’s Eric neglected by his members?
°.° sounds so bad! Go to Emmy, Eric! Emmy will play games with you, I´m sure! (^。^) All for her leader, you know! ;D (since she cannot suppress her Shinhwa Changjo site xD Eric is still Emmy`s leader and Yunho too!)

➤ Aaaaand another company goes for the K-Pop Star contestants
‘K-Pop Star’ contestant Park Jung Eun to possibly sign with TEEN TOP’s agency
➤ And another person from the casting show received love calls…
‘K-Pop Star’ contestant Kim Na Yoon in discussion to possibly debut as an idol group member

➤ awwww! haha! Boa is so cute! I cannot even!
Yesterday she tweeted: “Haha ok ppl. Here’s the funny boring pointless vid.. Lol I look so comfortable.”

now let me talk about my ELFi a little (more)! Photobucket

Recently, when I showed my t-list THIS pic of my collection of model horses, she said:
@Vinya85 O__________O you seem to really love horses *coughs*siwon*coughs*
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ oh yes, I do! It all went completely worse when I read my first book of the book series “The Black Stallion”. Well, and of course, Siwon`s YouTube account Henry opened for him was the first account I followed on YouTube. I barely got into k-pop and this was the first thing I knew: Siwon account on YouTube.
Like so many things: I`ve read about it in a fan forum by chance. Good, there was never something happening, not at all xD, no action with this account. But I thought “just in case… *follows*”. In the meantime this account got deleted but I will never forget the “KoreanHorse” account xD LOL HENRY! I laughed a lot about this.
Looking at it that way: Was it kinda predestined that Siwon becomes my SuJu bias? I mean looking at it there are not enough conincidences on earth for it!
Me, the horse loving person, when being a complete k-pop newbie comes to know about Siwon`s account on YouTube before I know anything else & at the very end this SuJu horse becomes my SuJu bias. (oh let`s not forget about squishy2! I only say “Don`t Don” & “U”, and nothing else… two of the first 5 k-pop vids on my PS3 when I was in my beginner days!)
I wonder… Photobucket

I guess Patricia is already very amused about me thinking hard here. ㄱ_ㄱ
I also still try to remember when I met Siwon in my dreams for the first time. Photobucket *clueless about this* It was before this stupid Seminar dream from back then! But I just cannot remember. It`s like the dream with this huge hotel complex and SHINee… It`s all blurred away >< At the very beginning my k-pop dreams didn`t know how to be not blurry so that I can remember them well. (talking about my k-dreams: I also wonder why Siwon was invited to the opening of my mom`s shop on my dreams! ==. *eyes mom and Siwon* You two know each other without telling me or what? I also really wonder about that!)

Well, but I`m not done with the stories about my ELFi friend!
Bacause then there was her k-dream about herself, Kyu and me! OMO! I`m a topic in my dongsaengs dreams?! I feel honored! Photobucket
Her dream went like this:

“Had a really nice and funny dream though I can’t remember much of it anymore.
I only remember that I was Kyuhyun’s girlfriend and that I was looking for a boyfriend for @Vinya85 unnie ^^”
and since I had some problems with that I told her that I should check Kyu’s friends….
I didn’t realize in my dream that I had the SJ members in my mind OTL especially a certain horse there ><
so basically I wanted to make Siwon as Unnie’s boyfriend, since I had the chance as Kyu’s girlfriend ^^”
oh and I remember Kyu’s smirk when he heard of my plan………”

*fangirl giggle* Photobucket hhihihihihihihihihi~ *giggles herself away* I still cannot believe this!
Just because my soulmate started a talk about someone should gimme money just for the sake of me receiving money, Patricia talked about a rich guy and in her dreams Siwon came out… ^^ yeah, this is how fangirls kinda “produce” their k-dreams.
Oh well, I approve of the evil couple. What was it again? Baek Soomin? So it`s the KyuMin couple?? Again? I mean… too??? XDDD LOL OMO! Never thought about this but this is possible double use of KyuMin name!
Well, but that`s not the point (don`t mind my strange fangirl mind, it`s always spazzing OTL). I mean… *giggles* ^///^ aah, ELFi, waylt? Embarrasses me so much but so thank you! Really nice you thought that much about a guy for me.
Well, now the only thing that scares me is the part with Kyu`s smirk… °.° oh-oh. I don`t even want to know what the evil couple made up as a plan for this… “mission”. (^_^;)

okay now, a little (SiHan) spazz!

➤ This isn`t just a pic, no, there`s a lot happening xD
Good old, golden SuJu-M times…
HENRY! I just looked at it and saw HanGeng first, then Henry! xD DAEBAK!

➤ Admins quote: “Sorry, Mr. Fashionista. Siwon and Han Geng are obviously children.” xDD
SiHan and the zoo
awwww! They are so cute! ^^ aaaah, I would love to see the pandas too! but Monkeys… Siwon, you can see a monkey almost every day xD *cough* Hyukjae *cough*
But seriously my SiHan lovelies, wae are you so cute? awww! PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
But really, Zhoumi, I´m also sorry. Who goes to shop clothes when there`s a zoo nearby? If I would have to choose I would go to the zoo! Clothes my a**! xD LOL *walks into the zoo*

➤ Yeah… sometimes this is a fangirls pain ^^°
OMG what are you saying

➤ I think they are all still with him
HanGeng and his dancers~ so cute!
No joke I have a photo on my wall from just some weeks ago where K is on it ^^ and… I think Eleven`s arm xD
However, HanGeng is happy with the ppl around him: His bodyguards, his dancers, and his manager is his dear friend anyway. And it`s really true what the YouTube comment said: His happiness is a GengFan`s first priority!
This is the vid, btw: HanGeng introducing his Dancers (including Genglish!):
KYAAAAAH! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) GENGLISH! But I love it, he`s good! ( ˆ ω ˆ )
Well, there was a time when he was learning english, that`s right. I guess he wanted to get better at it.
The part with his dancers starts around 0:55!

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