Happy 27th Yoochun!!! , 6th Anni for ELF & Big Bang released new mini album “Still Alive” & “Monster” MV

Hello! v^^.

First of all I wanted to say: After wordpress somehow messed up my k-dreams site and deleted everything from them “Fanmeeting-> FAIL!” k-dream on I worked hard this weekend to bring everything back. I guess everything is back now. So just in case you are in the mood you can go check if there`s a k-dream of mine you don`t know by now 😉 (one of the older ones OTL)

Then… German postal service pissed me off a bit when I wanted to give them the things for Patricia & Cynthia today… I will explain to my soulmate and ELFi now (in german – it`s not that important for others so no need to do this in english):
@Patricia: Die mit ihrer dummen rollen geschichte! >< Ich dachte ich krieg die Kriese! Wenn ich nen eckigen Karton drum mache sei`s auch billiger meinte der Typ… oO errr… okeh~ dann mach ich halt um diese Rolle was eckiges rum… warum auch immer… kapier den Sinn davon nicht. Ist ja jetzt keine 3 meter lang und somit Sperrgut oder so. Photobucket Ich frag mich echt wieso das teil eckig ein muss?????! So lange es kein Sperrgut ist ist es doch komplett egal ob rund oder eckig… ich kapier mal wieder die Logik der Deutschen Post nicht!!!! O:
@Cynthia: Dein packet war zu fett für die mittlere Briefgröße xD Es ging in der fettesten größe durch! MUAHAHA! Na, wenigstens musste ich da nix eckiges mehr drum machen! Photobucket I LIKE! *clicks Like-button*

Off comment: xD hahaha! writing SME with my ELFi right now and blogging at the same time xD GREAT FUN! #justsaying

in case you are still curious although I said it`s not interesting for you: I tols my ELFi that our postal service didn`t wanted to take the poster in it`s roll I wanted to send her. I have to make this package square, then they will take it… oO WTFness, german postal service??! Who cares if it`s square or round, eh????? aigoo…. -.-””
*mumbles* and if it would have the form of a star it won`t harm you to take it… damn… now I have to go to the postoffice AGAIN! *facepalm*

uhm… yeah, after postal service trouble let`s take a look at the news.

➤ Vicki Zhao uploaded a pic on her WEIBO some days ago
(120530) Han Geng and Vicki Zhao
uhm… oo Vicki, you kinda look thin. *looks on magazine* Oh well, she also looks like this on the FHM cover… oO well, anyway: Vicki & Geng hwaiting!
They are filming “To Our Eventually Lost Youth” these days – when HanGeng isn´t busy with the preparations for his 2nd album.
And I have to say: We see geng more often on pictures other ppl post on weibo than on his own xD *haha* that`s so him!
(OFF comment: My chinese dragon plushies name is Zhao ^_____^ I named him after my fav game character in Dynasty Warriors~~ #GamerNoona … but Zhao is lonely. I think he needs a friend ^^ I need a second dragon!)
➤ World tour? Geng Xin tour???
Recently, FuckYeah!HanGeng! posted a Geng Xin Tour Info for World Tour kick off in Beijing on July 28th (2012).
This made me wonder where this world tour will go. We know from the GengFan in Italy that he said he won`t come to Italy and I think europe isn`t on the list at all (would be too great to be true). Basically I`m okay with this because all I care about is uri Geng`s happiness but I would REALLY love to know where this tour will go. And this is already the second Geng Xin tour. Will HanGeng already perform new songs of the second album then? oO It was said the second album will come out around that time. So it could be very well possible if you ask me.
And basically this was all just bla bla about my thoughts now xD no real info, so read on please~ Photobucket
➤ FINALLY! New musical work of HanGeng:
[AUDIO] Han Geng and Zhang Liangying – 最好的未来 (The Best Future)
– [MV] :
– [LYRICS] :

Han Geng and Jane Zhang – «最好的未来» The Best Future (by GengBaoChannel)

The Best Future
Translated by hsupergirl @ geng-bao.net

Every color should be blooming
Don’t let only black and white remain after the sunshine
Every person has the right to look forward
With love in your palm, come with me

This is the best future
Let’s use love to build the perfect present
Millions of streams combining into an ocean
Every spray (of the ocean) surging the same way

Every dream is worth being fulfilled
If tears turn into rain then they can fall down
Every child should be cherished
They are our future

This is the best future
Let’s use love to build the perfect present
Millions of streams combining into an ocean
Every spray (of the ocean) surging the same way

This is the best future
Not distinguishing between you and I, being kind to and loving one another
Spreading concern all around
Happiness will always coexist with love

Every dream is worth being fulfilled
If tears turn into rain then they can fall down
Every child should be cherished
They are our future

Same as sky and earth caring for each other
This is the best future

aaaah! I like this Song! o(*゚▽゚*)o And very nice lyrics! ^^d

Shinhwa news!
➤ Shinhwa so caring towards their juniors!
Shinhwa sends an encouraging message to junior artists TEEN TOP
➤ oh!
Shinhwa completes their first concert in Japan for ‘The Return’ tour
Look at the pictures on the big screen! Shinhwa as babies and Shinhwa now! This is somehow… so touching to me! And I´m not even a Shinhwa Changjo! Well, I look at it in a different way because of Emmy and… YOU BOYS SAY WHAT?!? Another album next year? aaah, cool! Please give us more of Shinhwa awesomeness!!!
*looks at the pics in this article for a little longer* *goes in thinking-pose* Someday… *cough* reunion concert of our 5 boys *cough* will look the same! I mean also with baby pics on screen, with TVXQ under glitter & flying in the air~~~ *dreams*
➤ ^^ haha, how cute! how cute they are!
Shinhwa members gather for a samgyupsal party after Tokyo concert
They look just so family together! Real friends! I always like looking at them Photobucket Enjoy it a lot!
➤ Is it just me or do they look as if they would be around the same age? xD
Shinhwa’s Jun Jin competes against SHINee’s Minho for ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’

➤ I haven`t watched it untill now, so let`s take a look together at it!
KBS airs ’2012 Dream Concert’
EH?! Photobucket EXO-K DANCING SORRY SORRY???? NO NO NO! Nothing against EXO-K but… NO KIDS NOOOOOOO!!!!! The ELF in my highly disapproves! *looks at the other videos* C’mon… I want to watch HoMin… oh hey! 2PM! *watches* ^___^ they are having fun ^^ good!
good. ok. where are HoMin now??? *goes through video list* … ah! Kara! I like Kara! *watches* … next is T-ara`s Roly Poly. Okay, I like this song. *watches too* … yo, you list, will you gimme HoMin now???? D: One T-ara song is enough… *skips the second one* YAH! you list stop spamming me with things I`m not really interested in! == *eyes list* TAETISEO????? NUUUUUUU! >< GAAAAH! List, wae u no stip being cruel?!
ah! wait! there! HoMin! :3 *calms* *watches*
yaaaaaay! HOMIN! *_____* I had my red light stick at hand to cheer for them (although it`s too late but oh well, I don`t even care! Red lightstick needs do to it`s job!)
ㅋ I love the cassie fan block! I love red! Come to me! (っˆヮˆ)っ *wants to hug the cassies*

JYJ news!
➤ Chunnie did well!
[Trans] Tweets from critics praising Yoochun’s acting
➤ ^^ *haha* the SYC team!
[Pic+Trans] 120601 Junsu signed for SYC and Thai fans at XIA TARANTALLEGRA Fansign Event
SYC girls are so famous~
➤ Aaaah, Junsu! So proud of you!
[Info] 120601 JYJ Official Facebook Update: Junsu will be attending ‘The Musical Awards’
➤ New CF!
[Vid] Yoochun Ottogi Noodle New CF (15 Sec. version)
…the 150 ppl who dislikes this are Yoochun antis! OTL
(How can ppl dislike it?! I looove it! It`s funny and nice to watch – and on top pf all: Ottogi things, not just the noodles, taste really good! THE BEST!)
➤ Baidu: The thing I can never open properly and it`s never shown properly to my on my comp… but:
Kim Jaejoong is the first Korean artist to surpass 100,000 members in Baidu Post Bar
[Pic] Junsu – Tarantallegra Fansign Event
HAPPY B-DAY CHUNNIIIEEEE!! Happy 27th!!! (Again) I already said it on twitter but it has to be said here too! 생일 추하해요, 유천아~~ Photobucket We love you! Good bless you and the rest of our boys! May all your wishes come true!
oh yeah, and the syc team did a little b-day spazz:
[Spazz] Happy Birthday Yoochun!!!!
xD the power of the Dark Lord… yeah, don`t uderestimate the power of minnie! He can be scary ;D
➤ Oh yeah and sis had a nice Micky cake for Chunnies b-day!

Junho news~
➤ This was cute ^^
Brother after his workout in the gym
➤ Oh yeah and he started dieting again too. I guess dieting in his case means: changed food plan while working in the gym – not eat less. At least I hope so… == *eyes everyone*

➤ hahaha! this was cute too!
2PM’s Taecyeon wards off evil with a talisman
I know these talisman thingies but never really knew what they are good for. Now I know! =D

SuJu news!
➤ I love it when my fandoms are mixing up!
[Pic+Trans] 120531 Yesung Twitter Update
=D Yesungie, Fishy & Leeeeeeaaaaader씨! Photobucket
Sometimes I think we should form a gigant group-project with all SuJu members together with TVXQ! Wouldn´t this be such an all killing group?!? MUAHAHA! World domination for them then!
➤ Henry posted us this on twitter lately:
50 Things You Need To Give Up Today
Ah! This is so ture! all of it!
➤ Like Cassiopeia had it`s anni, ELF were having Anni too!
ELF celebrate their 6th anniversary
I`m ELF_official as a newbie now so I don`t feel like celebrating. No right to do so.
*reads in the comments* but this is interesting: ELF were like the most hated fandom? when? I think this is SONE! xD *get shot by SONES* Yeah well I`m sorry! It`s truuuue! This is how I saw it when I came to k-pop. CassELF here is really sorry. *shurgs and walks away*
(… no I`m not! xD Da hell would I be sorry for? Facts are not my faul ;P #dealwithit)
But this one comment was cool: I’m a bad ELF for being late xD
To make it up, I promise to go around town screaming “I am an ELF, you babo!”
Wearing my SJ merchandise of course.

LOOOL! This reminds me of Geng & Wu Chun. Ah, how was the story exactly? They played a game and the loser had to run around and shout “I`m stupid!” xD LOL BAPOS! hahahahahaha!
➤ Well, I`m still speechless. What was this boys?
Super Junior wows with their incredible flexibility
Just one question: Are you doing this everyday? ^^
But fans, what`s up this the speculation who`s on the photo? nooo, there is no SuJu leader on this pic. It`s EunHae, Kyu & Yesungie. Ts~~ Does a cassie need to tell you now? *hits the heads of kids slightly* Stipids! You go back and study your ELF papers *sends ELF kids to study into their room*
ts… and some of them even taked about Siwon being in the pic… errr… even more no. You kids really need to go back to study your members… oO I`m kinda shocked. No, shocked is said too much, but yeah… you know what I mean.

➤ The old story about JJ`s hobby never gets old xD
JJ`s weird hobby…

Big Bang news!
Additional “Still Alive” teaser photos for Daesung revealed
Big Bang releases “Monster” MV!
“Monster” MV!
woooooooah! *O* great! Like an awesome-cool movie! This is seriously so high quality!
I love it! (this vid is with subs: “Monster”, english subs )
➤ OH YES PLEASE DO! Support the artist!
Purchase Big Bang’s new album ‘Still Alive’!
➤ Possible meaning behind the song. It makes sense.

(all credits to: http://toptopia.tumblr.com/)
monster mv: labels.

the mv represents bigbang’s struggles against media’s labeling them as ‘monsters’ (because of last year things).

the cables represent media, and bigbang member’s ‘normal’ self have a hard time running away from their monster-like identity (that the media portrays them as) because of the cable’s tangles.

you can see that the walls are labled with codes and so are the members (ex. seungri’s forehead, daesung’s chest). this really signifies the ‘labeling’ part. no matter who they are (or strive to be) and no matter what path they choose, the codes are written already. it’s worsened by the fact that even if they don’t take the paths of their first choice, the alternate path is labeled anyway.

gd is out in the open in the midst of the bombing, and it’s clear that he’s the victim here because he’s not the one with the bombs. he’s the one being targeted. but he’s the one with the horn.

in one part, top is covered in darkness and only his eyes are shown. his identity is not cared for, and people cover him up to create their own vision of him. he’s not really a monster, but who cares?

there is one part that the member(s) is/are kicking down statues. that’s them trying to break the stereotype of ‘standard beauty’ of music and trying their own styles. but that is frowned upon.

every time the members go into the darkness, they ‘transform’ into monsters (most notably in the case of taeyang and seungri); likewise, every time people push aside bigbang’s true self in favor of the media’s portrayal of bigbang, bigbang becomes the ‘monsters’ that people fear and members themselves fear.

so bigbang members run and run. but they can never escape. they will be monsters, perhaps forever, as long as darkness (public’s biased view) and traps of cables (media) exist.

Photobucket makes me feel sad! And I know how media talked about them when the different incidents came up… and I didn`t like it. I always believed these boys and I`m never turning my back on them. Maybe I`m not a VIP, but I`m really their fan. I like them a lot. They are no monsters.
(and the reason why I took this out of the site is… the sites` background makes your eyes go dizzy and go crazy… >< it`s really too much!)
➤ *throws confetti over them*
Big Bang achieves an all-kill with “MONSTER” on real-time music charts!
Of course! It`s awesome! A great job!
➤ aaah, STFU ppl. It`s just hair. It won`t stay like this 4ever. ts… ㄱ_ㄱ
Are you digging Taeyang’s new hairstyle in “MONSTER”?
I think it`s really suitable and cool for the vid! And the most important thing is that Taeyang likes it ^^ he does so I`m all fine with it.
➤ Best way to promote your artist:
YG Entertainment to open Big Bang gate
*o* I want to have such a gate in our city too! #ImpossibleGoal

➤ When I saw this I already said Big Bang ^^
Which K-POP artist / group has the most anticipated comeback for June?
But Ailee! ah, yeah. Ailee! I´m waiting for her new song!

SS501 news
➤ oooh! *.* really!?
SS501 reunites as one for Kyu Jong’s fanmeet
501 boys, we will wait for you! ^^ I`m here waiting, you amazing ppl.
:/ Kyu Jong will be away soon…
SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong to enlist in the military this July
Triple S will wait for you. I`m no Triple S but I will wait for you and the rest of the boys nonetheless. ^^
I just love this band!

➤ Boa tweeted this xD
A sign in the recording studio: No frustration allowed??
Photobucket hahahaha! seriously?! HOW COOL IS THAT?! haha! WTF!

ah, it`s a MacBookPro? I just notice this yet xD I was always staring at the background pic! ^^ *pats her own mac* good old MACi!

This was interesting to read:
15 Reasons Why You’ve Just Been Unfollowed On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]
oh I couldn`t care less if random followers unfollow me. tssss! If you don`t like me the way I am then you are even TOLD TO LEAVE by me.

You could say I was always very presistent about being me. Me is me and the way I am will never change. Deal with me or leave. This was always me. I was called diffenrent things from “anti-social”, to “stubborn” right up to “egoistic” in the past for having this attitude. But hell, I won`t change. I`m here and I´m still the same. And look at me! I have friends ^^
And ppl who are the same… *looks at HanGeng* taught me that I`m not wrong.
I like being me. I have flaws, maybe a lot(?). I`m strange in some ways, I`m a kid that can even drive my 19 years old dongsaeng crazy (when I`m having childish fun) but that`s just me *haha*

oh yes, what now? It`s already late again and I haven`t read my tl a bit.
Let`s do timeline blogging and see if there`s something special or entertaining o my tl *goes to twitter* There must be some news in it too!

– *scrolls* …
– …
– *scorlls* damn… tl stop being so long! D:
– *is still scrolling* ah! I arrived at Emmy`s “Night spam” (because it`s night here when she spams twitter ^^ So I call it night spam)
– oh! I saw brian… *continues scrolling*
– WOAHW!!! *o* what is this?! JJ changed his ava and… it`s beautiful! *_____*
– *scrolls, scrolls* ah, sis says nighty to t-list, so i will reach the end of tl soon… *scrols* STOP!!! There`s my sheep ava again! this is the end. no… errr… the beginning of my tl!
– *starts reading* LOL! xD ELF fanbase: “SM, if you fuck up Super Junior`s 6jib comeback: THE STREETS WILL RUN WITH BLOOD” xD ooh, damn true! Cassiopeia will join, just for fun! xD LOL (poor SMD, evil us!)
– LOL YAH! *haha* this Emmy friend of mine… You secret siwon fan! You only look, ara?! xD *hahaha* I quote: “@Vinya85 >_< are u talking about siwon’s legs?? muahaha i’m free to look.” (yes, I was talking about that, you understood very well ;P )
Emmy and legs… it`s a complex story!
– oh wait! *looks at the pics JJ posted again* that`s true! John is right, that`s is wife on these pics ^^
This is what I`m talking about: JYJ celebrates Yoochun’s 27th birthday on Twitter
– awww! :/ Brian brought his best friend back to the airport. I FEEL BAD ABOUT YOUR GOODBYE OPPA! But I`m happy they had a good time! OTL Come back soon Stacy! *waves goodbye*
– xD Ah haha! because it`s Chunnies b-day Emmy kept spamming about chunnie instead of Changmin the last night! well, what to say? that`s new!
– LOL xD THAT CAR! really daebak! Wookie tweeted this: https://twitter.com/ryeong9/status/209466896322531328/photo/1
– O: WHAT?! boys! Didn`t I tell you to stop releasing awesomse stuff??? My poor money! Big Bang releases teaser for their 1st photograph collection “Extraordinary 20´s” aaah, already so many things on the “to-buy”-list… let`s wait and see.
– *reading Johns tweets* he`s really in love with out boys ^^ hope they can be happy friends 4ever.
– heeey, Junsu you looked good in the red carpet. I love your hair! =D [Pic] Junsu at The 6th Musical Awards Red Carpet
– eh hehe… Photobucket you recommend something like sportive activity to noona? Brian, I`m too lazy for this… ^^°°°°° *lots of drops*
– …random endorsments of Geng… TQPad & Royal Wind. *looks at her wall* I love this first Royal Wind picture *O* just too awesome!
– Chunnie is enjoying the summer. Good! …but I was dying tonight… too hot! >< Couldn`t sleep properly!
– wow… never ending tweets of Chunnie in my tl… oO what`s wrong? *haha* very tweetative that boy!
– WOW THE SECOND! Unni tweeting in hangul…. that`s rare!
– xDDD LOL! ELFi, I quote: “gahhhh puppy scratched me while playing around OTL” hahahaha! Her never ending “puppy pain” ;D
– okay… the following 100 meters of my tl is tonight spam from big east friends ^^ wow… so much!
– oh nooooooo! Chunnie nooooooo! This is so sad!
[News] JYJ’s Yoochun Opens up about Sasaeng Fans
– Sis quote “#nowplaying Big Bang – Monster / awesomeness :333 ” ah I see. She likes it! ^^
– OMO! This TL is killing me! It´s not only freaking long no! It has ups and downs like a rollercoaster! DAMN TL! STOP BEING LIKE THIS! D:
– *reads on* I approve! -> JYJ’s Junsu once again receives ‘Popular Star Award’ at the 2012 Musical Awards! The performance is so daebak! And… I think I know this song from the Musical Concert DVD.
but… °-° Junsu, that laugh at the end was scary! D: (this is is how I imagine ELFi laughing all evil… somehow.. like this)
– *looking at another pic of Wookie* ah haha! Wookie, you cute namja ^^ cute!
– awww! Han JiMin & Chunnie! Also very cute! -> Park Yoochun thinks Han Ji Min was “a great present”
– I`m finally through my tl?! wow. cannot believe it! I survived killer tl!
– ah ye, ELFi making progress with her korean. good, good.

yeah, looks like I`m done now. This means you guys can leave xD LOL
Man, I need to find something to eat. It`s dinner time (blog entry took me too much time & grew too long again)… *leaves blogging room*

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