Standoms new JYJ story, Big Bang rock everything with “Monster” & HanGengs hair! OMG! =D

안녕! v^^.
Hello! *waves*

Aigoo, It`s already that late (04:50pm) and I just started with my blog entry here??? Tsss~~ But no twitter before I haven`t written this here! It`s about time for a new entry! News are waiting in line like… mad news xD *haha*

What else before we start with the news?
I will find out about the opening hours of our animal shelter… I will start looking for mice now and I will start there.
Yesterday I was printing some papers for my vet and maaaany for myself. About mice of course. Then I saw that I will need a new mice folder because my first one is about to burst ^^ (I printed stuff about all kind of illnesses mice can get and some medicine).
And talking about the mice: I cleaned them up and fixed some things in their Terra. Yeah, I still find things to make better.

Then I was shopping!
– Big Bang CD “Bigbang Vol.1” (first album)
– Big Bang CD “Remember” (second Album)
– Big Bang CD “Tonight” (special edition :3 )
– Big Bang CD “Stil Alive” (GD Version)
– Poseidon OST CD
and some other small things. oh well, good shopping tour.

I still have to buy noodles! And this damn CSI Season 11 complete box (with 6 DVDs) just won`t come out in germany! GAAAH! YOU PPL! BRING IT OUT FASTER!
Bu I`ve read about the content of Season 11.2 (the second half of the season – each season is realeased in separated DVD boxes in germany… oO I never got wae #justsaying). I was reading and reading like “mh-hum, mh-hum… Cath, Sarah, Nick, Ray… *reads on* Ah! the passage about Greg! *reads* Photobucket WHAT?! -affair-??? WHAT AFFAIR????! Greggo noooooooooo (屮゚Д゚)屮 *huge drama breaking out while reading about season 11*”
D: BUT SERIOUSLY! What do they mean with -affair-? Greggo having an affair??? nu, script writers cannot make my little crazy “LabRat gone FieldMouse”-Greggo have an affair for realz! Photobucket OMG SUN! I`m curious! (and all this drama while he`s older than Brian Oppa… *haha* oh well, don`t destroy my CSI world, script writers!)

This CSI talk also reminds me of the Retweet Hea Unni made a while ago when someone said: “Bish, I watch CSI. I can make your death look like an accident.” Photobucket LOL
Oh well, I watch CSI for 12 years now! *proud “since the first minute”-fan*

okie, no more CSI talk now! THE NEWS!

➤ Let`s open the new with “le epic standom stupidity logic/way of thinking” aka standom let us have a look into their strange world again!
You can NEVER guess what they say now! oh, besides the usual “shut up with YunJae”-stories we had something new! Now a JYJ stan said “I dislike pre JYJ days. Enjoy post JYJ days.” (THANK YOU UNNI-YA for showing me this!)
*blinks* oO WHAT?
unni is right when she askes “what is post-JYJ times? When did they split up?”. This is right! Once again it makes no sense what stans are saying! post JYJ times??? What da hell are you talking about stans?! I never new we have post-JYJ times right now! o_____O
Then Unni also said “and how can you dislike someone you claim to support?“. RIGHT AGAIN! MAKES NO SENSE! *facepalm*
But this is standom logic. They can hate and ‘love’ and… do fortune telling all at the same time! And it`s still called -support-! OTL *fake impressed* the greatness ppl! See the greatness! [/fake end]
THEN I have to ask: What is pre-JYJ? Was there something like pre-JYJ days? Do they use this strange way of talking to avoid saying DBSK days? Before they were JYJ they were TVXQ. basically they are still TVXQ just not officially anymore (but in their hearts). The point is: JYJ is still the present case. There is no such thing as “pre-JYJ” or “post-JYJ”.
THE WEIRDNESS STANDOM! THE WEIRDNESS! Wae you spam my thoughts with your weirdness, eh? You try to make me dumber by day with your nonsense? OMG SUN! I cannot even!

*shakes head* standom and their JYJ stories… it`s always a new surprise when you listen to them!

Big Bang news!
➤ You want to help Big Bang break their own record? ^^ watch their MV on their YouTube channel!
Big Bang’s “Monster” MV expected to record over 25 million views on YouTube
It`s so awesome, it just HAS to break the Big Bang record! =D
➤ another contest? YG loves contests, huh? ^^
Big Bang talks about their new song “Monster” + new contest
Big Bang’s Daesung, “I’m grateful to be alive”
➤ Even the making film is soooo cool!
Big Bang releases making-of video for “Monster”

➤I wish I could leave a comment on the Monster MV…
Big Bang holds release event for ‘Still Alive – Special Edition’
…but since it`s blocked in Germany and I have to use YouTube unblock-program I can`t, because when I use this program my Youtube account is kinda OFF regarding comments >< FATE, WAE U NO STOP BEING SO CRUEL TO ME! *runs away crying* (damn blocked YouTube in Germany… grrrr…. ==”’ frustration to the max!)
➤ Big Bang are very popular in europe! Here we go with a proof of this again:
Big Bang’s “Monster” seizes the #1 slot on UK’s “Viral Video Chart”
MUAHAHA! Eat this, Coldplay! xD ㅋㅋㅋㅋ so cool.
➤ I`m starting to be a bit nervous…
Big Bang confirms Los Angeles and New York City as stops for ‘Alive Tour 2012′
Now the Us stops were confirmed! OMONA! Do you know what this means?! GAAIIIIISSSSSS!!! *imitating Emmy* NEXT IS ERUOPE! I wonder if we will be on the list! *halfway faints*
It would be so cool! I couldn`t see SuJu (and I`m still crying over it T^T) this year so I hope we can see Big Bang! LE ME IS PREPARED!
Big Bang lightstick: ✓ CHECK!
Big Bang bracelets: ✓ CHECK!
Big Bang liking in my heart: ✓ CHECK!
So could you pleae come to me boys? I wanto to go with soulmatesis, Patricia & Vicky to see you!
Big Bang’s ‘Still Alive’ leads the charts in physical sales
OTL I helped to keep it leading! *proud* Keywords are “Support the artist”.
➤ hey! =D Can`t believe this!
Big Bang’s “Bad Boy” featured on Swedish TV
that`s rare! I would love to hear a k-pop song on german tv too! well, only once I did. There was a report in the afternoon and suddenly there was a song of… I think 2NE1 playing. but just for some seconds.

➤ eh?! O: really??? *stares in disbelieve*
YG Entertainment opens its own eBay store
YG, I will have a look at it and I hope your prices are good OTL (or at least not higher than the ones of the other k-pop dealers)
*reads article till end* oh… you will put items to bid for? Okeh, so at least these prices will be too much for me ^^°°°

➤ The shirt! ^^d
HanGeng Yishion Endorsment
Teebox pic~ (well will see more if it in today`s GengNews!
➤ Nokia Lumia CF – behind the scenes

I still ove this CF but… Pepsi CF is still #1! ;D
➤ Yishion Teebox photoshoot
Geng so handsome! *.*
Geng is SuperHan! *.*
I totally was like Jiáyóu.
➤ More Teebox pics:
1 I like you Yishion! You shoot good pics of our Geng!, 2 … Geng, you cool being! & 3 ㅋㅋㅋ I love the shirt that says “#1 China”! SO SUITABLE FOR HIM!
➤ and now: the BOMB!
You knew that HanGeng is back to a BLOND HAIRSTYLE?!?
1 , 2 , new hair makes him look so much paler at first!➜ 34 , 5 the dress looks somehow a bit more complex than usual , Photobucket 6 , oh wow! Thsi one is perfect! *o* 7 ,
➤ We already have a FanArt?!?! O: *impressed*
FanArt: Han Geng’s new look and performance of “Clown’s Mask”
wow… o.o fandom 4ever way too fast! It´s like we just saw him with his new style minutes ago!
btw: “Clown`s Mask” is a song from his new album! =D He performed it today!
➤ All credit goes to!!

Blond Han Geng: My reaction
The first photo: (゜_゜) ?
Another photo: (⊙_⊙)
More photos: (⊙▂⊙) !
Tons of photos: ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ !!!!
A sea of blonde!Geng photos: (ノ゚Д゚)ノ彡┻━┻
Whenever a new photo appears: ;﹏; ♥

OMO! Admin, are you me?! This was exactly me too *faints*
➤ oO A poll was getting out of hand… errr.. WHAT DA HELL????
Exotics vs ELFs? What?
*nods at everything that was written* what da hell… you cannot compare EXO with Geng. And it`s true: Lots of ELF don`t even bother to keep up with what he`s doing & some ppl still hate him for… whatever reason. (they never liked him, because he left SM or whatever else)
Fanwar is nothing new, though. But this is too much. A lot of the kids these days tend to overreact in fandom. They need to grow up. We have kids who like to fight and it looks like in that case ELF declared war on Exotics… or Exotics declared war on ELF? And what`s with GengFans then? I can only say: SPARE ME! I`m not going to fanwar with some kids.
ts, ts. Kids, wae u no find other problems to create/solve or get some hobbies or learn how to properly be a good fan?? Wouldn`t that be something?!
This was some kind of popularity voting, right? Well, Fanbase didn`t even payed attention to it because it was a voting for the song HanGeng and Jane Zhang sang together. It wasn`t even their MV. They just sang together. It was only a “Geng MV” and that in → ” because it was the first vid to a song in a long time for us GengFan. Basically no need to fanwar but oh well, everytime a voting comes out there are the fanwar ppl, the butthurts and the ones who are sane. It`s always the same and it`s actually almost funny how kids can get so aggressive because of this… It´s not always one fandom against the other. Kids need a hobby. Definitely.
➤ Back to blond Geng… *__________*
Closer pic
*o* I`m somehow… fascinated by his blond hair. Reminds me of… yeah, you know what era! OTL!!!!!
ah, hope his hair can take it to be dyed again by now. Well, he had some hair problems a while ago. I mean, not that I will fall off >< would be too bad. (because HanGeng dosen`t really have too much hair just to begin with. compared to others he has relatively thin hair in sense of not much…. uhm, yeah, you know what I mean so I will stop my pointless explaining xD ).
➤ A bit off topic but… pocketostars admin`s funny life… uhm… fails? xD
Tumblr, WEIBO, Porn xDDD

JYJ news!
➤ oh please do so Chunnie! When you thinks you found the right woman then do so!
JYJ’s Yoochun wants to go public with his next relationship
*cough* but beware of some cray stans ><
➤ Junsu, we are proud!
JYJ’s Junsu happy to appear on TV for Musical Awards
➤ Proud for the second!
[News] 120605 JYJ’s Kim Jun Su receives the Popularity Award for three consecutive years
but the funny thing is: Junsu and Geng have the same hair color now! xD AAAAH! I still cannot even! *haha* so cool!
➤ Chunnie for… world domination? xD
[Trans] 120604 Park Yoochun, Success In Drama Causes His “Net Worth” To Soar… Even The Advertising Industry Has Caught The “Yoochun Fever”?
JYJ’s latest ‘Penzal Q’ CF released
Such CFs… although they are on stage like they are supposed to be ^^ but it still looks like… I watch performance in a theater. But whatever. I`m happy that they can do such jobs. would be sad if no one would pay attention to them.
[News] 120606 JYJ’s Yoochun voted as the upperclassman most wanted by female college students
Lee Minho always in the lists ^^d oh well, who dosen`t like him? I prefer others but I cannot say that I dosen`t like him.
➤ JJ working hard!
[News] 120606 JYJ’s Jaejoong receives makeup even in his sleep
ah! even in his sleep?! what a tough schedule! JJ fighting!
JYJ’s Junsu (XIA) to release a dance-version MV for “TARANTALLEGRA”
Dance version you say? =D I like dance versions! and it sounds interesting. I´m curious! Hurry up cjes!

SuJu news!
➤ Oh well, no one needs to be shocked now. they are BOYS after all.
Super Junior’s Leeteuk reveals the members have gotten into fist fights
➤ quote: “For the August 25th performance at the 50,000 seat Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo, TVXQ and Super Junior will be performing.”
➤ ELFi quote: “what an nice comparison about SJ’s popularity: they had 2 concerts with 110.000 fans in Tokyo while Lady Gaga hab 3 with only 60.000 fans”
I always said: what is Lady Gaga? Lady Hee Hee`s group rocks! ^.^d
➤ And I thought we are “over and done with” with WGM? o.O I don`t understand.
MBC to resume airing ‘We Got Married’
Well okay, so KangSora will be back? no problem with that. I think they are cute.

➤ Keyword is “warzone” in that article!
SM, JYP, and YG to compete with girl group comebacks of June
But “Like This” is really a good song! I like it.

➤ So I didn`t miss it so far? Good!
SS501′s Kim Hyun Joong to release second Japanese single, ‘HEAT’

➤ Brother was togehter with Junsu again lately! aah, it has been really a long time!
[Pic+Trans] 120605 Junho twitter update

TVXQ news!
[Vid] Yunho on KBS’s Win Win (Unsubbed)
Yunho & Boa so cute! ^^ they are so perfect together.
and hearing Leader씨 talk… I could hear him talk 4ever. 17 minutes are not enough!
Yunho, Lee YeinHee and Go Ara reveal BoA`s drinking habits
➤ *haha* xD BOA! ㅋㅋㅋ how sly!
[News] 120606 BoA asks TVXQ’s Yunho to buy her a house as her wedding gift
[News] 120606 TVXQ’s Yunho: “BoA is a lovely friend so ask her out”
Best comment: “”ask her out!! Yunho, you ask her out!!” OTL OTL! I cannot even! This is true! Leader씨 I won`t say something but… YOU ASK HER OUT!
Yunho & Boa would be such a cute pair! Photobucket

➤ While we were talking about the new Wonder Girls song…
Wonder Girls’ “Like This” doing well on the charts

➤ Sounds… worse. Kangta, really!
Kangta worries he’ll end up unmarried like Shin Seung Hoon
well then, I still say “marry victoria”. ^^ she`s his #1 fangirl.

➤ OH! It was today?!
Fans celebrate SS501′s 7th anniversary
ppl, don`t worry. Our SS501 time will come. They will return one day. we just need to wait.
As Cassiopeia I`m used to waiting a lot so it dosen`t matter to wait for someone else too. SS501 are an amazing band. It`s worth the waiting.

aaah, finally done with the news! It`s time to check my tl a bit. well, at least the mentions. Besides he Geng spam I didn`t see much of my tl today xD
ooh, hair! I still can`t believe it!

yeah, now it`s 11:00pm and… I was sooooo slow writing the blog today! I guess I wanted to sleep but couldn`t. well, I will do so now!

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