More of blond HanGeng! aka the (mostly) Geng spam entry ^^°

안녕 여러분! v^^.

Yeah, I`m already back! News keep coming in and among them especially pictures of HanGeng Photobucket *faints*
So I decided to do a little “more like only-Geng” post today, going along with some other news & the couple series ^^ ah, due to the 34853904859034 words long entries (because of too many news) the couple series went on hiatus because the entires already were too long.
With all the stuff nobody can pay attention to the different points in the entries so… yeah.

So let`s start with the GengNews!
➤ Isn`t this pretty? ;﹏; ♥
1 , 2 , 3 OMO! This looks so… so… godly with the light and the pose and all! *.* & 4 My adorable squishy!
Blond Geng, ladies. There we go!
I mean: yes, it`s true. It`s been a long time since we saw blond Geng and he totally catched us off-guard but still! This style somehow works well on him, don`t ya think?!
➤ Yishion Teebox pic!
➤ Blond HanGeng in the news clip!
(((o(≧∇≦)o))) My adorable squishy, jiáyóu! 韩庚 加油!!! *fangirls*
➤ HanGeng at Nokia Conference Photobucket
1 (HanGeng in white-white) *o* white dress… super blond hair… ;﹏; ♥ I cannot even! , 2 :3 GengFans Photobucket ,
Photobucket somehow I really like white-white… somehow looks… angelic to me! ,
3 , black & white~~ 4 , ^____^ 너무 반짝~~(✿◠‿◠) 5 HanGeng practically shines in the middle! & 6 with that style there`s no way you could miss seeing him! White-white Geng shines over everything :3

the other news!

Big Bang news!
➤ “Monster” keeps rocking everything on it`s way OTL
Big Bang’s “Monster” sets a record on Chinese video-sharing site

➤ ooooh! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) *fangirls* how cute! love confession!
YG Entertainment responds to Ji Hyun Woo’s love confession to Yoo In Na
this is somehow funny! xD YG, WTH! They came out and practically said: “We have nothing to say about this. *go back into their office/leave again*” okeh, YG, okeh~~
But I think it`s cute! This was a love confession! Sure, it maybe caught Yoo InNa off-guard. but… WHAT DA–! He will join the army soon?! okay, this changes the situation a bit. So he maybe thought it`s better to say it now than later. Better find out what the woman he likes thinks then before he goes to the army for 2 years and he never finds out if she maybe likes him too.
aaah, I love lovestories!

JYJ news!
➤ Junsu goes from one drama to another
JYJ’s Junsu shows support for Jaejoong’s drama ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’
First he watched Rooftop Prince, now he can watch Dr. Jin. ^^
➤ This looks so… weird xD Tradition crashing into modern world!
Officer Kim Jae Joong of ‘Dr. Jin’ Gets Some Shades

➤ The song is good and Japan seems to love it!
2PM’s “Beautiful” surpasses 100,000 sales + growing popularity in Japan

SuJu news!
➤ aaah! see who whe have here! Our “always lost” Kibumie!
Super Junior’s Kim Kibum discusses his love for acting in CeCi interview
We don`t hear too much about him, but I´m glad that he has fun acting. In the end it`s the thing he always wanted to do. Same as Geng. (off topic: Geng was confirmed for another movie btw. I think we will hear about it sometime soon).
➤ I cannot say that I would disapprove!
Super Junior’s Sungmin toys with the idea of going blonde
My best friend always says it looks “wrong” when asians go blonde. But some of them can really pull it off and in that case I wouldn`t disapprove of blonde Minnie!

And now, after a really long time (at least for my standards ^^): THE COUPLE SERIES!

“EunHae of the day”:
EunHae sameness ^____^ (and somehow this fits perfectly in all the blond hair talk *cough* Hyukjae!)

“SiHan of the day”:
careful/caring SiHan are here! Photobucket
I just love my squishies! I just have to love them! Photobucket

☆✭☆[b-day wishes/so true] today: #Gengrikuaile!☆✭☆
“who…” – a list that`s so true for HanGeng`s b-day 2012 ^^

okay, I`m done with my entry. And the entry didn`t even reach his 1000 words mark. 1000 is my personal minimum. okeh, so I failed. oh well. Instead of reaching my mark I posted HanGeng news spam!
I hope emmy pays more attention to it xD She said she hasn`t seen any pic of him in ages.
@Emmy: YAH! You even read my blog here? xD I spam and spam and spam about him all the time!

Then: I contacted the aniamls shelter to come to find out if they have mice right now or not. They had way back then but before I drive there for nothing I wanted to ask first. I`m waiting for their answer. Of course, it`s weekend now and no one works at the shelter`s office.
I`m curious what they will say!

hm. it`s dinner time now but I´m so not hungry so I will continue working on my k-pop fangirl wall =D

bye then~~
p.s.: Today is also YunJae anniversary & YunJae was trending multiple times on twitter …. I missed all the trends! *facepalm* le me only saw the screencaps. Twitter hated me today #justsaying

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