It`s…. HANGENG TIME! =D & Junsu released dance version of “Tarantallegra”!

안녕! =D

You know what time it is?! Photobucket


Uri squishy, our HanGeng, released a teaser for his new MV! and it`s just… “§()$%JSKDFNKAJT”§/%)JK!!!!!!! HNNNNGH!!!! HANGENG! I CANNOT EVEN! #LikeABoss!


And a bit of “300” ^^ OMO! So he really learned to ride a horse since “The First President”? o.o I`m impressed! Photobucket

I so CANNOT WAIT for his second album to be released! *runs around in circles* I`m so excited, it`s like isomnia. I think about it half of the day… since almost a year now. GengFans around the world are running in circles xD for realz! I already read that a couple of times. I`m so curious! Geng worked on it for so long now. I think it will be just cool!

The full version of the MV will be released on June the 19th!
The new albu will be released July the 29th!
Photobucket WAAAAAH!!!! I`M SO EXCITED!!!!
Let the countdown begin!
➤ First thoughts about the new concept of HanGeng:
Musings of a Graphic Designer: Han Geng 2nd Album Preview
some ppl on YouTube were coming up with another “OMG! this has secret SM meaning behind it because … *starts talking about pain & SM & lawsuit matters bla bla*”.
And I was simply thinking: “OH PLEASE! I bet he choosed this concept because he just likes it.”
Yeah, it`s simply the kind of person HanGeng is. He`s doing things because he likes to do it just like he buys the things he likes if it`s possible for him.
And other ppl seem to think so too. *looks at these first thoughts about the concept and nods*
(off topic: btw… the horse is so cute (^ㅅ^) aw! cute, dark horse!)
The other GengNews now!
➤ All k-pop was writing about Geng!
Hangeng releases second album MV teaser
Ha! C-Pop artist on ALLKPOP! OTL Geng, you can do just everything! Too awesome!
➤ [Fancam] HanGeng’s dance moves
➤ even moooore blond Geng pics!
1 , aw, you adorable squishy you! 2 never stop laughing like that! , 3 , 4 ,
My squishyyyyyy! Photobucket Why so cute? Photobucket
Photobucket *love* so happy ^______^ Makes me happy too.

➤ Yesterday I saw a spot for Nokia Lumia on german tv. well, without HanGeng (sadly). *haha* but I squeeked nonetheless because I had the chinese Lumia spot in my mind ^______^
Nokia Lumia
behind the camera~
– I wonder… SoldierGeng for Nokia?? It`s so suitable because he`s our ‘soldier’ since alonger time, but I wonder nonetheless ^^ I want to see more of Nokia endorsment!
– but I loke the striped shirt better thant he soldier outfit! :3 pic set: Nokia

– At Nokia Conference: Geng white-white

We also had some other news~~

➤ Relax Heenim Oppa! Relax well!
Super Junior’s Heechul relaxes with a steamy bath
Wow… this bath looks cool! I want to play with soulmatesis in there! =D
➤ eeh, really?
Super Junior’s Kangin to make his comeback through the musical “Goong”?
Well, whatever. He`s back! =D that`s all that counts!
➤ Wow! Donghae you look good!
Super Junior’s Donghae becomes a handsome patissier for ‘Miss Panda and Porcupine’
Donghae dressed like this: I approve! ^^ Looks really good on him.

➤ They call it love saga?? =D *squee* I LOOOOOOVE! =D
Yoo In Na was filming for ‘We Got Married’ before the strike, current status ‘pending’
➤ He`s really brave huh…? ^^
Ji Hyun Woo speaks out on his confession to Yoo In Na

JYJ news!
➤ Junsu released dance version for “Tarantallegra”!
Photobucket SOOOOO COOL! Awesome! I absolutely love it! especially Junsu with longer blonde hair.
Lately everyone goes blonde now ^^ ah, but I like!
➤ Roofrop Prince so successful!
77 million people watched “Rooftop Prince” in China

[Vid] 120609 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2012 ~TONE~
Dammit >< I need the live DVD. I was totally fangirling while watching the vid! HoMin so great!
➤ Sis posted a cassie balloon on her blog ^^
Taiwan Balloon
xDDD the DRAWINGS ON IT! I CANNOT EVEN! LE EPICNESS!!!! HAHA! I want to have such a balloon! someone gimme please~

➤ haha! xD Hyun Joong, you almost killed your fans!
Kim Hyun Joong reveals his muscular build during Shanghai concert

➤ German asian charts, …
U-KISS’s “Dora Dora” claims #1 spot on German Youtube’s Asian Music Chart
…wae you always rank the “small” bands in k-pop that high/on #1? Does this show the age of the k-pop fans here around? I don`t even know. But oh well, U-Kiss song was ok. But totally not better than “Fantastic Baby”, if you ask me. (*talks to herself* shut up babo, Kiss Me`s will come to haunt you.)

uhm.. what else after all that and all these HanGeng news today? I think Geng and I should go horseback riding now Photobucket ㅋㅋㅋ (oh yes, because I can do this! #justsaying)

bye readers! I go to bed! #JustAQuickNewsSpamPost

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