Never ending HanGeng story (❤◠‿◠) , where standom goes with their actions & Disney guy stole Sorry Sorry? D:

안녕 다들! v^^. 잘지내죠?

Admin Sangmi is back and… I`m still running around in circles because of HanGeng! ^^
Tonight I even had a dream where a gundam appeard! DAMN! GENG! Stop influencing my dreams that way! Photobucket

Oh well, while we are talking about Geng: It`s a never ending story lately! I mean, so short before his second album will be released GengNews are coming like craaaazy!
– I listen to his new song half of the day (the other half of the day I listen to “Android” xD )
– I run around in circles because of the second album like a mad woman (yeah. still >< )
– I have news!

➤ GengFans way of thinking after seeing this pic→ “He`s a Gundam/Gundam pilot” xD
Nokia Lumia Pic
➤ Just our blond Geng
➤ for those who wondered about the couple-like scenery: []’s “Things About Youth”
Well, it looked like an outdoor interview to me at first but… we will know what exactly it was when it was aired.
My personal comment: Geng, you are invited to go on a picknick with me #justsaying Photobucket
– More of Qiy: flowerboy ^^
The flowers are very pretty! Somehow cute how he`s holding them ( ˆ ω ˆ ) , 2, second flower pic oh! looks like they are in some kind of vase?! & 3 ,
➤ (120608) Meng Niu Music Billboards recording: 1 & 2
➤ Kuang Cao promo teaser for Mtv:
*__* I believe this will be sooooo cool! Just like japanese staff said!
➤ Kuang Cao GIFs of my fav SiHan blog`s admin: Geng. His Logo. The horsey. ^_____^
Geng, the Gundam?
➤ “狂草” has a more complicated meaning: ‘ Can you explain what mean “狂草” ‘
Oooh, so it`s a form of writing. And also, another admin said “wirld cursive” is the best everyone could do to translate it into english. There is no better meaning in english.
And once again: uwaaah! *___* This is somehow such a good title! Not just some name, it has a deeper meaning.
Kuang Cao promo pics
*__* I`m so curious what the album itself will look like!
➤ xD what?
Poor Geng has no car?
haha! so funny! Oh, please spazz on with everything around you HanGeng. I approve!
➤ Still:
TQ endorsment: The TQ pad
➤ (120615) 《光荣绽放》 Recording: 1, 2 , oh yeah baby! *LOLs about herself* 3, o: the chair color and his jacket are perfect match! 4 , ^__^ 5 , haha! Geng! your expression! 6 so cute! , ^_____^ 7 cutie! , HanGeng through the years 8 , cute! 9 , 10 &
(((o(≧∇≦)o))) MY SQUISHY! Photobucket forever amazingly-epic-cool!

I can only say I approve this never ending HanGeng story on my tl lately! And on my fav SiHan blog and on ELF sites and on YouTube and in my head and in my dreams….
Photobucket GengFan side inside of me totally has the upper hand these days!
I barely manage to think about something else. My thoughts running around in circles and in the middle of this circes there`s HanGeng and what he`s doing. LOL
I`m so pitiful, aren`t I? fangirl mind cannot go out of fangirl mode anymore. (^◇^)
*giggles* I really have to behave not to shout “Kuang Cao” half of the day! *haha* my mom wouldn`t approve!

I will SO celebrate it when I will order Geng`s second album. And I will even more celebrate it when I will unpack it one day…
Also, asap I want to order Geng Xin concert DVD!

other news:

SuJu news!
➤ That`s interesting!
Super Junior’s Leeteuk reveals a physical secret on ‘Strong Heart’
The horse crazy me thought: oh, it`s somehow like arabian horses: they have 2 vertebras less than other breeds and are totally amazing ^^ #OffTopicCommentThinking
But it`s somehow funny how Teukie has one less and the woman one more.
➤ no joke, there is such a museum in Seoul. My friend Jing Yee was there!
TVXQ, Super Junior, B2ST, 2PM, & more to be featured in ’2012 K-pop Star Entertain Art Show’
I mean, with pictures like that OTL
+ I at first thought that this will be a museum where they put in drawings of idols like Yunho`s Rhino! Photobucket
➤ [SPAZZ] What if…?
What if Siwon became the new Leader of SuJu?
haha! xD oh so true! This would be Shisus Juniors for realz! *haha* oh well, good luck with Heenim then, Siwon! ^^°°°
But seriously, our Pastor is the only person besides Brian who could make me go ti church ever again.
Siwon & his (drama) wife ^^ they are cute!
➤ =_=”’ SM is just forever shameless, we know! I only say: they showed JJ`s pic and name in their promo video!
This is why SM tagged Han Geng in all SJ videos…

➤ A fangirls small joys! Photobucket
HoMin glitter???? OMG SUN! ME WANTS TOO! ㅠ~ㅠ

HoMin news!
TVXQ’s “Android” preview and album jackets released
I already ordered my copy, what abotu you?

Big Bang news!
➤ *waiting for Germany to be confirmed as european tour stop*
Big Bang confirms New York date and venue for ALIVE Tour 2012
I wonder if they will come here, really, I wonder… °.°
[activating daydream mode~] and when they come hear and I (in case a mirical comes) have vacation or the date is good we would aaaall get tickets in the same section, and I would love to go to Soulmatesis & travel with her and her mom to… wherever we have to go to see Big Bang~ And we would meet up with Vicky & Patricia at the venue to go to our places together and then we would fangirl together, maybe earning some amused glances of Cynthias mom! xD And it would be awesome and cool & we would go home like some happy idiots ^_____^ [/end of daydream]
➤ Such a good thing to do!
Big Bang to donate to UNICEF through the ‘Alive Tour 2012′
As a GengFan I always appreciate charity and… AllKPop, I just tell you: We don`t need a reason to attend Big Bang concerts. They themselves would be already enough motivation for us to come! 😉
➤ ㅋㅋㅋ oooh yeah, and my copies count into this too!
Big Bang dominates first half of 2012, expected to surpass half-million mark in album sales
HECK YES! The albums are soooo awesome! They just HAVE to lead the sales & the songs just HAVE to be ranked high on the charts! Big Bang deserve it! They work so hard!
And I also thought this:
Article quote: “Super Junior will be releasing an album around July,” the rep continued. “It looks like the two groups will be battling it out for most album sales this year.”

Hyun Joong news!
➤ Hyun Joong 4ever hard working!
Kim Hyun Joong determined to reveal new image through ‘City Conquest’
^^°°° eh hehe… *embarrassed laugh* Hyun Joong`s cleaning lady, wth ^^°°°° … Just because he`s outside of korea dosen`t mean he`s not working. Cleaning lady EVER heard of a k-pop artist & actor having so much and long vacation?
And: The drama series sounds interesting. Please go on Hyun Joong! hwaiting!
➤ aah~, yes, finally! ^^
Kim Hyun Joong releases MV for “Heat”
It`s a good song! Cool rock song! And to me it sounds like it could be a theme song of an anime series! Photobucket
comment on AllKPop: “The most handsome Rock Star.” haha! So true!

O: …. *is horrified* HOW DARE THEY!??? NUUUUUUUU! NOT SORRY SORRY! D:<<<
Disney Latin American show “Violetta” plagiarizes Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”?
Photobucket IIIIIII cannot even!
This video on YouTube contains both songs. I don`t understand spanish or whatever it is but OMONA! It`s the same at the beginning! It`s again like the ppl who stole SHINee`s “Ready Or Not”!
– here`s the full song from Latin american guy.
– here`s sorry sorry to compare:
OMO! THE ARE JUST TOO HOT! (¯﹃¯)I CANNOT EVEN! … … … … …. …. … uhm… but that`s not the point! *slaps herself to come back from fangirling over Sorry Sorry/to come back to sense*. That latin american guy totally stole the beats! O: ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ and he looks like the high school musical kid!
I highly disapprove that Disney is taking advantage of Sorry Sorry like this! I mean: of course k-pop community would find out. Fans are millions over millions and we are in eeeevery, really every, place on earth. I guess there is no land without k-pop fans.
But how could they lay their hands on Sorry Sorry! ㅠ﹏ㅠ WAAAAEEE??? Wae Sorry Sorry??? It`s the holy grail! I cry sapphire blue tears.
*runs away crying* Photobucket

okay, what else news do we have after these bad ones:

JYJ news!
➤ OMG! really?!
TiO crowned the World’s Best Tea
Now I REALLY want to try Tio ice tea!
➤ …and so our boys are working for a south korean economy OTL
Japanese fans attending JYJ fan meeting, 10 billion Won economic effect
➤ LOL! this was so “WTF JJ!? xD”
[News] 120615 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong threatens Park Yoo Chun with a sword?
*haha* this is so funny xD
➤ Blue hair is irritating me a bit on Junsu but he`s so cute! Photobucket
[Pic] XIA 1st Asia Tour Concert in Jakarta, Indonesia: Press Conference Photos
➤ Wae are they so cute? ^3^
JYJ Members Exchange Lovey-Dovey Texts
Our boys have a serious bromance going on! =D awwww! Photobucket
➤ ah! The pics of SYC are on!
[Pic] 120616 XIA 1st Asia Tour Concert In Jakarta
AH! there`s the little dolphin plushie!
It`s because SYC admin was at the Junsu concert in Jakarta today & she tweeted pics & comments during the concert. She said Junsu threw the dolohin… hm. Threw it… to where? the audiences? Behind the stage? xD
Well, it dosen`t matter.
What is more important and really funny was the folloging: Junsu granted the fans 3 wishes: Acting cute, sexy and… … … saying BAMBABYA! Photobucket
I laughed! I laughed out loud! Cassiopeia`s wishes are forever the same! *hahaha*

and talking about small dolphins & small plushies in general: On my bedside lamp I positioned my little bambi plushie & my little dolphin plushie! =D It`s MinSu around my bedside lamp! OTL

➤ oO *blinks* they do?
Avex to Hold Los Angeles Auditions

➤ Jay, wth? xD
Jay Park shares polaroids for Kiss Day
He`s so crazy-cute! ^^

➤ YG and their casting show girlband:
YG Entertainment plans to debut SuPearls in September at the latest
I`m a bit curious what they will sound like. Not that I would want to be their fan. It´s only that YG sounds so confident & all like… fast and furious regarding their debut! ^^

➤ bad Shinhwa members want to trick their leader! ^^
Shinhwa to put on a hidden camera show against Eric on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’/a>
*laughs* they are so funny! Dorks! ^^ and: poor Eric. Always “abusing” their leader. ts ts Photobucket

➤ This is emmy`s version of “what fangirls do” ;D
Confessions of a Cassiopeia #44
But this is how Cassiopeia feels. My ELFi once said it “Cassies are married to all members” (with the context that this meakes her the sister in law with everyone because ELF & Cassiopeia are sistersPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket awww! Isn`t my ELFi just the best?!!!!! YAH! Everyone! You have to appreciate her!)

and now

the best






aka Standom reporting all YunJae fans & all Cassies who even have the slightest thing to do with YunJae shipping.

➤ This post is basically about a serious matter that was going on/taking place this week. And it was also the reason wae kCassies apologized to iCassies on the stans` behalf.
(although it`s sad that always the ones who are not at fault need to apologize for the stupid ppl … in our case: the back sheeps around our fandom…Photobucket ).
It`s funny, but wae? Maybe some of you cannot see the fun in this. Oh well, it cannot be seen without research of what happened AFTER they started to report Cassies like crazy.
But I`m happy that I can show you!
All thanks to a good OT5 fan I can show you. It`s my cassie mom`s little sister =D
This is Mon`s very accurate post about the whole situation and the ppl behind it: Who`s reporting Cassies ?
LOL the 1.! quote: “(…) …and so far they will keep doing til the accounts get suspended (which means forever because according to twitter, twitter cant suspended an account only for revenge or fake stuff instead they suspended those accounts reporting ).”
LOL the 2.! quote: “The next is a list of accounts that were reported PLEASE PAY ATTENTION: YOUR ACCOUNT WONT BE DELETED DONT WORRY ABOUT IT (kekeke instead many stans are being suspended for spamming the @spam mentions XD)”
LOL the 3.! quote: “How long this will continue? in their own words: til those account are suspended (which is not going to happen)”
EPIC! Photobucket standom reporting ppl and get suspended themselves! HAHAHAHAHA! xD WORLD, HEAR ME LAUGH! Isn`t this just too ridiculous to be true!? LOL but it`s true! Once again: Infinite stupiditiy➜ standom makes it possible!
I CANNTO EVEN! *laughs herself away* and apparently they will go on 4ever? They really have no life! How can they spend so much time and (*cough* useless *cough*) effort on such a thing? Nothing is goint to happen! But it`s okay. This way slowly standom will block all their accounts by themselves. This pretty much means that standom will erase themselves from the scene with actions like that.
I already told you right from the start: Standom will destroy itself all by itself.
xD only to think about that they get suspended themselves by their own stupid actions! SO FUNNY! I would almost call this v-day! #trollolol

How laughable!
Standom is really so unbelievable! And we always have the feeling their stupidity is contagious so you all better go and get your injection against it or you will get sick only by reading this, not to speak of reading stans talk to each other (which sometimes happens when someone retweets some super stupid convos into your twitter timeline).
I will say another thing again too: STANDOM IS NOT CASSIOPEIA but they are great at making Cassiopeia laugh while trying to creating trouble.

Another thing that I always said is: I understand standom a little bit. Just a tiny bit for being against SOME FEW YunJae shippers. Even I am against ppl who lost their mind and think JJ & Yunho are already married or so.
I mean there`s a difference between spazz & losing your mind by thinking it`s all like it would be officially confirmed.
I personally am a big YunJae fan! I believe in YunJae to 100%. To 100% as a really, really affectionate bromance couple. Because as long as they don`t come out officially with a statement like “yes, we are togehter! Deal with us.” I won`t go around and officially label them as gay. A fangirl needs to know her borderlines.
So I can understand ppl who are not fine with a extreme way of thinking of a little number of YunJae fans. But it`s a fact that the most YunJae shippers are only spazzing fangirls who enjoy themselves & YunJae the way they are. So I ABSOLUTELY DON`T GET STANDOM who`s making such a great issue out of this shipping.

AND ON TOP OF ALL IS STANDOM SUPER ILLOGICAL. They always judge YunJae shippers but many of them ship JaeChun. YunJae is not okay in their eyes. Wae? Because it`s an OT5 thing. And everything regarding OT5 is the greatest threat on earth in their eyes. Photobucket
This displays the current way of thinking in standom very well.
The other standom, HoMin standom, is the same: They ship HoMin, that`s okay. But not YunJae. What does this tell us about them?


I`m sorry, I couldn`t help myself and talk about this again. I already did on twitter but it`s just too ridiculous. Some things have to be trolled twice xD (or for all eternity ㅋㅋㅋ)

oh! entry is already that long again?! When did it grow that long? ^^°

Well, I wanted to talk the latest news about my mice!
i have 4 little boys now. Okay, they aren`t babies anymore but still young. I`m not exactly sure how old they are but I guess they are something between 5 – 7 weeks.
I have two brown colored boys who weight 29 gram.
I have two white boys (albinos) who weight 24 & 25 gram.
I also talked to the vet and she thinks we can manage it that this time all the boys will survive their surgery. *sighs* I hope so!
But there is still the possibility that they don`t survive. *sighs* I wish for my boys that all goes well. I almost don`t dare to love them because they could be taken away soon but… ah, they are so cute! ^3^ How not to love them?
I`m worried about them but I have some hopes. =)

Let`s hope the best! For now I have to name them. I will think about names for them tomorrow. since it`s a bit late now ^^°°°
I could have posted this entry hoooooours ago but I was watching tv with mom. we are at our second movie right now!

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