Pretty much nothing else than Geng today aka HanGeng released “Kuang Cao” MV!!! (+ a short k-dream & WTFery on wordpress -.-”)

안녕! v^^.

Yesterday it finally happened: Geng released his new MV for “Kuang Cao”! SO COOL! Just like a movie! I watched it on YouKu! ^^ I thought: wae? Wae should I watch it on YouTube? I go search for it on chinese YouTube (which is YouKu) because it feel more right to celebrate it that way =D
Oh yes, my weird ways of thinking. I know, I know.

Someone said the MV is based on an ancient egyptian legens. *shrugs* would make sense for the content of the MV but to cut a long story short, THERE YOU GO!

THIS IS JUST KSJF)§”$(SJAKFD! AWESOME! Pretty cool! Photobucket
*cough* SM, as you see, this is no outdoor MV either but still better than your usual box-MVs. *cough* What I want to say: SM is lacking creativity a bit. And I don`t even have to start again with the topic that they use some boxes twice, do I?
But talking about outdoor MV: “Say No” was an epic outdoor MV!
HanGeng looks just awesome in this! I really love all this warrior clothing stuff. I really love such traditional/historical stuff!
My other thoughts are 4ever mine! Photobucket *giggles*
I dunno what my soulmate will think about this MV. Guess it`s not her style. But she`s no GengFan so it`s okay. It`s enough for that she said the song rocks! ^^d
btw: for those who are interested, THIS is the MV with english subs! I like the lyrics!

➤ All K-Pop was writing about Kuang Cao too!
Hangeng releases “Wild Cursive” MV
To all the ppl who said the MV is bad: ARE YOU BLIND? is there something more hot than HanGeng in warrior outfits?!!!!??????? Photobucket I guess not!
+ those ppl who criticized the MV should know the content to it & look at the lyrics` trans. Yes, I kinda judge you xD *haha* Only dedicated ELF & GengFans understand!
I think the concept is good! Before we had AngelGeng, now we have NinjaGeng.
Everyone, ACCEPT HIM! ( ˆ ω ˆ )

➤ Talking about Kuang Cao, there was also a publicity video/music billboard charts promo for Kuang Cao:
*.* he looks also so cool there! White-white! HanGeng so awesome! #4everrepeatingmyself The way he moves… the way he talkes… *o* it`s magic to GengFans!
+ The admin of my SiHan bloggie made nice GIFs from this vid!

Well now, what else happened with and around HanGeng lately?

The day before the MV release we had a WEIBO update!
(120615) HanGeng WEIBO update

We had a cute FanArt before the PressCon
Best wishes for the PressCon

The Geng Xin world tour press conference yesterday then was where he released his new MV officially and in front of the Press and GengFans.
– Here`s a FANCAM of the PressCon (how well it loads depends on YouKu)
– [PressCon PICS] : Banner at the PressCon (⊙.⊙) HOLY! That`s hot! , 2 , HE`S A NINJA! OTL→ 3 best comment of PoketOStars admin: “I’m pretty sure the press conference was for Han Geng to reveal his true identity as the dark ninja of Heilongjiang.” *nods* mh-hm, DAMN RIGHT! I believe that too! ;D , ❤→ 4 ,
gigant signed Geng Xin tour ticket ^^ I want it!
Another pic with the signed ticket , HanGeng with signed ticket & his banner + The dress he wore in the MV *。*, his awesome boots & the oversized ticket!!
THE OTHER PICS of the PressCon:
ㅋㅋ one of the mic thingies says “le tv” LOL like Emmy and I say “le me” or so→ 5 ,
6 , 7 backstage at PressCon?? idek! Guess so. , 8 first pic is cute! ^^ , OH YES! Please everyone take note of Geng`s awesome boots!→ 9 I LOOOOOVE THEM! HanGeng`s style is too awesome! , 10 , Never stop laughing like that→ 11 , 12 , =D I want that banner/flag! You guys gimme please! =D → 13 *imagines the flag in her high wall … ^_____^ coo ~l!* … and… Geng is like a Ninja warlord! , they were definitely having fun! → 14 , 15 , *O* another banner at the PressCon→ 16 O: *jaw drops* THIS IS EVEN BETTER THAN THE WARRIOR OUTFIT FOR THAT ONLINE GAME! *____* OMO *has no words* , 17 , *____* 18 , I wonder what they were presenting… dosen`t looks like it was Kuang Cao album… o.o → 19 , *sighs* to see him like that is the best! → 20 , *_* → 21 … I could stare at NinjaGeng 4ever! , I know, I said this sooo often already but… but… HE`S SUCH A CUTIE! → 22 , *is about to faint* he`s like a statue! seriously, no joke! → 23 ,
(((o(≧∇≦)o))) This is just cute! He`s forever one of the most adorable persons on the planet!

Geng at CCtv!
I know, I`m #4everrepeatingmyself but… CUTIE! ❤。◕‿◕。❤

[Filming for iQiyi] HanGeng & Zhu Dan ^^
1 , 2 , just HanGeng: aw! 3 & another episode of GengFans` sameness-thoughts: The comment of the admin to that pictures… I was thinking exactly this while staring at this inappropriate placed speech bubble in some state of light shock. See it for yourself! No comment! *waves around with arms wildly*→→→ why…? uhm… yeah. the picture is really nice, I basically love it, but the speech bubble!!! щ(゚Д゚щ) waaaeee??? Who did this? Wae there??? Don`t you ppl have eyes? I wonder (゜_゜) *is speechless*

xD well this was funny! because this is also fromt he category of “GengFans` sameness-thoughts”:
That outfit… (゜-゜) I… that`s… I…. hm. *is speechless again*
Second thought: “As long as HanGeng donsen`t wears such a ‘thing’ eeeverything is fine!”
and now look at the comments of the GengFans on tumblr xD *haha* it`s too funny!
And that one person is right too, I quote:I think they are strategically placed flower leafs…..but..they do draw the eye. It drags you there against your will. lol
Photobucket OMG SUN! THAT’S RIGHT! AAAH, BUT MY POOR EYES! CANNOT BE UNSEEN! CANNOT BE UNSEEN! D:<<< (so… horrible! yah! You guy! Please go change you clothes! This is really no good! D:<< – and please fire your stylist! OTL!!!!!)
But HanGeng looks absolutely perfect! b^^d but that other outfit… oh-oh… Photobucket

We think HanGeng is filming a new MV! If it`s a collaboration or already a new one for himself, nobody knows! Could also just be some sort of short film. Nothing confirmed yet! but for now we believe it`s a MV!
HanGeng on set?
*stares curiously* White looks extremely good on him!

Is that Jason a guy from another band? I´m not really familiar with chinese idols. FanFan and Geng are pretty much the only ones I know ^^° (ok, you can count Taiwan`s Fahrenheit in as well!)
(120619) GEng with JL’s Jason

Ok, they both look good but…
…who`s that woman?
Are they in a school? looks like english lesson on the board behind them. ^^

[More PICS]《光荣绽放》recording (120615):
My squishy~❤ Photobucket
and I stick with it! HanGeng with his jacket is perfect match with this chair! Couldn`t be any more perfect! All in all: So pretty! *__* I love his style!
1 lol! funny! When will this be aired?! , 2 , 3 & 4

More pics of Geng on the old bike ^____^
God bless HanGeng!
He`s so funny-cute! I approve! Love him!

and last but not least: I have something to say about ppl on YouTube who commenting under HanGeng`s MV that they want him back with SuJu – commenting only that.
… ppl,it`s been 2 years now! GET DA FACK OVER IT!
We all miss his, == *eyes everyone* or at least we should!, but think about his reasons. He didn`t leave just because it`s funny like that. He really had a hard time and he was sick. Really horrible things happened to him and if you would have ever done some research you would know about it! So instead of crying out loud for your own sake, and if you want to cry so bad, you should cry for Geng. Not for your own personal loss. What do you think? That everything was sugar and raibow to him? It`s not funny for him that he cannot be with SuJu anymore. He loved his bandmates after all and his dream is to stand on the same stage with them again one day.
But can`t you guys accept him? Accept/respect him and his work? Now he`s on his own and he`s successful. He has GengFans who support him like ELF & Cassiopeia support SuJu and DB5K. He`s living his dream to be an actor, filming movies.
So why are you guys not able to move on? It was for the better that he left. Sure, it`s a loss for every ELF who wholeheartly supported SuJu but you need to let go on your own pain. That dosen`t mean you cannot support HanGeng. This just means you shouldn`t cry for yourself, you should be happy!
And be happy for HanGeng! It`s always better to laugh than to cry! #justsaying
(I had to say this now because it`s not the first time ppl are crying out loud because they want him to come back… it`s all what they have to say when they look at his work but they never ever think about what`s best for Geng.)

Big Bang news!
Big Bang’s “Monster” is their fourth song to reach over 10 million views this year
➤ This Big Bang account is awesome, it`s made in 3 different languages (korean, japanese, english)
2NE1 and Big Bang join Twitter
➤ Have fun boys! =D
Big Bang’s Taeyang and G-Dragon share the same hobby?
➤ Baby alone in Japan? ^^
Big Bang’s Seungri to pursue solo activities in Japan
Seungri hwaiting! ლ(>◡<)

HoMin news!
Tohoshinki’s new song to be used in their new CM “Medical Shine”
… the only thing I wonder about it wth is this with the title of the CM “medical shine” oO oh well, whatever. Android is awesome.
➤ oh yes, that one! I saw this via Bigeast this morning! (which pretty much means: AllKPop 4ever late xD)
[VIDEO] 120620 Tohoshinki – Android PV BTS
oh! Dance looks exhausting &… o.o HoMin and the dancers ARE exhausted. What a power dance!
[PHOTOS] 120620 Tohoshinki – Tone Live Tour 2012 DVD & Blu-ray
*cries tears of happyness because of all the Cassie feelings when seeing the red cover* black cover looks cool but… OMG SUN! THE RED ONE! T.T

JYJ news!
From TVXQ To JYJ, K-pop To K-drama: Park Yuchun Does It All
Ooooh yeah ;D because Chunnie is awesome like that! #LikeABoss!
➤ oh hey! Really good pics!
[Pic] Yoochun – ELLE Korea July 2012
➤ But what`s really awesome is that vid!
[Vid] Yoochun for ELLE Korea Magazine: “Frames of Life”
sooooo beautiful!
➤ Aw!
[Trans] 120620 Park Yoochun, “I Frequently Listened To Kim Junsu’s Solo Album, And Am Proud Of Him”‏
➤ CF king?! what a title!
Jaejoong chosen by fellow idols as among the top 10 of next generation of CF kings
➤ Scenery looks so nice!
‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’ JYJ Jaejoong’s romantic proposal
➤ So glat filming goes well for them as a team!
Kim Jae Joong, Song Seung Hun and ‘Dr. Jin’ cast members embrace the ′V′ sign

SuJu news!
➤ xD LOL Siwon so silly! Another round of spazz with Hyukjae, huh?
Super Junior’s Siwon introduces his… son?
LOLed at the comment of him “Introducing my son, aigoo, the road ahead of him is dark”. But it`s even more funny when you add Hyukjae`s comment: “This guy has a bright future!
➤ oh yes, this photo was siply but especially pretty.
Super Junior Leeteuk’s black-and-white photo attracts attention
I, personally, think that Teukie is really handsome =) He`s an angel, no doubt. AngelLeader~ ah yes, I will call him that from now on! So it`s Leader씨 for Yunho & AngelLeader for Teukie. So the confusion of my t-list when I say “leader” is finally erased ^^°
Kangin to make his comeback with Super Junior’s 6th album next month
ts. SME only denied it back then so that fandom isn`t right. It`s about the principle! The principle I say! ^^ Childish SME 4ever only denies things so that no one is right before they don’t allow it.
OH PLEASE! What did they think? Wouldn`t make any sense if Kangin wouldn’t return for 6jib!
➤ It looks interesting!
Super Junior-M Zhou Mi & f(x) Victoria’s drama, ‘When Love Walked In’, airs its first preview
➤ oh-oh ^^° Apple Siri ignoring Shindong like that?
Super Junior’s Shindong is unrecognized by Apple iOS Intelligent Personal Assistant ‘Siri’

Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo spotted on a date?
aw! those two! The love saga! ^^ so she accepted his love confession?!! how nice! They are really such a cute couple! (and what makes it even more cute is the fact that Yoo In Na is so short ^^ too cute!)
➤ I hope they last!
Yoo In Na confirms that she is dating Ji Hyun Woo
➤ haha! xD I bet IU was like “OMG! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? O:”
Yoo In Na’s relationship with Ji Hyun Woo causes IU to have a “mental breakdown”?
➤ Listen to her Ji Hyun Woo, she`s worried about your health!
Yoo In Na asks Ji Hyun Woo to quit smoking

➤ They will? then I`m curious how different the korean version will be.
2PM to release “Beautiful” in Korea

Wow! so many news and 2/3 of it was about HanGeng! LOL Oh, I approve! Of course I do!

Now to the news about my mice:
Boys are doing well. Eat well, sleep well. Ok, it was a bit hot lately but it was okay.
So far they don`t fight a bit. My Albino boys are extremely active & curious about eeeverything. I think I can train them well ^^ I mean in sense of that when I come they appear because they will get food.
My brown colored boys are rather shy. They are curious but they don`t dare to come too near. Nonetheless it has become better with them the last days.

Most important news will be that I finally found names for them! YAY! Photobucket *goes on a happy run*
As always I had such a hard time naming them! With all the thoughts about HanGeng`s new album & MV I was thinking at work about it. Back at home I was staring at my names list for 2 days and picking names for the shortlist. *sighs* what a process.

But now, after all the re-thinking I named them!
The albinos’ names are “Sammy” & “Nuka” now. The slightly bigger one`s Sammy ^^
The brown colored ones` names are “Diego” & “Rico”. Rico it the one who has bitten me at the beginning ^^°

Furthermore I think I have to clean them up a bit. Careful, or course. They weren`t at the vet yet (wich means they can still react aggressive when I clean too much), I cannot allow myself any mistakes or they will start to fight. And when they start to fight I have to separate them and when this happens each one of them will be alone for at least 4 weeks. that`s not good. Being alone for 4 weeks is a damn long time for a mouse.
So I have to be careful that they can stay together. Their current homes aren`t big (because I have to prevent territory fights OTL) but they are together and not alone.
And they go along well! Since it`s not 4ever it`s okay to stay in these small homes for now. Just 2 weeks more and they can have a bit more space to move. Because then they are nice little “geldings” (dunno how this is called for mice) and are all nice!

And while we are talking about the mice… I wanted to make a save data with everything what`s written on all the sub-sites of the mice section here on the blog and started to copy each one of the sites do save it on a external HDD.
BUT while I was saving everything and came to one of the last sites it was suddenly gone! D: WHAAAAT AND WHAT?!
-.-”’ WordPress messed my things up again?! The proof that I didn`t do anything was that my link and even the site itself in the menue in the admins section, just everything, was still there. but when I clicked on it nothing appeared! And it wasn`t in the pages list either!


okay, enough with the mouse talk. I need to find something to eat now and then sleep!
All the HanGeng news took one hell of a time to link! It was totally worth it but damn! So Many links! Haven`t had so many links ever before!

BUT before I go I will share my latest, short k-dream with you!

okay, it wasn`t a k-dream with much fun but at least it had korean content xD
I was watching tv in the living room while organizing some of my stuff. There was some kind of documentary about South Korea, especially Seoul. It reported about the city and later, of course, K-Pop! ^^d I thought “oh awesome! I need to see this!” so I made my sister sis wait after she entered the room and wanted to watch something else. I told her she can watch once the report is over. So sister was waiting annoyed on the couch and staring at the tv too while I almost died because of what was on tv now!
The point was that the guy on tv said they`ve met an idol to follow around for a while. And now you guess, who was that idol? ㅋㅋㅋ of course it was SIWON! OMG! xD
I couldn`t even! I was laughing when the tv guy said “Choi Siwon of super idol group Super Junior”. I was like “out of all ppl… xD ai! Might have known it!”. It was too funny. So they were walking around in Seoul with Siwon. When he was at the airport with fans, meeting some little kids at a combat sports dojo & being with him when he pays his grandma a visit, bringing flowers for the old lady. ( ˆ ω ˆ ) His grandma was such a cute little lady. Siwon and his grandma were just adorable together!

I was watching all this like “^_________^” while my sister was annoyed about this idol report. She said “they are all so gay! *rolleyes*“. Of course, she just HAD to give her random stereotype anti-comment without even really looking at Siwon. I`ve already waited for her to say something like that. I said “C’mon! Look at him. Isn`t he nice?“, then sister looked for a few moments and got insecure with her own saying! xD LOL good work Siwon! You made my sister doubt her own opinions!
Then she said: “…okay, maybe he`s a bit nice.” *haha* of course she had to say something like ‘a bit’ Photobucket
At the end of the report she said she remembers that she saw Siwon on my posters. Well, more likely she meant my fangirl wall in my room she was looking at recently in real life!

Another funny “k-pop on tv”-dream! It was a short episode again but ejoyable! (⌒▽⌒)
(and oh so true! This is exactly how my sister is!)

About Sangmi

I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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    wow just checking your tag and you never speak about Changmin but the others… you an OT5? more like OT4….

    • Sangmi says:


      oookaaaaay. I never checked that but you`re right. Changminnie is missing there.
      Well, and I know wae:
      I blog news and I decide which tags to use according to my news. Since JYJ members have many single-projects for themselfes they get tagged often. Also, we have often YunJae stories (discussions and such, you should know it yourself) in fandom, so then again JJ & Yunho get tagged often.
      ALSO, Leader씨 was no.1 I quite a bunch of votings. I talked about it-> which made him being tagged AGAIN!
      And… TADAH! There we go with our tag list results!

      Just because Changmin isn`t in the taglist yet dosen`t mean I don`t like him. Dear, where in da world do you get your weird ideas? o_O
      When I talk about Yunho & Changmin the tag is “HoMin” and/or “TVXQ”. As you can see, both of it is in the tag list. If it would be true that I ignore Changminnie, shouldn`t I avoid using the HoMin tag then? Because Changminnie is the “Min” in HoMin.
      Well, this is so much nonsenes, I cannot even.
      I love Changminnie as much as I love the other 4. And that`s basically all I have to say about this besides…

      – Since when is my tag list deciding about if I´m OT5 or not? oO It`s a damn tag list! *waves around with arms*
      – Since when can ppl who don`t even know me say that I`m not OT5? oO I don`t need to prove anything to anyone, just to begin with. Where are we? In standom?
      – Why do ppl come to this blog only to check the taglist and judge me for it?

      There are definitely things in this world I don`t understand.

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