News of the day: I ignore/hate(?) Changmin! , GengNews & SuJu teaser pics for 6집

안녕 친구들!

aaaah, I finally had a comment on my blog again. A useful one, at least I thought so, and no spam comment!
So I looked at it but it was a bit different from what I exprected. I expected some of the usual stuff but it was surely not.

Dear commenter “MomoMin”, I hope you don`t mind that I will quote you now. (because I will do anyway)
Ppl who comment openly on the internet should be able to see their comments quoted. (I don`t even know if you are a stan or not, -I wonder…- but in that case it dosen`t matter).

Comment said:
“wow just checking your tag and you never speak about Changmin but the others… you an OT5? more like OT4….”

1.) okay, what and what? I don`t even check my tag list myself… I wonder why other ppl do it that accurate.
2.) WOW! Since when is a tag list able to decide if I´m OT5 or not. It`s a damn tag list! *waves around with arms*
3.) Since when can ppl who don`t even know me say that I`m not OT5? oO Normally, in this world, I don`t need to prove anything to anyone, just to begin with. Where are we? In standom?
4.) Why do ppl come to this blog only to check the taglist and judge me for it?
5.) Now even things like ‘OT4’ do exsist?! And it`s based on a tag list?? Holy motherfather! I`m getting too old for all this weird stuff!

OTL things I just don`t understand in this world.

Dear, I don`t know where you got the weird idea I would ignore/hate Changmin, but surely NOT from the entries of this blog.

So he isn`t in the tag list. so what? Due to YunJae talks, Yunho in votings & on Kiss & Cry, JYJ`s member activities we have them tagged often. Changminnie is included in TVXQ activities with the tag “HoMin” so where is the problem?
If I wouldn`t know better I could swear standoms contagious stupidity already spread like wildfire.

Does this look like I ignore/hate Changmin???
#Happy25thChangmin / #PrinceShimDay, Tomato & Chocobos + WEIBO b-day trends for SiHan lovelies *click*
And this wasn`t that long ago. It was on his b-day THIS YEAR!
ALSO I talk about HoMin in almost every entry… ㄱ_ㄱ

*cough, cough, cough*
[sarcasm ON] yeah, I see the hate I have for Changmin. I´m guilty! *jumps off cliff* [/sarcasm OFF]

Maybe I don`t dedicate a whole post to changmin only but I also don`t do so for the other members…. *fake-shock* Oh damn! wait! This practically means that I hate them all! D: */fake-shock end* (according to standom logic of course)
Noooooooooooo joke now!
Kid, please. Don`t make me lose believe in the existance of sane humans any more. I already lost all the last hopes for standom.
In playschool?? Or more like in standom, where everything has to be proven to everyone every second? Where even the falling leaves outside are a proof for everything regarding fandom?
ㄱ_ㄱ Surely NOT!

I`m not going to play with you on THAT level and this is the FIRST and at the same time LAST time I will write an extra acticle in my blog entry about such huge nonsense.
I just want to clear things up here once and for all.

And no one needs to come and cry now, saying that I`m not nice. I`M NOT SORRY!
You cannot come, say stuff like that and then complain that I´m angry because it`s not even true a bit!
When there are things that make me lose my nice nature then saying I wouldn`t love all of my boys is surely one of them! Actually, it`s one of the top 3 reasons on my list!

Changmin gave us our frekin’ name! We are Cassiopeia only because of him! And now there is someone, a stranger-ish person, who comes by randomly & claims I would ignore/hate him?
Oh well, like I said: We are not in standom here! My heart is big enough for 5 ppl! I bleed pearl red for all 5.
And in fact there are a lot more ppl in my heart but ESPECIALLY those 5 gods and I NEITHER ignore NOR hate a singel one of them. I`m not “only-biased” like most stans.
(tsssss~ yes, I judge you standom!)

Girl, I pray for your sin to be forgiven and I hope you sleep well because my ELF friend has a habit of haunting ppl in their dreams.

Kiddo, you were successful in kinda pissing me off, congrats for that. -.-
When you mess with my pride and love as a Cassiopeia this is what comes out. It makes me angry. I`m a proud fan of all 5, so I cannot even tell you that I`m sorry because I`m not.
You think I don`t like Changmin? …Photobucket tell this to the Changmin calendar in my room. Changmin is the cutest baby!

and while we were talking how much my tags say about what I`m talking about: There is not a single tag that says “mouse” or “mice”. I´m talking about my mice often. So much for that.
There are even things I talk about and I don`t even bother to use a tag.

Aigoo! Kids these days!

Let`s move on with other things: I try to phone different doc`s since 2 days.
My own because of the test results from yesterday. 2 times fail already. now Doc will call me once she`s ready.

Then the doc of my mice. 2 fails already. Now doc wants to call me. oh well I`m curious.

in the end both want to phone me at the same time and I have another fail for one of them.

Then: I got confused by myself & my boss.
Basically I was sure that my vacation starts next week. Now boss talked about me coming to work next week and that I should tell him when I´m still sick then.
uhm…. oO
THEN: I have no marks in my calender for my next vacation until october! That`s impossible! I surely missed marking at least one vacation in it!
I`m really not sure anymore… cannot trust my boss neither myself witht hat matter anymore. (and… our boss is a really chaotic being, I don`t even expect him to know when I have vacation without looking into his comp xD )

Since I got totally confused now I wrote SMS to my dongsaeng so that she takes a look at our vacation plan at work. I hope my SMS reached her. No answer yet.
Well, work is still not over. Maybe she reads it after work. ah, this was or another: I can also text her on facebook later.

This is clearly the good thing when you don`t feel like dying anymore: You can write blog entries & go on facebook again. (*cough* not that facebook would be important… I was on twitter during the whole time.)

oh… my doc just called! YAY! I don´t need to die Photobucket Isn`t that lovely?
unni-ya will be glad to hear that!

@Hea unni: Unni-ya, I will survive! ^^ I just need to wait till I´m better.


(some minutes later….)

ah! I cannot even!
Now even the second doc phoned! Oh great, Diego & Rico can go to the vet the next thursday! Well, that`s better than nothing! Earlier would have been better but so I have the time to prepare everything. I wil start with preparations today!
Please everyone pray that they will survive D: I fear for them so much since the last 3 didn`t survive it. Photobucket

oh yeah and…
Since Nuka is sick now I started to give him meds according to his weight and compared to yesterday he`s totally different today! Yesterday he was like lame and not moving much but today he was just like Sammy. The only difference was that Nuka is sneezing.
For now he didn`t passed it on to Sammy. I hope it will stay that way. AND, of course, I hope that Nuka will be better soon.
I have enough meds for both of them. This time I´m prepared. I just hope we are not too late to start with medication. Photobucket
I hope Rico & Diego will stay healthy!


(again: Some minutes later…)

WAH! (((;゚д゚))) *shock* my phone!
Ah! Dongsaeng, respectively my oldest Junior: *reads* aaah, so boss was talking weird and I was too silly to draw in my calendar with my pen. I indeed HAVE two weeks vacation starting from next week! Great!
So I can brin my mice to the vet myself and also bring the car to the garage & everything is just fine!
(besides my wallet… wallet will bleeeeeed at the vet and bleeeeed at the garage! Waaaaeee???? (屮゚Д゚)屮 )

Now the news!
and I think, much to the diasappointment of someone, it won`t contain “changmin only” news today either. But it will surely include some comments about his hair because Android short PV is out by now!

➤ Geng was starting the recruiting of new dancers!
(120620) Han Geng Weibo Update – Dancers
➤ [Geng PICS] : 1 nooo, our baby will never have abs, but we don`t care ^^ we love him! , ….but you know it`s hot!→ 2 , this somehow reminded me of a veeeeery old SiHan scene→ 3 ,
➤ aaaah, I love this! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) I love this!
Geng & Fan Fan!!! =D
Cuties, you! ^^
➤ Someone on FuckYeah!HanGeng! asked what`s the english name for Geng`s album. I thought his was indeed an interesting question so I will quote FuckYeah!HanGeng! now:

“I’m not sure if there’s an English title, but the Chinese title is “寒更,” which has the same pronunciation as his name (“Han Geng”), but with different characters and a different meaning. There are some English phrases on his album (something along the lines of “the light of hope in the darkness”), but I don’t think that’s the English title.”

wow. *.* that`s interesting!
and yes, it`s indeed like his name. just you say it more like… two separate words.
It´s so cool that Geng can always find things like that for his albums` names.

➤ (120623) Great Love Music Festival in Chengdu [PICS]: 1 …O: Admin of FuckYeah!HanGeng!, I guess “Oh…” is the only comment to say for us…. aigoo… waylt Geng? , 2 ( ˆ ω ˆ ) , 3 , perfec pic! Like out of a photobook!→ 4 & oh damn! That one! The dance was just… AAAAAWESOME! 5.
➤ [VID] And now that we were talking about the dance, I want to show you of course!
Geng dancing to a medley of english songs:
(120623) FANCAM!! *click*
Best vid of it, if you ask me. You can see the whole stage.
– [VID] Another vid, no fancam. This was what the guys in front of the stage have filmed:
(120623) Great Love Music Festival in Chengdu: Dance and song performances (he was singing “Heartache Notebook” in the vid)
➤ Then we had the 40-seconds preview for “小丑面具” (“Clown`s Mask”) yesterday
oh! This is a bit creepy and… GENG IS THE TERMINATIOR?! Photobucket OMG! I KNEW IT!
This is creepy but also suitable in a way. I`m curious about the whole MV!
and… is this the return of the “First President”-hairstyle? Just in… blond? I can live with it but I never really liked this kind of style on him. But I`m fine with everything as long as HanGeng is fine with it. So I won`t even start complaining in any way!
➤ Clown`s Mask MV/behind the scenes: 1 , …Geng, there is a bunny skeleton on the board behind you… #justsaying→ 2 & 3.
➤ Another pic out of the series Geng with glasses.
somehow… I LIKE! =D I always like! Photobucket *clicks LIKE button*
➤ [Funny!] THIS! xDD
“It`s okay, bro. We understand.”
HAHA! xD This guy! A real fanboy! Throwing his mic away like that xD hahaha!
➤ Yesterday I asked myself “What`s up with my HanGeng lightstick???” because it`s been aaages by now since we ordered these thingies. So I followed the link Shang gave me back then and read the last Update *click* about it. Then I understood.
I eyed my emails so critically, there was just no way I missed the notification mail from Geng-bao and accorting to this entry I really didn`t.
I hope lightsticks for europe are next then ^_____^ I`m still so excited about it! =D Cannot wait to light this thing up for the first time!
And also: ooooh >_< indian person from the comments at livejournal, I feel and understand your pain! Hope you will at least get your lightstick soon!

JYJ News!
[News] 120621 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong wears colorful hanboks on Dr. Jin
➤ I would be more happy to read this about germany… ㄱ_ㄱ most ppl here forever judging everything except for what comes from america *facepalm* aigoo…
[Info] 120621 JYJ Official Facebook Update : South Korea’s K-pop spreads to Latin America
But this is good for Natali! OTL
➤ Is this cool or what?!

Jaejoong’s fan sang “I Will Protect You” and won K-pop singing contest in Japan

Even the fans of our boys are doing well in music ^^ (well, with their ‘help’ by singing their songs)
➤ This is… a loooooot!
JYJ & fans donate nearly 90 tons of rice to charity

HoMin news!
➤ =D THIS!
okay, it`s maybe not the best quality but… EMMY WAS WRIGHT WHEN SHE SPAZZED ABOUT MINNIES HAIR! =D
It`s really, really nice in Android!
Also, I wanted to say that Minnie looks the best with this… fluff-whatever-feather-dunno thingie on his shoulder xD
*haha* Anyhow: His hair is really so pretty! *__* Yunho`s hair is also pretty but Changmins caught my eyes more. It`s like Sungminnies hair in A-Cha. Yeees, it`s not the same of course! But… well, it`s straight and silky (ˆㅅˆ) ME LIKES!
➤ HoMin #1? =D I like!
[Info] 120624 TVXQ Voted As the Male Group That Expanded Their Global Influence the Most During First Half of 2012
But I have to ask: Where`s Big Bang in this? I mean they win awards in europe and are generally very polupar here. I will 4ever not fully understand such votings but oh well. *walks away*
[Pic] TVXQ performs at Music Bank in Hong Kong
Lovely HoMin! Photobucket
…*.* somehow… this white suit with the weird-hypnotysing pattern on the back suits Minnie well! I was really staring at it for a while when I first saw these pics.
Well, the pants in addition to it could be really irritating when he`s dancing ^^° SME, you want to hypnotise ppl? But all in all I like it.
also our Leader씨 looks good in outfits like the one on the pics again and agian. Reminds me a bit of KYHD times.

➤ b-day spazz of SYC involving all 5 boys ^^
[Spaz] Happy Birthday Sweetie Sweetie Shar
HAHAH! Junsu! “I forgot to spell that magic “TARANTALLEGRA” ” xD I just say about this: I already stood in front of automatical opening doors too and pretended I could work magic! xD no further comment! (and this was years ago, it worked without Tarantallegra )

SuJu news
➤ We had all the teaser photos for 6jib “Sexy, free & single”!
Leeteuk & Ryeowook…
Shindong & Yesung…
Kangin & Sungmin…
Siwon & Kyuhyun.
I think it`s a beautiful concept but also… it`s confusing somehow. I would say the concept is fairytale! Photobucket
I think Teukies pic is the most interesting to me ^^ I still disagree that it was a good idea to put this… tree… on Yesungs head, eh hehe… ^^° but oh well, I don`t really care because in the end I love the boys and a concept is only a concept. Nothing to get wild about, even if I would totally hate it.

➤ Some want to be together for the next 10 years…
Sunny would like Girls’ Generation to stay together for the next 10 years

➤ … and others untill they die! T.T OMG! So touching!
Junjin confesses he wants to be a Shinhwa member until death
So will Shinhwa become the first idol group in history that will last forever?
➤ really?! He did?
Shinhwa’s Minwoo dubbed Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon as the next BoA
Boa is just awesome at dancing! I love to see her dance! Hyoyeon is also really good but I don`t see her dance that often so I cannot compare.
➤ What “envious”? What kind of questions do you guys ask! oO
➤ … Photobucket ERIC?!?!?!?!?!? WHAT DA HELL….
[Spoilers] Shinhwa’s Eric dresses in drag on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’
OMO! This… this looks so weird and wrong in… in just so many ways! LOL xD I cannot even!

➤ Uhm… okay now. THIS is scary sh*t…! This beats the thing with the Kara dolls (at least I think it was Kara… I could be wrong)
Super Junior and Girls’ Generation robots to be produced
What do they mean with that? and some commenters are indeed right when they say to SM their artists are already robots. At least they want then to work like some… ㄱ_ㄱ
Aigoo, this industry! On what strange ideas do they want to hit on next?
This is scary! ppl! O: I don`t like!

➤ It`s always good to see when ppl do charity.
Jay Park smiles for his campaign to help children in need

➤ I`m curious what his new album sounds like. I mean, the rest of it. We already heard “Heat”
SS501′s Kim Hyung Jun to hold showcase and mini-concert prior to release of ‘ESCAPE’

➤ Once again, wonderful pic post of my sis:
Anyone besides me noticed that the girl on the pic looks exactly like my sis? Photobucket hihi! really! So alike! compare her profil pic with that one! It`s practically, when you don`t think about the clothes, the same!

➤ Last but not least: WHEN TWITTER WAS DOWN… aka the story behing the giiiiiigant twitter fail recently!
Twitter crashes hard, Internet freaks out
“internet freaks out”?? more like netizen freaked out! We all were only like “GAAAAAAAAH!!!! RAAAAAGEEEEEEEEE!” then➜ Photobucket
(I love this “shot twitter” pic! just btw)
BUT, besides that we all raged and constantly refreshed the page on “tweeter”: this article is kinda funny!
“Twitter crashed so hard on June 21 that the site didn’t even display the famous “Fail Whale.” Instead, it simply timed out.”
Oh yes! I didn`t realized when twitter crashed… I was too busy with raging at it xD LOL it`s true. We never saw the famouse “fail whale”!
“(…) Twitter backtracked and said “the issue is on-going.” “
what? that twitter fails and is down? yes, it`s an ongoing issue since 6 months, TWEETER! OTL
“Twitter’s temporary demise sent users to other social networks, including the blogging site Tumblr.”
…yeah, either this or Facebook or… we worked on our phone bills, writing SMS ^^°
– the next thing I think was especially funny: When twitter was down the first time, as soon as it was working again the trend “WhenTwitterWasDown” was #1 on TT xD *haha* netizen 4ever super fast with everything! And that although twitter didn`t work for too long!

I only wonder why this article was written on the page of CNNMoney… oO #ThingsIDontUnderstandInThisWorld for the second today!

and isn`t it quite funny that today, after a person claimed I would never talk about changmin, I had a little changmin-talk today? Some ppl just either won`t read or can`t wait.
*sighs* yeah, so much for ppl who think they know what kind of fan I am.

Somehow I have a feeling I could almost call “hungry” but I´m not exactly sure. I will check my (hopefully working ^^) twitter first end then decide if I can dare to eat something.

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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