New k-dreams, GengNews spam ^^ & Chunnie is sick! D:<

안녕! v^^.

Good news for fans of my crazy k-dreams! I had two new ones and I will share it with you again!

First one: Xiahki!
I dunno how this happened but: Xiahki was with my sister and me. I had to take care of him and we went on a walk. After we walked along the street of a village for a while, I think it was where we live now, I let him run freely just like I do it with my dog. I don`t know where I had the confidence from that he wouldn`t run away ^^° but Xiahki didn`t run away. I could even call him and he came back Photobucket *proud dog person*
So Xiahki was having fun & sis and I were talking about how funny it was how hyper he was running around xD *haha* he was really excited, running over the fields and exploring the new area. So we were doing all the stuff doggies and their owners do (ok, I was his babysitter but still!): Playing, walking & of course stroking. =D Xiahki`s fur was all fluffy and soft!
Short time later we came to a house where a sign before it told us that this is the home of a Samoyed breeder. Ooooh, what conincidence that we “run” into this house with XIAHKI (well, like many of you know he IS a Samoyed). Xiahki was very interested because there were some dogs. They were a bit smaller than him and seem to be young. However, he was able to play with them and so Sis and I could watch my hubby`s dog run around in the garden of the breeder with 3 youngsters Photobucket I SWEAR! This was so cutie!
I jokingly said to my sisster if it wouldn`t be funny when we would find out that they would be cousins to him or so. *haha* well, very unlikely but this was a dream!

Second one: Wedding party!
It was the wedding party after the wedding. In this dream, somehow my whole family was invited to a wedding of friends of our family. I found myself in a sea of men in suits & women inbeautiful dresses. Myself wore a really pretty dress too! I really liked it! ^^ Also I saw in a mirror that my hair was made all pretty. Oh hell yeah, I was looking like a princess on this wedding party! =D Awesome! Seemed like mom and I visited a stylist before! This was just cool!
You have to imagine the scene like one of those wedding parties in a huge garden like we see it in american movies. Everyone was chatting with someone, some kids were running around and Mom was busy to talk to our relatives. Not only my two cousins, no, there were a lot of other ppl around my age too. There were also a lot of ppl I`ve never seen in my life… and their kids. Starting from around 8 up to 14 years old.
Oh well, most of those kiddos were pretty annoying. They behaved like the celebrities of the party and I search for a place where NO stupid teenagers thought they are the stars in here. Sadly the whole place was covered with them and I was like ” -.-” OMG, this can`t be true…”. I couldn`t even run away even if I would have wanted to, because my dress was one of the more ‘fit tighly’ ones! D: WAAAH! WHAT WAS THIS?!?
But I wanted to avoid them and just that I couldn`t run didn`t mean that I cannot walk away fast ^^ I thought going inside the house was a good plan. The food (buffet ㅋㅋ) was placed there & I wanted to eat!

When I had almost reached it I heart someone behind me calling me with “Oh hey! Wait!” I turned around because I knew this voice. Oh, guess who? xD No, not my stalker! It was HanGeng!
Okay, this was mood change in a flash! I was annoyed by the teenagers before but now super happy! I was like “Photobucket Heee~y! Hi!“, walked some steps back and sat down besides him. OMGZ! How could I walk past Geng?! I totally overlooked him at the side with looking back at the kids and making my way through the crowded garden. Well, due to my massively changed looks that day it seemed like Geng needed a moment to recognize me *haha* some sort of double fail, so we were even.
He ask “How are you?” and of course I had to tell him about the kids and that I was annoyed by their arrogance. He stood up then and gestured me to come with him and said “Come. ^^“. Photobucket hihi! No need to tell me twice! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) So cool! Or course me wanted! HanGeng was taking his time for me and I was a happy idiot again! Sure, I was thinking to myself wae da hell he was here and stuff, but for me there was no need to ask him. And just like with Siwon appearing everywhere I don`t even bother to ask anymore xD LOL
We walked through the ppl, around the house to it`s backside. There were only the smaller kids playing and we sat down for a talk, having a good session of friends-time. We were talking ourselves away for some time, then the annoying teenagers appeared there and began to tease the smaller kids so it got really noisy. We decided to go back to the other guests.
We were hanging out there, watching ppl and sometimes randomly commenting about them. Then mom suddenly walked up to me and said I had to come to some of our relatives. GAH! >< Wae! Le me didn`t wantedto! :/ Very disappointing. *sighs* What to do? I excused myself and went with mom. While walking to the house with mom my mind was crying! Waaaae mom, waaaaee??? Relatives are no fun! HanGeng is fun! I don`t care about relatives I`ve never ever seen in my life! *pout*
Okay, I had to hang out with them there for a while. After we finished this relatives meeting (I didn`t even payed attention to ^^°) I went to search for HanGeng with the hope that he hasn`t left yet. So I scanned the ppl to find the only really outstanding person (^^ because he really was with his blond hair) and OH MY LUCK! I found him again.
Sadly, after we ‘reunited’ my dream ended.

HanGeng韓庚《小丑面具Clown Mask》!!
OMG! LOVE IT! =D Can`t wait for the full MV to be out!
This second album of him will be soooo something new! I can`t wait to order it! *runs around in circles* I`m so excited!!! I`m so excited!!! I`m so excited!!! Photobucket waaaah!!!! So excited!!!!
Nokia Lumia “I Can Be Extraordinary” short film highlights
SO CUTE! ≧◡ ≦ Squishy is just cute! ~Photobucket
And these Nokia spots are awesome!
I really love their dancing in spot 1! I request a 2 hours version of this! *haha*
However, HanGeng at the end: Photobucket LOOOOOVE! So much looooove! Awwww!
➤ AllKPop 4ever late ^^° they posted this when the teaser was already 2 days old…
Hangeng’s MV teaser for “Clown Mask” out
…but in the end I´m happy that they posted news about it anyway!
Han Geng & Wang Luo Dan: 15-second promo for iQiyi [活力飛揚季]
I like it! ^^ it`s cool! So this is what they were doing in that Park… aaaah! =D *fan ah-ha moment*
– and just to enjoy the few seconds we see HanGeng in that one better: my fav admin reblogged woooonderful GIFs of that spot (including funny comments of course!)
But I mean… Photobucket I looooove these GIFs, especially the last one *__* I . cannot . even . He`s really beautiful in that one! *faints*
➤ Wait. What… what pic is THAT OEN?!? O: … *can only stare* 1.) OMG SUN! *is dying*_ 2.) WHAT da hell are you wearing GENG!?!? O: & _3.) OMG SUN! *dies*
➤ Oooomo! I think that this is SiHan FanArt too! ^____^ pretty!
➤ Aaaah, all the SiHan feelings these days! ^____^ They are so connected *haha* GengFans know. And now someone else saw it too! And that person asked the admin of my fav SiHan blog!
SiHan, their circle of friends, WEIBO & Fan Fan
I LOOOOVE FAN FAN! She`s such a great Siwon Fan ^^ And she`s friends with both of SiHan.
➤ More SiHan-ness: She`s something like “SiHan mom” ^^
SiHan pics in Geng Mom`s dumpling shop!
➤ HanGeng for MSN:
(⊙_⊙) … (⊙▂⊙) ! OMONA! THIS–>>>> Blond Geng in a suit! *dies* This makes him look just so great! , what is this little guy he has on his hand? ^^ , really nice , his hair is very cute! :3 & HAHA! xD What`s up there? *me looks*
➤ Geng racing away on the old bike ^^
➤ two more pics: Oh how pretty (both) but who`s that woman? & is there even a day where Geng`s not at a photoshoot? ^^ oh, I love the second pic! se one up right! ^^d

(Engsub)20120511 Han Geng’s Trip to Italy+Microfilm+Publicity film PART1
What I thought while watching this:
– He`s so cute! *pinches* KYAAAAH!
– oh baby you say what?! Photobook? Photobook always sounds good! =D
– yeah, of course they look like zombies after a whole day on the plane… >_< uh, that`s so hard! – ^__^ yes, that`s indeed the shortest hair cut EVER! – WOW! The finished 2/3 of their work on one day?! That`s pretty impressive! I´m happy for them! – Yeah, it was pretty cold in Italy in January. No joke! Seeing hom running around with a tank top…. WAAAAH! (((;゚д゚))) le me is having panick attackts! *nods at the report comment* yes, I DO believe that he suffered a lot! This is freakin cold! >< It`s no good to run around in europe like that in January!
– … hehe… EXO M music? Yo, Exo kids! feel honored! You are in Geng`s TV report! ㅋㅋ
– ah yes, the fans! We knew once he was at the station ^^ they tweeted it!
(Engsub)20120511 Han Geng’s Trip to Italy+Microfilm+Publicity film PART2
My thoughts:
– baby goes shopping happily! YAAAAY! I so approve! =D
– “today our luggage are too much” … *haha* yes, I saw this! You guyshad double as much luggage as before
– ah the thing with the fans. Oh yes, they caught Geng off-guard xD He didn`t expected fans to be there ^^ But they were really nice and considerate. Minding what they say, being careful not to stalk him like mad ppl, being careful not to bring up SuJu matters with a single word so they won`t hurt him in any way T.T GengFans so careful.
– A music photo album?! Whatever you call it, I looove it! *hihi*
– looking forward to your 2nd album… LOOKING FORWARD?!? Are you kidding me?! I`m running around in circles for over a year already! *haha* Oh, I`m SO DAMN LOOKING FORWARD TO IT! =D
– he enjoyed the fashion shop, that`s great! :3
– wah, HanGeng, you`re so hard working. HWAITING! 加油!
➤ OH WOW! Now it was finally aired! =D
(120628) iQiyi Things About YouthInterview
The woman is pretty and lovely ^^ but… KYAAAAH! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) Squishy is even more!
I highly recommend this interview. Very nice, funny and the end is just… xDD LOL eeeepic win! Spazzing out in the park, ppl! rofl!
➤ Another photo in front of this blue wall. I wonder but xD HAHA! what kind of face! xD Geng! lol & another photo with another woman I don`t know. oh well. ^^ … oh wait, there is more… this is like a whole series with Geng and different ppl in front of the blue wall!

SuJu news!
➤ Aww! How cute is this?
Super Junior members leave a supportive video message for Kibum and his drama ‘I Love Italy’
➤ This is also very nice!
Super Junior to sing for ELF with special track, “From U”
aww! I know, it`s a totally different story but this reminds a bit of “Wings of Love”. Of course there was never a more beautiful song written than “Wings of Love” T.T OMO, you GengFans! *hugs them all*
To come back to this song: I don`t feel involved with things like that. Although I am ELF now too. At first, there are older ELF (ppl who are already longer ELF than I am). I guess this is for them.
Then: I`ve done nothing as an ELF so far. Well, at least not much. You can say I`m a small unrecognized presense in ELF fandom.
On top of all this is not my main family (ELF fandom). I`m not exactly sure what to do with this info other than to say it`s a really nice thing to do. (because it really is)
➤ =D SIWON is no.1 social artist of MNET 20’s Choice Award? =DD YAY him! ^^ Another award for the horsey! =D
➤ awwww! aren`t they just cute!? ^^ (and beautiful of course) Sungminnie & Yesungie

HoMin news!
➤ waaah, aren`t they just so cute!? ( ˆ ω ˆ )
HoMin !
➤ Android interview:
Changmin wants to support the olypics? ^^ I wonder how he wants to do this but I guess they can always use one with long legs! ^^d
And Yunho Leader씨~~~~ wordtour would be too great! Don`t gimme hopes, or I will cry even more then because it won`t work out ㅠ~ㅠ
➤ Teukie posted a pic on twitter with, among other ppl, Changminnie on it at Seohyun`s b-day party!
^^ The two evil Maknae`s sitting besides each other. Everything as always! ^^ And like I said: Changmin is the cutest baby, just look at him! He really is!
Randoms facts about Yunho/Changmin/TVXQ! (HoMin)

Yunho and Changmin have contract renewal soon.

Changmin so adorable!!..calling Yunho when they got separated in the airport..haha..he’s such a baby who’s looking for his dad xD

“He is my best partner at work and is sometimes my family and sometimes my friend in my private life.” – Yunho on Changmin’s meaning for him

Yunho: “When Changmin came first, the four of us immediately cried out that he is the figure of an angel. But after a while we lived with him, the four of us agreed that he is the devil“ – SMTOWN’12

[INFO]【HoMin’s ideal height for a girl friend】 Yunho: 158cm~172cm Changmin: above 165cm (from: 110218 TVXQ at kbs cool radio+baidu)

Changmin:If I AM gets highest in box office, we’ll bow on our knees Yunho:no,we’ll dance Sorry Sorry & SJ does the bowing xD

Changmin is 190 cm tall and Yunho will wear insoles to look taller than Changmin and he will wear insole to compete Yunho

Photobucket WHAAAAT?!????
Contract renewal? Is that true?! Well, even if: I don`t see HoMin leaving SM yet. This would be too much of a sudden change in fate for them & Cassiopeia OTL (according to the 3 years contract of the last time it could be true. yes.)
– xDD Little Minnie is the devil LOL oh yes, we know! Dark Lord is dark and evil! #justsaying
– Leader씨`s ideal height for a girlfriend: thanks, now I can live better with the fact that I´m as tall as I am. Because it`s depressing at times… *sighs* (170cm T~T I hate it! That`s not a good height for a woman! Somehow too tall! Can someone please take 10cm away from me?? … well, could be worse ^^)

JYJ news!
➤ T~T oh yeah. that. Chunnie was emo. My whole tl felt horrible!
JYJ’s Yoochun misses his late father
And now he even got sick?! It`s seems it`s a virus?! D: NUUUUUU! Chunnie get well soon! >-<
ah, wait there`s the article to it:
Park Yoochun calls in sick at the opening ceremony for ‘2012 JYJ Membership Week’
nuuu, chunnie, nuuuu! 😦 fans want you to be healthy! OMG! what is this guy doing?!? He needs to see a doc and eventually rest for some days! aah, I´m worried! D:
Yeah, “don`t worry too much”…. You say that Kim Jaejoong. You say that so easily. It`s not so easy for us T.T

Big Bang news!
Big Bang and T-ara named the Kings and Queens for first half of 2012 album sales
➤ Fantastic Baby on top! ^^d
Big Bang, KARA, Jang Geun Suk, & Super Junior rank top 5 on Japan’s dwango half-year ranking chart

Kim Hyun Joong, JYJ Junsu, 2AM Seulong, and more participate in FC MEN Soccer match

➤ Now it`s official for Kyu Jong
SS501 Kim Kyu Jong’s enlistment date confirmed
Photobucket EH?! That`s so soon!? D:

Okay, when we were already talking about our sick Chunnie: My sickness is almost gone by now. I can finally eat normally again. omo! *___* fooooood! I can eat lots of delicious food again! *almost cries*
Photobucket I cannot even. Food. Finally I´m a human again. No zombie anymore.

Besides that, Nuka is doing soooo much better now too! He really changed within 2 or 3 days back from a sick mouse to the lively little brother of Sammy he was before. Today I put both of them on the scale. Sammy weighs is 32g & Nuka`s weighs 30g. I´m very satisfied with them!
They gained weight well! 1 1/2 weeks before they had 25g & 24g ^^ Sammy gained 7g and Nuka 6g (although he got sick). that`s pretty good!
I will continue the medication of Nuka for another 3 days. But 3 days the longest. Maybe just 2. Then he can be without meds again. I hope his little cold won`t return.

Talking about the mice: I cleaned all the mice up this forenoon. After that I cleaned my room. Before I did that I made a stand/display for one of my small exchange-water bottles. It was just too annoying with the water bowl in the boys` home! They constantly buried it under a loooooad of litter… *sighs* ==” no boys, so much no! So your water disappears!
This just wasn`t working for them. So I removed the water bowl and gave them a bottle.
I included some colorful pearls in the stand ^^ *hehe* yeah, since I have time now I get such ideas. But it looked pretty in the end. I like it! Should have done that earlier (with the other 3 stands before too!)

The next week I will randomly take a look into the zoo section of our garden center. I´m not really on the hunt yet. But if the opportunity would be good and I would have another “love at first sight” experience with a random number of mice xD *haha* I would take them home.
But basically I wanted to search for the future ladies for my 4 boys AFTER the surgery of my albinos (which will be in 2 weeks the earliest).
I hope they all survive. :/ Let`s hope the best.
6 days. Then Diego & Rico need to go to the vet.

The new future group of my mice for the biiiig mice home will contain circa 12 mice, maybe 13. 4 boys, Jina (from the girls` group because holly cannot leave her alone -.-” terror mouse holly… aigoo, that girl!) + 7 or 8 other girls.
I want to have a little albino girl in that group besides my two bini-boys. That would be my dream ^^ I would name her after my first albino that died way too early due to horrible sickness: Aleera.
For the others I have no wish for their color. I wish that they are healthy and have a good life in their new home.
Yes, these are my thoughts about the new group of mice I will “create”.

now I´m done here.
Realized that the couple seires is on complete hiatus! O: omo! entries are just too long lately!


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