Tracklists of “Sexy, Free & Single” + online album release today; tracklist for “寒更 (Hàn Géng)” released & it`s #1004TeukDay

안녕 다들! v^^.

A lot of cool things happened! We have Hàn Géng tracklist now, we have the new SuJu album released now & today`s AngelLeader`s b-day!

[UPDATE] Han Geng Interview On “Things About Youth” (English Translation by Tianlu for 24-7 KPOP)
[English Translation] Interview
Aaah, I like the part where he talked about his friends & shared the story of their waiting room and that guy who were their guest and asked “Why is it like a kindergarten in here?”. xD
Reminds me of the story with HanGeng and his dancers. He and his staff is really like a bunch of friends working together. ^____^ When you watch them it`s always like friends at work together. You can see that they are happy. Well, of course they are able to be serious too! Otherwise there would be no way for them to get their work done. But one thing dosen`t necessarily excludes the other, u know.
And… so it`s true that he lost some weight. I already had that feeling lately. Oh well, if that`s not a long-term trend then it`s really better than to get fatter (like he said ^^).
Oh yes, the staring contest! xD LOL this was the best of the interview! Like I said: I recommend the end of that show!
Photobucket HanGeng ist the best!
This interview was very interesting and insightful.
(but there is one thing I wonder about… We know that Sun Le is one of his closest friends but who`s that “other friend” Geng mentioned. Well, ppl who know me know what person`s in my head now. I`m not sure but it`s an option which could be very well possible! #AllMy…..Feelings right now *sighs*)
Oh yes and now, after what he said about “Clown Mask” it`s even more creepy ^^°°° eh hehe… Geng, please never come haunting me in my dreams with these sounds. I would die. This would be even more creepy and scary than the evil couple playing the grudge couple and come haunting me ^^°°° #Okay,InsiderNow!Cut!Cut!__xD
btw, THIS is how the staring contest was xD It was a 2 seconds contest because Zhu Dan could only look at him for two seconds xD LOOOL Ah HanGeng so cute ^^ So happy that he won so fast!
➤ [PICS] Behind the scenes of “Clown Mask”
➤ [PICS] : “Kuang Cao” MV behind the scenes
➤ [More PICS] :
Geng with glasses ^^
2nd album pics
In the park with/for Qiy
having fun in the park, huh!? that`s good!
at the PressCon a while ago
Cutie! ^___^
– I love hid hair in that one!
being cool in the park ^^d … hm… oh wait! I know! HanGeng, you remind me of Shiro! Blond (almost white) hair, pose… kinda like the pic I drew way back then OTL (never thought to see something like that in real oh well, little did I know back then!
➤ HanGeng for MSN: 1 & 2 *__* … handsome cutie. I just… cannot… look away… *stares*
➤ [Lyrics trans] : “Clown Mask”
English lyrics for “Clown Mask”
Tracklist of “寒更 (Hàn Géng)”, 2nd solo album, + title translation

1.狂草 (Wild Cursive)
2.小丑面具 (Clown’s Mask)
3.靜不下來 (Can’t Calm Down)
4.側面 (Profile) (t/n: as in profile view of a person’s face or something)
5.背叛靈魂 (Soul’s Betrayal)
6.The one
7.玩世不恭 (Disregard)
8. Hero
9.還跟在你身邊 (Still At Your Side)
10.我不缺 (I Don’t Lack)

Tracklist Credit: HK’s Yes Magazine
Translation by hsupergirl

➤ HanGeng WEIBO update
Happy Dumpling Festival!
OMO! There is something like that?! I want to see it! =D I would also love to try some of the dumplings of Geng`s mom. Since mom`s always cook the best I would love to try!
and about that picture: A lot of ajeossies around HanGeng ^^ (oh well, dunno what they would be called in china, so I call them ajeossies)

➤ [RANDOM] because it`s just way TOO epic: Very simple but oh so accurate FanArt of the SiHan infamous showering story xDD LMFAO! I died when I saw this pic! OMG! This is so simple but… at the same time so strangely accurate to the max… xD
➤ [SiHan FUN/SPAZZ] Because it was always like this: SiHan and their whispering ^^
LOL at the last GIF “STFU” xD and they were like “Oh… oh… ^^°°° sorry sir.”
Gundam pilots? xD
“How could he dance so badly?” ^^°°° eh hehe…. SiHan? But still cute! Watch them closely! ;D
The Pastor and his effort to convert a certain chinese man ^^° oh Siwon, keep trying, you won`t succeed even in a 100 years (*cough* with ppl like… aquarius or virgo as their zodiac – if we don`t want we don`t want, you can try but you will never ‘win’ this game because we`re stubborn like this xD )
SiHan cuteness in the dark❤❤ awww!

SuJu news!
Super Junior drops tracklist and details on ‘Sexy, Free & Single’
OTL this is all fine but I disagree with the sentence in the ELF song that says “biggest fanclb of the world”… ㄱ.ㄱ
*cough* sorry my dear SuJu boys. I love you lots and I love you almost as much as our 5 boys but: no, with all my pride as a Cassiopeia, just no. No.
Cassiopeia is the biggest FC in the world *opens guiness book* here, it`s written HERE! *waves around with book wildly*. But besides that it`s a good song. ^^ No harm meant my loves, no harm meant. I still love you and had to say that! *hugs SuJu* I`m just saying!
➤ ooooh yeah! Photobucket
Super Junior releases sixth studio album, “Sexy, Free & Single”
➤ Like I already said… LOTTE and the thing that Siwon plays the prince in their CF… I mean, that`s not really creative/something new in general xD LOTTE, I thought you would tell me something new. So in the end prince charming Siwon has the same role as always. Oh well ╮(´▽`)╭
This was the CF, btw:
*cough* CF editor of LOTTE, what is that? We hear Kyu singing and see Ryeowook? We`re not blind. WE SAW THAT! You think we wouldn`t see the difference because it`s just a second. Oh well, you surely don`t know much about the eyes of fangirls ;D even half of a second is enough for us! (to be honest: I was a bit irritated by that when I watched this CF… just thought “how could they fail like that when they were editing it?”)
+ the end is just “KYAAAAH!(((o(≧∇≦)o)))” but… I wonder that they included this in a LOTTE CF. Maybe because it drives most fangirls insane? *shrugs* maybe it`s just me.*walks away like chill*
*haha* But the comments! The comments in YouTube about that are just… *laughs* it`s really funny how some fans complain about the fact that they included a woman in the CF. Errr… kids, control your childish jealousy and get used to the fact that there ARE INDEED women living in Korea too! Suprise, surprise! So please don`t be silly and take a chill pill. *throws chill pills at them*
➤ Awww! Just awwww! ^^ she`s lovely, boys are lovely… Siwon`s especially lovely *^^*
when SuJu met Donika, the girl from US!
Cute girl ^^ also a Siwon fan. “He`s so handsome” *pats her* aaah, we know kid, we know. ^__^
But I can only say: Siwon, I`m falling in love with you as a PERSON more and more. Da hell with looks! I have a weakness for good ppl!
➤ It´s actually not that bad! ^^ (but somehow a bit confusing, not totally fitting together as a medley)
Super Junior releases highlight medley for ‘Sexy, Free & Single’
➤ This! xD LOL Teukie!
Super Junior’s Leeteuk expresses his jealousy towards Sungmin over Kang Sora on ‘We Got Married’
friendship definitely ends when it comes to his WGM wifey Sora ;D
➤ Oh well, let`s stick with Teukie now! You pp, know what day it is?! =D It´s our AngelLeader`s b-day! Lovely, caring and cute AngelLeader of SuJu!
Photobucket _HAPPY B-DAY TEUKIE OPPA! Photobucket
May all your wishes come true! ELF love you lots! Have a wonderful birthday! AngelLeader, one of the ppl I even take hater comments for defending you when ppl say bad and wrong things about you, I hope you will be always healthy & happy! You`re a great Leader for SuJu & ELF, full of love and aways working hard.
~your litle CassELF fan Sangmi (⌒▽⌒)

JYJ news!
➤ I`m shocked! He really looks a lot like Junsu right now! (not exactly the same but a lot alike!)
JYJ’s Junsu shows his affection for his look-alike, Insoo of MYNAME
➤ It`s not always everything only about money *coughs and eyes a CERTAIN company*

JYJ and their agency receives zero profit from its JYJ member expo

➤ Awww! I understand that! Just look at this little plushie elephantie~ it`s soooo cute!
The Jaejoong Effect: Stuffed elephant puppet cleaner sold out in Japan

[Pic] 120629 Homin at Gimpo airport Part 2
I normally really don`t like such overall thingies but Leader씨 makes it really look good to me ^^ OTL Leader씨 can wear everything!
But what I highly recomment is Minnie! Gais! *imitating Emmy* Look at Minnie! His hair is perfection these days! Iiiiiii cannot even! *waves around with arms damatically*

➤ He was in Paris?! =D
G-Dragon attends Rick Owens fashion show in Paris
Oooomo! GD and his hair, I cannot even! Pink hair makes it easy to spot him! I guess all fans approve *haha*
and: those pants are damn cool! *.* GD rocks!

➤ Ah yes, that`s right. There was his showcase! I`ve had almost forgotten about it again ^^°
SS501 members Heo Young Saeng & Kim Kyu Jong attend Kim Hyung Jun’s showcase

Uhm… ok, just announced on twitter that I will add a little of my bla bla to this entry and then post it Photobucket

Today`s bla bla is about the following: Hea unni once said that she learned a lot while reading my blog.
This sentence came back to my mind this evening. Dunno how, it was suddenly on my mind while I was writing the blog here.
So I ask myself: Ppl learn something from reading my blog? I WONDER!
What can ppl learn here besides how to create looooong rants Photobucket
(ok, but my rants are important! They prevent me from killing ppl because if I woundn`t let everything out I would explode one day. It`s always better to let it out!)
What else could ppl learn here? I`m not sure. I don`t know what ppl can learn here.
I`m not even sure what UNNI can learn here.

Maybe one of my stalkers can answer this question.
Oh yeah ppl, I HAVE stalkers! At least 4 by now! But the estimated number of unknown cases could be higher Photobucket
I DON`T EVEN WANT TO NOW! Please don`t tell me! I don`t want to hear that I have 10 ppl stalking or so. Just let me believe in these 4 and not know about the others.
I must be so famous!

And… talking about being famous-> blog views-> that one view from Peru lately: Natali, was that you? ^^ I only know ONE person from Peru! Must have been you then!
Who else should know my blog over there in Peru?
I wonder anyway. The counrties where I get my view from were Indonesia, Malaysia, USA, UK, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Canada, Roamia, Spain, Chile, Philippines, Argetinia and even Mexico so far… This blog has views from all over the world. I really wonder! How in da world did my bla bla here get so “famous”? How and when? When? When?
Although we are talking here of 3 to 7 view/country (which is not much): I`m always kinda shocked when I look at my stats!
I don`t look at it as a success for my blog, I look at it as a success for k-pop! Since I spam about k-pop all the time I think this shows how big our community is.

This also gives me hope that there are really still ppl out there who learned english properly. Photobucket(if they aren`t native speakers anyway).
I mean, 2/3 of my workmates wouldn`t be able to read a single entry here because their english is kinda limited to “Hello”, “sorry” & “I love you” and that`s it.

Oh yes, maybe kids can learn english here a bit. I try my best not to lack too much.
I`ve learned much in english from reading english FFs since I was 12. ^^
Yeah, maybe that`s what kids can learn here. How to rant and english.
… …
xD OMG! THIS IS STUPID! CUT! CUT! Someone roll the closing credits for today! THIS IS NONSENSE!

This was truely one hell of a bla bla to add to this blog entry!
On top of all it`s getting late and I REALLY always talk great nonsense when it`s getting late. And it`s 0:45AM now, so nonsense leven is HIGH!

I will leave now. When I see Oppas & fanbases getting up it`s really time to leave for me. Junho & The Siwonest are awake now, so it`s time!

Bye, bye~~

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