HanGeng released “Clown Mask” MV + GengNews, SuJu released “Sexy, Free & Single” MV & Hyun Joong shakes hands with 5000 ppl?! ^^ cray!

안녕 친구들! v^^.

Admin Sangmi here is a bit nervous.
Tomorrow Diego & Rico will go to the vet, I need to get up early because I am supposed to be there at 8:00am. *dies* waaaeeee so early? Aigoo. And then I start to worry again if they will make it or not… I hope the best!

Then I`m about to die when I look how many news I have to link today. It may won`t look like much when I´m done since half of the links is about Geng xD but it will surely be one hell of a horror link-linking now!
So let`s not waste any more time and let`s start!

➤ I don`t even know where to begin… it`s so much… everything is so awesome but let`s begin with the coolest things.
“Clown Mask” MV was released yest.
I already said it multiple times: It`s scary and creepy in a way but also wonderfully told. Even ppl who haven`t read the english trans of the lyrics can understand (in case they know about him and everything, his story… and I don`t mean the “SM version” of the story, I´m talking about the real stuff).
– This is THE BEST REVIEW I`ve seen so far of the MV. You should read it. It`s great.
– AllKPop also had an article about the MV release again:
Hangeng releases “Clown Mask” MV
ㄱ___ㄱ as expected: We have many stupid ppl here, commenting about how bad this song and the MV are. Oh yeah, these k-pop kiddies who have no idea about him and don`t bother to ask what he`s doing the whole year. Now they look at his stuff for ONE SINGLE TIME in the year (and that only because AllKPop posted it, otherwise they wouldn`t even know about it) & dare to judge it? They NEITHER looked up the lyrics NOR they know about his past and they absolutely don`t know what kind of person he is (in general & now) but they still dare to judge it?
NO COMMENT! I just have no comment. It`s just like Cassies ranting about SuJu`s AngelLeader…
ㄱ_ㄱ Basically I only have one thing to say: STFU & GTFO. The door is to your left! *highkicks them out of the door* Photobucket
Also as expected: On YouTube we have ppl who understood.
Oh yeah and I´m still not amused that SM cannot stop tagging him in every SuJu vid. They don`t do this because they love him so much or because they get sentimental with each new MV. ts. ㄱ_ㄱ Aigoo, that company! ><
They don`t tag him because they love him so much… ppl should really think harder! It´s true! Pocketostars admin said it! It`s so true!
What a usefull coincidence that they even want to make use of him now when SuJu`s MVs show up even when you only look for Geng`s work… oooh, so much coincidence, né? It´s like using JJ for their promo vid! I CANNOT EVEN! GAAAAAH! Photobucket
[PICS] “Clown Mask” behing the scenes: 1 oh Geng! You`re so cool! ^^d & 2
The Songwriters for Han Geng’s New Songs…
O: Sweetbox, Backstreet Boys, N’sync, Britney Spears… OMO! OMO! Swedish coposers/songwriters are damn awesome! No wonder the album will be just 대to the박! European staff, I cannot! *faints*
➤ [FAN POST] Very suitable to all that is why we love him. There are so many reasons why we love him but this one is definitely one of the biggest:
What I love most about Geng is: he’s just him. …
This is surely so great about him! That he is just himself. He`s walking his way, no matter what. He`s inspiration for all of us GengFans!
One reason why I`m more hyper about his album than about the album of anyone else is that he`s telling us a special story with each album and he dosen`t even bother to match other ppls expectations. HanGeng is HanGeng and he will always be. His album is what he wants to talk about and how he wants to express himself. And there`s always a lot of deeper meanings behind it. It`s amazing! Geng is amazing! *_____* I feel the most honored only to be his Fan. I`m seriously so proud of him. and I really don`t even have words to properly say what I want to say.
➤ The next awesome thing: 2-minutes “Hero” teaser!
Han Geng: new teaser from the 2nd album—“Hero.”
OMO! Photobucket I cannot! It`s amazingly beautiful! PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket looooooove! SO MUCH LOVE!
*starts running around in circles again* IIIIiiiiiii cannot even! I`m dying! I need this album! WANT IT! WANT IT! WANT IT! WANT IT! WANT IT! WANT IT! I WANT TO HAVE IT NOW! *dies*
So therefore: Someone said “6jib is the best event in 2012” ?… *inser endless fake coughings of disagreeing here*

07.29.2012. 07.29.2012. 07.29.2012. 07.29.2012. 07.29.2012. 07.29.2012. 07.29.2012. 07.29.2012. 07.29.2012. 07.29.2012. 07.29.2012. 07.29.2012. 07.29.2012.!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^
As much as I love SuJu but: errr… no!
6jib is not the best event this year! The most awesome album this year is made by Geng. No doubt about it.
[Latest PICS] : This is perfect match picture again! Geng fits into this place perfectly :3 I`m amazed! → 1 , Filming for “北京祝福你” → 2 & 3 ;
Cutie! Photobucket
Photobucket ,
HanGeng & the Gundams! → 4 , This was all like “Welcome at HanGeng Hotel, our tear is at your service” to me ^^ → 5 , “To our eventually lost youth” → 6 , I know this cap & I´m glad he had the time to go to a concert! This means he actually (*coughs* FINALLY) spends some time on himself, that`s good! → 7 , HANGENG & FANFAN! =D → 8 + 9 .
➤ (120703) Recording for MTV Tian Lai Cun: 1 , 2 , 3 & 4 .
HanGeng WEIBO updates: (120703) Han Geng’s Weibo Updates – Clown Mask MV/Internet Show/Fan Fan
YES! I can guess which song`s the third one! It`s “Hero”, isn`t it?! =D I love it!
And FanFan & Geng are just love! I love it that he`s friends with her and Blackie very much!
➤ Yesterday, 2 hours after “Clown Mask” was out: 2 Songs of HanGeng in the top 5!
Yo kids, Geng is back!
I still say: EXO? What is EXO? I don`t even know them xD *fake pretends* (…but actually I really almost don`t know them! I know nothing about them!)
One thing is for sure, we really don`t want him to be back with SM! Never! I can only agree with that person.
I would love if there would be less trouble and troublesome feelings for him regarding contact with the members but at least he`s in contact with two of them. HanGeng`s okay. GengFans are okay. It´s ok.
➤ [GIFS] “Clown Mask”
I SEE A MAC! ^_____^ and… somehow I ended up staring at these GIFs… I don`t even exactly know why…
HanGeng for Qiy… o.o :

Really… ^__^

His face too? oO
Mr. Makeup artist, tell me what technique this is. I would love to know… o.O
More QiY pics:1 & this was before the staring contest! → 2 , 3 , 4 the short spot was awesome! , reporter woman lost the staring contest ^^ 5 , 6 ,
*fangirl love-sigh* aigoo,my squishy ^___^

°//° I`m sorry but… I… I cannot!
*really stares too much right now* (⊙///⊙) … Geng, one thing: You`re beautiful! I will leave now! … >////< *runs away embarrassed*
➤ *deep/great… whatever else fangirl sigh* I know that! I know that too well! Aaaaall these sworn brother feels from time to time… …. yes, pocketostars admin, ppl like us definitely have a certain problem. We`re emotional idiots OTL
[Engsub] 120626 Han Geng in Top Figure (头号人物)
*_* thank you Geng-bao for the trans. Your staff is the best!

JYJ news~
➤ The boys looked so good! *.* …. but chunnie seriously should have been at home and resting.
[Pic] 120701 – 2012 JYJ Membership Week Fan Meet
– More pics: [Pic] JYJ Membership Week – FanMeet with Korean fans
➤ The scenerey… sooo pretty!
[Trans] Jaejoong Twitter update Part 2
➤ *haha* oh yes, someone spammed us lately!
Jaejoong uploads a string of selcas
I was happy to see that he was running around Junsu`s house. He had a better day compared to the day before. :/ I don`t like it when the boys are sad, makes me sad as well. But I understand JJ. It has been two years since he lost his beloved friend. It`s really hard at such anniversary not to be emo… :/
➤ The vid to it was so cute & beautiful! This photobook will be just 대박!
[Pic] JYJ PREMIERE COLLECTION: JYJ in Hawaii – Mahalo Photobook Preview
*haha* love the pic where all of them are huggling and JaeChun hanging/jumping on Junsu ㅋㅋ they`re so cute!
Here`s another vid, not the one I was talking about just now, another one ^^
cuuuuuuuutiiiiiiiiies! Photobucket
➤ Waaaaeeee do I have the feeling that this was all about one-member-stans????
Yoochun’s words to fans in JYJ Membership Week Fan Meeting 2012
*cough* I quote “I hope fans of individual members can co-operate one another and become the ones who can support each other at least when we are together.” … …
… … …

THEY ARE STANS CHUNNIE, S-T-A-N-S! щ(゚Д゚щ) How should they manage this? It`s their main problem for all their cat fighting *cough* at least when it dosen`t involves OT5 or YunJae fans for one time a day.
Oh well, Chunnie 4ever too good for them! His heart is just too good!
➤ JJ on the set of “Dr. Jin”:
JYJ Official Facebook Update
➤ Aigoo, that Yoochun of ours! :/ I do not approve!
[News] 120704 JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun releases his studio—“I have blurred eyes today, which makes it hard to work for me”
Pulling an all-nighter in his condition? ts, ts… Was this really necessary Park Yoochun? *sighs* boys always work too hard.
➤ I can only say it again and again: Damn lucky japanese fans!
JYJ host biggest-ever K-Pop meeting for foreign fans

HoMin news!
➤ HAHA! This is so funny!
[Vid] Bigeast Mission Card 9
LOL xD I was like… “Minnie… *interested* O.O what kind of thing…? Leader씨, what is this good for? *watches Leader씨`s demo* aaah, so it`s for something to put on… *watches minnie holding the bottle thing with the cam on it now* aaaah! So it`s for putting a cam on it…” then I was like “ok, this is a bit strange but xD They explained it so cutely! (((o(≧∇≦)o)))”
I just love them!
TVXQ kicks off their historic fanclub event tour in Japan
Leader씨 cooking…! I have to say: I didn`t saw that coming ^^
➤ Both of them so beautiful!
[Pic] Tohoshinki BigEast FanClub Event
… I`m in love with Minnies hair… I`m sorry emmy but >< I LOVE CHANGMINNIES HAIR!
➤ Story:
Fanboy: YH, i love you!.
YH: I love you too!
YH explained: but i am a guy, by right i should love female.But i like FAnboy too~~(YH:What i am talking about)”
xD Haha! Leader씨 has a heart for fanboys! Yunho is the best!
➤ It`s because LEader씨 worked hard!
TVXQ’s Yunho chosen as the hallyu idol with the best Japanese skills
I wish Yunho could teach japanese to me… *sighs* I would love to know some more japanese.

SuJu news!
➤ “Sexy, Free & Single” MV was released!
It`s so cool! Dance is just so cool!
+ I realized, when I loot at Siwon & Geng, that nearly have the same shirt. A bit of SiHan sameness is in the air! *nods* yes, definitely.
I`m in love with Yesungs & Minnies hair! :3
and it`s sooooooo good to see Kangin in the MV again! Aaaah, I still can`t belive it! He`s back! =D
And Teukie… oh well, I only say: wooh~! AngelLeader! Photobucket *insert childish fangirl giggling here* sexy!
Of course, there`s also my Pony, Siwonnie! Hm. What to say?
Me: “… … *thinks*”
Siwon: *insert a Siwon looking at Noona with a “o.o …yes?”-expression here*
me: “… uhm, I`m already used to it, so no comment about ‘that’. But I love your shoes & the rest of your outfit! =D ”
Siwon: *facepalm*
me: “eh hehe… ^^°”
➤ The Siwonest posted this first, but I only understood half of it because it was in korean. thank god there was AllKPop! ^^°
Super Junior promotes their new album via giant electric billboards on the streets of Seoul
this is… SO PRO! =D
and… *o* I want such screens in our city too! Wae can`t german cities be cool like that? German cities, wae u no stop being boring?
➤ And it looks cool because of that!
Super Junior uses matrix cameras for their “Sexy, Free & Single” MV
➤ They are… on the hunt for new slaves…errr…no, Siwon dosen`t likes it when we say so…so, uhm…ppl to make money with via contracts till all eternity… errr! damn! SCRATCH ALL THAT! >< … trainees?
SM Entertainment to embark on ’2012 SM Youth Star Auditions’ around seven countries
➤ This one was indeed interesting. I was asking myself that question since a while!

At today’s presscon, Leeteuk was asked about what would happen to the leader’s spot after he joins the army. He replied,

“It will be left empty. Those members who have always had leadership ability and influence can continue as usual, so there is no need to have an official leader replacement. Without my kind of status, it is very dangerous to step into shoes of the official leader.”

Leeteuk created roaring laughter with this comment.

LOL Leader Teuk!!!

(Source: yuki最爱赫J澈. Translation from Chinese to Eng: scarkyu) 03.07.2012

Teukie! *haha* I hope it will be like he said or else it`s like when our boss is on vacation and we are all alone at work: We are practically dancing on the tables, spazzing out/around like a playschool group, being our childish selves… It´s a bit of chaos then ^^°
➤ Also a question I was thinking about lately… I cannot avoid thinking about it. It comes back to my mind again and again. I know, most of the kids just try to ignore the fact that our boys are just “at that age” now, it`s like they think when they ignore it long enough they don`t have to think about it. *sighs* but I cannot do so!
Super Junior members reveal they made plans to take turns serving military duty
➤ WAAAH! That`s cool!
Super Junior’s “Sexy, Free & Single” MV surpasses 1 million views in under 12 hours + coverage in Poland
I would love to see SuJu on our regular tv program too.. and HoMin… and JYJ… and Geng… and Brian… oh, and 100 others too! But mainly those! WHEN, (屮゚Д゚)屮 TV STATIONS, WHEN WILL IT HAPPEN?????
➤ Kangin is cute ^___^
Kangin is excited for Super Junior’s comeback
Can`t wait to see Korea`s no.1 handsome man on shows like Music Bank again! =D Tomorrow is M!Countdown ! SuJu, see you there! 😉 Especially Kangin!
➤ Good to hear!
Kim Kibum praised for his work ethic by ‘I Love Italy’ staff

Big Bang news!
Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” tops half-year chart on Japan’s ‘Dwango’
➤ *haha* because he`s #CoolLikeThat!
Big Bang’s Taeyang makes a stylish entrance on a skateboard
Like a boss! ^^d have fun Taeyang!

➤ ㅋㅋ post office guys or women will have fun in case they are SNSD antis xD LOL (you maybe know what I mean ㅎㅎㅎ *evil laugh* )
First stamps featuring Girls’ Generation to be issued in August

➤ *writes HEAT in “to buy”-list* I still need to get his new album &… I would want to shake hands with him too ^^
Kim Hyun Joong holds a handshake event with 5,000 fans in Japan
I really like this man. He`s amazing! And he really looked good! =)

Phew! Now I´m finally through all my news… I wonder waaaaae in da world did it get that much? wne when? Wae & when? ^^

Oh! and unni just RTed something new into my tl!

—> FINAL FANTASY VII for PC – Announcement Trailer
O: all my nostalgic feelings towards it!
But, seriously, if I want to play it I use my PS2 and the original PS1 game. But this version actually looks good! It`s no HD but still!
I wonder if this was what Square recruited ppl for 2 years ago… you know, they had this job advertisement with the pic of PS3 demo trailer HD-VII-style-Cloud pic so everyone thought they could work on a giiiiigant remake. Oh well, maybe sometime later. SQEX already said way back then that they would love to do one but it`s not that easy. On top of all they have to focus on their new games. They already drown themselves in work so I REALLY wonder if this would EVER have a change to happen.
But nonetheless: this is cool! grapics are actually a lot better. I guess some ppl will have fun with it! Me not, because I have no PC. Le me has a Mac and… Macs are not born to be gaming machines. Macs are born to work! 😉
Perfect match for a workaholic like me! I work with this thing the whole day! Work and spazz! ;D ㅋㅋㅋ heeeey, I´m a fangirl after all!

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