Still many GengNews, SuJu release “SF&S” making & HoMin release “Android” full MV!!

안녕… :/ Mixed feeling today. (I hope fangirling a little now makes it better)

Sad news first: Our kitty died last night. All of a sudden she wasn`t feeling well anymore & sister sis drove her to the animal hospital with her boyfriend around 1:00am. … and I already wondered where they were going in the middle of the night because I heard them. I didn`t expected it to have SUCH a reason! I couldn`t believe when mom told me this morning!
Back to the story: They drove to the animal hospital but Vet coulndn`t help the cat anymore. She was really sick and we never knew! She had cancer and that… all over. But inside and not visible to the outside so nobody could ever see something. No one expected her to be THAT sick! Really strange and… so sudden!
It`s a strange weird feeling that the cat is missing now. Ok, she was a damn killer kitty >< & not for cuddling, but it`s weird nonetheless when you are used to her being around.
Ok, our cat was old. 14 years old to be exact. That`s old for a cat. So one can`t say it wasn`t about time for her but the strange feeling will remain.
Since our cat was a killer I was never really THAT in love with her, but at some point you like your killer kitty nontheless so the following days now will feel odd. o-o … strangely odd. (I don`t even want to think about how it is when my dog will die one day! >__< )

Well, to do something useful and not always think about the cat and how weird and irritating it is that she is gone now I looked for a new DigiCam.
If I would have known what this means! 82937491382902848573984 cams out there! Photobucket *faints*
1 1/2 to 2 hours I was only looking through cams, reading what other ppl wrote about the different cams & was constantly changing my mind. AIGOO!
Too many cams, too many opinions, too much confusion. I was totally LOST, okhe?! I WAS LOST!
One thing was sure: I needed a systen.
Sony camera was a fail back then, Samsung camera isn`t the real thing either now & panasonic… oh please! Not what I want by far! >< So I visited the german Nikon website.
I was going through the list of Nikon DigiCams then. Finally I could at least focus on one company`s products now. I compared & read about 8 of the cams & finally came to a result: The next try in digital camera will be a Nikon S9200. Yeah, I know, there are newer cams of Nikon, but from all what I`ve read about the cams this one should be the best for my purpose.
I really hope this time it won`t be a fail again because Nikon is one of the 3 companies with the best cams in the world.

Well then, let`s look at the news!

➤ “Clown Mask” behind the scenes: So cool! ^^
➤ Chinese (romanised) lyrics of “Clown Mask”:
“Clown Mask” Pinyin Lyrics
[PICS] Qiy :
*___* love this one!

*cannot stop looking at Geng when he`s working out* Photobucket

Pocketostars admin was right, this IS the “What do you mean you don’t believe me? …I work out all the time!!!” face LOL → 1 #OurPoorSquishyGetsNoRespect ^^°°° #JustFun ,
^^ → 2 ,
Happy at Qiy picnic-interview ^-^ → 3 ,
when we see him like that, all laughing and having fun, GengFans are happy → 4 ,
yup, yup, you keep working out with making strange faces at us, I will keep watching silently =) → 5 ,
I really hope they ate all the delicious fruits and stuff after the interview! Geng was already eyeing the food → 6 (note: I have to say, he drinks cutely *giggles*),

…is he swearing at the sky “I dare you to bring bad weather while we are filming ლ( >◡< ) *raises fist*”, or what?Photobucket
hehe, but it looks epic! Photobucket HanGeng jiáyóu! ლ( >◡< ).
[PICS] at Happy Camp : 1 , 2 ,
May I introduce? Geng & Blackie, the Love Life-Gangsters of Happy Camp!
Photobucket ,
Happy Camp was invaded by GENGsters xD → 3 OTL The girl looks a lot like Sunny! & THIS! Geng and Blackie, what`s going on here? *haha!* why are they rolling around/huggling on the ground? Aigoo, those two! Photobucket
Geng & Blackie, take care or I will ship you next xD ㅋㅋ (NOTE: well, would be a wonder if this wasn`t based on something childish xD They are friends after all and Geng & his friends are a play school group OTL)
[PICS] random : HanGeng, *__* your beautiful arms! → 1 , 2 , oh, I like these pics! → 3 , haha! @Cynthia this is what I was talking about! Uri Geng, all mature & manly 4 (GIF) #NokiaLumiaSpazzingOnSet *giggles like a little girl* Photobucket So funny! I love you HanGeng! & 4 (A day in Changsha)
➤ Stanning on… Geng`s necklace!
…and I just KNOW that I saw such a necklace sometime before but don`t remember where!
➤ This is aaaaall why I love them: SiHan interview : [Interview] 090501 Ceci Magazine Interview with Siwon and Han Geng [excerpt] (full interview HERE!)
[Full Audio] : “Hero”
韩庚 Han Geng – Hero – Full Audio CD Version
I`m so in love with this song! I STILL CANNOT EVEN! Just 대to the박! I still have no words! I love this song! So nice! (and I always love his Gengrish! OMO! So much love!!!!!)
[Full Audio] : “Profile Of Your Face”
韩庚 Han Geng – 侧脸 (Profile of Your Face) – Full Audio CD Version
;~; His voice. I cannot. I could listen to it all day. It calms me. Love it!
[Full Audio] : “I Don`t Lack”
韩庚 Han Geng – 我不缺 (I don’t Lack) – Full Audio CD Version
Also very nice! And the songs are so different! I mean Kuang Cao, Clown Mask, Hero & Profil/I don’t Lack… for me these are 4 different sorts of music style. It`s just great! I could cry but I`m too busy running around in circles in excitement for his second album! His 2nd album will just be so awesome! *runs around in circles*

SuJu news
➤ HyukSu 4 the win!
[Trans] Super Junior’s Sexy, Free & Single album’s “Thanks to” Messages
In this years -Thanks to- messages is a lot happening: mentioning HanGeng, mentioning Junsu (indirectly)… And I still wonder that they allowed it/that they printed it… I mean the boys mentioning HanGeng. oO I really don`t understand SM a bit.
First they are having lawsuit and are all like “We will hunt you down!”, they spread rumors to talk bad about Geng and to put him under a bad light & the media totally helped them. Then they see that they are losing the lawsuit and said “ok HanGeng, we had issue, but we would take you back” *sarcastic fake laugh* haha… haha… very funny SME. After they lost the lawsuit the were all like “Vengeance!!!” but the court rehected their contradiction all the way and they acted butthurt like hell after that. This was the story of HanGeng`s lawsuit with SME.
They have nothing left for him but hate. They had their change to show a greater love but they didn`t. So I REALLY wonder why all of a sudden allowing that?… oO and this is where I don`t understand them anymore.
HanGeng has to fear that the members will have problems when he keeps in contact with them & now they are allowed to mention him openly.
Yup, this is the kind of sh*t I pay attention to. #AFangirlsRecord
➤ They are so lovable! ^____^
Super Junior releases “Sexy, Free & Single” interview & MV making

➤ oooh yeah! and it was cool!
Super Junior makes a comeback on ‘M! Countdown’ with “Sexy, Free and Single”!
I waited for them to perform! =) best is our 6-weeks-hawaii Siwon xD You know what I mean! ELFi said it: “Tan like hell” oh yes, yes. I already was amazed by that fact while he was still filming “Turn Around And Say I Love You”. *nods to herself*
Siwon, I like it but you`re “dark” enough now.
➤ I really like it when fans are doing this because this mans the boys (and in that case: the staff too) will eat properly!
Super Junior’s Donghae thanks his fans for their nutritious gift
➤ AngelLeader, you are the god of all workaholics on earth!
Workaholic Leeteuk reveals he shed tears on his off-days
Can someone please tie him to a chair in front of a lovely landscape? AngelLeader cannot enjoy vacation by himself, we need to “help” him *makes evil plan* …. wait, WHEN did I become that evil? D: #SureThisHasToDoWithTheEvilsPresence #Coughs #BadInfluence #HellYeah!UselessTagsInText4ever! ← xD I`m Sorry, sorry! *starts to sing SuJu song*
Well, nonetheless: Teukie this is a bit cray ^^° eh hehe…
➤ well, now he`s something like the announcer of SuJu. Almost the same ^^
Leeteuk reveals he dreamed of being an announcer
➤ ^^d Jjang!
Super Junior’s Shindong and Eunhyuk show their support for winner Ryeowook on ‘Immortal Song 2′

And Ailee was there too! Talking about Ailee: She said she`s on a diet. I DO NOT APPROVE! She has such a nice and healthy figure!
Btw, this was Ailee at Immortal Song 2:
YouTube comment: “Whoever the winner is, I always watch Ailee’s performance first. .^^” Yup! That`s also me! I`m Ailee`s fan! =D

JYJ news!
➤ Ah JJ! Constantly judging yourself!
[News] 120705 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong: “I’m the worst actor in JYJ”
➤ Another nice teaser vid!
[Vid] JYJ – Mahalo Photobook 3rd Preview
➤ Junsu and his awesome Cassiopeian Hair xD I told you! This is practically Cassiopeia on his head!
[Pic] 120707 XIA 1st Asia Tour Concert Tarantallegra In Shanghai
Red hair just too cray! But I really approve Junsu & red hair combination! My best friend always saiys it dosen`t suit him but I like it!

HoMin news!
➤ Fiiiiiiinally “Android” full MV was out! =D
TVXQ releases full “Android” PV
Android Cover looks so cool! HoMin look really good in this one and the dance is really something! They both move really beautiful. I like it to watch them.
+ WHITE SUITS! Photobucket You know that I love this?! I LOVE IT!
(Note: But Yunho in pink is REALLY SOMETHING too! =D Pink Leader씨, I like you!)
➤ Lyrics of “Android”
[Lyrics] Tohoshinki – Android
➤ New Missha pics!
[Pic] TVXQ in Missha CEO Facebook update
➤ WHAT Da–! *haha*
[Pic] 120707 Bigeast Staff report – Tohoshinki Backstage
➤ Yunho`s hair so cutie! Photobucket
[Pic] 120707 Tohoshinki – Big East Fanclub Event in Kobe
➤ Another awesome vid of them: HoMin at Music Bank in Hong Kong yesterday!
ㅠ~ㅠ I could cry when they perform “The Way You Are” only as two. When I hear HoMin singing 5-Songs I always keep thinking “Oh, this would have been Junsu`s line… Jaejoongs line… Chunnies line… they would sing this together now…” *big Cassie sigh* #AllMyCassieFeels #RipsHeartOut ….. *runs away crying*
(NOTE: Attention to the YunJae lightboard in the first row please!!!!!)

➤ HEAT is still on my “to buy”-list.
Kim Hyun Joong’s ‘HEAT’ tops Oricon’s singles chart
➤ OH! THE MV IS NICE! Cute! ^____^
Kim Hyun Joong’s “Let’s Party” MV released
He just looks so handsome! Like the fact that the girl is a foreigner!
Sadly the vid got blocked due to copyright vialoation *sighs* at least YouTube says so.
➤ yes, because he`s a meanie like that! ;P
Kim Hyung Jun teases fans with ‘Escape’ mini-album

Big Bang news!
➤ Ok, not really new but this was soooo cute!

Big Bang teams up with Samsung for their ‘Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour’
Alive Galaxy Tour… sounds great, né?! hm, I wonder when the tour stops for europe will be out… and I wonder even more if we will get the chance to see them here… o.o questions over questions.

My oh my… once again the most was GengNews. ^^ But it dosen`t matter. This is also a blog for my Spazz about HanGeng!
Basically I´m not even sure which love exists longer: My love for Junsu or for HanGeng… I mean I kinda notices 2 things at the same time when I came to k-pop: Junsu`s voice & HanGeng`s dancing skills. And I cannot separate which one was the first thing. It´s especially difficult because I came to know SuJu directly after I saw “Doushite” MV.
Well, my Fangirl memory is sometimes lacking! Especially when it comes to such little details at the beginning of my k-popper time!

What to say? Ah yes, my mice.
Diego & Rico were at the vet on thursday and they are well! Of course, they started fighting and since Rico is somewhat sensitive he quickly squeaks and so they were loud at night. *sighs* but I slept nonetheless. After all Diego is the troublemaker but he never hurted his brother like… there was blood. Rico is overreacting a bit ^^°
The other boys are currently waiting for their visit at the vet next friday. Now, after everything went well with the other two, I`m less afraid something could happen.

Up to now Sammy and Nuka were quiet little boys but lately they have little fights more often a day. You can say that we reached the point where it`s about time that they go to the vet. I`m glad they can finally go.

oh yeah, my “hunt” for some female company for the 4 boys wasn`t successful. I will try my luck again next week. I only have 4 more weeks. You could say time presses a bit now.

okay, now I have nothing more to say for now so I will leave to watch k-pop MVs from my comp & later watch k-pop vids and such with mom!
Shinhwa live at Music Bank, Big Bang MVs, HanGeng`s Nokia CFs ;D , HoMin MVs, SuJu`s new MV… something like that. Mom needs to be updated! My K-Pop mom isn`t up to date! I DO NOT APPROVE!

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