Geng at Happy Camp + “Hero” Lyrics, ㄱ-ㄱ Standom`s edited reality & stupid sasaeng ppl cause Heenim to leave twitter ><

안녕 다들!
It`s not that anyone could avoid hearing about this, so I will tell the whole story here.
it`s called:

“Le Standom’s edited reality”

Let`s begin at the start.

Our dear standom. Always a nice surprise.
Well, or more like… scary surprise when you get to have a look into their weird world made up by their weird minds.
I don`t know and I don`t care how old their edited vids are. The question is: How disrespectful can ppl be? Well, since we know about what sasaeng ppl did and still do it`s clear: disrespect knows no end!
Sames goes for standom. Not only their stupidity is ifinite. ㄱ_ㄱ

When you go on YouTube and search for “JYJ clean version” you see some super cray sh*t.
What we are talking about here: Edited 5-performances where they cut out HoMin respectively their parts in the songs & replaced them with JYJ singing their parts.
At first I was like “… …. ok… … …
Photobucket … ???? eh?????”

Then I was like:
“WHAT DA EFFIN’… FACK!? Photobucket What is this sh*t?! CRAY! CRAY! CRAY!”

I never knew something like this exists… I was shocked. Never saw this before. Well, on the other hand, who of us would get the idea of searching for JYJ “clean” version`s on YouTube? No one. I wonder how Emmy came across this (because I know about it from her). Well, maybe by chance because she`s always watching old 5-performances on YouTube. Guess it was in the sidebar then.
Well, however. Dosen`t really matter. Fact is that this is really crazy.
Now they even had their dirty, dirty hands on old 5-performances to make everything fit into their weird world.
I mean, I have a friend who`s basically JYJ fan, what means more than HoMin. But she respects their past and she also likes HoMin & all she wants is JYJ to be happy so she would approve when they would be back together as 5. She knows about the bounds of the boys so she never felt hate towards HoMin.
THIS is the kind of JYJ fan I can accept. If you want support JYJ but not THAT way. Editing vids like that isn`t support or love. It only shows hate & the scary-cray state of a stans mind…
I was seriously so shocked to see that they even go so far! This is comletely crazy.
What`s next?
JYJ cray-stans of one member cut out… YooSu from the performance of JYJ because they only stan Jaejoong?? DA HELL! No one can say that this couldn`t happen!

At least standom knows that Cassipoeia is for 5 and that we don`t want them. I saw more than one of them writing in their bio “NOT Cassiopeia” or “not a Cassie”.
AND THAT`S DAMN RIGHT! Ppl who are hateful and crazy like that are neither Bigeast nor Cassiopeia. Bigeast said they don`t accept standom either. And it`s good that way!
How could we ever accept ppl who do something like this?
My researched brought to light that HoMin stans wanted to do the same but the ended up a bit helpless because they coulnd`t form a song well with only HoMin parts. *facepalm*
Standom, wae are you like that? Wae is there a need to produce “clean versions” of songs??? I don`t get it.

But the story hasn`t ended yet! Now let`s look at how standom reacted to our outrage/disgust about their doings.
– Emmy RT-ed a stan tweet who said (I quote) Hmmm. Now all those ot5s bashing JYJ fans for those old edited dbsk songs without homin… if they truly cared about JYJ they would turn all
is this sentence even finished? oO
Ok. Let`s ignore this. Maybe tweet was cut there or… I don`t know enough english. Fact is that this sounds to me like “if they would love JYJ they would approve of JYJ clean version“. (it would totally fit in their way of thinking)
DA HELL NO! We won`t ever approve of such a hateful thing! This is disrespectful to HoMin. VERY DIRECTLY, to be honest.
Another stan comment about the situation now: How do these ot5’s even find JYJ fans. Must you keep harassing us?
first: your stupid tweets show up when you search for JYJ in twitter search box. So is it our fault that your stupid tweets exist? We are not on the hunt for YOU! Unlike your believes, the world dosen`t revolve around you. Just for your information.
You always come to look at it by chance. Do you stans really think we love to read your stupid accounts? Please stop being so arrogant!

This is what a stan (I won`t show her name) tweeted to emmy (will hide her username as well):
1.) old story is getting older: HoMin stabbed JYJ in the back.
They had their reasons and they surely talked it out before they left. Stop being so stupid. One day they will tell us about everything.
2.) The next old story which is getting older: Support HoMin is to support SM and SM destroys JYJ.. Last may be true. At least they try do destroy them. But kids, according to the ‘HoMin = SM and HoMin fans support SM in destroying JYJ’-theory all other artist at SM are also SM itself. So all fans of TRAX, SHINee, The Grace, SuJu, SNSD, f(x) & EXO also destroy JYJ because they belong to the same company. Congrats! These fans will be pleased to hear this! Then you kids just got a lot of new enemies! You stans think they would only use the money the earn with HoMin to fight JYJ? Stop kiding me! You really believe that? They use all they can spend on it! You think they go like “oops! We already used up all of HoMin`s profits this month to destroy JYJ, we need to stop till next month.”????
SME tried to destroy everyone who left with lawsuit but they totally failed and are butthurt LIKE HELL! This is no -HoMin vs. JYJ- story. It never was. It`s still -JYJ vs. SM-. It was never HoMin against JYJ or vice versa! JYJ have no lawsuit against HoMin (or vice versa). GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT BEFORE YOU TALK!
So when we return to the logic “HoMin = SM” which means everyone at SM is SM itself. So basically JYJ are having lawsuit with all the artists under SM. [fake shocked] WOW! I never knew this lawsuit is THAT big! [/fake shock end] .. … *rolleyes* aigoo!
They may represent SME but they are not SME itself!
3.) Oh! Oldest story going to be historical in the meantime: The good old Live on in your delusional world!  I`ve waited for this sentence to come! Oh, we`re not the ones who were making cray vids to make it fit into our world. We believe because the boys believe and because there`s no reason to hate on any of them. AKTF is written on JYJ Worldwide Concert In Seoul DVD! Since standom always wants facts, how about you just EAT THAT ONE! (but up to today they are really good at ignoring da hell out of this fact!)
4.) Yes, we DON`T LIKE YOU, that`s true. And we have our reasons. But everything is turning to our favour now, we`re pleased. Our fandom is not falling apart. #CassiopeiaIsUndefeated. We’re strong & we’re still here. So we are going nowhere because we were always right here. GET OUT YOURSELF! Photobucket How dare you to tell us to leave? You dare to talk to my Emmy like that? She`s a Cassie since a really looooong time. She`s longer a fan of JYJ (and HoMin) than you! So much for telling ppl to leave.

Also, we had something really interesting when a friend posted about the video incident on her blog:
“JYJ fan”: The Dirty Version
Oh? Now we`re critizied for not speaking korean? Some of us actually learned. And some of us are even native speakers so STFU with this! Korean Cassies translated, american-korean cassies can understand and translated. So PLEASE don`t start with this now!
And only iFans support 5?
ooooh~ now that`s interesting! Guess many ppl had hallucinations the when we watched korean OT5 dancing to balloons! We saw a vid that cannot exist of ppl who don`t exist, according to this stans logic.
And what about DokiDoki site then ( ) ? This is a site of korean OT5 and they invited iFans to join.
And EVERYONE can claim to be korean. even I could do it. Ppl who don`t know me have no chance to tell if I´m lying or not.
So who`s supposed to believe all this? Sure, sure. OT5 don`t exist. Sure, sure. Korean OT5 don`t exist. *walks away bored*
Tell my korean OT5 friend about this! I guess she would be interested in knowing that she dosen`t exist, just like all the other korean OT5.

In addition to this, Standom asked why it`s not working for them to only support one member (without killing themselves). They said there are other one-member fansites out there so why can`t they learn from it?
Yeah, because YOU are STANS! You kids just don`t understand that there is a difference between…
– supporting a group and additonally be a special fan of one member
– only being a stan of one member & don’t give a f*ck about the rest of the group.
This is where the difference begins. We have lot`s of one-member fansites to every group out there. And it´s working just fine. The difference is that ppl don`t hate on the member who are not their bias.
*cough* At this point I can only remind you of all the catfights between Jaejoong stans and Yoochun stans. It´s really craycray. You should be ashamed of your own party for so many reasons… ㄱ_ㄱ

So after we cleared up things here. One thing is for sure: STANDOM NEEDS TO GET THE HELL AWAY FROM MY FANDOM! You talk about “Get out”? Yes, this is what you should do!


No cray edited vids. No hating on HoMin! We cannot accept! This goes too far!

NOTE: *cough* Stan said “I think that instead of attacking & turning our backs on fellow JYJ fans, we should stick together. I thought we were JYJ FAMILY. ” (well, you THOUGHT WRONG!) + “I don’t think JYJ family means to leave a trail of broken “family” members.
OH NO, KIDDO! It means exactly this! Right now standom is such a joke! They claw each others eyes out (because Jae stans vs. Yoochun stans and such). They ARE falling appart like hell. They aren`t only done, they are well done!!!! OTL!!!!
Yes, yes! I mean like they fried themselves!
Standom is falling apart because all they know is one member stanning & crayness. *shrugs* Not our fault.
At first everyone was shocked because they were so loud and aggressive. Not many, but loud and aggressive. Now everyone is laughing because it`s like I told you since 2010! I told you they would destroy themselves all by themselves. We just need to lean back, grab some snacks & enjoy the show!

Now I`m done.
That`s the latest standom story. Cray as always.
This was my whole research to this matter. I didn`t had to do much. Only to have a quick look at the stan who tweeted Emmy was enough. I wasn`t even needed to search for anything. I had all at hand. I don`t stalk any stan. (just in case another stan comes here: I don`t stalk you ppl. It´s not needed to stalk you.)
I was writing all this because I`m kinda amazed by the level of their hate & other should know about it. This directly goes against my HoMin and I cannot just be silent about it.

GengNews now!
➤ [PICS] HanGeng at Happy Camp:
This is mini-lobster, isn`t it? Heard it`s Happy Camp tradition ^^ → 1 ,
WOW! looks great!2 ,
I`m amazed by what he`s wearing here *__* Black and white suits him so well! → 3 + 4 ,
5 ,
KYAAAH! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) SO CUTE! Finally dressed according to his real age! Photobucket6 ,
*_* beautiful. everything. → 7 ,
I really wonder what they were doing… → 8 ,
*giggles* just so cute! → 9 + 10 + 11 ,
LOVE LIFE! → 12 ,
Geng performing & eating ^^ YAH! I want something to eat too! O: → 13 + 14 .
➤ [PICS] Yishion:
➤ [WEIBO] Update about Happy Camp:
➤ [Lyrics] “Hero”:
Chinese & english lyrics for “Hero”
*__* love this song even more now! Such a positive message!
➤ Geng sending us “Best Wishes From Beijing
➤ [Random #Sihan] You better don`t touch Siwon`s sworn brother.
aw! So cute! How he ran back to hug him! Photobucket so cute! Photobucket
Pocketostars admin additionally knows some “behind the story” stuff regarding Best Wishes From Beijing.
➤ Oh wow! O.O that`s a difference.
Geng Concert Sponsors…. O:

SuJu news!
Super Junior makes a comeback on ‘Inkigayo’ with “Sexy, Free & Single” and “From You”!
Ai, and the vids of this performance were deleted 2 times! Had to find a new one but here we go:
*__* camerea man/woman seemed to love Teukie & Siwon. Or is it just me? I approve! *_*d
➤ Jjang!
And >< despite all that what spoke against it I ordered it because price was okeh.
(and my order directly counted on Hanteo charts with this seller)
Super Junior sweeps weekly charts with their 6th album
➤ Yeah. now the RAAAAAAAGEEEEE!!!!!-part of SuJu news… ==””’
Kim Heechul posts about sasaeng fans before closing his Twitter account
Photobucket YOU GOD DAMN USELESS SASAENG PPL! HOW DARE YOU TO MAKE HEENIM OPPA LEAVE?!? AISH! IT`S ALL YOUR FAULT! §$&%))”=§=$OS/)§/%)&%&%$!!!!! *insert wishes for sasaeng ppl to burn in hell (together with standom) here*
… …. T^T *cries* the moment when you click on @Heedictator & nothing shows up… Photobucket *runs away crying 4ever*
*sighs* Too many stupid ppl on earth. Too many! let`s just move on with the news…

JYJ news!
➤ OH MY! *__* so beautiful!
[Pic] JYJ – Daum Profile photo update
➤ It`s called “hyper because of lack of sleep”, JJ. ^^°
JYJ’s Jaejoong shares multiple cute selcas
➤ *hehe* Junsu prettier than the girls =)
JYJ Kim Junsu is Beautiful Even Amongst Female Staff Members
Cute group!
➤ YAY! =D I totally, highly and completely approve!
[News] 120710 JYJ’s Junsu tops the Asian Music Chart in Germany with “Tarantallegra”

HoMin news!
h[Cap] Tohoshinki ‘ANDROID’ DVD Offshot
➤ Ooooh yes! It was 대to the박!
[News] 120708 TVXQ dazzles at Music Bank in Hong Kong
Awesome performance! (since the first vid I posted was removed I will post another vid of HoMin in Hong Kong again now)
ㅋㅋ Attention to the FANBOY please! ^^d

➤ Junho posted something which was immediately archived in the “love life” folder in my head ^^
Love Life project?
Oh, maybe they doing it wrong ^^°

➤ Oh! I would love to see AKTF trend on twitter again! Starting at the 18th of July (midnight korean time)
Twitter Trend ~ July 18 – 19 KST … LAWSUIT SHOWDOWN
Who`s in?

➤ Hyung Joon hwaiting!
Kim Hyung Jun releases mini-album ‘ESCAPE’ & MV for “Sorry I’m Sorry”
The song is good! I like it!

➤ ^^ they are cute!
[Vid] I AM Movie – SM Artists singing Sorry Sorry in Central Park

➤ Welcome to the club. Me always makes exactly this kind of mistakes too ^^°°°
f(x)’s Victoria confesses to an embarrassing mistake she made while learning Korean

Visit Korea Committee releases popularity ranking of which artists were covered most in the ‘K-Pop Cover Dance Festival’

*looks at clock* I will be picked up at 4:30 by the shuttle service of the garage. So I still have much time.
Aigoo… I only hope I won`t be completely broke when I come back… Not sure about that.
I have a feeling that it could be very expensive today. >< ai. Don`t even want to think about it! I`m dying!

Mice news: mice are fine. but Nuka is sick again. So I started another round of medication with him. This time longer. hope it will help. But for now Sammy didn`t get sick by being around him. That`s unlikely to when they were sick before. It was only one or two days and all mice were sick. but this time: always only Nuka. Guess his sickness is a bit different or… Sammy can only take it extremely well.
However, they will go to the vet this friday. I`m not nervous anymore since it went so well with our new method with the other two. But I feel sorry to my little boys that they have to stay in the transport box. They don`t like it. :/

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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