HanGeng for Love Life: awww❤! + new songs from the 2nd album & SuJu wins M!Countdown #SexyFreeandSingle2ndWin!

안녕 내 친구들!! (‐^▽^‐)/

Tomorrow is the day for my two boys. Nuka & Sammy will be at the vet! But I`m calm this time. It will be OK. We know that it works perfectly fine.
Now only Nuka needs to be healthy again.
Hm. Maybe I should tell the vet that he`s under medication. Maybe it`s important for her to know. You can never know about possible correlation of meds….

Yup. Now let`s start with the news!

[PICS] HanGeng at Happy Camp:
^^ your face! and… BLACKIE SO TALL! O: → 1,
Say what you want, I like his how he was dressed at Happy Camp! → 2,
mmmmmmh. *thinks* no. not scary ^^ 3,
WOO~H! Geng & Blackie ^__^ Looks like fun, eh? ㅋㅋ They are so cool. → 4 ,

aww, you cute squishy you Photobucket

(((o(≧∇≦)o))) KYAAAH! Cutiepie!

^_______^ I just love him!
[New Song] “Betrayal of the Soul”
;~; Beautiful. T^T I could cry.
[Lyrics Trans] “Betrayal of the Soul”:

Han Geng 韩庚 – Betrayal of the Soul 背叛灵魂 – Full Audio
Uploaded by GengbaoChannel

English Lyrics:
When the night sighs again
Breathing towards me
Never Ending
Falling into existing self reflection

When the heart weeps again (I awoke in a scream)
I’m reminded of my original self
The beliefs of my youth
How to be fearless

Just what did I live for
Rolling along the path of life
Getting dust all over
Drowsing out the flames of my dreams (dead sparks)
Just what did I turn into (struggling)
Making up reasons to compromise (torn)
Sold out how much innocence (conflicted)
Forgotten how to feel
Betrayed my soul
You can not escape corruption
You can not hide the ridiculousy
You used my fragile state
Betrayed my soul
Please to not tear me apart
Please do not twist my mind
Please let me stay true
And run freely again

When the world turns silent again
The fame and fortune all passed
The memories left behind
May be just another song

Just what did I live for
Rolling along the path of life
Getting dust all over
Drowsing out the flames of my dreams (dead sparks)
Just what did I turn into (struggling)
Making up reasons to compromise (torn)
Sold out how much innocence (conflicted)
Forgotten how to feel
Betrayed my soul
You can not escape corruption
You can not hide the ridiculousy
You used my fragile state
Betrayed my soul
Please to not tear me apart
Please do not twist my mind
Please let me stay true
And run freely again

Translated by Windchime@geng-bao.net
Please take out with all credits

T~T lyrics… I cannot… *cries*
Many ppl say his album is bad, that no song on it is good. Well, they haven`t read the lyrics & cannot see that he`s opening up to us and that he`s expressing himself now.
Luckily most ppl like it. I appreciate his efforts and I want to understand everything. IN ADDITION I´m very proud of him. He`s doing what he wants the way he wants to do it. And he dosen`t care if it matches the exspectations or preferences of other ppl. I`m really very proud!
Personally I really love “Hero”, “Betrayal Of The Soul” and “Clown Mask”.
Some fans or more like… wannabe-fans need to understand that it`s not about to have the most fancy beats with some catchy but empty lyrics. Well, this wouldn`t be HanGeng just to begin with. I love things with deep(er) meanings. And I specialy love this album because it`s something that honestly and truly comes from him.
And REALLY: Music is not limited to one style. So why do ppl think every musican has to have one single style of music his whole live? HanGeng`s 2nd album is just one sample for style change, Junsu`s Tarantallegra is a second. Even HoMin have more than one style. So what`s up with ppl going like “OMG, this is a little different from what I usually listen to! It`s BAD! D: ” *rolleyes* please! You ppl are so lame! *walks away bored*
NOTE: some other GengFan`s had similar thoughts about all this. And I can only agree to the point that there is no use in being a Fan of someone when you always think everything is just great what your idol does. I DO indeed dislike some things sometimes. Like outfits or I say I don`t like this or that song. When I dislike it I say it. I`m honest like I would be honest with my friends. Disliking something dosen`t mean you need to give a comment that hurts ppl. One can be honest without being mean.
[Charity] Love Life: This is all just so awwww! So proud of him!
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , awwwww~~ → 5 + 6,

Credits: leesophie & 思源焦点公益基金

Credits: YUMI匡匡

Credits: YUMI匡匡

Credits: See logos
[Lightstick update] : Geng-bao lightstick update!
YAY! So I will maybe see my lightstick in some weeks???? I`m so curiosu! =D and happy!
Just today I was wondering if our lightstickies are doing well!
➤ OMO! “Still At Your Side” came out! O:
HanGeng 韓庚 – Still At Your Side 還跟在你身邊
Still At Your Side 還跟在你身邊
OMG SUN! I LOVE IT! Photobucket
Wonder if there the other songs are out too… *looks* “&§/$)%/$(§=%(!!!!!!! HNGH!!!!! YES THERE ARE THE OTHER SONGS! *faints*
HanGeng韓庚 – The One
The One
*o* ALSO GREAT! OMG! I told you this album will be absolutely 대to the박! *_____* Yes, Geng, you are the one! Definitely. *.*d
If he continues on like that nothing will stop him. Seriously, what is EXO? *throws her EXO datas out of the window* I only listened to them because I`m monitoring everything & I was bored. ^^°°° sorry EXO(-M) kiddies! No harm meant but I`m no EXOTIC so… *contiues to throw EXO stuff out of the window (symbolical)* LOL would be funnier if I would use WINDOWS. So I could throw my EXO mp3`s out of the windows LITERALLY xD *hahaha* #LameComputerJoke #JustDontMindMe #TalkingNonsenseLikeABoss
HanGeng 韓庚 – Can’t Calm Down 靜不下來
Can’t Calm Down 靜不下來 FULL AUDIO
=D I LIKE! OMO! I want to read the lyrics! Someone please give a transe. (I would ask Jing Yee but she really has other things to do since she`s on college now. Don`t want to bother her.)
In fact… I want to read lyrics to all of the songs! I want to understand everyting, I want to know everything! Photobucket
HanGeng 韓庚 – Bad Boy 玩世不恭
Bad Boy
WOW! Heavy beat! I`m surprised. But soooo cool! Photobucket I`m really so surprised by this album`s content! So different! I really love it!

SuJu news!
➤ Okie, Teukie. We need to find a girlfriend for you asap then!
Leeteuk announces he will marry the woman who waits for him to return from the military
Super Junior wins #1 + performances from July 12th’s ‘M! Countdown’!
SOOO COOL! *haha* Great when they danced with f(x) at the end! JUST COOL!
I can approve of SuJu winning M!Countdown to 99% (I disapprove to -1% because there was no Siwon :/ Not the same without my Pony *pouts* BUT NONETHELESS! It`s great they won! Performance was awesome!)

➤ THESE GOD DAMN INSANE…. *insert all kind of curses here* SASAENG CRAYS!
Sasaeng fans install CCTV in the parking lot of Park Yoochun’s home
Everytime a new sasaeng story comes to light all what that one Manager said about them keeps replaying in my head. He`s so right. They are just insane.
CAN SOMEONE PLEASE KNOCK SOME SENSE INTO THESE KIDS??? When there`s something that is more hated than stans then it`s Sasaeng ppl! >__<
Someone should go around and just pick them all up. One after another. Like with stray dogs, you know. Pick them up and lock them away. *nods to herself* It`s the only plan I can think about.
Pointless to rant about them again but it`s so sad that Chunnie has to hide like a criminal at his own home. This is SO SAD, SUCH A SHAME! Korean government should do something against sasaeng ppl! This is mega stalking, and just because most of them are underage is no excuse! Someone should care about the idols. I mean they are only humans too! DAMMIT! Photobucket Makes me so angry! I would help if I could only do something! GAAAAAH!

… I can only repleat: Too many stupid & insane ppl on earth! TOO MANY! AISH! >____<
➤ One day I will explode because of all the proudness I feel because of the boys!
Yoochun and Jaejoong on Top 10 best idol actors selected by drama industry experts
➤ Makes me smile again after Sasaeng news: Junsu`s fanboys! How cutie!
Why does Kim Junsu have so many male fans?
I wonder if his fanboys are cute like Junsu ^^ #JustAFangirlsRandomThoughts
➤ =D Nice!
[Pic] 120710~120711 Jaejoong – Dr.Jin Gallery
➤ xD I like fake pictures!
[News] 120712 The viewers make JYJ’s Jae Joong a time traveler
Looks so weird! *haha*
➤ Junsu… *__* Your hair… ai!
[Pic] 120712 Junsu “The Thieves” VIP Premiere
Woman, I don`t know you but you look cool! ^^d

➤ Oh wow °.° now that they know there are fans everywhere around the world, they go wild or what… oooh~
Music industry responds to format change of SBS ‘Inkigayo’

➤ Ah! I`m happy! Dance it good, song is good! I approve!
SS501′s Kim Hyung Jun’s “Sorry I’m Sorry” MV from ‘ESCAPE’ tops charts

➤ Not sure but this is somehow Big Bang news…

Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” at the Center of Another Korea-Japan Controversy

Aigoo… ppl, you don`t have any other problems??? It was a korean song. ok. Maybe they should have choosen a japanese band. But in the end it was the japanese Version of the song. Everyone should be able to live with it then. WHY FIGHT ABOUT IT? o__O
But what`s the big issue with the national flag? Wae are ppl so worked up about it? Because BB`s poster hung besides it and they are korean? aha. I see. Is this the level of tolerance we`re on right now? In my eyes it`s not worth all the trouble.
Japanese flag was there because it`s the Japan Expo. So Big Bang are korea. Yup. We know. So what? Do ppl really don`t have other problems? oO I don`t get it.
Then to the ppl who complain that the companies only looking for money in Japan: Yeah, a company needs to earn money. They are also looking for money in Korea, their OWN HOMELAND.
I know, we once had the discussion about Hallyu flooding the japanese market like cray cray. But I still think ppl should finally get over it. It was the japanese version so don`t fight about every little sh*t now. (this Expo wasn`t even in Japan, it was in PARIS)
Both lands should be thankful. So both of them will benefit of it in the end. Big Bang and Japan. It`s not that this is only a one-sided thing.
and I wonder: Would ppl have been more fine with the whole thing when there would have been a KOREAN FLAG? I guess not. ㄱ_ㄱ I understand the japanese ppl a bit but both sides making such an issue out of this is just… laughable.
Sure, this is just my opinion. I cannot speak for everyone. However, we live together in this world and have bigger problems as who`s flag hung besides Big Bang`s poster or if Big Bang are korean or japanese and therefore have a right to be at Japan Expo or not.

Okeh! *Junsu style* This was a rather short entry. *laughs* at least copared to any other entry I make usually.
I will cook dinner now & get up early again tomorrow because I need to be ready before Sis wants to go into the bathroom because she needs to get ready for work.
Aigoo. I feel like I had to get up early half of my vacation.

Talking about my vacation: WHERE DID YOU GO???
It`s already my last weekend! So annoying! >< I don`t want to go to work! but wait… Isn`t ajeossi on vacation soon too?
This means I maybe won`t see him for a while! ㅋㅋ oh yeah, would be great!

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