I got lost… >< , be a part of HanGeng`s "Hero" MV & SuJu at "Saturday Night Live"

안녕 여러분! v^^.

aigoo, my first working day after vacation! IT WAS TIRING! Lots of work and… I SO missed my precious sleep!
on top of all I got lost totally. I got lost in FanFictions.
I just thought: let`s read one short FF and then sleep. But then I made a big mistage: since I was already through with my list from asianfanfics.com I opened the “SiHan masterlist”`s FFs and…. GOT LOST! >_<
But the stories were so cute and well written! aw! I couldn`t stop reading the fics from the SiHan masterlist!
*____* thank got pocketostars admin postes the list back then… ooooh~ cannot wait to read more of it!

Well, then the realozation of “I should have done this earlier. Not on my last day of vacation.” hit me Photobucket eh hehe… *embarrassed laugh*
Wae am I always like this? When I hace plenty of time I don`t think about reading but when i have to get up the next day I decide to read xD -> me -> FAIL!

But you can say I was all filled with cuteness from these cute FFs and just felt great before sleeping! Photobucket
I squealed while reading, I laughed, I facepalmed, I said “OMG! This is sooo Heechul!” *haha* Heenim was too epic.
Sadly I had no dream of SiHan or any SuJu member then :/ meh. sucks. My last k-dream was an eternity ago. *disappointed*

It`s newstime now!

Geng news!
➤ Ah, this is twice as adorable as usual!
awwwww! Photobucket HanGeng and the babies! The vid is soooooo cute!
In case you don`t want to watch the vid, take a look at these adorable GIFs! I really cannot! He`s just so perfect with kids! Photobucket
➤ Has anyone checked if all children are still there? ^^
(120712) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Lovelife in Hebei [1 Entry]
Maybe Geng said again: “it would be nice to have a son like this” and stole the baby *giggles*
I still stick with it: He should have 3 to 5 kids later! ❤❤❤
AND NOW: [Update]Han Geng Gives You A Chance To Be A “Hero”
WOW! this reminds me of Be My Girl flashmob dance! ok, it`s not as long but still! ^^ Funny Geng! *haha* funny and cute!

➤ Junho news!
Brother playing basket ball ^^
*haha* he and Junsu… sometimes they are just too similar. Junho so lively and so cute!
The laugh of the guy behind the cam is epic XD LOL so gleeful! And I think the woman, according to her voice, is his japanese teacher.

➤ This is what Cassiopeia does:
I want this to be my carpet in my room! OTL

JYJ news!
➤ Because there are damn much Cassies & Junsu fans OTL
JYJ’s Junsu becomes the first Korean artist to rank #1 on Chile’s music chart
➤ funny xD
[Vid] JYJ – NII Summer Collection Making Film 2012
Wouldn`t it be cool when sis and I could go to Junsu`s concert?
JYJ’s Junsu to hold a World Tour + release a repackaged album!
IF he comes to germany, please let it be a saturday to minimize the trouble for me! *dies*
Well, minimize trouble with me getting no vacation at all for concerts (or even if I get it: just one day… ㄱ_ㄱ) is a joke. *facepalm* I have way bigger problems than only the exact date of a concert.
But it would be just awesome to go to a k-pop concert (junsu or not) with sis again. I thought about how cool it would be at work even before these news were out. =D imagine we would go there while she`s here! =DD This is almost too cool to come true!

HoMin news!
➤ Text is bot that bad!
[Lyrics/Trans] Tohoshinki – BLINK
I also know songs with better lyrics but this is not bad. I will listen to this song once my Android copy arrived!
➤ OMO! Leader씨, wae so cute!?
[Pic] TVXQ in BODA 6 Magazine

SuJu news!
➤ LOOOOL xD ai, poor poor Kyu! xD Next high goal: to beat Siwon in… everything?
[ENG SUB] 120711 MBC Radio Star with Kyuhyun and Victoria – Nickhun talks about Siwon
no, no Kyu. It`s okie when my little Pony is #1. you are the #1 evil! Photobucket
This way both of them can be no.1 with something!
but still: poor Kyu! Everyone only talking about Siwon to tease him. But our little Kyu sounded a bit frustrated when he listed up where he`s #1 in *giggles* ah, I start to feel sorry for Kyu!
➤ ah! With Siwon! and… they should sing live more often. They are good live!
Super Junior makes a comeback on ‘Music Bank’ with “Sexy, Free and Single”!
…and I still have the feeling Siwon is very tired. :/ my poor pony Siwon.
But he still has the most beautiful opening moves. well, you know what I mean.
➤ ➤ Performances from July 14th’s ‘Show! Music Core’

Shindong`s pink hair! =D I approve!
➤ This is still confusing…
Super Junior’s ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ places 3rd on Billboard World Album Chart
These charts say they ranked 3rd place. Other charts said they were ranked 10th. And on another site of world album charts they weren`t even in the best 50…. errr… so can someone please explain the doffrent charts to me when all 3 sites claim their ranking is based on sales. o___O hm.
➤ ah! TeukSora!
Leeteuk and Kang Sora attempt a kiss scene on ‘We Got Married’
xD haha! they are so cute!
➤ LOL! The boys so cute and… AH! so this is how the cake came onto Teukies face!
120713 Super Junior Star Life Theater Preview
[HD] [ENG SUB] [FULL] 120714 tvN Saturday Night Live (SNL) Korea with Super Junior + Cuts
➤ YAY! DBSJ! (means: SuJu + Dong Bang!)
[News] 120715 Super Junior’s Leeteuk takes pictures with SM artists
➤ Why do I have the feeling that he`s secretly making evil plans to have fun with the last sentence? ^^°
Kyuhyun shares his thoughts on the large number of members within Super Junior
➤ Don`t worry Hyukkie, you guys dance great! Especially you!
Super Junior’s Eunhyuk reveals the responsibility he feels as the team’s ‘dancer’

➤ Yeah, we know: It`s a battlefield out there!
Music industry speaks out on the ‘overflow’ of idol groups

➤ EH?! O.O seriously???!!
Kim Hyun Joong receives flowers from Justin Bieber, Shun Oguri & more
DAEBAK! the b-kid sent him flowers?! Like… really? ㅋㅋㅋ Photobucket
Worship him, send him flowers AND BOW TO THE MASTER! xDD haha it`s just too awesome that the b-kid sent him flowers! I cannot believe it! They are really serious with this?

Shinhwa news!
➤ Aigoo! those boys! xD
Shinhwa to parody ‘Gentlemen’s Class’ with ‘Shinhwa’s Class’
the table is… o.o extraodinary.
However, I wonder who of them is the best gentleman. Maybe Emmy could tell us in advance? ^^ #LooksAtHerShinhwaChangjoFriend
➤ poor guy, but that`s the risk when you part with your girlfriend and you are in a group: Either they tease you or they comfort you ^^°
Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan says Lee Minwoo gave him a hard time after breaking up with his girlfriend

➤ cool! ^^d
Big Bang grabs 4 spots on Youtube’s Top 10 most viewed KPOP music videos in 2012

ok, blog entry was rather short for my standards. But I`m not on vacation anymore. I haven`t had time to prepare any more.
and on top of that I will go to bed now. Tomorrow is my FF day! I will read FFs tomorrow!
At least I planned it that way ;D

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