A little bit of k-dream, Trans for “Profile” is out, JYJYC making history & G-Dragon joins twitter!

안녕 다들! v^^.

Aaaah, finally I can do my blog entry. aigoo, it will be a lot of work because I really had no time this week to start preparing. Now I have to do everything today Photobucket
This week was really a KILLER! One of your trainees got sick and wasn`t at work the whole week. The other had her finals & was not at work for 2 days. The thirs one is on vacation now…
On top of all we had sooo much work that it was only to describe with “crazy”. We worked 1 1/2 – 2 hours longer every day! D:< I NEVER had lunch around lunchtime this week, because after work I had to solve my matters just like: Buying b-day present for mom, soling my car matters (had to make an appointment for the garage so my car will be fixed next week), buying food for the mice, check if I can find mice for my future group, going to the vet to solve my matters there…
One thing led to another and so I was busy almost the whole day. Between all this I tried to relax a bit and…. I FAILED!
This resulted in 4 hours of sleeo yesterday afternoon. I only wanted to sleep from 4 to 6 pm but once I`ve shut off the alarm of my alam clock I slept for two more hours. I REALLY NEEDED IT!

I really have no idea what was wrong with this week! Photobucket I just wanted it to end. AND IT FINALLY DID!

To continue with my stories:
1.) Mice
2.) my weird dream tonight (not really a k-dream, but a bit)

Like I said before, I was at the vet.
I asked about the boys and especially about Nuka and his surgery. Vet said exactly what I hoped they would say: Everything is fine.
I was like “YAAAAY~ Photobucket
We talked a bit about how old the boys can get after their surgery and I told my vet all the mice stuff I know about it. *haha* before I left she said I`m crazy LOL xD
Make a note of this: My vet called me crazy woman! *laughs*
Well, however, this is really great! I was very suspicious regarding the success of Nuka`s surgery because he just looked not the same as all the others. But vet said they had problems with closing his operation wound, but not with the surgery itself.
This pretty much confirmed what I noticed yesterday when I had Nuka on my hand: For the first time I noticed where his operation wound actually is… it`s in a different place under his belly.
Anyways, this makes Nuka`s future so much brighter now! All my male mice will be able to live with the female ones. I don`t have to make two groups out of them and my wonderful terra I prepared for them can be used by all of them. both, the main area & the “first floor” ^^ can be used by all of them.
Now I only need to find the 6 last mice for the new group! The next Thursday I will have another try with my mission!
btw, the two new albinos are doing well so far. They were named Samantha & Zoey in the meantime & I`m just so happy that they will be togehter with Nuka in some weeks! I hope all my mice will be friendly with each other & won`t get sich during the socialization time. btw… I need to gime a small drop of anti-mites meds on the two new bini`s today to make really sure they don`t have some. aww, poor babies, it`s always a bit of a shock when there`s suddenly a cold drop on them and with their poor fluffy baby fur they look like they are super wet althought it was only a small drop (baby fur isn`t that tight/thick and becomes saturated so easily, so they look like poor wet furballs after just one drop ^^).

My dream:
I really don`t even know why I dreams this. … it a weird dream and at one part of it I lost my dog! D:<<<
I was searching everywhere and couldn`t find her! D:<<<<<<<
But the part before this happened was somehow fun. You can say it was the k-dream part of a big weird dream I had.
I found myself at a wedding celebration again (all thanks goes to my junior, we talked about her wedding yesterday! OTL). We were in a huge room, like a restaureant, and all the other wedding guest were there too. I sat at a table with Ryeowook, Hyukjae & Siwon and we were eating cake ^___^ We sat like Wokkie→ me→ Siwon→ Hyukjae.
I barely had finished eating my cake then Hyukkie suddenly stood up and said that we can go now, I was like ” (゜_゜) ? …go where?”. While Wookie & Siwon were just following him I was like “eh?? What`s wrong now??? O_O running away like this… you guys… *confused*”. Then Siwon came back and dragged me along with him, following the other two.
We were walking through lots of guests till we reached bride and groom. I knew the bride and she came to hug me. Not sure if it was a person I know in real life but in the dream I just knew she was a friend of mine. She was german and what was even more of a surprise was that the groom was Yoochun! Photobucket
I cannot deny that I was a bit shocked! I never knew that he wanted to get married! On the other hand: This explained why the SuJu members were here…
So we talked to the couple and congratulated them. It came to light that what Hyukjae said before was based on the number of ppl who were around the couple. There were so many congratulators before that we had to wait to reach the married couple.
Sadly my dream ended then and went on with a completely unrelated super weird thing… :/ not satisfied #justsaying

I really wonder why da hell Chunnie is getting married in my dreams but thinking about it: Maybe he married Stephi Unni??? =D (she`s Yoochun biased!)

[WEIBO Update] :
(120717) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Concert [1 Entry]
ugh! so sexy! >//< My poor fangirl heart! … Geng. White suit. White room. All is all white. Le me cannot! … Photobucket
Sina pics: 1 , he`s so cute ( ˆ ω ˆ ) → 2 & the Sina plushie! =D → 3 .
[PICS] 寒更 Hàn Géng (2nd album):
He`s something like a ninja version of Batman! → 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6
HE IS SO NINJA! This album was truely made to reveal his identity as the Ninja of Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Photobucket
When there is a Ninja there, then it`s GENG! ;D (album will also be like a Ninja: Will strike everything down in a flash without giving ppl time to realise what happened ㅋㅋ awesome!)
*runs around in circles hyper* OMO! OMO! But the best thing is that I could finally order my copy of “Hàn Géng”!!! Photobucket YAAAAYYY!!!! Yesasia.com is selling it now! You can pre-order! I did exactly this yesterday! CANNOT WAIT TO HAVE IT! Best album of the year and I`ve waited since ages for it!
I hope they will sell his photobook too. Otherwise I dunno where to get it. But if I get too desparate I will try to register at chinese Amazone… I have a strong desire for this photobook to be honest. I will try to get it somehow.
[Lyrics] English trans of “Profile of Your Face (侧脸)”
Profile/Profile Of Your Face
[Mixed PICS] : HanGeng at the Orphanage for Love Life (+ panda joke xD ) → 1 (his visit at the orphanage remembered pocketostars admin of Geng`s visit at the Hebei Orphanage ^^ so cute! all the kids always around HanGeng ^______^ ) ,
Aiii~ all the feelings… 2 (HanGeng in France) … europe is graced with relatively many visits of HanGeng lately~PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket ,
HanGeng at “The Glorious Bloom” ,
o(^▽^)o At Happy Camp! → looks just so cute! … and… uhm… Geng, when will you give us the things with your logo on it? ^^ I would buy all! aaaah, those earrings! =D
Xtep endorsment → This… *.* … the shoes are epic… Xtep! Gimme these shoes! *haha* I like! Photobucket *cliks LIKE button*.
SiHan randomness:
80% of my feelings for this pair…
TRUUUUUUEEE!!!!!!! It`s a mystery to me! I would SO love to know what they were talking about in so many situations. The one the GIFs are from (shooting for the photobook Boys In City) is just one sample!
– *siiiiii~iiigh* Oh yes.
does anyone else fucking miss SiHan?
– SiHan diffent ways to say “I love you” awww! *haha cuties!
– LOl xD Geng keeps smiling, Siwon keeps provoking and then… *hahaha* RUN, SIWON, RUN! LOOOOOL
Who likes to check out the ladies the most?

Super Junior news!
➤ eeeh? what? Nari and Shindong almost broke up?!
Super Junior’s Shindong talks about how he almost broke up with his girlfriend
I want them to finally get married and not to break up! ;D
Super Junior’s Kyuhyun wants to go on a group date with Shindong & Siwon
OTL sounds like when my family says to me: “You pay, you earn the most among us.” *facepalm*
➤ For me, as a fan, it`s not important who ears the most money. I love them and that not according to their profits.
Leeteuk selects the members who make the least within Super Junior, Jung Ah reveals who makes the most in After School
I will call such infos “interesting for a moment but I will forget about it soon again” xD
➤ aww! ^___^
Eunhyuk’s mother cries upon seeing member Kangin
Super Junior continues to record high album sales + ranks #1 on Taiwan and Hong Kong’s KKBOX K-Pop Charts
➤ haha! this is cute! but I guess many of us are the same. Maybe not with younger ones but with ppl around the same age.
Eunhyuk reveals that Victoria calls him “oppa” even though they are close in age
So what to call him when you are around his age? Just by his name? and Hyukjae, haven`t you and Donghae taught us to call you “Oppa, Oppa”??? You cannot take this back now! xD
Super Junior’s Kyuhyun reveals the members he’d least like to share a room with
So…. Donghae bothers him to play/cuddle with him, Teukie is something like an anti-clean freak poerson & Wookie feeds hom to death? Photobucket #ChaoticSuJu
➤ *nods, nods* isn`t it always like this? When you want ppl to see you they are like -ignoring da hell outa you- & when you just want to walk past somewhere peacefully then they are like “OMG! It`s him/her!”
Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and After School’s Lizzy discuss the times they weren’t recognized as celebrities
But… standing in front of huge advertisement billboards and obviously drawing attention but nobody cares is… a bit ouch ^^°°° for the ppl passing by of course!
➤ Aw, yes. AngelLeader always takes good care about his members like they would be his kids!
Super Junior’s Eunhyuk & Kyuhyun express their gratitude for leader Leeteuk
➤ Their cakes so cute! ^^ They really put some effort in it!
Super Junior members prepare a cake for Leeteuk’s birthday
➤ ヽ(´▽`)/ YAY!
Super Junior wins ‘Music Bank’ K-Chart + Performances from July 20th!
– Additional article: Super Junior celebrates their ‘Music Bank’ win with a group dinner
➤ So cute! She could be his sister!
Super Junior’s Donghae snaps a photo with ‘Miss Panda and Porcupine’ costar Kim Sae Ron
➤ *bathes in feelings of gladness that we can have pics with Kangin in it again now*
Super Junior’s Yesung and Kangin pose together as ‘Two Woon’
➤ aah, yes. There is always something changing when someone new comes into a group that is already one. I think most ppl think so when they enter a new circles of workmates.
Super Junior’s Kyuhyun was afraid the members would not like him
➤ xD Teukie!
Super Junior’s Leeteuk only looks for himself when watching TV?
➤ There`s LSM and… this is a room with such a pink-ish aura!
Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Yesung tweet SM family photos from ‘S.M.ART EXHIBITION’ set

HoMin news!
➤ ㅎㅎㅎ heck yes! TVXQ is always making history this way or another! *explodes because of proudness once again & strokes her copy of Android*
TVXQ makes history on the Oricon with ‘Android’
➤ *proud fan of some 2nd generation idols* (and of the 1st generation too ^^)
SM Entertainment’s 2nd generation idols achieve great album sales numbers
PLEASE TAKE AN EXTRA NOTE OF THE SENTENCE (article quote) “Furthermore, TVXQ proved that they were truly the ‘Idol Kings’, occupying 9 total slots on the list (including JYJ album sales) of 16.” *explodes because of proudnes for the 23784893249th time*
I don`t give a f*ck what other ppl (especially fandoms) say these days! TVXQ 4ever the kings of 2nd generation idols. End of story. The Cassie has spoken.
You can roll thel credits now! ;D
*thinks* … so a concert where Shinhwa & our boys would be on stage together would be something like the “king-King concert” ㅋㅋㅋ awesome! (just because Shinhwa expressed that they would love to be 11 ppl on stage with our 5 one day!)

JYJ news!
➤ waaaeeeeee???? *changmin style* щ(゚Д゚щ) SOMEONE PLEASE END THIS DRAMA!
A court decision on the exclusive contract between SM Entertainment and JYJ has been postponed
Reconcile something with SME… oh boys, that`s a biiiiig mission! Because they are butthurt like hell and they are completely in terminator-mode #justsaying.
➤ As long as “she” *cough, cough* person official *massive fake-couhing* is not involved, eeeeverything is just chill~~~!!
[Info] 120717 JYJ Official Facebook Update – XIA is flying to LA
– additional article: I`m really curious about that song/MV… °.°
Fans of JYJ Show Support for Junsu’s World Tour + Junsu Leaves for L.A. to Shoot MV

– additional article: Kim Junsu’s New English single and MV assisted by big names
➤ (۳˚Д˚)۳ MY HEART!!!!!!! I was almost having a heart attack! Yoochun! Not again! D:<< nooooo, please don`t leave ㅠ~ㅠ
JYJ’s Yoochun asks users if he should delete his Twitter
*pouts whily crying* but… but… but… YOU CANNOT! You cannot because even JJ said no (trans of his tweet in this article: Jaejoong responds to Yoochun’s question on Twitter + shares photo )
I wonder if something happened that he wants to delete his twitter again… =(((
➤ AIGOO! Japanese fans so lucky agian!
JYJ’s Jaejoong to hold fan meet on ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’ set with 1,500 Japanese fans
I would love to send Hea unni there. She loves Dr. Jin (and JJ of course too xD ) and she couldn`t go to see JYJ when they were here. Ai! I would even buy her a freaking concert ticket to see Junsu or JYJ when they would come back here but I know it`s mostly about hotel and flight for her… *sighs* So all my effords appear to be useless for her. =((( damn.
➤ Chunnie go go!
JYJ’s Yoochun chosen by foreigners as the hallyu star that can best promote Seoul
➤ See? I told you our boys always make history in a way + I see much red ;~; ALL MY CASSIE FEELS!
준수와 카시오페아 화이팅!! I always get emotional when I see big gathering of red.
[News] 120721 JYJ Kim Junsu rewrites K-pop history with his world tour

➤ I randomly found…. BRIAN AT MUSIC BANK with his version of “In my head”, back in March 2010!
=D I love Brian! His version of “In My Head” is the only version in my head xD ㅋㅋㅋ the only version I know! Photobucket Oppa in my head ^^
Always when then US version is played in the radio here Brian`s version of it starts playing in my head

OFF TOPIC STORY:… btw, music… I randomly express my DISLIKE for most of the stupids songs in our readio programs at work and in the meantime Oppa is stressed about it xDD
He says that I`m annoying with saying “I hate this song”, “I don`t like that” or “I`m so annoyed by this song”.
OPPA, WHAT?!? *is innocent* It`s not my fault when the radion only plays stupid, annoying sh*t~~~

Big Bang news!
➤ WAAAH! Finally! =D
Big Bang’s G-Dragon opens Twitter account
➤ well, what to say? GD just rocks ;D
G-Dragon gains over 230,000 Twitter followers in 2 days
➤ Catching his “table-mates” off-guard ^^
G-Dragon drops another hint about his upcoming solo album
GD solo album… How DAE to the BAK is that?!? Aigoo… and I should start saving money for my camera! T^T

Shinhwa news!
Shinhwa releases concert video clip for ‘The Return’ overseas tour
Shinhwa shares a dashing group photo while filming a CF for ‘Roygen’
Shinhwa looking great! Photobucket

ok, now I`m done early with the entry, so what to do? How about the couple series today? Couples were on hiatus for so long by now!
D: WHAT?! I just see last appearance of the couples was almost 2 month ago!?! OMFG SUN! It`s really time for the couples now!

After such a long time, what are EunHae doing?
“EunHae of the day”:
ah. I see. Sitting and waitng for the things to come today. Okeh, chill boys, just chill. Let`s see if SiHan want to make the couple show today ;D
btw.: nice picture of sameness-pose ^^d cute!

“SiHan of the day”:
ooooh~ there they go with something calssic ^^ awww! Cute babies SiHan are cute! Photobucket
I always die because of cuteness because of them! they are like….. SuJu`s answer to YooSu? ^^

☆✭☆[Never Ending Story] today: HanGeng & kids.☆✭☆
Geng and kids… it`s just overly adorable! it`s just overly adorable! (((o(≧∇≦)o)))
Yes, yes! Sponsoring 7 children already is kinda like adopting them but he really wants a kid himself~ ^^
YAH! Geng, you workaholic! Go and find a wife then! *haha* well… please~ =)
…or go work in an orphanage so you can have kids around you all day.

Aigoo, this man! (⌒▽⌒)

Everyone, you guess what?
Tomorrow I will have a completely lazy day! Doing nothing besides chillaxin’!

and now I wonder what I will do this evening. since I was already reading FFs yesterday I wonder if I should watch a movie. but then again: which one? I should better start to pick one, because it will surely take me 4ever again! xD

Then: today is the first day Nuka won`t get any medication anymore. I really hope it will be okay now. He still haven`t fully recovered yet. I hope it will just go away now by itself like it did when Jina, Holly, Deneh & Sunny were sick. They haven`t had fully recovered when we had to stop medication either. But it was okay after another week.
Nuka`s health became my biggest worry now. How horrible would it be when he passed the sickness on to the others or… even dies before he can meet his new groupmates! (⊙▂⊙) SO HORROR!
yes, yes. These are the things I think about. To be honest he could look more well. Right now he looks like a mouse which is not completely healthy. His fur looks odd and he`s not that active. Maybe he would be better when Sammy would still be with him for company but well… Sammy didn`t made it after surgery. Let`s hope he will make it!
Don`t make mommy cry over you for some reason in future!

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