HanGeng at “Very Close Distance” [VID] , “Betrayal Of The Soul” MV is out! & SuJu wins everything ^^ & a short k-dream

안녕! v^^.

My soulmatesister went on vacation for 2 weeks so I will work hard in the meantime to keep her informed and, of course, write the blog. (and actually, since I came to post this too late, one week of her vacation is already over)

What`s new at my end is: Nuka is doing better. I`m not entirely sure yet, have to have an eyes on him. All in all he looks much more healthy and is more active than before. I`m satisfied with his progress.
What I`m not satisfied with is the progress of my mice mission… I just cannot find the last 6 mice for my group! I went to the pet shop every week now and still no success! the prob is, that I only have one week left! ONE WEEK! Photobucket I can maybe extend it to 2 weeks but that`s it. I don`t want to let the boys stay in their tiny temporary homes any longer. It`s a bit frustrating… :/
Then I had a little shock in Thursday: I unpacked some things of the big terra and then I saw that there is mold on my braches! ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ !!!! OMFG SUN! MOLD!!!!?? DISASTER!!!! DISASTER!!!!!! (۳˚Д˚)۳
Wae is there mold on my branches?!?!? WAAAAAEEEE?????? *changming style* (╮°-°)╮┳━┳ … … (╯°□°)╯ ┻━┻ *flips table* MY PRECIOUS BRANCHES! These are my special branches for the mice! They were expensive & I had a hard time to find them right ones for my purpose. So what did I do? I got myself a bucket of (very) hot water, a bit of soap, a scrubbing brush, my desinfectant, gloves and started cleaning them really careful! Now they are in the living room to dry. *sighs*
Sadly there were also things I couldn`t save: My braided willow tunnel for the mice & their little braided willow house were ruined. *sigh*

Something funny: My sister in on one of her “diets” again. (diet somehow means for her: eating everything, drinking cola, eating sweets, sometimes skipping dinner & waiting for the miracle to happen… oO uhm… sis? That`s not working okeh? → #notinamillionyears)
However, I`m on no diet at all but I somehow lost 2 kg. Dunno how I managed this but YAY! LOL xD
I shouldn`t tell… no, I should NEVER tell her, or she will be mad ;D (at herself and at me)
+ I wear the tightest jeans on earth today! =D

THEN: I was finally reading FFs again! aaaah, I missed reading FFs! And lucky as I am I found a second SiHan masterlist! *dies* Is this the one pocketostars admin talked about? she once mentioned that there is a second one.
However, I found some cute and nice FFs and I`m not even half through everything. I can really relax wenn while reading those FFs! (just one was a bit weird… (゜_゜) seriously, what kind of plot… what kind of ending??? uhm… wae? Why would ppl write something like that? and NO, I don`t want to talk about it >< )
I also want to read ELFi`s FF… but for long stories I had no time. I was reading some short ones sunday night before sleep. And this morning I woke up and couldn`t tell if that what I THINK to remember was whta I`ve read before sleep or if I had a k-dream. Since I normally can remember my dreams well I just hope I missed nothing! (ºд º)

Waking up monday morning in general was fun: At first when I looked at my alarm clock I saw it as Twitter timeline, new message coming in (dropping in from above xD ) & time showed up! WOAHW! Hallucinations while you are half-asleep 4ever! ^^d haha! Eyes were acting weird but it was fun!

The news now!

WEIBO news! -> HanGeng reached 15.000.000 followers on Sina WEIBO! *throws confetti* congrats Geng! You are great!
OMO! Betrayal of the Soul MV!!!! OTL! OTL!!!!!
(it starts a bit late, please directly skip to 0:46!!)
It`s the Making Film for Clown Mask! =D
What an idea! I mean… these songs are somehow connected, so the MVs are too now! What an interesting idea!
The car at the beginning was just *.* the food during… I guess lunch break… was just *______* , Geng was just *____* oooh~~~
But the best is: The Soba! =D I have the same Soba at home! =D this stuff is so yummy, I cannot even! I`m so glad everyone eats well and properly!
– Two GIFs from the MV and the english lyrics (the Lyrics of Betrayal Of The Soul appear very deep to me… you know what I mean.)
HanGeng at a “Very Close Distance” [ENG SUB]

Geng so funny, GengFan`s so cute, MC ajumma was also fun xD
It was all awesome! Just some points:
– The comments…
When the commenter on the cut-vid said “HanGeng, a name that shines all over asia” & “The youngest king of the music industry”!!! *is hyper* (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) You continue talking! I LIKE! ㅎㅎ yes, praise him! =D I love it when ppl do this!
– The Fans…
Fan: “HanGeng, you look much like my boyfriend.”
Geng: “(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ You have great taste! *laughs*”
crowd: *screaming*
xD oooh my god! Yes, she defintely has! Good taste! Good taste! =D
another girl said GengFans use Geng as a model to find a boyfriend and he was like “Uwaaa~h! Don`t, it´s too hard!”
And that one girl that rushed over especially for Geng and almost didn`t made it. Then she started crying and said but in the end she made it and waited so long to see him.
Geng: “What are you crying? Aren`t you here now =) ”
Aaah, I felt with her. I almost cried with her! I understad all her feelings. in general the fantalk was daebak!
– Gengs school story…
He only went to dancing Minzu University because someone said he should try out dancing & he don`t even knows why he started studyin dancing. xD OMO! Geng!
Well, some things just happen without much reason. And we can be thankful! He liked it in the end and now we all can enjoy his awesomeness.
I`m also again impressed by his working attitude. It`s one of the reasons why I look up to him.
– His Juniors from Minzu were really cute and cool. ^____^ The dance together with Geng was cool!
…I don`t get why this person from France was there but oh well, she was ok =)
– His closing words were just ❤ ! I think all GengFan`s will do this!
Basically this whole show was super interessting & fun! It was also very sad when Geng talked about his lovestories back then… :/ I feel so sorry for him.
HanGeng and his dancers rehearsing in the practise room! (*___*→ 1, I have no idea what the thingy is he`s wearing but I somehow like it on him *-*→ 2, 3, so much press… was this an partially open rehearsal? But awwww! His smile!❤❤ →4) ,
Lifestyle Magazine pics were out…. *____*
Really beautiful! and… and… HNGH! >///<*dies* → 1 & 2 … white is simply something that goes fantastic with Geng, especially with his blond hair now! ,
Yishion → *o* … jeans! OTL I LOOOVE IT! *faints* ,
Ninja-Geng on the cover and inside of another pop music Magazine (1 & 2) ,
Pics of Geng giving an interview ,
I…. I cannot approve of that shirt! D: Dunno really wae but I cannot! D: → Btv ,
Geng is in so many Magazines… whole china is plastered with him on magazines xD the number of the magazines he was already in is increasing by day! → BQ Weekly Magazine (1).
[VID / PICS] HanGeng for Men`s Joker Magazine
Photoshoot for Men’s Joker magazine
– Men`s Joker Magazine pics → 1 & 2.
➤ [Update] HanGeng`s WEIBO Updated!
(120718) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Sina Weibo Interview
Also very interesting! Best for me were questions 5, 7, 10, 21, 22, 25, 26, 29, 47 & 48.
I especially love the GengFan family xD Husband & wife! Just great!
(120718) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Concert/Close Distance [2nd/3rd Entries]
(120720) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – M-Zone [1 Entry]
Rumors about Hangeng’s getaway with actress surface on the web
This time it`s HanGeng X Wang Luo Dan!
Wow, wait ppl. It`s not that long ago that he was already almost married with Jiang Kia Tong because they “dared” to take flights from the same airport at the same day. Photobucket
So what did Geng and that woman now? Living in the same city? Eating the same meals or where did they get this from? As much as we all wish for Geng to find a nice woman, I will only believe what HE says. Guess Media needed a new story so they came up with that one now.
I mean: He`s now even more busy than he was back then when they said he`s dating Jiang Kia Tong. Also, he was and is asked frequently about girlfriends matter and he said NO. So as long as he dosen`t tell us otherwise… Media, nice story but it`s getting old by now!
+ I have to scold AllKPop a bit: first, they could have picked a more recent pic (this one is a bit old ^^°°° not bad, but old and there are so many nice pics of blond Geng out there ^^)
-keke! Truuuue!
“I knew I was getting deja vu for a reason…”
And I was wondereing about like WHAT this pic looks or of what it reminds me… well, thanks pocketostars admin, now I know! ^___^ cute!
– *nods* It IS!
“I’m pretty sure Han Geng’s existence is illegal…”
[Photoshoot GIFs!]
– OTL it`s porn… We are all pretty sure it`s porn! → “What is better than pictures of this photoshoot? Moving pictures of this photoshoot! ^o^” *haha* that`s right! + 韩庚BQ LifeStyle精品指南(x) … the longer you look at it the more it is “HNGH! I cannot! >//<”
– GIFs of Men`s Joker Magazin
[Past events~]
– Wonderful picture set of HanGeng in Germany! (when he was in Munich and Igoldstadt last year)
– Best version of “Super Titanic” ^^ : Siwon & HanGeng re-enact THE titanic scene

SuJu news!
➤ ^^° You guys? aah, would AngelLeader really do something like that?
Super Junior members accuse Leeteuk of faking tears at their concerts
➤ haha! xD surprise, surprise!
Super Junior’s Kyuhyun reveals that Sungmin wears a pink dress to sleep
I can only say: I actually already imagines Sungmin going to bed similar to this ages ago! xD
➤ Well, in such votings: That`s right! I`ve already noticed this too.
Yesung reveals that Super Junior doesn’t think Siwon is the most popular in the group
…reading this the story of SuJu SNL Korea with Yesung at the court came back to my thoughts and in that especially the part where he joined the anti-Siwon group! LOL I still cannot even!
➤ YAH! D: You gimme food too! OTL *pouts*
Super Junior members personally serve food to the audience of ‘Hello’
➤ Hwaiting Chinese ELF! That`s a lot!
➤ How excited and cute they are when you give them a camera! ^___^
Super Junior’s Donghae becomes a camera man for ‘Miss Panda and Porcupine’
➤ ^^°°° managar hyung recorded it? uhm… shouldn`t he rather try to make them stop fighting? #justsaying
Super Junior’s Shindong reveals that he cried because of his fellow members
… and in the end, after Shindong trying without luck, Yesung was the indirect “victim” of his anger… poor Yesungie~
Super Junior’s Ryeowook shares unreleased ‘Star Life Theater’ photo
➤ This thing is big like… literally!
Super Junior wins third #1 with “Sexy, Free, & Single” on MBC’s ‘Show Champion’
Super Junior wins #1 triple crown + performances from July 26th’s ‘M! Countdown’!
haha! click LIKE on the respective comment on YouTube in case you also laughed at 0:27! ㅎㅎ Teukie, your hair! ^___^ funny!
➤ Oh. Truely, Siwon`s words of wisodom! OTL *.*
Super Junior’s Siwon shares his thoughts on Nichkhun’s accident
(additional article: Nichkhun tweets an emotional apology to all his followers)
Super Junior wins ‘Music Bank’ K-Chart + Performances from July 27th’s London Olympic special!
우와! When they appeared on stage from under the stage… =D that was cool! but… but… T^T I miss Siwon. *pouts while being upset* Whatever his reasons are, whatever business he has, I just hope he`s fine.
➤ [Random] Siwon:
– at Strong Heart. PocketoStars randomly posted this. It was really so cute! 4 of the pics from Strong Heart are in my wall! awww! Just awwww! Siwon cuteness 4ever! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
– Just like… THIS!!!! Awww! (ˆㅅˆ)
– A magazine scan!

➤ ppl have just no respect…. Photobucket
Internet cafe caught red-handed for selling idol stars’ personal info
Is there anyone on earth who still knows the words “privacy” & “respect”. AISH! How could they?! yeah, yeah… the money. I see.
But phone numbes of managers…. what are they trying to be? the next sasaengs? I`m speechless.

JYJ news!
➤ heeey! JJ got flowers! =D
Kim Jae Joong Receives a Monstrous Flower Bouquet
➤ XIAHKI! =D he looks so cute!
[Trans + Pic] Junsu’s mum tweets about Xiahky
➤ The lucky Bigeast!
JYJ’s Jaejoong spends a good time with about 1,500 Japanese fans
➤ Junsu`s pic so funny-cute! xD
[Pic] Yoochun and Junsu’s endorsement for MZUU
➤ D: And europe?!
JYJ’s Junsu confirms five cities for his North and South American tour
My heart still bleeds pearl red for my peruvian cassie friend Natali. She cannot go see Junsu :/ I was sad when I heard it.
And I really wonder… Why are all tourdates always revealed, confirmed or whatever else just european dates are not…
We`re still waiting for Big Bang tourdates (and places/countries btw…). well, we would just be glad to know about it. Whether we are on the list or not, but we would just like to know. So we will remain curious.
(additional article: Ticket prices for the North American stops of Tarantallegra have been released )
➤ ^^ Glad to see they are having fun!
Maxi tweets about Junsu
➤ dorks! xD and JJ: really wild hair!
JYJ members pose for comical selca after CF filming
➤ Event over event lately
JYJ′s Park Yoochun blows away the heat at Blacksmith Fansigning
➤ I would DIE if I would hear Junsu ONLY ONCE on our radio program! … just like any other k-pop song… I WOULD JUST DIE!
JYJ’s Kim Junsu ranks #1 on Peruvian radio music charts
…but I don`t need to die because this will never happen. Believe me, ppl are too ignorant here. K-poppers here exist without the public to be aware of OTL

HoMin news!
➤ Oh, fine by me! Please get married minnie! ^___^
TVXQ Changmin wants to get married as soon as he can?
➤ *sighs* I`m excited, my heart cried and I love you so much all at the same time. HoMin❤
[Vid] Mezamashi Tohoshinki: ~TONE~ DVD
Once I can, I will buy this DVD.
➤ Yunho for Y Style!
Yesung tweets about Yunho
➤ Just awesome! Yunho to danced with BoA for her comeback stage!
see the cut here: BoA and TVXQ’s Yunho perform “Only One” on ‘BoA4354′
➤ The power of Leader씨!
Yunho’s MISSHA fragrance scent ranked as TOP 3 essentials on MISSHA US online store
➤ awww, changmin so cutie!
[Cap] Tohoshinki Bigeast 2012 Summer DVD

➤ THIS VID IS FUN! (and… this is LSM… again. He shows up a lot lately. oO )
[Vid] 120728 BoA’s Comeback – Eunhyuk Yesung Kyuhyun Changmin
LOL changmi in the background like “(v^_^)v” awww! cutie! I told you: He`s the cutest baby!

➤ They were great!
Shin Bora performs with Ailee on ‘Immortal Song 2′
Ailee hwaiting! o(^▽^)o

➤ ah, look at that. Brother tweeted that is has 25°C in japan. Oh well, welcome to the club! This was our temprature today too!
I died at work and died even more when I walked to the car ><
+ Junho 4ever gets showers with letter & presents of his fans ^^
I`m glad he receives so much love!

➤ [Random] What happens when my ELFi wants to get a new hairstyle and searches for hairstyles of female idols…:
I quote: “ooooookaaaaay…. I searched for female korean idols and got teukie and taemin dresses as girls…………. no comment” “oh and heechul ”
Photobucket xDDD WTF! hahaha! so funny!

BIGBANG’s ALIVE 2012 Making Collection on DVD, release date August 22nd

➤ *nods* Sure, he rocks!
Kim Hyun Joong heats things up at his solo concert in Japan
I see many older fans there! Ajummas or a bit younger… rarely some teens.

➤ WHAT DA! …. I have mastercard #justsaying
[NEWS] [TRANS] 12.07.26 SM Entertainment to make MOU contract with VISA and KB Card [cr: CODE:EXO]
I mean… it would be cool to have a credit card with HoMin on it or SuJu but… most likely it won`t be available for our market so… *walks away rather unaffected*

BoA releases MV for “Only One”
The song is nice! And since the linked vid isn`t working in germany, here`s a version that will work:
…you may ignore the viet subs ^^ (in case your not vietnamese)
BoA releases drama MV for “Only One”
BoA Achieves An All-Kill With Her New Album “Only One”
– BoA posted a photo of the special edition version of her album! OMO! it`s so large! Photobucket
BoA talks about the hierarchy system within SM Entertainment

➤ so cute! and you can actually say who`s who =)
Shinhwa’s childhood photos gain attention

➤ oh, this is cool. There are some I like ^^
10 of the most intriguing Music Core outdoor special stage performances Part 2

that`s it with the news! Now I will tell you about my short k-dream! It was really not much, just a short, short episode of a k-dream but still: better than nothing! ^^ And I think Patricia will appreciate this dream very much! =D

In that dream, I found myself at a school. But I wasn`t there alone. Hyukjae, Donghae, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun were with me.
It was quiet on the hallways because the studets had classes and it was the day when my ELF friend Patricia had her last exam. We were just checking out the school building quietly and then waited outside for Partricia to come out. In the end she appeared earlier as expected because she finished her exam before the others and was allowed to go outside.
ㅎㅎ she didn`t know that we came to visit her today. So she war really surprised when she saw us and freaked out a bit Photobucket *haha* We had a little hugging session with her and then walking around the school yard. Patricia was showing the surroundings to us, we were talking, laughing and havin fun. After a while I saw the two evils (Patricia & Kyu) breaking away from our group. Kyu was talking to her and they were laghing. Photobucket Ah yeah, I understand. So the evil couple is having private talking time. Iiiiii see~~ ;P
EunHae were some meters behind me, messing around and not paying attention to the evils. *haha* those cuties! They were somehow huggle-fighting over something. It looked weird but funny xD
Wookie was the nearest to me of the ppl of our group, talking to me while looking at the evil couple ahead of us. He wondered what they are doing and what they are talking about over there.
Well, I had no special thoughts about the evil couple since I was feeling somewhat restless for a reason since a while. There was someone who was supposed to be with us and still hasn`t showed up yet. I was looking back, searching the area with my eyes and thinking “Siwon, where are you? Why are you so late?”. Then I wondered if he will come anyway today and my dream ended.
Dream ended with Siwon not showing up at all. … :/ I miss Siwon Photobucket

Damn dreams… always like reality… =(
(since Siwon really dosen`t show up *much* lately… aaah! Dream was good when you cut the end out! >< )

okies, that`s it for today!
At last I only want to say: I was extremely busy this week AGAIN! -.- *annoyed* I tried to post this entry since 4 to 5 days!!!!! (屮゚Д゚)屮
And then wordpress messed around with my entry… deleteing what I`ve written 2 times (half of it… but still!) & then today my i-net browser had a  breakdown! Photobucket I HAD SUCH A SHOCK! I thought everything would be deleted now but *dies of relief* it was still there!
So you can say this was the most difficult and problematic blog entry since a longer time!

I will work on some of the sub-sited here today & just chill with Twitter friends. =)

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