Kick-off for HanGeng with his 2nd tour in Beijing, BoA`s comeback stages (incl. Yunho & Taemin) + random SiHan spam post ^^°

안녕 다들! v^^.

Cannot believe I`m posting a blog entry again… AGAIN! Photobucket
It wasn`t planned that way! But since the news about HanGeng`s concert kept coming in I prepared for the next entry the second they came in and it was MUCH what came in ^^

So without to beat around the bush much let`s go to the news!

Geng News!
[PIC] HanGeng at the filming for “Beijing Wishes You Well” Song
(You can watch the full… hm, can we call it MV when it`s that long?… -> HERE. Geng appears withing the first… 2 minutes if I remember right.)
[CONCERT!] 120728, Kick-off!
His tour started today! Kick-off was in Beijing! Here are the pics! : 1 ,
WOAHW! that`s something different! → 2 ㅋㅋ This is surely something different! OTL!!! ,
Omo! what were they doing?! was this a video break? → 3 ,
=D 4 ,
WOW! even Vicki Zhao attended his concert?! → Vicki Zhao attended Han Geng’s concert…
*nods at article* right, right… oh yeah, that`s so right! T^T LET ME CRY! I have no words to express my proudness either! My GengFan heart cries with happiness! ,
=D first video of the concert → 5 (guess this was report on the news) ,
aww, the last pic! cutie! → 6 ,
┗(^o^ ) → 7 ,
oh! *.* he looks great! → 8 ,
I see his logo! 9 ,
Here you can see it the best: Geng took care of his hair before the concert, it had started to be black again underneath before → 10 ,
Great pic *.* oooh~ → 11 ,
He`s awesome *____* → 12 ,
Do I still need to mention that I have a huge weakness for guys dressed in white? This weakness is not only limited to koreans… *__* → 13 (btw, this was “The One” performance) ,
This was during “Love letters To A Stranger” performance → 14 ,
I cannot stop staring at his hair ^^° *is hair obsessed* → 15 ,
Can someone please gimme a DVD of the whole concert tonight NOW?? (ok, I know this is impossible but someone please understand my fangirlie feelings! щ(゚Д゚щ) ) → 16 ,
In al black → 17 ,
Everytime I see HanGeng is so happy whith his work, his friends and ppl he works with… I could cry (cry because I`m happy then too) → 18 ,
Aigoo, what a show! makes me regret more and more that I`m too poor & without vacation to go there! → 19 ,
Hey! Epic t-shirts! ^^d (at the after-party) 20 ,
This is surely something we haven`t seen before ^^ → 21 ,
ok. o__o wow! this is one crazy outfit geng! the weird thing is.. I like it! → 22 ,
The HEro shirt! aww! SO CUTE! Photobucket23 ,
This half/half thing reminded me of what Yunho wore in KYHD MV → 24 ,
OMG, let me die! that happy face! ^_____^ (more after-party pics) → 25 ,
Stage & venue *___* → 26 .
(120728) Han Geng 2012 World Tour~Beijing Concert Performance: [The One]
I WISH I COULD SEE THIS LIVE but the vids are already so cool that my heart beats a bit faster than usual ( ˆ ω ˆ ) *cough* and I`m totall fangirling of course!
[Stories] The things that happened around the concert yesterday… crazy & awkward. That`s all I say.
1.) The “I miss you” story…
ㄱ_ㄱ seriously, those chinese ELF cannot be serious with that, can they? Pocketostars admin is right that it`s almost 3 years now and 2 years since the last tour. How can someone have another idea to it as that it was said to his fans in general? oO As for me, I never had another thought about it when he said it. But different ppl have different thoughts. Like… VERY different thoughts.
Btw, I don`t even know if it`s right when ppl bring blue lightsticks to the concert. His color is YELLOW, they should accept. Although I have nothing against it in general but it surely creates a weird feeling + I dunno if it`s good to remind him of SuJu that way. It would be better when ppl accept him as himself and just get a yellow lightstick. Personally I would never ever hit on the idea to bring my blue lightstick to a HanGeng concert. Oh well. There we go with different ppl have different thoughts again. o-O *blinks*
And about the “1th solo conert” trend on twitter… O H – M Y – G O D ! They weren`t serious with that, right? This is so… so… awkward. The sentence “(…)because it feels as though ELF don’t really care about Han Geng and are just absent-mindedly following his career in order to wait for him to mention SJ.” (quote: pocketostars) describes is very well. This should be the case for most ELF and ppl who are somehow “interested” in him because they know him from SuJu. They basically have no clue and then something awkward like this comes out. It`s very interesting what happens now that he`s back. I`m really curious what comes next! Maybe I should go grab my popcorn! Seems like the show will still go on!
2.) The “Rumor about sudden SuJu-talk to his staff” story…
*throws hands up in the air* aigoo! WTH! ppl, just because he`s back now you don`t have to create new rumors OTL Please learn how to separate the truth/reality and your feelings/wishes. I cannot beliebe kids are like this today!
And by that I understand a bit of the exterme tention between chinese GengFans and ELF. ELF cannot get over the past and accept reality & GengFans get overprotective then. Surely both sides are wront at some point and I really wish that they would get along better. But first such rumors have to stop.
[VID] From Hope in the Darkness World Tour – Beijing!
Han Geng talking & Gengfans singing ‘Wings of Love’ ♥
ㅠ~ㅠ ooomo! my heart! ㅠ~ㅠ GengFans singing “wings of love” I could cry every time when I hear this song.
Yes, HanGeng. Please fly with our wings of love T^T always. This is so touching every time. I cannot. I really cannot.
[Happy Camp PREVIEW] : Geng & Blackie at Happy Camp xD LOL the games! xDDD
[Geng`s WEIBO] Update : 1 (for most of the ppl here I have no idea who they are ^^°°°° oh well.) .

[Random] SIHAN!!!! (because I`m going through a lot of SiHan withdrawal lately… O: )
HanGeng, your hand… Siwon, your hand…
– The Siwon/HanGeng quarrel, Round 1 & Round 2 ^^
First Round: HanGeng won, Second Round: Siwon won ^^
– Sihan: “What do we need to do…”
– LOL their WHAT? xD “The SiHan/WonGeng mating ritual.”
– You remember the epoic SuJu version of “Gee”?? well, Siwon wanted Geng to pop up with him during “Gee.” ^^
– OMO! D:< CANNOT BE UNREAD! CANNOT BE UNREAD! Now I can also never shower again in peace because I saw this and have to think/wonder abaout it…: Pocketostars thoughts on the showering contest….
Thinking about it: REALLY! How did this work??? o__O that`s really a good question!
– story of Pocketostars admin: SiHan kitties! OMG! how coll is that? naming kitties after SiHan! =D (NOTE: I also want to name mice after them one day ^^°°°°)
– Found this again recently… ㅠ﹏ㅠ The most touching SiHan/WonGeng vid I`ve ever seen.
… T^T … all my SiHan feels! *runs away crying*

SuJu news~
➤ Oh?! really? okay, at least I didn`t know that ^^
Super Junior’s Ryeowook surprises ‘Immortal Song 2′ audience after revealing his major

HoMin news/randomness ^^
➤ *screams* VAMPIRE LEADER씨!!!!!! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) (among other pics)
[Pic] Tohoshinki Bigeast Fanclub Magazine 2012 Summer
Total sales of TVXQ’s singles have topped 3.1 million in Japan
➤ [Random]
aaah, all of them so young! ^^ HanGeng, Yunho & Siwon. Siwon talking about Yunho: Yunho is the best hyung
– Yunho talking about HanGeng: Listen to the sworn brother Leader씨 ^^°

JYJ news!
➤ Nice ones! =)
[Pic] Junsu – 10asia+Star Vol 14 {24 pic}
…my weird mind is weird but: The last one reminds me of the “facepalm-poster” that kept appearing in Skip Beat xD LOL Oh damn, this poster was so… xD *haha* I`m still amused and amazed with it at the same time.
➤ xD ah yes. Poor JJ LOL
JYJ members transform into cute animals for photoshoot

Shinhwa news!
➤ And who will eat it then? the members? (*cough* or emmy?? xD )
Shinhwa’s Hyesung and Eric have a cook-off on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’
➤ It`s always good to see that they don`t only work but also have time to enjoy concerts or other events. (goes for everyone, not only for Shinhwa members ^^)
Shinhwa’s Minwoo attends 2NE1′s concert with invitation from Sandara Park

BoA news!
➤ 120728 BoA Comeback Show ‘BoA4354’
It`s almost ridiculous how our Leader looks younger and younger with time going by… OMO! He looks so cute with this hair! *______*
Boa is awesome. Yunho is awesome. Song is sooo nice! End of story.
➤ *dies because of cuteness* Yunho… Boa… I cannot! WAE ARE YOU TWO SO CUTE! *_____*
[Vid] Yunho, BoA and Changmin – SBS Cut
➤ Boa dancing like SNSD?? hm… Photobucket *tries to imagine*
BoA wants pretty dance moves like Girls’ Generation’s leg dance?
…*end up with imagination of 9 Boa`s dancing* ㅋㅋ daebak!
➤ I think I really have to buy her 7th album… *__* I mean I always loves her voice, I love many of her songs so far and I really love “The Shadow” & “Only One”!
BoA says you’re the “Only One” with SHINee’s Taemin on ‘Inkigayo’!
Performance of “The Shadow”:
Watch “Only One” with Taemin -> HERE! )

➤ German Asian Music Charts 4ever behind and not really recent but still!
[LIST] German Asian Music Charts releases “Top 20 K-Pop Songs” for the month of July
OMFG! *dies* HanGeng is in German Asian Music Charts! ㅠ_____ㅠ never saw this coming *sobs* so proud! My squishy… I`m so proud. T^T
Hope here are some real GengFans… I still feel so lonely as the only GengFan from germany who ordered a lightstick of Geng-bao… Can`t be that I`m the only one! Just can`t be!
At least I found out that Lucy is also GengFan! =D so I`m not lonely on my twitter timeline anymore!
well… but emmy has a bunch of suppressed Geng-feelings too. xD she also has some suppressed feelings for Siwon ㅋㅋㅋ Shinhwa Changjo-Cassiopeia Emmy has hidded feelings for SiHan… the more I think about it the more I like it! Photobucket
@Emmy: The SiHan lovelies got you! blanket~ OTL *points finger on you* YOU ADMIT IT! NOW! xD

okies, now I really done here ^^ I go write emails now!

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