Mission: complete! , Geng & Elva Hsiao`s “The Best Listener” is out & It wasn`t sasaeng ppl`s fault that Yoochun left? interesting!

(multiple days entry)

안녕… T^T

It`s Thursday.
I`m watching a series about vets, ppl and their pets. *sobs* There are ppl who will lose their dog because the dog has cancer. The dog is old and they cannot help him anymore so they have to euthanize him. ㅠ~ㅠ aah, I`m crying like an idiot. I know what these ppl feel. I also had pets I had to bring to the vet to euthanize because they were only in pain and had no good live anymore. Not to think of how it is to get such news & euthanize your pet the same day. Especially your dog. Photobucket *starts crying again*
Ah, I`m just crying with these ppl. I understand what they feel.
(some minutes later…)

ok. ok, it`s ok now.
Basically I was not supposed to cry today. It just happened randomly that I watched this series again and normally it`s not that sad! (well, those who have a pet and love it may understand why this is so sad)
Well, what I originally wanted to say is that “Mission mice” is completed now!
7 Babies are sleeping upstairs! They received their anti-mites treatment & I let them rest now. They had a stressful day today. Tomorrow I will visit my vet to get the basic meds (just in case) & more for future anti-mites treatments. This is what you should always have at home as a mice owner.

… … …

Ok, it`s FRIDAY now!
Finally! aaah, many MV teasers today! Great! (Geng, SuJu… I LIKE! You will see them in the news below)
My new mice are doing well. They eat well, sleep well, are interested in everything ^^
Of course when you try to get in contact with them most of them are like ➜ Photobucket which means: looking, then running back to hide in their nest.
But some take food out of my hand. I lure them with mealworms ^^d As expected they ate like mad babies tonight!
Some of them are really little and need to grow up well, so they need to eat well. They are very lively and all look healthy so far.
Now the hardest thing is about to come: I have to name them *dies* It`s so hard to find names! My list is too long and in most of the cases it takes me 4ever to decide on a name. Aigoo, let`s see how long it will take me this time.

… … …

Saturday now!
Today I will start to name the mice!
Yesterday I spent a good amount of time searching the photos I`ve taken for a pic of each one of them. It wasn`t that easy but I managed to find every mouse on some part of my pics. Actually I think it won`t be that hard to tell them apart from each other because when you look at them for a while you cna see who`s who. Since I`m a good mice mommy I study them every day now (^∀^).
The cute thing about them is that they are very curious. When you stop in front of their temporary home and start talking to them they will all come out and wait for you to give them food xD
Little foodmonster!
It`s a bit like Baylee waiting for me to get up every morning. She`s walking up and down at the front glass of the terra like a tiger in a cage, waiting for me to give her something she likes. Mice can be trained well with food. (with limitations of course. those who are really too shy to come out when you are around… there are some you will never be able to lure with food because they are too shy & rather run away than ever take something from your hand).
Besides starting to name the babies I also have to clean up all the others today. I`m happy when 6 homes are only 3 next week. Makes everything easier for me then. (actally I have 3 temporary mice homes for those in quarantine & 3 real homes.

btw, in the meantime I decided to re-form the group of the 4 girls. I will take Jina out of that group & put Nuka in as replacement.
Since Nuka is still not healthy and I guess he won`t be in future too (he will stay on the level he is right now) it`s too dangerous to put him into the big group. Should he pass on the sickness so at least only to 3 and not to 11 other mice)
so the 3 groups I will have in the end are like this:
– my old mice Baylee, Rikio & Noa ➜ GROUP 1
– Nuka, Holly, Deneh & Sunny ➜ GROUP 2
– Diego, Rico, Samantha, Zoey, Jina + the 7 babies ➜ GROUP 3
It`s the best to do it that way. Since I wanted to remove Jina from her current group anyway (becaues I still think she and Holly really don`t get along too well) and Nuka is a risc factor to the big group it`s best to pick the lesser of the two evils.
Of course, there`s still a risk that one of the babies will have the sickness too and it breaks out one day, but Nuka with his sickness already extended somehow is a bigger risk. Maybe no meds won`t help anymore if it breaks out again. That again, for the big group of 12 in the end, when it breaks out there I actually have a real chance to cure them all. Jina and the others were once sick too but they are cured now. So I really had to think about how to manage things to give the smallest risk to all of the groups.
Yes, yes, owning mice can be somewhat complicated sometimes, but I have mice since some years now I at least know what to do.

[VIDEOS] Stage videos of Geng`s Beijing concert! :
“Say No” in Beijing
– ending song of the concert: “Bad Boy” in Beijing
“Because Of Dreams” in BeijingPhotobucket I LOOOOVE THIS SONG! (but there are soooo many of his songs I love anyway ^^° )
– HNGH!!!!! I`m dying! *faints*: “My Logo” in Beijing!!!
[Fanaccount] An US Fans impressions before and during the Beijing concert
US GengFan`s fanaccount
ooomo! what a story! Crazy, funny & awesome! aaah, but now I`m jelly!!! >.<
[WEIBO] Update! Two entries on Beijing concert! :
(120729) Han Geng’s Weibo Updates – Beijing Concert [2 Entries]
[PICS]: *.* Geng in Taiwan… → 1 + OMO! ^^ this woman is cute! (HanGeng too of course! =D ) → 2 ,
*___* Beijing Concert → 3 ,
this outfit is 짱! =) → 4 ,
*_____* perfect *___* → 5 ,
photocard from the photobook?! T.T I need this photobook and… I will get it! I`m sure Jing Yee can help me somehow! → 6 ,
*dies inside*
Geng, just gimme one please T.T cannot wait any longer for mine to arrive.
… I wonder what mine will look like. Seriously. (and… these CDs here were brought by taiwanese fans as a gift to all the DJs of the radio station… *.* GengFans are just awesome!) ,
Han Geng and Elva Hsiao → 7 ,
Concert in Beijing again → 8 ,
hahaha! Geng, you adorable, crazy little something! ^_____^ in Taiwan → 9 ,
Happy Camp pics! → 10 , 11 , he ate… what? ^^ 12 , cutie ^^ 13 , what`s up there? 14 ,
Yishion teebox sporty project (of course with geng! =D ) 15 ,
Pocketostars: “Crazy awesome lights at Han Geng’s concert.” … no wonder everyone was having a blast in Beijing! → 16,
Oh yes, his outfits in that concert were just awesome! every single one was perfect! → 17 ,
[VID] Men`s Joker Photoshoot :
*.* oooh~ so great! I`m dying! Nice, beautiful, adorable, classy… Geng. *.*
[PICS] Men’s Uno Magazine :
*______* my eyes will 4ever be in star-shape… → 1 , 2 ,
I love this version of “Breaking Dawn” more than twilight version *ㅅ* → 3 ,
*faints* → 4 ,
… stop making me die! damn, Geng…! *__* → 5 ,
He`s really so handsome! → 6 ,
[NEW SONG] of Geng & Elva Hsiao : “The Best Listener”
Han Geng & Elva Hsiao 韩庚&萧亚轩 – The Best Listener 最佳听众 – Full Song
My Soulmate will like this! =D And I like it too! It`s a nice song! LIKE! Photobucket *clicks LIKE-button*
[TEASER] “The Best Listener” :
Han Geng & Elva Hsiao – The Best Listener MV teaser!
KYAAAH! Photobucket LOVE THE TEASER! MV looks pretty! Their dance!!! =D AAAAH! NEED FULL VERSION!!!! OTL!!!!
+ MV filming pics! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) THE LAST ONE!!!!! KYAAAAH! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) *goes crazy like a mad woman / fangirls* (hahaha! A fangirls live can be great! I love fangiring!)

SuJu news!
➤ Yeah, yeah SM. Repackage is not planned ;P
Super Junior to release repackaged 6th album, ‘SPY’
Seriously, who was supposed to believe that? Of course there will be always a repackage version. This was just so SM! Everytime when someone gets something right they haven`t announced yet they sad “no, it`s not true.” aigoo! That company! xD
Super Junior’s Eunhyuk to dance with BoA for this week’s ‘M! Countdown’ and ‘Music Core
– aaaand HERE-> we can: BoA says you’re the “Only One” with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk on ‘M! Countdown’!

– aaaan, Music Core performances just came out too!
BoA says you’re the “Only One” with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk on ‘Music Core’!
aaaa~h, Hyukjae & BoA! This is really good! But still, my fav will remain to be Yunho Leader씨!
➤ OMO! OMO! New song was performed!!!!! (at least partially OTL)
Super Junior performs “Mr. Simple”, “Sexy, Free, & Single”, and “SPY” on ‘M! Countdown’!
=D YAAAAY! *fangirls over… everything* My ELF heart is so excited! =DD
but… but… *pouts* I miss Siwon. :/ What is he doing in Thailand? Fanmeeting thingies or something?
➤ yes, =) they looked so nice! :3
Super Junior’s Siwon takes a photo with Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany on her birthday
➤ aaah, seriously, Teukie! *___* your hair, your eyes… *__*, AngelLeader and that`s it. OTL!!!
➤ ooomo! wae so cool, sexy and awesome??
Super Junior releases “SPY” MV teaser
T.T aah, Siwon! Now I realize again that I miss Siwon lately… T^T
➤ GAH! >< and now that I talk about it, AllKPop threw that at me:
Super Junior’s Choi Siwon voted as male idol with the best body
*cough* The Men’s Health pics back then were 대to the박 btw!

JYJ news!
➤ It`s so sad that they need an army of layers *sigh*…
JYJ sues Dispatch for defamation of character
➤ Yeah, yeah. We know it was a long time he thought about deleting twitter. already over a year ago he thought about that.
Explanation for Yoochun’s Twitter deactivation revealed
But, but, but…. Chunnie, not everyone is updating like crazy like we fangirls do. There are some idols who update their twitter every couple of weeks or every couple of months! … oO I wonder if he really thought he needs to reaply and update every day… uhm… seriously Chunni, that`s cray. Think about what job you do. We don`t even expect you to do so. You do a stressful job and you work so hard… Rather than reply fans or update twitter you should go rest, meet friends or something. This is what my heart wants you to do. Photobucket
➤ uuuuwaaaaah! *___*
[Pic] 120801 Junsu Unseen Elisabeth Poster
➤ Ai, Junsu, give us the MV now! *impatient* I`m already so curious!
JYJ’s Junsu works with Bruce ‘Automatic’ Vanderveer & Marc Klasfeld in Los Angeles
➤ Yes, you guy, praise him! =D Me likes to hear that! Go on! Go on! Photobucket
US songwriter Bruce Automatic praises JYJ’s Kim Junsu
➤ Junsu and twitter… that will be 4ever something ^^ Junsu, please never leave us!
[Trans/Pic] Junsu’s mom’s Twitter update

HoMin News!
[Trans] Yunho congratulates ‘M! Countdown’ with its 300th episode: “I am the first MC U-know Yunho”
^^ somehow I already awaited such a vid to show up!
BoA – Only One ft. Yunho VS Taemin
*fangirl scream* LEADER씨!!!!!! Photobucket hehehe! Leader씨 so perfect! And everyone says Yunho on YouTube! YES! I SAY YUNHOOOOOO~ too! Photobucket
I mean, Taemin dances very well and also great all but Yunho somehow is… the… the… *searches for words* the manly perfection (especially with BoA) on stage!
➤ so that`s why Unni said Gimpo Airport was trending!
TVXQ & SHINee immobilize traffic at Gimpo Airport

Big Bang news!
➤ Maknae hwaiting! ლ(>◡<)
Big Bang’s Seungri secures his own show + MC position on Japanese TV

➤ Ah! *is enlightened + is having ah-ha moment* so this is what they were doing in that pink-ish SM room back then!
SM Entertainment releases ‘S.M.ART EXHIBITION’ posters featuring 66 artists and actors

oh wow, so many news and my entry is still that short?
ok, almost 2000 words till now aren`t considered to be “short entry” generally, né? Photobucket

I finally want to post this anyway so let us take a look at the couples and then post thisssss!

“EunHae of the day”:
ㅋㅋㅋ EunHae still chilling! Adonis Camp! OTL!!!! This was one funny show! (still haven`t seen all of it… I should finally watch it)

What`s going on with SiHan lovelies today?
“SiHan of the day”
Cuties. 4ever and always cuties! But… *rips heart out like Emmy is doing it all the time* Golden SuJu-M times! All my SiHan feels are returning! (۳˚Д˚)۳

☆✭☆[Siwon & HanGeng filming] Zhang Liyin`s _Left Shore of Happiness’ MV☆✭☆
Siwon improvising again while rehearsing with Han Geng
all what Siwon wants to do: 1.) saying “I love you” to geng + 2.) hug him
xD oh well, go on. I love you SiHan lovelies! always so lovely! Photobucket

Okies, that`s it now and… I think I can send the updates email to my soulmate today.
(I made a daily record of everything that happened during the last 2 weeks for her, since she was/is on vacation)

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