HanGeng & Blackie on Happy Camp! , WGM to go worldwide? oO , [Trans] Jaejoong interview & the GENGDAM STORY xD

안녕 친구들! v^^.

Before we come to the k-pop news I will give you word about my own news: My little mice are doing well!
All besides one have names now. They are still very shy but I`m glad when they are healthy, they don`t need to cuddle with me. I`m perfectly fine when they are healthy and happy.
Then: I bought a new camera! I need a camera bag, bigger SD card & exchange battery now OTL
errr… I`m hungry btw, so let`s start that I can eat LOL *always writing before eating… uhm… unhealthy habit?*

We will have a lot of interesting news today! Let`s start with our cutie HanGeng ^_____^

[VID] (120804) Han Geng and Blackie on Happy Camp!
This show is just so LOL from beginning to end! xD I really enjoyed it! No subs but nonetheless so funny!
➤ Aaaaand once again Geng made it on AllKPop site!
Hangeng releases MV for “Best Listener” ft. Elva Hsiao
Well… but they missed to report about some of his MVs *fake coughs like crazy* THEY ARE LIKE MOST PPL! ONLY RANDOMLY KEEPING UP WITH HIM! But I`m already happy that they post on AllKPOP about Geng who`s now a C-Pop artist only. I`m proud of Geng!
[VID] Han Geng & Elva Hsiao 韩庚&萧亚轩 – The Best Listener 最佳听众_MV FULL!
[PICS] The latest pictures (mixed)
*.* → 1 ,
oh! this reminds me of an older photo from waaaaay back then! → 2 ,
aaaah, Geng in Taiwan! *__* Hair! → 3 , 4 ,
LOL xD The comment on that photo: truuuue! → 5 ,
*O* I WANT THESE “Geng” hearts! *____* Like a Geng version of my Xiah heart → 6 ,
xD A GUNDAM! OMG! → 7 ,
Photobucket hahaha! all my feelings and thoughts when I see THIS pic! ^______^ → 8 (I wonder why there was a Gundam… I guess it was a present for him!) ,
heeeey! With Elva Hsiao! → 9 ,
Who`s that guy? Geng shines brither ^^d 10 ,
Han Geng and Jiro Wang → 11 T~T I want my copy of “Hàn Géng” now! *impatient fangirl is slowly going insane here OTL* .
[The Gift ^^] HanGeng & the thing with the Gundam at Taiwan PressCon…
What HanGeng likes best *ROFL* LOOOOL! xD HANGENG! LOOOOOL WE KNOW! WE KNOW! LOL xDDD I only say: Weirdo`s like me→ Geng is one of them! I cannot! *laughs like crazy* Geng, you babo! LOL no wonder the thing with having a family is not working out! LOOOL aigoo, that man!
His poor teacher from dancing school! He recently asked him if he will have a family (soon) and HanGeng? xDDD *hahaha* well, THIS! GengDam forever!
[Random] random stuff for fun ^^
Geng talking about Super Junior’s special nicknames for one another ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
hahaha! well, xD what else? horse. sure! What else? nothing else! EPIC! (and of course, as the one sworn brother, you talk about the other sworn brother – OUR LUCK they were always like this! ;D )
– *breaks away laghing* OMG! that`s… true!
The complete (and sad? xD ) truth! ooomo! I cannot say anything because it`s true.

SuJu news!
➤ Not bad, not bad! I have a feeling that I will love “Only U”!
Super Junior releases repackaged 6th album, ‘SPY’
➤ Not bad so far!
Super Junior sells over 200,000 copies of ‘Sexy, Free & Single’
➤ The Siwonest tweeted pics and…. ^^ oh, I see Siwon, you always had this -I need to use ppl as my armrest- “problem” xD
when siwon friend’s bday
➤ Oh, they always do!
Super Junior’s Shindong, Donghae, Kangin, and Leeteuk look chic in classic suits

JYJ news!
➤ Problems with the rental of the venue?! D: OMG! That`s so bad! I feel sorry for the fans who were already excited! this is the worst reason!
[Info] C-JeS and Concert Organizer Announcement Regarding Junsu 1st Asia Tour in Hong Kong – Concert has been cancelled
(additional news/Update: [Info] 120807 JYJ official Facebook Update – Junsu(XIA) Hong Kong concert on 26 Aug 2012 )
[Trans] 10asia: Park Yoochun – The Power Of Snow That’s Accumulating Quietly‏
➤ Who`s that boy with JJ?? o.O
[Trans] 120807 Jaejoong’s twitter Update
ah! AllKPop says it`s F.CUZ` member Lee-U! Oh well, I really don`t know about F.CUZ. *shrugs* what means he “left”? Left like… contract termination or what? well, whatever. At least I know who he is now ^^ (just for my own information)
➤ OMOOOOOO! *.* Junsu! And he`s cuuuuute! *o*
[Pic] 120806 Jaejoong and Junsu – Egg Facebook Update
Thank you John for the Junsu cuteness and now… brb fainting! *dies*
➤ WOW! That`s great! *o* It`s like a MV!
JYJ’s Junsu (XIA) releases 1st Asia Tour highlight clip

➤ aaaiiiigoooo! JUNSU! FINALLY!
JYJ’s Junsu to release new English single, ‘UNCOMMITTED’
I`m curious! I`m too hyper about Geng`s 2nd album to run around in circles for it, but I`m really curious! Can`t wait!
(well, although I think english version of Tarantallegra will sound weird since we were used to the korean version first – second version always sounds weird then… *waves with arms excited* (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) besides Brian`s english versions! ➜ He`s really the only exception for me! It`s unbelievable! His english versions never sounded weird to me! Neither his korean version of “In My Head” does!)
[TRANS] : Jaejoong interview! :3 It`s really interesting! I think especially my little sis will like it!
btw: the pics are very pretty!
Part 1 : (my comment) aaah, jaejoongie, don`t be too hard to yourself. You are still learning in acting. Of course there is a lot to learn and I look at acting as a serious and sometimes exhausting job. But you made it! you did well, don`t worry! I`m proud of you~~Photobucket always.
I can only agree with that one comment on SYC: He has a wonderful personality.
Part 2 : (my comment) JJ… ㅠ~ㅠ I know you guys want to perform on tv but you can`t! Let`s just keep it up together! Someday tv performance will come back!
Aigoo, and composing while filming for Dr. Jin? *waves with arms dramatically* Jaejoong alway working too hard~~ but it was only sad songs and he deleted them all? T.T JJ…
And what`s with the thing about the album next year? does this mean that he`s not going to the army this year??? oO errr.. I`m confused!
Part 3 : (my comment) OMO, Jaejoong, at least you know! We love you for who you are from the inside! Some ppl around me even think you are not handsome. But who cares! You are very pretty inside and it shines through! *hugs JJ*
BUT ARE THEY FEAKING KIDDING US!!!?????? Resemblance to Robert Pattinson????? HELLO????? This guy is…. >.< UGH! NOT PRETTY AT ALL! When I read this I was like “Photobucket *spills her drink all over the couch* W-H-A-T?! ROBERT PATTINSON????? WHAT DA EFFIN… HELL! That`s an insult! AN INSULT! (屮゚Д゚)屮 …. ==” how can somebody dare… *is almost ready to kill* ” … seriously, never heard such nonsense o-O really. And even JJ is saying that they don`t look alike. No really, I can only agree. THEY DON`T!!!
About working with seniors: I can only recommend this! ^^ working with seniors of you is good! I like my seniors! (except for Ajeossi >.< )
About the girlfriend matters: OMG! The story of that rich bish is so…. O: OMG! What a bish! I really have no words… Wae are ppl like that? That`s horrible! And please someone of JJ`s friends introduce a nice girl to him T.T oh, he wants a girlfriend and had so many girl-fails… please someone finally introduce a nice girl to him! щ(゚Д゚щ)
➤ eh hehe ^^° JJ… It`s ok, we believe you that you want to show us everything you can. This is SO JJ!
[News] 120808 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong: “I want to play the role of a psychopath”
➤ I WOULD TOTALLY APPROVE! But a “certain” company (*cough* SM! *cough*) will never let this happen!
Jaejoong and Yunho were both invited to VIP screening of ‘R2B: Return to Base’?
(additional: JJ at the VIP screening )
➤ I want Junsu on the cover of our TV magazine too! *sulking*
[Pic] Junsu on the cover of ASTA TV Magazine
BTW: Yunho is on it too so I LIKE! =D *clicks LIKE button* Photobucket

Junho news!
➤ *waves with hands dramatically* The perfect photo RIGHT HERE!

➤ Peeeeeeople, this means nothing just like Jaejoong appearing in SM`s promo vid. *facepalm* Wait, no, it means something: That they are once again taking advantage of JYJ.
[Rumor]SM Entertainment hints at 5-member TVXQ reunion?
I mean, as much as we would love to see a reunion. But: Reunion under SM?? Uhm… no, I don`t see that.
In other words: I believe nothing!
We all know them. This is a way to get attention, if you ask me. Like SM promo vid: shamelessly using JJ. Like all SuJu MVs AFTER Geng left: Shamelessly tagging Geng with the MVs! Photobucket
WTH are they thinking? Well, nothing. As always. ==””
➤ YAH! Don`t you make the little kids believe in something that cannot happen! D: I`m afraid some of my dongsaengs could cry if you start to give them hopes!
hKorean portal sites Nate & Daum update ‘TVXQ’ profile as 5 members
They are probably just going with the flow OTL if you know what I mean.
➤ My friend also had a very good blog entry about the new “OT5 renunion” rumor/believes *sighs* ppl should stop to interprete everything to what they wish for & believe in every rumor.
JYJ lawsuit is not the decider of ot5 reunion
If the end of the lawsuit would be equal to DB5K reunion HanGeng should already be back with SuJu for a loooong time, isn`t it like that? This is no logic, this is weirdness kids. Like one of the commenters said: It needs to end. Our boys are worn out. I just wish for then that it can end because this damn long lawsuit is so exhausting for them. We will never lose our faith or our believe in our 5 boys, but this dosen`t mean that we believe for reunion purpose only.
On top of that: after all what happened between JYJ & SM ppl still expect them to go back to SM like nothing was wrong??? o_O ah. I see. Like emmy would say: We should never talk in that case.

HoMin news!
➤ T.T I`m still crying over the fact that the red version of TONE Dvd is not the special edition!!! WAAAEEE??? SM, wae???? Special Edition should be red!
[Trans] ‘The Gods of New Records’, TVXQ, break another record on the Oricon charts
➤ The Tokyo Dome! Bigeast!
[Pic] Photos from SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Tokyo
➤ *fangirls for HoMin*
➤ oh I love these! =D
[Pic] 120804 THSK’s postcards for SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Tokyo – Part 2
➤ OMO! That picture! *dies*
[Info] 120806 TVXQ – MISSHA Fan Sign Event
➤ My first thought: Oh cool! Second thought: What a world where you say TVXQ, SHINee, B2ST, BtoB, nad B.A.P in one sentence. In one go… o.o
[News] TVXQ to perform at the Korean Big 5 in Bangkok on September 8, 2012
*cough* yes, I think hightly of HoMin. SHOT ME! #CassiePrideMoment. (oh, kids, no complains now. These were just my random thoughts, nothing else)
➤ AND NOW WE SEE WHY I CAN BE LIKE THIS: (((o(≧∇≦)o))) YUNHOOOOOOOO~~!!!! *super fangirl scream*
[Vid] 120807 Dancing Idol Olympic Games – Yunho No.1
➤ This is nice but…
TVXQ releases ‘TVXQ Live Tour 2012 – TONE’ DVD in Korea
…will it be with korean subs then?? SME, wae u no release i-version suitable things like DVDs with english subs! SME, wae u no love your iFans?? *sighs*
➤ AISH! YOU TWO! JUST GET MARRIED ALREADY, DAMMIT! (۳˚Д˚)۳ (and have the perfect babies! OTL Emmy and me approve!!!!!!)
BoA surprises netizens: “I want to take Yunho with me if I’m leaving for a
desert island”

Big Bang news!
➤ ^^ cute!
Big Bang’s G-Dragon has ‘finale’ with kitty cat?
➤ OH YES! I saw this and… They had some yummy stuff there!
G-Dragon and Jo Kwon stay up to cheer on the South Korean soccer team
I see LOTTE Milkis, LOTTE Kancho (칸초)… aaaah! *_____* I love LOTTE Kancho!

SS501 news!
➤ OMG SUN! at first I saw the pic and was like “NOOO!! that`s not him! =D *takes second look* OMG! It IS him! Jungminnie!!!!! *fangirls*”
SS501′s Park Jung Min (Romeo) reveals PV preview for “Give Me Your Heart”
OMG! The Song is awesome! =D I`m curious about the full mv!
Will there be an album? My first mini album of Jungminnie waits for some company ;D
Since the song is already out as mobile download the radio also played it in Japan and you can listen to it HERE!
➤ And there we go with the Leader ^^
Kim Hyun Joong’s Bangkok fan meet spotlighted in a Thai magazine

➤ eeeeeh??? MBC, what? If it`s not the original with subs I don´t want to see it! OTL That`s why we watch the original shows because it`s the original and we like it *waves around with arms*
MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ to go worldwide?

➤ haha! OMG! that`s so crazy!
Psy keeps his promise and buys 30,000 copies of his album for fans
I guess some of the fans will be reeeeally happy. Well, I`m not his fan but this is one crazy way to make your fans happy ^^d
➤ LOL if that`s true…
PSY receives offer from Justin Bieber’s agency?
…then they will kick the bieber kid out and only stick with Psy then! xD ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (oh, I´m not sorry b-kids. MUAHAHAHA! xD ).
and talking about Gangnam style: The MV appeared somewhow a bit strange to me but most of it amused me. It`s funny. This is some crazy MV. Not exactly my taste of Music, but I like it better than… *thinks* …. B.A.P songs or… 2AM songs… or… errr… I cannot even tell you because I`m too ignorant of other artist xD oh well, I´m also not sorry for that!
NOTE: Send Oppa the MV via Facebook later and then wait for him to freak out about it because he`s shocked xD LOL (since he`s no k-popper he will surely think this is totally strange!)

➤ Seoul… *.* I love it!
[Pics] Seoul Is a Beautiful City

➤ OMG! I like this one!
SBS releases 1st official poster for upcoming drama ‘Faith’ starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun
…I have the feeling I should watch this! =D I love dramas like this one!

Photobucket The picture they used for the article: CUUUUUTE! xD *random fangirling*
Kim Hyun Joong donates 50 million KRW in response to his fans’ charitable actions

➤ Oh really? I totally missed the first 2! Photobucket eh hehe…. *embarrassed laugh*
SM Entertainment to release its 3rd best-of album, ‘SM Best Album 3′

Oh damn!
When did this entry get that long again?!
And I still haven`t had dinner! *faints*

Okies, so I will go make dinner now! ^^


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