HanGeng & Blackie on Happy Camp WITH eng subs! , G-Dragon keeps teasing us & this weeks SuJu performances of “SPY”!

안녕 다들! v^^.

My mice started their socialization phase!
Again, with some changes. Since I really wasn`t sure anymore if Holly, Denhe, Jina and Sunny are really completely healthy again I decided to put them together with Nuka.
Surprisingly, when I started at friday (10.08.2012) they got a long perfectly well. I mean, I thought they would be a bit awkward with each other or maybe afraid of each other since they don`t know each other but no: Mice acted like they were together since the year one *.* With all my groups before it was never ever that good at the start. I totally didn`t expected that!

The second group is doing well too! They are very calm. I didn`t expected this, but I`m very satisfied! When they are still nice to each other when they have the first invetory I can celebrate it as a small v-day! This works way better as I thought.
some ppl say young mice (in the age between 2 and 8 months) are especially troublsome.
I cannot confirm it.

Geng News!
[Concert Tour] :
“HanGeng said his concert tour will go to Thailand, Singapore, USA, Indonesia and Australia…[from Entertainment 100%]”
*cries* ㅠ~ㅠ but… but… but… I don`t live in Thailand, Singapore, USA, Indonesia or/and Australia щ(゚Д゚щ) (ok, ok. We know since a long time that he won`t come to europe and I don`t even want to cry much about it, but I once again feel massive regret that I don`t live in US and… I feel the strong urge to make Emmy go to Geng`s concert so that I can totally live through her!!! ← *cough* insane?)
But besides the regret: I AM SO FREAKIN’ PROUD OF HIM! NO WORDS! NO WORDS!! *waves around with arms wildly* I cannot even!
OMO! Woman is cuuuute & really pretty! *.* → 1 ,
I really dunno who all these ppl are (because the only thin I always know is Geng ^^° ) → 2 ,
That`s one crazy chair! *haha!* I like it! → 3 ,
Shanghai tv weekly… Geng… Uniform… *.* man… → 4,
eh hehe… what are they doing? ^^° → 5 ,
(120808, btw) Han Geng and the hosts of Kang Xi Lai Le: Dee Hsu, and Barbie Hsu → 6 ,
Yishion 2012 Fall Casual Series! That`something new! → 7 .
[WEIBO] Update :
(120808) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Kang Xi Lai Le [1 Entry]
– The number of times Geng appeared on Happy Camp?? I would be interested to know because I don`t ^^
(120803) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Happy Camp [1 Entry]
[SUBBED] YAY! English subs! =D : Han Geng Blackie Chien-Chou Chen Happy Camp [FULL][ENG]
OMO! =D heeey! finally subs! Makes it even funnier!
[Random] fun :
A Star King Contestant`s Worst Nightmare: Han Geng
xD OMG! It`s true!
– Also on Star King: ㅋㅋㅋ jealous, Teukie? ;P
Back when Nine Muses’ Park Eunji was just a fangirl.
*hahaha* this is so cute! xD HanGeng ruins live! LOL (seems so, but in a good way ^^)
One Epic GIF to that : “I ruin lives” Photobucket CUTIE!!!!!

SuJu news!
➤ It looks like an interesting story to me and ^^
‘When Loved Walked In’ (ft. f(x)’s Victoria & Super Junior-M’s Zhou Mi) releases new previews
SuJu at M! Countdown, 120809:
KYAAH! Photobucket I LOVE THEM IN SUITS!!! This is really cool! And the song has really grown on me after listening to it in full now! And Siwon is back! Oh, I approve!
– Here`s the FullHD Music Bank performance of “SPY”
– Here`s the FullHD Music Core performance of 120811 of “SPY”
– aaaaand last but not least: Here`s the FullHD Inkigayo performance of “SPY”!
*___* omo!
and YAH! Teukie! Stop killing us! >//<
➤ Well, AllKPop, that`s because the song is called “SPY” ^^° (what a headline OTL *fake-waves with arms damatically*)
Super Junior members become spies on the set of upcoming music video
➤ Teukie & siwon on twitter xD OMO! AngelLeader!
Twitter translation

JYJ news!
➤ [Lawsuit News] : “JYJ & SM’s arbitration failed to agreement and return to court’s decision in SEP”
Wae am I not surprised? ㄱ_ㄱ , article → SM Entertainment and JYJ to have another trial in September
➤ [PICS] of the Jaejoong interview & R2B movie premier : Interview & R2B pics.
➤ Okies! I`m ready & waiting!
JYJ preparing to release new album in 2013
➤ [TRANS] JJ interview!
120808 JYJ Kim Jaejoong “Jihoon hyung called and told me to come to his unit”
xD Junsu, is so cute! *haha* Crying for food. OTL that`s my Junsu! ^^d
And rain called him to come to his unit? GO JJ! GO! It really looked like Rain is doing well in the army, so JJ should just join his unit ^^
– aaaah~ JJ, please date NOW! You need a girlfriend! >-< Don`t worry about us! We will survive because in the end the only thing we want it you guys to be happy!
[TRANS] 120808 JYJ Kim Jaejoong “I’ll reveal it to public if Park Yoochun finds his marriage partner”
➤ YAY! Eric Oppa is in contact with JJ! =D GOOOOOD!
[NEWS] 120808 Jaejoong discusses JYJ’s teamwork
This is exactly what Eric once said: They talk about it when there`s a problem. It`s not only a good advice for idol groups. Everyone should do so.
➤ YAY! Junsu! b^^d Great!
JYJ’s Junsu selected as most popular performer for the first half of the year
➤ Yes! Yes! Yes! *is excited*
JYJ’s Junsu releases album jacket cover and tracklist for ‘UNCOMMITTED’
ok. Blue-grey hair. But it actually looks ok although the color is werid ^^° Nice cover!
➤ ^^ he`s so cute!
JYJ’s Jaejoong has trouble deciding between two ramen brands
sometimes this is me when I`m in front of the box with all my ramyeons ^^ and when I cannot decide I eat soba xD
➤ The power of JJ~
Bracelet worn by JYJ’s Jaejoong’s becomes hot seller on Japanese online shopping mall
➤ I`m happy he was having a good time with the staff!
[Trans] Photos of Kim Jaejoong with staff members at the ‘Dr. Jin’ After Party are released
➤ We seeee the difference: His seniors and other actors are complimenting him, JJ is kinda complaining about his acting ^^°°° oh well, JJ, don`t put yourself down!
[Compilation] Dr. Jin co-stars and veteran actors’ compliments on Jaejoong’s acting
➤ AISH! ppl stop be so… so… order-crazy! I want to order it too, but LE ME IS LE BROKE BECAUSE OF LE GARAGE BILL! This means: It`s very frustrating! T.T
Junsu’s “Uncommitted” is #1 in Preorders on Tower Records Japan

Junho news!
➤ °.° brother, wae are you like that!? http://lockerz.com/s/233204161
“SEDUCTION” you say? well, WE CAN SEE THAT! OTL I`m curious about the mv indeed!

HoMin news!
[Trans] 120806 TVXQ Captivate 100,000 Audience Members With A Powerful Performance
➤ They look wonderful!
[Pic] TVXQ – S.M.ART Exhibition
[Trans] TVXQ’s Oricon Chart topping DVD will be released in Korea on the 8th
WAAEEEE *changming style* isn`t it the cover of the special edition?! SM, wae are you trolling us that way?! You know cassie want to buy red edition, you know cassie want to buy special edition! so you really don`t make the special edition red that we maybe buy both?! =-= you`re so evil!

Big Bang news!
Big Bang’s Daesung to have his own diary series!
➤ Hwaiting then! (o^∀^o)
G-Dragon begins filming music videos for his upcoming solo album
➤ Yeah, GD such a pain! What`s up with that tiger? ^^
G-Dragon teases fans with a photo from the set of his MV shoot
➤ Wish you all the best, Seungri!
Big Bang’s Seungri to hold his first solo fan meets in Japan
Baby alone in Japan OTL
➤ yeah, indeed! mysterious! will this be the countdown for his album release sometime later??? I was like “o.o oh! what is this for?”
G-Dragon tweets a mysterious countdown timer
➤ And there he goes again ^^
G-Dragon teases fans with another picture!

➤ uuuuh! ^___^ reaminds me of Yishion pics!
Kim Hyun Joong sports a casual look for clothing brand ‘HANGTEN’

➤ Hey, this guide thingy even teaches the Hangul?? *.* Wae did no one gimme such a thing when I started to learn korean, eh?! *pouts*
South Korean culture promotional guide featuring Girls’ Generation spotted in London

➤ *throws confetti* It was about time!
“K-pop” officially added to Oxford Dictionary

➤ Justing Bieber (*cough* and his angecy), wae u no stay away from k-pop???? OTL
Psy to visit the U.S. and meet with Justin Bieber’s agency

Shinhwa news!
➤ Eric want 4 kids? Leader, you need to go and find a wife first!
And wasn`t Minwoo Emmy`s bias? ㅋㅋㅋ yes, I want to say something by that!
Shinhwa’s Eric reveals how many children he would like in the future

➤ Prince manager is all I say!
Handsome celebrity managers gain attention

➤ news from Brian Oppa!
He was in Japan for “Brian reborn to Japan” and he had a great time there! Also BFF in japan had a great time!
^^ The cutest thing was Brian and BFF at the airport when he was leaving:
He tweeted: “At Kansai International Airport, about to head back to Korea and my fans aren’t leaving;) they are too cute:) OSAKA!! I will miss you…”
Ai, Oppa ^^ of course they stayed. We are talking about BFF here! ;D We are your Fanily & Friends always! No matter where you go, BFF are already there!

okies! Couples now! ;D

“EunHae of the day”:
aww, yes, look at their hands! OTL ❤。◕‿◕。❤

“SiHan of the day”:
(●ˆ ω ˆ●) aigoo, they are just playful kids! ❤❤❤ aw! cuties! *melts because of the SiHan-ness*


btw, this reminds me of my dream tonight!
It wasn`t a real k-dream. it was only a short appearance of SiHan!

I went to the zoo with some ppl, among them my cousin. If it was my family or my cousin and his friends I cannot tell. Dream was blurry.
Anyways, I wanted to see the dolphins in the zoo. This was the reason why I was there. So see the dolphins! (ˆㅅˆ) (junsu fangirl wants to see dolphins… yeah, no comment! xD )
When we reached the dolphins and I was done looking at them I ran into SiHan lovelies! =D haha! yes! SiHan lovelies! We said hi to each other and HanGeng explained to me that they went to the zoo because Siwon wanted to go xD
hahaha! OMG! what was that?! SuJu-M reality & my own reality mixing up!
Sadly there`s nothing more to say because my dream went on with something completely not k-pop related. Basically my whole dream was chaos and useless but that one part at the zoo was fun!

and now a little fun:
☆✭☆[CUTE!] Geng, the playful kid ^^d☆✭☆
C’mon! You know he`s an adorable squishy! ^_____^ so cute!
( ˆ ω ˆ ) ai! so cute! HanGeng is really something! He`s so special, I cannot even!

+ I added a new category, called Couple Series. I will try to put the past entries with couple appearances into it too, but later. I need time to look through my entries.
Well, I added it because some ppl would maybe love to find the couple series easier ;D
(since my blog somehow got famouse for the couple series… I wonder O.O )

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