ㅋㅋㅋaks SuJu couples xD EPIC! , Junho cuteness ^____^ & “SPY” mv finally released!

안녕 친구들! v^^.

Today we will have the SPAZZ first! YAYYY! FUN! =D

➤ This happens the times when Siwon`s back with the group…
xD LOL PD is right! These days it`s really like this! (and admin is also richt! He`s really cute in the first GIF!)
➤ OMG! LOL this is so… so XDD EPIC!
I hope she will make more of this because it`s hilarious! xD OMG! of course ppl would ask such questions! xD
(This was the accouncement of the project, it was also funny!)
also, here`s Part 2 of ask the couples! I cannot even! I died laughing!

Some mice news: I prepared both homes for the mice yesterday. Since the group of 5 (group 1) is doing extremely well I will let them move in their new (and for the girls old) home too. I will only give them the first floor at first but still.
I think there`s no need to wait 2 more weeks. They are doing way better than expected. They are extremely quiet (one could think there are no mice in that Duna at all), they are nice with each other & they built a great big nest for all of them to sleep ^^ it`s really cute!

The group of 11 mice (group 2) is also doing well! Sometimes I hear them squeak but it`s mostly because they steal food from each other. No serious issue.
And when they sleep, they are sooooo cute! Photobucket
Like when Diego & Stella sleep in a corner & baby Stella grabs the fur of her new big brother with her little paw in her sleep. ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ KYAAAAH!!! Photobucket So adorable!
They can be so cutie when they sleep and sometimes I can see one if them yawn. ^^ When they do this you see that they have a really big mouth. Little animals with a mouth of a predator ^^

Newstime now!

JYJ and Geng (among others) to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of China-Korea Diplomatic Relationship together???
… (゜_゜) ? … (⊙_⊙) … (⊙▂⊙) ! … ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ !!!! OMG SUN! “&§($)AJSKFZ)§/§)I$OKSJKEJ1!!!!!!!!!!
IS THIS EVEN REAL LIVE?!? I DIE if this happens that way! *faints* (but there`s still a chance of last minutes changes, PocketOStars admin is totally right about that! nonetheless: I DIE!!!! HNGH!!!!! (ノ゚Д゚)ノ彡┻━┻ *flips table in shock, joy and… whatever else O: * )
I`m going crazy… (⊙_⊙) seriosuly. When october comes, I will wait till it`s really real and then spazz out like an idiot OLT #JustWarningYou
Geng and Elva Hsiao in Taiwan.
Wae do I post this? First, it`s Geng after all ^^ Second: When you skip to 1:20 you see the moment when Geng received the Gundam ^_______^ aaaah, he was so happy!

[PICS] :
The blue wall pictures of BQ Weekly Magazine! → 1 , 2 , cutie ^^ 3 ,
Yishion 2012 Fall Casual Series → 4 ,
Always good to look at it again: Royal Wind Shampoo CF *____* #ItsPornOTL → 5 ,
Men’s Uno Magazine pics → 6 ,
HanGeng and Xiao S on Kang Xi Lai Le… (⊙_⊙) that woman… Geng… THAT WOMAN! O: I`m dying! *faints* *too much to take for my poor heart* → 7 (she tries again and again, huh? little did I know: that wasn`t the first time xD but LOOOL The Guy in the background! ROLF xDD epic expression! and *cough* Geng looks forced xD poor baby!) + *waves with arms dramatically* Aigoo, that woman! (I`m not exactly sure if I can still approve this oO ) → 8 ,
Royal Wind → 9 ,
eeeh? New Royal Wind CF?? Seems so! =) → 10 .

SuJu news!
Full MV for Super Junior’s “Spy” released
well, it`s blocked in germany aaaas usual, BUT there you go anyway:
Photobucket SIWON! You looked especially nice! ^^
KYAAAH! FINALLY SPY MV! =D OMO! OMO! Finally! SPY MV! =D LOVE IT! KYAAAH! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) I`m dying because of…. you know who! 대to the박! Shindong very cool ^^d (well, teukies hair… naaah, idek… he has better hair styles, but still!)
➤ eeeh, what did you say AngelLeader? I was busy looking at the horsey in the background Photobucket … well… uhm… I CAN EXPLAIN THIS! (no… I can`t xD )
Leeteuk wows fans with his newly chiseled body
Oh, Angel Leader, that was really rather unexpected but… I`m watching classy Siwon in black, I`m too busy to care about it right now Photobucket brb staring at the horsey … ^^°°° (OTL 쏘리쏘리, 특이! )
➤ oh! what a pity!
Super Junior’s Ryeowook and Ailee to exit ‘Immortal Song 2′
BUT I`m really, really waiting for Ailee`s album! “Heaven” is still on my “to buy”-list!
➤ Siwon about Karl Lagerfeld: “New things”, huh? ㅋㅋㅋ *fangirl mind has a lot of weird ideas now but NOT including Lagerfeld OTL!!!!! That`s important! *
– VMan pictures of Siwon: 1 , 2 and some more here: Choi Siwon’s photoshoot with world-renowned designer Karl Lagerfeld featured on VMAN magazine …. excuse me… I`m dying! *faints* Photobucket …. Iiiiiii cannot! Siwon… wae? … oh… >///<

JYJ news!
➤ ARGH! Junsu, you`re such a paint! This teaser practically shows us nothing! ><
JYJ’s Junsu releases teaser for “Uncommitted”
➤ I think at least for Junsu this is totally the right endorsment 😛 (as the old gamer he is *haha*)
[Trans] Nintendo Korea to hold Mario Kart 7 event with JYJ
➤ Playing with the sheeps! Photobucket that`s so them!
[Pic] 120814 JYJ Facebook Update
➤ ok, now the second teaser was out
JYJ’s Junsu releases second teaser for “Uncommitted”
so it`s a love story? *wonders* I`m still curious!

Junho news!
➤ aaaah brother talking about… yeah, about what? xD But one thing is for sure: he`s sooooo cute! OMG! How cute can a boy be?

(((o(≧∇≦)o))) KYAAAAH! When he started peeling it! JUNHO YOU CUTE NAMJA! hahaha! So adorable!
And the end! KYAAAH!!! brother is so cute! wae so cute? ^____^

HoMin news!
➤ *o* Cannot believe they are real! ooomo! Leader씨 & Minnie! so beautiful!
[Cap] 120812 Tohoshinki – Music Fair
➤ DAEBAK! YAAAAAY! ᕦ(⌒▽⌒ˇ)ᕤ *raises arms up in the air in yay-mood*
Kim Hyun Joong, DBSK Certified Gold in Japan
I`m seriously so proud of them ^^ Our boys and Hyun Joong just so awesome!
(SYC article: [News] 120813 TVXQ and Kim Hyun Joong win the Golden Disc in Japan)
➤ Uwaaah! I love Leader씨`s current hairstyle!
[Pic] 120814 TVXQ at Missha Fansign Event

Brian news!
➤ Oppa`s shout out for the upcoming concert in Singapore!
Click HERE to see the message ^^
awww, brian! aww! Such nice words all the time for BFF! My heart skips a beat hearing this PhotobucketPhotobucket

➤ aaaand the winner iiiis: K-POOOOP! (respectively PSY ^^ *haha* GTFO, b-kid! xD 아ㅋㅋㅋㅋ *amused laugh*)
Psy’s “Gangnam Style” ranks #1 on YouTube’s monthly chart
I will 4ever love to see k-pop being successful on YouTube! And of course being better than th b-kids because b-kids (the fans) have to learn that neither they NOR the d-kids are #1! (sadly they tend to believe this but k-pop fandoms are way more powerful! well, I`m cassiopeia and as a Cassie, *cough* biggest FC of the world_Official + in Guiness Book too *cough*, I mostly laugh about their nonesense ^^d #shamelesslyMakingMyselfEnemiesOnceAgain #ACassiesPride)

➤ That man is always so busy °.°
Kim Hyun Joong wraps up overseas activities and focuses on ‘City Conquest’

➤ All sort of fans keep donating things for charity purpose, also Lee Minho`s fans!
Lee Minho shares his enthusiasm with fans
Naah, I want to see this drama. But basically I wanted to watch “My girlfriend is a gumiho” first *pouts* when oh when to do watch what?! (aigoo, my drama watching problems!)

➤ OMG, finally!
BoA takes home her first win for “Only One” on ‘Show Champion’

aaand because I really feel like it and they were neglected for too long: the couples!

“EunHae of the day”:
yes ppl, this is EunHae couple! LOVE THEM! ;D Aren`t they cute? ^__^ (EunHae at Music Core btw)

“SiHan of the day”:
hahaha! cuties! Photobucket This is the GIF I was talking about the whole time. I see boys, I see ^^ Guess only Siwon is allowed to do that =)

☆✭☆[Couple special] , today: KyuHan☆✭☆
Kyu`s question for Geng!
*hahaha*! so cute! xD Geng is everyone`s! Oh interesting! LOL
What I laughed about even more is the “The blog of youth” thing! EXCELLENT ANSWER! *makes note of that for the next time she blushes and needs an excuse*

well, now I`m done with this entry.

*cough* I think me dying because of Siwon`s VMan pics is just oh so suitable to what my ELFi is doing… ㄱ.ㄱ *eyes her a little* She`s writing her revenge and will involve me to have her revenge for me teasing her with Kyu all the time.
OF COURSE she will use Siwon against me >///< She laughing all evil and smirking while thinking about what she can write to make me die because of embarrassment scares me… errr… “a bit”. … … … NO COMMENT! >_< I think I won´t survive future chapters of her FF!

Although I`m thankful & happy that she`s writing something involving me. No one ever (besides UNNI!!!) ever did this, but on the other hand she`s having way too much fun doing it. °.° I wonder what that ELFi of mine is up to. Maybe it`s better I don`t know….

LOL but I have a lot of weird imatinations how some things could happen. Like when she as my friend would introduce me to the boys in her FF and she goes like “(…) this is Sangmi, admin of xiahsdragonempress.com.” and Siwon goes like: “So you are the admin of the blog I always wondered about (^▽^)”
xD OMG SUN! No no! NO GOOD! NO GOOD! Thoughts of mine, please stop! I love my fangirling but somehow it would be a bit embarrassing when the “wrong ppl” find out about it. Just so ‘oh-oh’… Photobucket *hides*

Fact is I just don`t want to know! according to her hints I will run around in circles because of embarrassment soon enough and the evil will enjoy her revenge way too much, I guess.
So I will update in that matter in future ^^

BTW: everyone please read her FF! It`s good! (it`s mainly a Kyu/reader(respectively herself) story, but also involves her best friend/Hyukjae and… *sighs* soon me too)

*click* Is This Real? *click*

@Patricia : well, no matter what you’ll write… maybe I will die, maybe I will run in circles because of embarrassment, but I will still love you! ❤。◕‿◕。❤ #LovingMyELFfriend

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