My new K-dream , pics of JYJ Mahalo photook & HoMin`s awesome drawings! ㅋ (especially Leder씨’s!)

안녕 여러분!

Mice started phase two of socialization!

Since group one behaved extremely good they moved into their new/old home as 5 like the Group 2 moved into the big terra.
Now, after the first night, group 1 continues to act like little angels.
Group 2 is a bit wilder but nothing serious. It`s a group with many young girls after all.
Over the night they prepared a little surprise for me: a carpet full with pet`s litter… *sighs* looks like they decided to find a new place for it.
When I got up and turned on the light I was like “Photobucket HOLY–?! WHAT IS THAT?!” because it was a huge chaos 50 X 60 centimeter on the carpet before the Terra. Aigoo, those kids!
Then yesterday evening: they have some kind of little balcony on the floor they live for right now. But they weren`t supposed to be up there since I wanted to give them the ladder to it later. BUUUUT mice wouldn`t be mice when they would do what they are supposed to do: Mice somehow climbed up there. The older ones (Sam & Zoey) showed them first, then the little ones imitated them *facepalm* YAH! You girls don`t show the babies such nonesense!
Of course they couldn`t go back down by themselves *sighs* So I gave them the ladder yesterday. ai! those mice! ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
Nuka`s group got the big coconut house yesterday. They all slept in it right away. Today I gave them the second floor since they behaved and the first floor in the smaller terra is not enough for them to run around. I only wanted to see how they behave first.
I will see what to do with Group 2. When they are good they will get the first floor all the way from one end to the other (for now they have only one half of it). If they are no good kids I will let them stay there a bit longer.

Geng news!
[VID] Men’s Uno Magazine photoshoot!

[PICS] :
ah! another pic of the Yishion 2012 Fall Casual Series → 1 &
Beijing Concert *__* 2 .
[WEIBO] Geng`s Update :
(120814) Han Geng’s Weibo Updates – YueHua Music/Autography/Royal Wind CF [3 Entries]
…I still can`t get over the fact that he`s posting like a mad person lately. ^^ I approve!
Shanghai tomorrow night!

Aigoo, Geng news rather short today! D: I`m shocked!
But let`s move on!

SuJu news!
➤ Siwon`s VMan magazine interview
➤ *cough* I believe someone is having secret competition on different things with “someone” in china *hahahah* #SiHanBelievesOfAShipper
Super Junior’s Siwon featured in ’1st Look’ magazine
➤ HNGH!!!!! O: OMG SUN! Heenim & JJ! Is this recent?! And yes from WHEN?
[Pic] Super Junior’s Kim Heechul with Jaejoong
No one wanted to tell me so I checked JJ`s twitter: It was not from there (or it got deleted?? oO I came online way too late that day). So where did it come from? oO
Anyway: GREAT! DBSJ friendship~ Photobucket
➤ Wookie transfomed into an angel! ^__^ he`s s cute!
➤ Another great picture: Heenim, Teukie and THE HAIR xD
LOL epic! I was highly amused by that snapshot! Looks funny and adorable at the same time. Yes, yes. AngelLeader you need to take good care of your pretty hair! *___* I love your hair!
➤ *hahaha* xD KyuHyuk aww! The drawing! Cute!
➤ …. ….. ==. … *eyes everyone* …. SHould I EVER see one hater tweeting sh*t to my AngelLeader be aware that I`ll be ready to kill. Photobucket … No matter if they are “fulltime haters” or even fellow cassies who cannot behave. You can dislike ppl but NOT tweet your stupid hater sh*t to them. When you don`t like them then there`s no point in tweeting them. == *continues to eye everyone* … Leader has enough things to worry about. Haters are not needed! #justsaying (no matter if this was really directly to haters now or not)
Super Junior Leeteuk Comments to Internet Haters “Thank You For Your Work”
➤ now the SPAZZ:
Kyu`s resposibility… xD
Games. Of course. What else should it be? ^^°

JYJ news!
➤ ok, not really new but it`s sooo beautiful! I have to share it!
…and my heart cries pearl red tears. Again and Again. I love this song! Photobucket
➤ “Uncommitted” + lyrics! Photobucket
[INFO] 120817 Junsu – Uncommitted Lyrics
And heeeere`s the MV!
OMO! I love it! It´s beautiful, but also somehow tragic and a bit sad. I don`t care about engrish. Ppl who focus on pronunciation are the kind of fan I never want to talk to. I mean I really understood almost everything but just like someone in YouTube said (I quote):
It doesn’t really matter to me if I understand him or not. It’s just the fact that he’s releasing a song for us English speaking fans that matters to me. 🙂
Plus, um…I used to not understanding their songs. xD

Photobucket COMPLETELY RIGHT SISTER! Amen and nothing more to add!
something funny: John`s tweet! :
” @1215thexiahtic 준수야!! Uncommitted 노래랑 뮤비 완전 쩐다!!! 대박이야!! Your song &MV is off the hook! But why am I texting u when ur right next to me? LOL “
ㅋㅋ that egg of ours! I like him, he`s funny! (+ he onces messaged me and said he likes my crazy idea. YAY! John likes my idea! So I´m not crazy enough to appear scary to JYJ`s friends  ←← #win ?? xD *hahaha* )
Yoochun in JYJ Mahalo Photobook Part 1
Part 2
– OMG! they are so cuuuute! =D [PICS] 120816 2012 “JYJ Premiere Collection” – Mahalo Photobook – Jaejoong
➤ Bruce Automatic, guy that`s so big, and Junsu so slender besides him! This is a pic worth to study for a moment.
h[Trans + Pic] Junsu Twitter update
but… no matter how long I look at it I just cannot get used to that hair color! Photobucket rally. I cannot! It`s irritating me!
➤ xD YOU GUYS! *hahaha* funny!
Junsu on Twitter: “우~ Sexy!”

HoMin news!
➤ Will they sell it? If so, I know why they put HoMin in it xD
[Pic] TVXQ poses with SM’s customized Hyundai car
➤ ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ HoMin Gogo!
[Pic] TVXQ films for Korean Airlines
➤ HoMin in pink! o(^▽^)o
aaaand they 4ever sell everything to the fans with HoMin ^^
TVXQ holds special fan signing in Myeongdong for ‘Missha’
OTL special limited edition TVXQ parfume
– HoMin Missha Photo
➤ YAY! Leader씨`s (and minnie`s ^^) epic drawing!
[Trans] Bigeast 【From Member】 : Tell Us ★ Yunho & Changmin
➤ [INFO] TVXQ’s “Keep Your Head Down” MV surpasses 10,000,000 views on Youtube!
CONGRATS HOMIN! *4ever proud of all 5 LIKE A BOSS*
➤ Yes Leader씨! You hang the flag! *proud*
OTL 3rd pic I see Siwon and… therefore dunnow where to look anymore °.° Looking at Leader씨 -> yes, but siwon… -> also yes. so eyes keep wandering over pic from here to there…. (╮°-°)╮ … …

Big Bang news!
➤ O: … OMG! This is the reason why I don`t want to let things like my bags in my car. I always have an bad feeling when I have to leave something there. And WHEN I leave it there I hide it OTL
Big Bang Daesung and Seungri’s bags stolen in Japan
Aigoo, and then you have the trouble with getting yout passport again, your ID cards etc…
➤ #random :Eye Candy: G-Dragon
GD is just awesome as heck! and awww! The one with the teddy bear! Photobucket
➤ GD, seriously, I can`t wait to listen to your solo album! ^^
G-Dragon reveals audio snippet of his upcoming solo comeback
➤ aaaand, never ending GD spam today! but… wow!
G-Dragon endorsing Winter line for BSX
➤ Oh yes? g-day? I never knew when any of BB members has b-day ^^°
G-Dragon marks August 18 as ‘G-Day’
but oh well! HAPPY B-DAY THEN GD!

BoA news!
YAY! BoA released the MV for The Shadow! ヽ(´▽`)/
BoA releases MV for “The Shadow”
(since I have to assume that the MV on SM account will be blocked for germany soon – it`s always like this when new MVs come out, they will be blocked soon) I will post the MV with chinese subs… well, as always: you may just ignore them ^^)
*o* 우와!!! She`s so pretty! 보아 짱! Photobucket *hit`s LIKE button like a mad woman*
➤ BoA is awesome. I really like her!
BoA describes her career with key words on ‘Sketchbook’

I was sitting in our living room, having my lunch. I just had arrived back home from work and mom was around in the kitchen, but since she had to go somewhere soon so she couldn`t eat with me. Normally I would have complained about that, but I felt tired after work and so I just nodded when she said she would leave for the city later.
I haven`t even finished eating completely the doorbell rang and mom went to look who came. Oh well, you can say I was A BIT surprised when she came back with…. ㅎㅎ ^^… no other than uri Geng!
Mom kinda just put him in front of me and left the room. She was really busy not to forget something before she would leave and didn`t cared too much about HanGeng being here because she already knew him. (well, you may remember that he was already our guest once… but still… mom, you`re fine with him just like that? o.O *wonders about her mom*)
HanGeng sat down on the other side of our dining table and told me that he just came back from work too (means: finished his schedule for today… however this is possible for him to be here when we`re not even living in the same country… oO ASK MY DREAM, NOT ME! I`m cluless~ ╮(´▽`)╭ ) .
So we started a random talk and somehow, dunno how it happened, I came to mention my new room and how much work I`ve put in it so far and that I`m still not done. After I had mentioned my photowall he got interested and I said he can look at it while I would finish my lunch. Okies, so HanGeng went to take a look while I finished my lunch.
After some moments he came back – this was also the time when mom started to do something in the kitchen again. I asked him what he thinks about it and he got a bit shy, smiling, giving a sideglance to my mom. Apparantly he couldn`t say it out just like… saying it. Because my mom was around he seemed not sure if he should say it or not (ˆ ω ˆ) *giggles* It was somehow really cute!
So he grabbed the blank paper that was lying around with our newspaper on the table and wrote approximately 3 sentences on it while smiling. I was really curious what he would write and watched him – also smiling. After he finished he handed it over to me with a smile and I read it. I cannot tell anymore what exaclty was written on it although I could read it very clearly in my dream (sadly I forgout about it). But from start to end it was something really sweet and I couldn`t help but to feel a bit embarrassed.
Just at that moment a SIWON appeared in our living room and complained to HanGeng that he should have waited for him! AIGOO! THOSE TWO! Are they hanging out the whole time lately? First in the zoo and now again? xD Anyways: SIHAN LOVELIES IN MY LIVING ROOM! Photobucket (btw, kinda “pissed” Siwon complaining to Geng was adorable in a way xD It was more like a little kid complaining to it`s mom. ㅋㅋ cute!)
At first I wondered how in da world he came in because no one opened the door, neither the doorbell has rang. But then I saw that in the meantime mom was outside in the garage and had left our frontdoor open. But nonetheless! Wth, Siwon! xD *haha* Only because you have to complain to Geng (first! before doing anything else #justsaying) you walk into our house like it`s totally normal? *hahaha/keeps laughing amused* funny!
HanGeng talked to Siwon a bit so he would calm down. Saying that he didn`t know when his schedule would end and so he thought about going to my place first and let him follow. He also said something about a text message he had sent him.
So this way I found out that they had indeed planned a surprise visit… Photobucket you guys… *speechless*
Howsoever, Siwon left for a moment to go greet my mom (yeah, finally Siwon xD ) before she would leave and… probably intorduce himself too because so far mom dosen`t know him at all in my dreams (∩_∩)
While our horsey was gone Geng said he had some questions, put out his phone and started searching for something while saying it was about my wall. In the meantime Siwon returned and saw a picture on Geng`s phone, asking what this was. HanGeng said it`s the wall in my room. Whilst I was thinking “^^° eh, Geng? you took a photo of it?… oh… Photobucket *feels embarrassed again* ” Siwon wondered aloud why there are so many pics of HanGeng on my wall xD LOL *hahahaha* xDDD I really behaved not to laugh, because he said it so irritated-surprised. I couldn`t even!
Geng smilied widely, I smilied amused and couldn`t spare him with the question “Are you jealous, or what?”. Curious Siwon asked me if he could have a look on it too and I said yes (my room is not a mess right now, so I`m really not ashamed to let ppl see it… actually my room rarely is a mess ^^d ). All this was just so funny! oh my, those two were really amusing.
ok, so Siwon was gone again and I decided to come back to Geng`s questions. I asked him what he wanted to know before and by that he came around the table and sad down closely besides me (to understand this: we actually have a bench on one side of our table OTL). He showed me some photos from my photo wall and asked me acout different photo of different ppl. You know, just like when this and that was. I remember he showed me a picture of Yoochun and wanted to know when it was taken. So I told him all I knew about different pics and ended up telling him that one of them was taken before JYJ`s european concerts in Spain and Germany. Then he re-realized that it was their first time here, that I went to see JYJ and wanted to know if I enjoyed the concert. I answered that it was really awesome and great fun. But then another wave of sleepyness showered over me and I yawned and blinked tiredly. Right after that I aologized (not that he would think I was bored with talking to him) and explained that it was a rather exhausting day at work. HanGeng said he understands that very well and at that moment I notied that he also looked really tired.
Somehow tiredness made us stop the conversation now and we just waited for Siwon to come back. … … maybe you can assumed that every second was very long as tired as we were. And once you are that tired sitting around really kills you. So while we made the biggest mistage in that situation, leaning back and rest, we could not stop ourselves from dozing off slowly. Or more like… rather quick. xD
I really felt like as tired as after some workdays → dead tired. So I absoutely don`t remember what we said shortly before really dozing off. But I know it was something about work HanGeng said I could only agree to. I tiredly replied something and wanted to pat his arm in a random gesture but practically was already asleep as soon as I reached him.
OMO! What kind of weirdness was this? This was like witnessing yourself dozing off for realz! (and I WAS already alseep… it was a dream after all!…. *waves around with arms*)
Oh yeah, and… the way we dozed off was interesting too.
>///< ai! We ended dozing off in that posture : ( *◡‿◡)(◡‿◡* ) … which was actually not bad so no one was falling down from the bench… but still! Embarrassing!(≥///≤) OMO! Embarrassing! The next moment I only remember an amused Siwon waking both of us up…. AISH! >///< the next embarrassing thing! Only Shisus himself knows for how long he was watching us before he decided to wake us! >//< PLEASE SOMEONE LET ME DIE! Wae, oh wae? (屮゚Д゚)屮 Wae me? Wae us? Wae Siwon seeing us like this???? Wae??? щ(゚Д゚щ)

All in all was this dream really something, sadly it displays my poor work life too: I`m often so tired I could sleep everywhere… on the floor without a pillow or blanket, while sitting on a table, besides an interstate or wherever. I don`t care much where I can sleep as long as I can lay/or sit down and sleep.

❀ELFi FF update!❀
(*click* Is This Real? *click*)

Yeah… now it was time for her strike one! I report!
After posting my blog entry the last time I directly went to read her FF!
1.) I could fangirl well about the evil couple! Photobucket YAY! EVIL COUPLE IS APPROVED BY LSM! *evil couple #1 shipper here!*
2.) THAT ELFI! (۳˚Д˚)۳ OMO! what did she do?! And wae??? waaaeeee play a trick on me like that???? O: In her FF, she made Siwon reply to me on twitter so that I would (of course) fangirl and she let SuJu see my tweets! o: how embarrassing! ><
And now I get eventually stalked by them once in a while… uhm… the me in her FF would just not dare to fangirl about SuJu anymore D:
BUT WASN`T THAT EXACTLY WHAT I SAID BEFORE I WENT TO READ HER NEW CHAPTER!? I don`t want the “wrong” ppl to see my fangirling! *siiii~iiiigh*
It`s scary. She thought she wouldn`t know enough to make it good in the chapter but now I see that she knows WAY to much! This was like reading my mind! °.° The evil and what she knows… I TELL YOU!

Then, someday at work this week, I thought about her whole FF so far and what I would do when I would go for a trip to seoul for so long. The result of this thinking led me a bit off-topic:
Because if I would be on a 2 weeks trip (no matter where to) I would, like on all trips, cry for my dog at the third day the latest ^^°
Yes, it´s a major sadness. Afer 3 days without my dog it starts to get hard to sleep in a room alone at night. I mean my dog is always with me so sleeping in an empty room (means: without dog) feels rather weird. When I can`t sleep I pet the dog, when I feel like it during the night I pet the dog. Also cuddling before sleep is important for doggie and me. So when there`s just nothing besides my bed I feel lonely. After one week then it starts to get worse and I really, really miss my doggie T.T so every vacation longer than a week and without my dog would mean a bit of a torture for me at night.
When I have something to do during the day I may forget about my dog for a while but as soon as I see other dogs I think about her again.

I only say: During our last family vacation in greece I made friends with a stray dog because I missed my dog. They were always around the hotel because the hotel gave them food (the cats too). I`ve met the doggie on the beach before and one evening he (it was a male dog) was wandering around the talbes on the terrace. Most ppl didn`t pay attention to him but I talked to him, dog came nearer, wagging his tail, in the end sat down under our table and I stroked him for a whole while. Dad complained that I don`t know if he`s sick and I should not touch him. But I said that he dosen`t look really sick, dog flease don`t go on humans + I would wash my hands later.
And so I did. Doggie left when we left the terrace, I went to wash my hands and everything was fine.
aaah, I wanted to adopt him! But I couldn`t take him with me and dad would have never allowed me to have 2 dogs :/
(my dog`s mom was also a stray dog and she and her babies only got saved by chance – babies were born in the animal shelter shortly after the ppl of the animal welfare brought the pregnant dog to germany)

oh well, this was a lot of dog story only to tell you about my thoughts at work xD
Sometimes I really think “What am I thinking here? I mean… who on earth thinks about such stuff during work? Aigoo! My thoughts! *shakes head at her own thoughts*”

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