HanGeng in Shanghaiヽ(´▽`)/ , SMTown concert in Seoul & cute message from Seungri to G-Dragon for his b-day!

안녕 친구들! v^^.

The mice tested my nerves! Or more like: Jina did.
She went down to an area she was NOT supposed to be in yet. 2 times: *has hand on bridge of her nose and stands like -we`re not having conversation- posture* … Jina… *sighs* I always picked her up again and put her pack to the others.
The 3rd time: §/$)§)%/IKSMKFIWUE&$(“)§$!!!!!! GAAH! That girl! ( ̄□ ̄;)
So I finally gave up! After the 3rd time I gave up!
I let the group 1 (5 mice) explore the whole area and just hoped it would go well. I removed almost every piece of inventory that was on the lowest level of the Terra and let them run around.
To my surprise they haven`t had a bigger fight. One time Sunny & Deneh for a short moment but then everything was fine. They are super quiet since 2 days.
but what I wonder about is of Nuka already explored the whole area too. I never saw him running around on the loweste level.

The group 2 (11 mice) is doing well for their situation. They created way too much mess with throwing litter out of the top floor of the terra so I decided (since they were to 90% nice) to give them all of the upper area. I only blocked the little platform which is also on the top floor.
They had some little fights but still sleep all together as a “mouse cloud” under the ramp to the platform. So this is okeh for me!
I think about giving them one branch for tonight to test them. I don`t want to go forward too fast.

other news: It`s HOT!
Damn hot, to be exact. I hate it. We feel like dying at work. We get grilled and I don`t approve of it! >.<
Wae can`t it have some snow at night so it will cool down??
This is basically the biggest problem: I cannot sleep at night but have to get up early. This pretty much results in me being even more ninja-zombie than ever!
Le me feels wasted after sleep! And when you got to sleep you expect to feel better afterwards… ( ̄_ ̄|||) well, NOT with it`s that hot!
At least my car was to 3/4 in the shadow of a tree so it didn`t got THAT hot. Still hot but not that crazily

[LATEST PICS] most of it is from 120818 Shanghai Concert :
SHANGHAI CONCERT! WOOH! → 1 … °//° dear god…. now I know how natali feels somtimes…. O: …. >///< aish! Wae are you like that? (≥///≤) … damn… ,
just as…. this….. °o° … OH . MY . GOD . … *speechless* 2 … he really tried to kill us all with that tour, dosen`t he? … … (۳˚Д˚)۳ OH MY GOD SUN! THAT MAN! OTL Geng, you fangirl killer! ,
OMO! OMO! Fancam of this was already on YouTube shortly after the concert!!!!
waaaah! so hot! + I can only repeat it: this song surley got dirty over the years xD
It was a such a short kiss but no matter where you look: fanblogs, twitter or WEIBO: All you see it THIS xD … Awesome job Geng, you got us all by that! ,
Pocketostars admins fail with this: Grandma… xD LOL OMG! I always was like this with my grandma too! You try to hide it then but the more you try the worse it will go ^^°°° results in: FAIL!!!! ,
I`m 4ever in love with his neckalces, bracelets and all that stuff… *__* → 3 ,
We love him like that ^^ → 4 ,
awww! CUTIE~Photobucket5 … OTL and the world stops at the 2nd pic! Photobucket ,
uwah! this reminds me of the last concert vids from Beijing concert! I could watch them 4ever! *_____* → 6 #LikeABoss *____* ,
Cassiopeia stage feeling ^^ Red lights! everything all red in the last 2 pics! → 7 ,
aaand we`re back with the GengSuit pics again! *.* → 8 ,
^_______^ cuuuute! → 9 … btw, something only Geng can do: Making you faint, making you melt in his cuteness multiple times and be amazed 4ever in one single concert. ,
aw! happy baby during concert ^____^ I approve! → 10 ,
I`m somehow fascinated by that white outfit… and Geng himself *.* … let me stare for a while! → 11 ,
AFTER PARTY ALERT in Shanghai!^^ Awwww! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket HanGeng is sooo cute! I love his cutie casual style! awww! *falls in love with him again, and again, and again, and again …. -insert endless again`s here- 4ever!* → 12 ,
I love his hair! (concert pic again) → 13 ,
Love Letters To A Stranger performance pic + the “bound to happen”-theroy! (and no one say it couldn`t happen!) → 14 … NO COMMENT! xD
*__* #LikeABoss! → 15 ,
I love this shirt! ^__^ → 16 ,
White again! *waves around with arms as if this would have something to say xD* → 17 ,
You are the perfect squishy, HanGeng! Photobucket18 ,
This is one of the outfits I love! (do I say this about each one of his concert ourtifts? ^^° eh hehe… *embarrassed laugh*) → 19 ,
…and then we should be back with the “bound to happen” theory again ^^ → 20 .
[Variety Show!!] ENGLISH SUBS!!! Han Geng 100% Entertainment (this sentence practically tells the whole story of the show xD)
Han Geng On “100% Entertainment” [ENG][SUB][FULL]
I DIED LAUGHING! This show is just so funny! and Butterfly teacher confused da hell outa Hangeng! (and me, btw xD strange teacher!) LOL Such a crazy dancing teacher!
[FUN!] one out of the 2384789834 funny moments on 100% Entertainment
Show Luo’s English confusing an already-confused Han Geng.
And I was thinking and thinking -> “school… teacher…. school…. teacher…. He meant it the other way around? or… did he just fail completely?” and Geng was like “*freezes* he just wanted to say … what??” xD *haha* Who wouldn`t be confused by that? The only right question in the end from Geng “JUST WHERE DID YOU LEARN ENGLISH?!?!” hahaha! epic!
(120721) “Hero” MV filming
Photobucket HAHA! looks so damn funny! Can`t wait for the MV to be out! All of them look like it`s much fun :
1 & 2 .
[WEIBO update!] About Shanghai Concert
(120817-18) Han Geng’s Weibo Updates – Shanghai Concert [2 Entries]
… *starts to eyes yesasia* I`m still waiting for my copy of “Hàn Géng/Hope In The Darkness” == … don`t dare to delay the shipping a 3rd time! Photobucket

SuJu news!
➤ first of all, IT`S FEAKING #SJKibumDay today! Little cutie of ours has b-day today! (according to korean time)
All the best Kibummie! Although it was never my time to see you with SuJu when I came to k-pop I miss you with the others! 생일 축하해요! 멋진 생일 보내세요!(‐^▽^‐)
➤ Ah, good old Bonamana performance. It`s always good for a surprise ^^
Super Junior’s Leeteuk bares his abs at ‘SMTOWN Live World Tour 3′
And all the fangirls taking photos/making vids like mad persons ^^d
➤ Yes, yes, the only thing that`s missing is the “FBI headset”, you know!
Super Junior’s Siwon and Eunhyuk are bodyguards for BoA backstage ‘Music Bank’
➤ Haven`t heard about WGM for a while now.
Kang Sora, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Sungmin have lunch on ‘We Got Married’
➤ aah, how cute! ^^
Donghae and Yoon Seung Ah share a ‘toast kiss’ on the set of ‘Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog’?
➤ SuJu at SMTown concert 120818:
– “Don`t Don”
…Hyukjae dancing on Geng`s position… Wookie singing Geng`s part…. T^T My SuJu heart cries a view sapphire blue tears although I know it`s really better for him in China.
– “Superman”
I love the red background! ^^ colliding fandom thouhts of mine, SuJu in front of “cassie background”. And the thing with the water on the screen and Stage was so cool! *.*

JYJ news!
➤ OMG! She was right!
JYJ’s Yoochun feels like he’s known ‘Rooftop Prince’ costar Han Ji Min for 10 years
[Pic] 120819 JYJ – Nintendo Korea Facebook Update
JJ so cute in the last pic! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) style is awesome! (*cough* except for Junsu`s shoes xD *cough* … …. WHAT KIND OF SHOES ARE THESE?! OMO! If that`s a new trend then I will galdly miss it! *isn`t interested in trends at all in the first place – just to begin with* … yes Junsu, that means Sangmi noona disapproves of your shoes! ^^ #dealwithit)
➤ YAY! Junsu Gogo!
Kim Junsu’s ‘Uncommitted’ Places 1st on China’s Largest Video Site, Yin Yue Tai
➤ WAAH! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) It`s CUTE! =D
[Pic] 120820 JYJ Facebook Update
^^ aaah~, chunnie, waylt?
➤ Dosen`t she look like a bit like Kang Sora? °.° *wonders* like she would be her younger sister or so. #justsaying
[News] 120820 JYJ’s Yoochun and Son Ye Jin offered leading roles in upcoming drama ‘I Miss You’
➤ Mahalo Photobook wait for me! I`m still broke because of huuuuuge garage bill! OTL
[INFO/MERCH] Preorder JYJ’s Premiere Collection – mahalo Photobook

HoMin news!
➤ O: *jaw drops* OMG SUN! Leader씨 in ripped pants… HoMin in white *faints*
But I wonder… this time it was Taemin. Wae not another fangirl? Because too many other fangirls die the last time they used someone out of the audiences? ;P
(additional article: [Info] Changmin & Kyuhyun kiss Taemin at ‘SMTOWN Live World Tour 3 in Seoul’ )
➤ 120818 SMTown Dance battle
(First Hyukjae, Taemin & the EXO guy -dunno their names xD- , then SNSD girls and then YUNHOOO! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) )
➤ 120818 SMTown, HoMin performances:
– “Rising Sun” *_______*

*is speechless watching HoMin* perfection *______*
– “Maximum”
xD ㅋㅋ the scream at the beginning for Yunho! ^^d Go fangirls, go!
– “Mirotic”
hey, was that a fanboy scream at the begining? GO FANBOYS, GO! =D
➤ Taemin WTH xDDD
[Pic] TVXQ – SMTown in Seoul
➤ HoMin in Cosmopolitan!!
[News] 120820 TVXQ become men of the fall in the 50s
+ we have also: [Vid] 120820 COSMOPOLITAN MEN SEPT 2012 – TVXQ Interview
Minnie holding the mic & Yunho talks. Story of Changmins life, like Emmy said: Yunho doing all the talking. (well, as long as we just still see him eeeverything is fine! Changmin, either talk or stay in reach of the camera ^^ )
➤ The last pic: Is this… is this blue and red ocean mixed up??
[Pic] Tohoshinki – anation in Osaka

Big Bang news!
➤ haha! Cutie!
Big Bang’s Seungri has trouble responding to Taeyang’s text message?
➤ awwwww! Seungri, wae so cute?
Big Bang’s Seungri records a special video for G-Dragon wishing him a happy birthday

➤ oohooo! “virtual SM nation”… that`s one hell of a name!
[News] 120818 SM Entertainment announces establishment of a music nation
(Additional article: SM Entertainment declares themselves the virtual nation, ‘MUSIC NATION SMTOWN’ )
*cough* world domination feelings anyone? *cough* (yes, I still have my theroy ;D )

❀ELFi FF update!❀
(*click* Is This Real? *click*)

Sadness! The couple sadness! :/
The evil went to the airport to fly home. Yeah, sadly every vacation has to come to an end at a certain point. Sure for the two evil love-birds it wasn`t good. I guess they will abuse skype now xD
LOL and the embarrassing moments they had! hahahaha! I cannot stop laughing! Evil couple so careless! special note: I never layed down on ANYONES lap without a pillow. first, it`s not really comfortable when you watch tv & second…, yeah, look what happened to the evil couple! Photobucket *fangirl giggle* It was very amusing!
But this is just so me: Always having things in mind others don`t think about BEFORE they will happen. It`s a virgo`s nature #justsaying (we always think too much & therefore are prepared then Photobucket )
On the other hand… *cough* talking about embarrassing moments. Not only the evil couple had embarrassing fails. AISH! >///< That ELFi of mine is so cruel!
Now the horsey came accross my blog in her FF and even read my k-dreams! D:<<<< WAH! *jumps behind the couch in shock for hiding purpose* SO EMBARRASSING! (≥///≤) Y-YAH! Siwon, you don`t to this! You cannot… I… I don`t allow you to first read my fangirling tweets & then my weirdo dreams!
(OH GOD! JUST THINK OF ALL MY SIHAN SHIPPING/WORSHIPPING!! щ(゚Д゚щ) Just think about the huge disaster-embarrassment when this would be real! D:<< ok, it`s for luck only in her FF but still! *is speechless because of embarrassment* )

Aigoo! That FF of hers! She really aims to destroy me! Now the ELFi is using the whole range of my fangirling ways against me?! I`m… speechless!
… … Photobucket … OMG SUN!

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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