HanGeng won “Most Popular Male Singer” at CCTV Mtv Music Awards, Yesungie celebrates his b-day with Japanese ELF & GD releases MV for “One Of A Kind”!!! FINALLY! =D

안녕 다들!

I`m hanging out with twitter friends ^^
Aaah, this is how I like my fridays and generally my whole weekend: peacefully hanging out witht he ppl I cannot visit and/or watching a movie to forget the stress of the week.

And there is unni-ya! Hea Unni! ^______^
She makes sure that I am happy & I enjoy talking to her.
There is also Emmy. She makes sure that I never forget what “mega fangirling” is xD LOL Emmy! This Ninja fangirl is really something!
My ELFi is far away right now …. :/ she`s in hamburg to organize things to move there because she will go to University there soon. *goes through a lot of panic right now because of that* (I will email her after posting this entry ^^)

The story of the week for me is this twitter trend: #moviesiwontforget
ㅋㅋㅋ I mean… this is… PLEASE! The only thing you can see is “Siwon”, isn`t? *puts on expectant face* Photobucket Isn`t it??
Or is it just me…? Is it me?
LOL xD Yes, maybe it`s really just me! (as always)
I mean, when all you read in that twitter trend is -Siwon- althought you read over it for 3 times then… ah haha! *is amused about herself*
Because that`s what I did: I read over it for 3 times and I wondered about this trend till it dawned on me that it has nothing to do with Siwon at all. ^//^°° eh hehe… *embarrassed laugh*
I have some serious problems going on, I guess (HALLYUcinations?? something like that #AFangirlsInsaneMind )

Mice news are: Nothing special. big group of 11 mice got the little platform on the first floor and the second floor platform. They are relatively nice. ok, there is a squeak here and there but that`s normal.
Group of 5 mice get along very well. of course, little fights exist, but nothing serious.

News about my work-Ajeossi: He`s still on vacation! wooh~! *dances* STILL ANOTHER WEEK WITHOUT HIM AHEAD OF US!
OMG! work is so chill~~~ without him! =D

And now the k-pop news!

[FUN/awesome GIF/Golden era] Super Junior M!
GIF from the “Super Girl” teaser back then and xD LOL pocketostars admin`s funny thoughts/tags
OMG Admin! If you should ever come to read this: You are my tag & comments god!!!!! Photobucket SO EPIC! *is your #1 fangirl*
[Interview and the story of HanGeng`s success] 120821 Hangeng in Kangxi Lai Le
[ENG] 120821 Hangeng in Kangxi Lai Le (Taiwan talk show)
LOL xD “You mad?” are the best words to sum up the whole story of Geng making it on his own despites what all the haters said ;P EPIC!
[Weibo Update] HanGeng`s WEIBO
what? ^^ LOL GENG! WTH!?
(120822) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Drinking [1 Entry]
[Latest PICS]
(120820) CCTV MTV Music Awards performance rehearsal → 1 All three look great in their rehearsal style but…. admin`s comment… ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ !!!! … uhm… °///° … …. (*・///・) … ≧////≦ … *runs away blushing* *shouts while running away* NO COMMEEEEEEEEENT!!!!! ,
Because it was so nice, we will look at it again and again! Never ending pics posting of “Love Letters To A Stranger” performance → 2 + LOOOOL xD PocketoStars Admin had a dream *click* about that performance & it`s exactly what I imagined after his gundam comment recently LOL SO EPIC! #GengFansSamenessThoughtsOTL!!! (and yes, 6 hours nap counts as “nap” xD *speaks from experience* & 3 ,
*nods* I agree with the admin (read the tags ppl! always read her tags!) → 4 ,
^^ → 5 ,
Photobucket CUTIE!! HERO DANCE! =D → 6 ,
I also like THAT outfit! 7 ,
But this crazy-cool one is my new fav! ㅋㅋ → 8 ,
I tel you, it`s so crazy but also awesome! → 9 ,
For comparison: the normal outfit again ^^ → 10 + 11 ,
back to CCTV: (120821) 11th CCTV-MTV Music Awards → 12 + Photobucket YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! THISSSSSS : “Han Geng won ‘Mainland China’s Most Popular Male Singer’ at the CCTV MTV Music Awards!” woohooo! Congrats Geng! Photobucket + what`s with that blue screen? ah, never mind! It`s only important for me that you smile haapily like that! 13 + 14
*_* I agree! More sleeveless shirts please! → 15 ,
“Mr. & Mrs -most popular-” : Geng & Yang Mi at CCTV Mtv Music Awards ^^ → 16 ,
Winning “Most popular male singer” LOL nuuuu! It`s no telephone Geng! xD What are you doing, cutie? → 17 LOOOOOOOL! Photobucket quote pocketostars: “Hello? God? …………….Gundam?” xDDD *dies laughing* Gundam story is NEVER getting old! N-E-V-E-R! And: He`s so damn adorable! Photobucket
+ (I quote admin) “Awww, Han Geng, you cutie. After they announced the winner for Most Popular Male Singer he clapped and then did a little “Yeah!” fist to himself before getting up to walk to the stage.” ~Photobucket OTL so . adorable . ,
Concert pics again! aah, I´m dying ^^ cutie! #4everRepeatingMyself… F-O-R-E-V-E-R! → 18 ,
Love both outfits! → 19 ,
ooooh, what a stage for him! I bet he “stole” at least half of the kids after the show xD → 20 ,
Performing “Clown Mask” at Mtv Music Awards → 21 ,
Beijing fansigning and…. *sees the albums in the hands of the fans* I WAIT FOR MY COPY OF “HànGéng” OTL!!! (but it was already shipped in the meantime) → 22 + 23 + 24 ,
(120823) Fashion Weekly 6th anniversary concert → 25 ,
Beijing fansigning again: the moment when HanGeng alone cannot hold all the mics of the press anymore ^^ → 26 + 27 + 28 (in the 3rd pic: same pose as at Meng Niu charts event ^^ #justsaying) +
(120823) Fashion Weekly 6th Anniversary Concert … aaaah! Epic black-white picture! → 29 + 30 ,
Yishion 2012 Fall Casual Series *_______* I LOVE IT! → 31 .
[Vid] Royal Wind Shampoo CF filming and photoshoot
He`s a cutie with such cure hair but I`m a little worried about his hair like… I`m afraid it will fall out (…again *sighs*) °.° Geng, take care! (Show Luo also told ya on 100% Entertainment!)
[ENG SUB] 20120816 Han Geng What’s Up Music

“HanChul incident” at HanGeng`s Fansigning event?!
peeeeeeople, what da hell was going on there! o__O *starts  to read interested*
What happened at Geng`s Fansigning in Beijing…
*cough* maybe it would be better when some shippers act more ninja like other shippers: silent & respectful. Some kids maybe dunno what respect & manners are… oO
+ what happened shortly after all came to light to all the fans and just everyone.
oh well, some ppl will never learn. But they should at least show some respect. Shipping is ok, you are allowed to have your fun, but please respect the ppl. And it`s really true: no matter what you say, some cray ones will never get it and do what they want anyway.
Aaaaaand of course we were back with what`s practically the final “closing ceremony” for every stuff like that or similar things when HanGeng is involved: He hates SuJu & ELF.
LOL ok ppl. I see.

Aigoo, this fandom sometimes!
[ENG SUBS] Han Geng at Kang Xi Lai Le
Han Geng at Kang Xi Lai Le Part 1. ENG SUB.
[FUN!] Fun with HanGeng, his fangirlies & Sungmin ^^
– 1.) How ppl become Geng`s fans xD
When you go this way to become his fan: Definitely. You`re screwed… err…. hooked! OTL!!!!
(and when you were a fan before and you watch variety shows he is in You get hooked for all eternity! MODEST & SHY! OTL! *waves with arms* GENG = ADORABLE TO THE MAX! OTL!! *waves with arms even more* ) :
“First impression VS true personality.”
Pocketostars admin is right: It`s all over with you then! Go and put a flag with the chracters for “GengFan” in the top of your house. You know it will happen anyway sometime later xD
– 2.) WOW! This really sounds like great fun! LOL GengDam…. WTH! now there are even SiHan/GenDam stories??? Little fangirl, you are just too awesome!
Oppan Gengdam Style FF !!!
LMAO! the title! xD (gretings from Gangnam Style once again!) THIS WILL BE ONE EPIC STORY! Cannot wait ti read the first chapter! This is REALLY going to be hilarious! I want to read it! OMG! I NEED THE LINK!!!! NEED THE LINK!!! (← one SiHan/FF crazy fangirl here, huh? HAHA! xD ) *goes to google like a mad woman, types it in like a pro*
AH! Here it is: There you go:
*click* “Oppan Gengdam Style” It will be your loss if you don`t click! (-# ’ ▽ ’ )/
The perfect way (*cough* Only way? xD unless you`re not a little kid, a puppy or a chinchilla) to win HanGeng`s heart: dress as a Gundam! #MyPoorSquishyGetsNoRespectTodayAgain ^^ (well, just kidding of course!)
– 3.) Geng, Zhang Ziyi & Sungmin, the Zhang Ziyin fanboy
Super Junior Show: Hankyung’s Diary. Based on translations by GengBaoSubs
^^ I have Geng`s Diary episodes on my comp ^^ The only episode of this show I watched so far ^///^° *blushes embarrassed* #4everHisFangirl
But Minnie… Sungminnie, wae so cute? aww, such a cute fanboy!
And the pic that was added by pocketostars admin! LOL xDDD hahahaha! I cannot even! she`s killing me! She`s my blogging goddess! Pocketostars admin you hear me? you are just so epic! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
[Short Movie] Fan made SiHan movie!
Chinese underground-shippers were at it again! =D
You know, the SiHan shipping is more ninja-underground in china compared to other ships ㅋㅋ but it`s awesome what our sister do. Now YuanGeng Bar made a very interesting short movie over 30 minutes with cuts from various films/MVs/movies Geng and Siwon were in so far. I don`t understand a word *4ever don`t understand chinese besidea a few words OTL* but this is a pretty fascinating piece of work! WATCH IT PLEASE!
视频: 《寻梦》源庚同人 30分钟完整剧情版 by章鱼 (“Xún mèng” / “Dream”)
I always wished to have a movie togehther with both of them. I still do. So I will just pretend this is an around 2 hours long SiHan movie while watching it *goes into imagination mode & continues watching*

SuJu news!
➤ [1st Look TV] A Restless Mood Choi Si-Won 최시원
^//^ sexy! and cute *runs away giggling*
➤ °//° I`m still a bit embarrassed although I saw this a while ago now. KANGIN posted this (the first pic of half-nacked Fishy) into our TLs on Twitter!
Super Junior’s Donghae bares his new body for ‘W Korea’
➤ *throws confetti* ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ゜゚・ HAPPY B-DAY YESUNGIE!!!! YAAAAY! YESUNG! #birthdayinYesung (← this was a trend on twitter xD hahaha! wth…) *haha* xD #FangirlSpazz
Oppa, please be always healthy! I hope all your wishes will come true!
Super Junior’s Yesung celebrates his final birthday in the 20′s with Japanese ELF
➤ ah! finally the japanese Version of “Sexy, Free & Single” is out!
ok, I have to admit: this song sounds weird in japanese. At least to me. It`s strange and… sounds “wrong” to my ears. (other sample: Opera sounded good in japanese!)
BUT I also have to say: When you listen to it more often (not only one time) it sounds better. I guess one has to get used to it. (it`s always a bit troublesome with more japanese versions of songs because you were used to the korean version first)

JYJ news!
➤ CUTIES! (((o(≧∇≦)o)))
Chunnie just so cool with the glassed ㅋㅋ LIKE A BOSS! Junsu so cute! KYAAAH! *waves with arms wildly* & JJ so cute how he`s using both of them as a armrest/hugging them in the last pic! =DDD
BUT: all the babies are too thin :/ naaah, I still don`t approve!
➤ 120820 Junsu(XIA) world tour spot

…when I see this I have the feeling that we will maybe never see Junsu`s show… but Naddi said she believes so I will believe a bit that it still COULD come true too.
➤ Our boys are really to be found everywhere ╮(´▽`)╭
[PICS] JYJ Was Mentioned In Asia Pacific Defense FORUM (a professional military magazine)
➤ Awww! this is so cute! JJ!!!
[SPAZZ] Happy Virus Jaejoongie!
➤ heeeey! cool! =)
[DL] Download the latest JYJxNii Autumn Wallpaper for your desktop now!

HoMin news!
➤ HoMin in Cosmopolitan, part 2!
[Pic] TVXQ – COSMOPOLITAN MEN SEPT 2012 Issue Part 2
➤ argh, yes >.<
[NEWS] TVXQ Fans Await Their Comeback
oooh yes, ppl, do talk on! I love to hear this. Yes, yes. praise him, praise him! ㅋㅋ
Yunho bringing all the hoobaes to the yard

Big Bang news!
➤ WAAAAH! SEUNGRI SO COOL! He did so well ^^d
Big Bang’s Seungri dances to Psy’s “Gangnam Style”
isn`t that just 대to the박, or what? =D
➤ wow! °.° they really let ppl paint this building? that`s so cool!
G-Dragon tweets about his own mural commissioned by fans
➤ *O* … GD…. Just awesome! *speechless*
G-Dragon teases with another photo for his upcoming comeback + a shot from Big Bang’s new MV?
aaaand then it finally happened!
G-Dragon releases MV for “One of A Kind”
(you may ignore the viet subs again in case you are not vietnamese ^^ – MV from original site got blocked in germany oooonce again! #OldStoryNeverGettingOld)
*O* OMO! It`s so… so…. COOL! JUST COOL!
BABY TIGER! *dies*
BABY BEAR! *dies*
GD and the kids! *dies*
haha this is crazy! ㅋㅋ the G-pistol!
LOL xD and it`s funny too! Photobucket
This is so… GD! ^^
➤ Eat well boys! =)
Big Bang performs “Fantastic Baby” on Music Station, G-Dragon enjoying sushi in Japan with Taeyang & Daesung
➤ *claps* great thing to do!
Big Bang’s Seungri Donates 100 Sacks Of Rice To Hometown

➤ Great article!
[NEWS] SM TOWN LIVE Amazing Performance Lacks One Thing
…AND I TELL YOU: They aim for world domination OTL!!!!
(THE theory is back agian ㄱ.ㄱ )

➤ ai! PSY`s funny Gangnam style makes massive waves ^^ since a while everyone is talking about it.
Korean rapper Psy has become an internet sensation with his unique horse- riding dance.
The end of the video is just… OH MY GOD! xD WTH is he wearing!?? I`m scared ^^°
but: Gangnam Style is everywhere by now! REALLY everywhere! Great work PSY, you really got the whole world with that one!

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