Siwon in a new drama? , HanGeng`s new song =D , JYJ… in europe again? what… da… O: ! + another k-dream!

안녕! v^^.

Let`s start with something cool!
Because Iiiiiii had a new k-dream lately!

It was a short dream. Most of it was weird and not even k-dream related a bit.
I was on vacation with some friends. We had just arrived at our hotel and were checking out the surrounding of it we noticed that there was something going on nearby. A lot of busy ppl were walking around and we soon found out that this was the location of a photoshooting. We wandered around a bit and everyone was checking out one end of the location. I think there were so many ppl on this set that maybe no one notice that we were only checking it our there ^^
Well, (⌒▽⌒) after a while guess who I ran into?
Yes! Of course, it was Siwon! o(^▽^)o
He was having a photoshooting today and he just had a break. So, of course, we were hanging out together. Siwon was walking round the set with me, explaining what they were shooting today and said he has to stay for 2 days. He showed me the hotel he was staying at and it was near the hotel my friends and I were staying at. We really thought this was a bit funny and agree on eventually meet again in case he has time after the job was done. Then Siwon`s break was over, we hugged and separated again.
The following part of my dream was about my friends and me having fun outside on a lake, playing childish games xD
At the end of the day, when we were returning to our hotel I saw Siwon and we walked towards each other. He said he has time and that we could go somewhere for a while. So we got ourselves a taxi.
The last thing I remember from the ending of this dream was that I was sitting down close to Siwon in the taxi, that we were smiling and and then the driver drove off. I cannot even tell you what we wante to do, dream was too unclear but still! better than nothing ^^d

So this was my dream with my stalker friend Siwon again. And… actually I`m not sure who`s stalking whom anymore xD LOL
I think it became a lot more random in my dreams. I mean, the way how I meet the boys all the time.

[MUSIC] HANGE`S NEW SONG! =D : “The First Lesson”
New song from Han Geng: “The First Lesson” |《开学第一课》
(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) I like it! no, wait.. I LOVE IT! aaah, his voice! Photobucket
Maybe he isn`t the best singer of all times, but I really love his voice! ❤❤❤ (I also always love to listen to him when he`s talking *____* )
[Latest Pics]
(120825) Zhengzhou promotional activities → 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 ,
what`s that thing? o.o a little white doggie? uhm… Rong Rong? ^^ → 5 ,
… *o* … *_____* Geng and that chair… PERFECT MATCH! 6 ,
(120825) Interview with Shangdu Network → 7 ,
(120828) Yangzhou beauty pageant guest performance, *________* Geng in white. Purple background. *.* → 8 + 9 .
[VIDS] Han Geng at CCTV Mtv Music Awards
(120821) the CCTV MTV Music Awards – Han Geng winning “Most Popular Male Singer”
(120821) the CCTV MTV Music Awards – Han Geng performing ”Clown Mask”
[Fun!] with SiHan & Geng at the set of “Kuang Cao” ^^
– SiHan~~
the many mistakes you can make when you let SiHan attend an event together… ^^
btw: the person behind them was Kyu xD aah, SiHan, wae you no respect Kyu? SiHan 4ever “brb in SiHan world”-mode
– HanGeng petting the horse like… in two ways xD LOL (but… OMO! It`s truuuuuue! take a look at it!)
Kuang Cao MV filming…
well, since he was already familiar with horses since a loooong time… xD (sorry sorry, I couldn`t resist!)
but aww! cute! ^__^
– Uhm… HanGeng, you got yourself into that one all by yourself #justsaying
HanGeng, our queen!

SuJu news!
➤ Seriously?! Photobucket I would want to watch another dreama with Siwon in it! ^^ eh hehe…. ^///^ of course I would *is embarrassed for no reason all of a sudden … xD *
Choi Siwon offered a role in upcoming drama series, ‘King of Drama’
➤ aww, Minnie, how sweet of you! T.T
Super Junior’s Sungmin warns ‘Kiss the Radio’ fans of typhoon
Kyuhyun also tweeted a warning in english. The boys were really worried. Wonder if they know that the fans are more worried about them and everybody else down there in korea.
➤ aigoo >< Everyone please be save!
Super Junior to delay fan signing event due to Bolaven typhoon

JYJ news!
➤ yes ppl! you just pick him ^^ Chunnie still wants to act & we all love him!
120821 Why is Park Yoochun the main candidate for MBC “Miss You”?
➤ ^____^ I`m so happy that they spent a good day together! JJ needs friends like these!
[Pic + Trans] Jaejoong Twitter update
and xD haha! Gangnam Style continues to make waves! 😉 In the meantime even my non-kpopper best friend heard about Gangnam Style! OMG! PSY, what have you done? … no wait, THANK YOU! xD hahaha!
LOL dorks!
and the end is always the same: some chaos with Junsu xD LOL they are so cute!
➤ O(∩_∩)O YAY! Chunnie! =D Looking forward to this!
[Info] CJes calendar update: Yoochun to be attending the 2012 Seoul International Drama Awards Ceremony
➤ “[INFO] Ruling Date Of The lawsuit Between JYJ vs. SM On September 13th, 2012”
oh well, I would rather say/add “for now” because… aigoo, how this lawsuit went so far nothing is certain! OTL
➤ *gasps* OMO! If it would come true at a approriate date for me… *dosen`t even dares to hope*
JYJ’s Kim Junsu to bring world tour to Europe
➤ O(∩_∩)O YAY AGAIN! Congrats Chunnie!
Park Yoochun voted the most popular actor of the year
➤ And so even JYJ members get a surprise about their popularity ^^
JYJ’s Yoochun says, “I didn’t know I was this popular in China”
➤ You say WHAT??!!???!
JYJ’s Junsu successfully wraps up his first solo Asia Tour
Does this mean JJ will NOT got to the army and they will come back here! O:<
wait! wait! wait! WAAAIIIIIIIITTT!!!!
I quote: “Junsu will also be joining JYJ for a tour around the world, traveling to New York, South America, Europe, and more.”
… ….

Photobucket (“&3874)W/2&5($&)§”JKFSHAIFKE!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAT??????? SAY THAT AGAIN! *dies* You aren`t serious with that, right?! *dies again*
Is this real live?! we COULD be able to see the boys again (relatively) soon or what?! Photobucket …. HASDJFIWEJKKF!!!!! HNGH!!!!! OMG SUN!!!!
ok. ok. *breathes*
Where did they got this info?? Is this somewhat near to “almost confirmed and not only a rumor” or so??
I`m just saying: I won`t throw confetti untill it`s real!
➤ The red horns… OTL I WANT THEM TOO! (… I do want many things lately,  don`t I? ^^°)
[Trans] 120827 Kim Junsu Displayed Perfect Stage Charm In Hongkong‏
➤ O: … I`m dying! Junsu!!! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) KYAAAH!!
[Pic] 120828 JYJ Official Facebook Update
So nice pictures but JUNSUUUUU *dies* wae so cute?!

HoMin news!
➤ O: …. *jaw drops* OMO! HoMin!
[Pic] 120825 TVXQ – Misha Ad Preview

BoA news!
➤ Queen BoA had her 12th Anni!
BoA celebrates her 12th anniversary!
aaaah, poor BoA dosen`t want to be signle and she even wants to join WGM?
BoA shows interest in joining ‘We Got Married’

Big Bang news!
➤ oooh! I want to see CEO Seungri! ^^
Big Bang’s Seungri chosen as the next successful idol CEO
➤ The dress of the female dancers… Sis will love it!
Big Bang’s Seungri successfully wraps up first solo fan meetings in Japan

➤ eeeeeh???? that`s cool! Wae can sis and I not do such a thing, huh??? someone send us there! (or give us lots of money to go there >< )
K-pop fans turn to traditional Korean culture

➤ And once again: PSY, what have you done? xD unbelievable. this guy and his song… it`s just unbelievable!
Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ income estimated to be around $10 million USD
yeah, “daebak roll” sums it up very accurately. *nods at AllKPop*
I showed the MV to mom, mom was like “*laughs* …. °-° wait. wth? really?… xD *laughs again* ” haha xD #KPopMom!
➤ Well, this xD  I can only repeat: PSY, look what you`ve done! epic!
Britney Spears wants to learn PSY’s “Gangnam Style” dance
*hahaha* just imagine Britney doing this dance! xDD oh my! I wanna see this! I WANNA SEE THIS SO BAD! LOL

Ok, these were some exciting news the last days! And some also shocking.

I mean: New HanGeng song all of a sudden?! WTH! and one day he comes around and tells us “Today I will show you the horror version of ‘Clown Mask’ MV” and will post it somewhere for us to watch it, just like that! xD (*haha* at least I hope so)

Then typhoon in korea: O: omo! the pictures we got were scary! I hope that it looks a lot more worse than it actually is. OTL hope for everyone to be save!
and… ㄱ_ㄱ it was NOTHING about it on the news. So EITHER our media dosen`t give a fack (about typhoons, Korea or whatever), OR is was not worse enough (in damage) to make it into the news *sighs*
It`s so sad that no one reports about things which are not “shocking” enough for the quotes. Do you know what I mean? When not enough ppl die or the damage wasn`t big enough no one reports about it. sometimes I just want to scream at then: “WHAT DA ACTUAL FACK, MEDIA!? WTF????!!!!!”
*facepalm* Mom already asked why she cannot see something about it on the news. Yeah mom. Because of what I said above.

Not to forget this AllKPop article: I already heard a rumor about a new JYJ tour next year before and also a rumor that Junsu will (apparantly) come to europe. BUT this JYJ tour rumor thing appeared for the second time now and the word “europe” was used. O.O
oh, well. let`s see where this will go. I would freak out completely when we would first see Junsu and then JYJ all together again. I mean: Would this be even real life? Would be more than a dream!

and… although it`s not part of the news but our evil ELF is also back home. She already scared me again with the way she`s smirking… (゜_゜) … I don`t like it when she`s like that. THIS MEANS THE EVIL PLANS SOMETHING! I CANNOT APPROVE! … because it will lead to my(!) ultimate embarrassment.
My brain already showed me many possible super embarrassing scenarios but after all I`ve read in her FF I think there are a lot more WORSE things to come possible than my brain can imagine so it`s maybe good that I dunno what the evil has planned because I would probably die right away if I knew! Photobucket
Nonetheless I hope her new chapter will be online soon because I want to fangirl again. yeah, ok, the evil couple is separated right now but they can still be lovey-dovey via skype or so…. *is ready for spazz*


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