My silly fangirlie thoughts~ ^^° , Gangnam Style reached 100 million views on YT + “&$)%()§$!!!! HanGeng chinese style: GeGe GENGnam Style in Thailand!

안녕! v^^.

This week I somehow have only two sort of thoughts.

1.) HanGeng in many ways (っ˘ڡ˘ς)
(*eyes her ELFi* I know what you are thinking now. NO, not THAT WAY ㄱ-ㄱ …. you pervert. xD )
2.) My ELFi`s FF… (゜. ゜)

About 1.) :
Very fangirlie now but… can someone please play matchmaker for Geng and me?
I`m a crazy, calm, quiet, not annoying weirdo, workaholic, have some serious issue with my action figures, had 2 chinchillas, love dogs, have experience with horses ( xD not sure why I say this LOL), I`m basically a kid of 5 years, I`m used to be alone so I won`t bother about being alone ever, I love Geng`s mom LOL, love his sense of humor, I get along well with aquarius zodiac + uhm… and the others say I`m cute so this must be good for something too. xDD
Aigoo, aigoo!
Photobucket So could someone please introduce me to Geng now? we may should give it a try! xD #AFangirlsInsaneMind 4ever OTL *cough* … … *runs away giggling while blushing*
(I`m just that fangirlie because I wonder about if CERTAIN PPL and me would get along well lately… yeah, I`m not busy enough at work so I started thinking strange things OR you could just say: I`ve past the point of no return long time ago xD… that Geng squishy is messing with my mind a lot lately ^^ but it`s fuuuuuun!)

About 2.) :
It`s driving me insane! AISH! ELFi and her damn FF! I wonder and wonder about the evil couple and what could happen next so much! Also about Vicky & Hyukjae in the FF… It`s really already at the point where I don`t care much about her “revenge plans” against me anymore. oO which is really weird because… I`m a bit scared of what her plans may be.
But I guess I feel a lot calmer since she cannot know my worst case scenario. And, DA HELL, she will never know! xD I won`t ever tell her! NO WAY! NO WAY!
Actually I`m very curious what Super Show 4 will bring in the FF for the 4 of them ^^ ELFi said I can fangirl again. okeh! Sounds good!

[WEIBO Update] Geng in Thailand!
Arrived in Bangkok
[Latest pics] :
(120901) 2012 BAZAAR Star Charity Night 10th Anniversary Celebration → 1, 2 , 3 ,
oh! I like that one! → 4
Yaaaaah! Yishion! … …. (っ’ ▽ ’ς) *→ fangirl squeaking* KYAAAAH! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) → 5 +
what`s with that bunny? ^^ → 6 … Yishion! you got that wrong! Geng is either Sheep or Panda now (or… Gundam xD LOL ), bunny times are long gone! + 7 ,
*___* → 8 ,
120829 Shenzhen Press Conference… *___* I… I love these pics! → 9 ,
Geng you cutie! (●ˆ ω ˆ●) 10 ,
^^° Geng, what kind of expression…? → 11 ,
Photobucket OMG! He`s so cute!!!! : (120905) Han Geng in Thailand → 12 , 13 ,
(120905) Woody Talk → 14 , 15 , 17 ,18 ,
I`m really sorry you other guy but all I see is my squishy OTL Photobucket19 .
[Vid] (120905) Chaodoo Woody Interview
LOL xD at the beginning they are like fanboys(?). *hahaha* funny these guys!
and WTF xD those crazy thai fangirls haha “Wo ai ni” screams from the background xD awesome!
Also… KYAAAAH!!!! Photobucket HANGENG SO CUUUUUTIE!!!!!
but… oO WHAT kind of stuff do these MCs make him say in thai??? *looks around* thai translator anywhere? xD
best was definitely: GENGnam Style! LOL HanGeng knowing Gangnam STyle choreo?!?! IIiiiiiii cannot even! This is epic! Just 대to the박!!!!
When they were dancing Thailand style (english convo):
MC: “Oppa Thailand style.”
Geng: “Thailand? Oh, Thailand style. *poits at self* Chinese style.”
MC: “Yeah. You Chinese style.”
Geng: “Eh, err, YES. *laughs*
HAHAHA! Oh squishy, of course! you are chinese style! No doubt! and… OMGNA SKFBI34OKSNADIUSAFL!!!! THE DANCE!
I was laughing, DYING, screaming & faintig all at the same time!
[Vid] “First Class” by Han Geng
CCTV “First Class” program on Sep 2 2012.
[Vid] (120905) 94EFM Interview
(full Interview) 94EFM Interview, 42 minutes but no subs OTL (of course not, it`s new ^^ )
[Vids] (120905) Han Geng on Chae Dae Chao
Han Geng on Chae Dae Chao (Part 1 & Part 2)
oO damn, how many interviews did he already have in thailand?! O: *is a bit shocked*
but he is also very cute in that one! please watch & listen! Photobucket

Super Junior News!
➤ SuJu on Radio Star:

Just how wealthy is Choi Siwon’s family? “They can buy MBC if they want to”

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon was revealed to be the wealthiest idol in Korea.

On the September 5th episode of MBC ‘Golden Fishery – Radio Star’, the ‘Choi Siwon and The Kids’ special had been featured starring group Super Junior members Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, Shindong, and Choi Siwon.

The MCs and the members started comparing and talking about the two idols who are considered to come from the wealthiest families, Choi Siwon’s family owns a clothing brand conglomerate and ZE:A’s Hyung Sik‘s father is a member of board of directors of one of the largest automakers in the world. The members stated, “His father told his mom that she should take over the company and now he’s moved on to an even bigger business.”

Shindong stated, “It matters very little how wealthy the parents are. I was talking to Hyung Sik and I asked him what car he drove. I asked Hyung Sik, ‘Do you drive your father’s company’s car?’, and he answered, ‘I don’t even have a drivers license’. He personally has nothing”, and he drew laughter from the MCs and the members.

Leeteuk also shared, “This is the first time I’m sharing this story on television. Between the members of Super Junior, we give each other rides home and one day Siwon asked me to drop him off in one neighborhood and the next time in another. As it turst out he was living in a different house because they were doing interior works in one of them. They own multiple houses.”

Choi Siwon was embarrassed of all the attention and he tried to wrap it up by joking, “Can I now become the MC of ‘Radio Star’?”, but Leeteuk was persistent with his teasing saying, “He can even buy MBC if he wanted. What’s known to the general public about his wealth is only a small portion of the real thing. If they knew about the whole deal then the entire Korean nation will be shocked”, and everyone burst into laughter.

Source: TV Daily via Nate

cr: kpopfever

Wow, ok. Seems like they really have enough money ^^
Besides that this was shoved into my face via Tumblr just now: It`s an interesting fact but I don`t care about money. Even the richest person is worth nothing when their character is bad.
(oh, lucky us is lucky because we can love Siwon for his true character & self~Photobucket )
Super Junior talk about how their European fans threw undergarments & condoms on stage
Someone shoot me or whatever! THEY DID WHAT?! NO NO NO! BOYS, STOR! D: This is NOT normal!!!! Those were immature, not educated kids who acted inapproriate all the way!
wait… Photobucket YOU SAY WHAT?! *freaks out* They were throwing WHAT(?!!!!!!!!!!!) on stage?!
Ok, we knew about the underwear incident but WHAT?!
Have ppl even an idea about what “cutltural differences” means?! How can you be a k-pop fan and not know that?! You call yourself k-pop fan or even ELF and do something like that then? I`m really sorry but… I judge you and I call you FAILFan!
If those kids just think a minute about what kind of impression such actions gives the boys… well… NO COMMENT!
Same goes for grabbing ppl you don`t know for whatever purpose. No matter if they are SuJu, other koreans or even ppl from your country you don`t know (means: you aren`t at least friends with for REALZ, not in your dreams): Since when is it appropriate to invade ppl`s personal space like this?
I really would want to have a talk with the parents of these kids. Apparently there went something wrong with the education of their kids.
AND NO PROTEST NOW or any “but”`s! Doing such things wil ruin the picture the boys have of european fans. THANK GOD THAT SOMETHING LIKE THAT DIDN`T HAPPEN IN BERLIN!
Cassiopeia & Bigeast behaved very very well, so: Shame on you kids from paris!
Comment from all k-Pop:
“Dont be fooled oppa… Those things are NOT natural in Europe OR ANYWHERE ELSE .” THIS!!!
“That’s nasty. And not in a good way imo…. “ ALSO THIS!
“they told us it’s just culture” yes thankyou, very generalizing. Im European I live in Holland, which is quite liberal with things in comparisment to Korea. But seriously I would néver ever throw my undergarments on stage, kiss my oppa like that (since i know how careful koreans are with that) or even worse throw condoms on stage.. seriously why would you do something like that?. Just cheer your oppa’s on as good as you can, and treat them with RESPECT. “ Keyword: RESPECT!
“Haha that is both funny and scary. And it defiantly is NOT normal behaviour!” well, scratch the funny. It`s highly embarrassing, inappropriate & so shameful. MAAAAJOR SECOND HAND EBARRASSMENT! I can only repeat!
“That happened in France I think. Seriously?!!?? Is it normal for people to do that? o.o “ …. no. … Photobucket
And so the comments go on and on.
Sis said: ” i’m so ashamed 😦 i always hated our country and it’s history but now we cannot even say were from europe with an easy heart” OTL that… ㄱ_ㄱ
Other nations are also SHOCKED! I understand because behaving like a groupie DOES NOT show respect or anything good to your Oppas. BUT WE ARE NOT LIKE THAT!
Thanks, some idiots at Super show 4, for ruin the european fandom`s image like this. It`s really unbeliavable. I almost have to say that I`m ashamed to live here now. Really. o___O I`m shocked and speechless.
➤ let`s look at something cute/nice to calm down *sighs* Teukie & Siwon!
Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Siwon enjoy a refreshing break after playing basketbal
^^ Teukie is the cutest in this pic! Everyone look at his eyes! cuuuute!

JYJ news
➤ Tweet about Goong musical… It`s the one with KANGIN in it OTL!!! #justsaying
[Trans] JYJ Twitter updates
➤ Oh yes he did! John tweeted us pics!
[News] 120902 JYJ Junsu (Xia) Attends C-JES Open Auditions in Los Angeles
➤ =D that`s great! *cassie proudness is exploding once again*
[News] 120903 JYJ’s Jae Joong is selected as the most handsome idol singer

HoMin news!
➤ OMG! that`s great! *__*
[Info] 120901 TVXQ as MISSHA’s Asia Representative
➤ Their hair is so wild! ^__^
[Pic] TVXQ – COSMOPOLITAN MEN SEPT 2012 Issue Part 3
➤ [Pic] TVXQ SMTown Live in Seoul – Behind The Scenes
Nice Leader씨 & Minnie with nice hair ^.^
*grins the widest grin ever* ^_______^ what was this back then? “the moment when your favourite K-Pop group is also your favourite J-Pop group” ;D
TVXQ Expected to be Touched Less by Anti-Korean Sentiments in Japan
In Japan the ppl look at your boys more like an japanese original group. Ok, they aren`t but since they worked so hard and almost gave up but still made it in the end till now they somehow got the respect from japan. Maaaany, many others were just riding on the fame of the artist who worked their way up to the top diligently before.

Big Bang news!
➤ GD HWAITING! The song is really good!
G-Dragon achieves a perfect all-kill with “That XX”
➤ Oh yeah great! =D I cannot wait for it! GD is always awesome!
G-Dragon reveals tracklist for 1st mini-album, ‘One of a Kind’
➤ Everyone is filming dramas lately and now Seungri too!
Big Bang’s Seungri cast in his first Japanese drama

Brian news!
➤ Uwah! =D Oppa goes radio!
Brian Tweeted:
‘[UPDATE] Starting Sept. 17, I’ll officially have my own radio program on TBS eFM called “DRIVE-IN” Tune in everyday from Monday to Friday 🙂 ‘

➤ haha! xD I cannot believe it! Is there anyone in asia or… on the whole planet who`s not dancing to “Gangnam Style”??
IU dances the ‘Gangnam Style’ on SBS ‘Inkigayo’, PSYU fever continues
➤ aaaaaand as if this wasn`t funny enough already, John told us:

“Junsu’s doing gangnam style dance as one of the fan wishes! Lol”

Photobucket EPIC! Just epic! *hahaha* Junsu Gangnam Style!

➤ oh! Our dear standom! YESH! they were at it again. No, not worth a big headline & nothing really new but always a pleasure to see how they tear themselves apart!
My friend always has the most accurate standom analysis.
Fail fandom or I only care for my 1 bias (jyj) standom

➤ uwah! 100 million views! °.°
Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ MV hits 100 million views on Youtube
➤ HE DID WHAT?! *faints* not really! no, really??? *jaw drops* O: … this is… awesome in a way but also so… so … щ(゚Д゚щ) waaaaaee b-kid`s company?! (my k-pop heart is half crying, half laughing…. because it`s still awesome that a K-POP ARTIST invaded Bieber company! xD ㅋㅋㅋㅋ OTL, OTL!!!!!!)
Psy officially signs with Justin Bieber’s label, Island Records, + invited to MTV VMA

➤ YAY! Jungminnie debuted in japan as solo singer now!
SS501′s Park Jung Min (Romeo) reveals debut Japanese PV “Give Me Your Heart”
°.° Jungminnie, you`re a really handsome vampire! ^^ Still cannot believe that`s really him!

➤ hehehe… (^。^)
@Emmy: he`s the cutest! I like him!
Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung to hold a summer camp event for his fans

ok, that`s it for today. I had a funny spazzy day but it had to end bad because of more detailed stories from Paris oO
being a european fan just became more painful with this. I`m ashamed and I apologize for their behaviour in those ppl`s place. I`m really sorry.
This is not our cutlure and it`s not normal.

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