My latest K-dream, Geng in Thailand o(^▽^)o & Brian parting ways with Jellyfish Ent? o.O oh!?

안녕 여러분! v^^.

ok, ok. Let`s take a look at the news first today!

[Latest Pics] :
(120905) Channel [V] : YAY! Someone gave squishy something ot eat! =D → 1 ,
<33 aw~ → 2 ,
xD ah hahahha! *laughs amused* he`s so priceless! → 3 ,
Just Photobucket4 ,
^___^ please eat well! → 5 ,
(120905) Thailand concert press conference : OTL translator woman in the background~~ ^^ → 6 , 7 , ^____^ 8 ,9 , 10 ,
He looks so nice! great! (*cough* makes us forget about BAZAAR outfit ^^°°° eh hehe… ) → 11 ,
awww! CUTIE!!!! so cute! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) → 12 ,
awww! → 13 ,
Marie Claire Magazine → 14 ,
Geng in Thailand… OH GOD! WAE SO CUTE????? щ(゚Д゚щ) → 15 ,
aaah~, lookies friends how happy he is when there is food for him ^_____^ → 16 ,
xD *pinches Geng* adorable! yeah, yeah. You ppl in Thailand give him food please! Lots of good food so he will eat lots! =) → 17 ,
Uhm… just what is this what he`s holding by the way… o.O #justasking18 ,
aww! Please never stop laughing like this! → 19 ,
OOOOMO! I LOVE THESE PICS! *O* : ASTA TV Exclusive Interview → 20 , *_* 21 ,
He`s like ” o(^▽^)o ” =D aaaaah! makes me so happy! → 22 ,
uwah! *.* Magazine [October 2012 Issue: TW Edition] → 23 ,
*。* → 24 … my eyes will stay star-shaped 4ever if this continues. *dies*
(120908) 2012 GQ Men of the Year Award Ceremony : (-# ’ ▽ ’ )/ HAIR! Reminds me of “Fire” hair! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) → 25 ,
Very classy this time → 26
It was only a matter of time ^^ : HanGeng found a kid! → 27 ,
o(*゚▽゚*)o NICE! :《BEAUTY 大美人》September 2012 Issue → 28 ,
haha! cuties! ^^ : (120907) Han Geng and He Minghan → 29 ,
《V i V i 》Magazine [October 2012 issue: TW edition] … *.* → 30 + 31 .
[Vid] 120905 Han Geng – World Tour in BKK Press Conference : Ending
awwwwww!!!! LOOOOOOOOVE! He`s so cute & and just nice in all ways here!
^^ thai fangirls are coooooompletely crazy over Geng! ^^ *pat, pat* it`s ok sisters, we understand!
[Vid] (120905) Channel [V] Thailand
Channel [V] Thailand oh! HanGeng between many girls this time! ^^

SuJu news!
➤ They were a nice couple!
uper Junior’s Leeteuk shares his thoughts on ending ‘We Got Married’
I never watched WGM, but TeukSora were so funny and cute in the cuts I saw of the show!

JYJ news!
➤ Yeeeah, Chunnie is great, né?! ^^
[Trans] 120903 Movieweek Magazine Issue 544 – Irreplaceable Young Actors : Park Yoochun‏
➤ Junsu & GD! *checks reality* yeah, guess the voters are right ^^
[Info] 120906 Mnet Poll Result “Which male idol would have the most successful solo career?” No.1 Kim Junsu
➤ 20120906 JYJ NII 2012 FALL HEART CAMPAIGN CF! Cuuuute!
and poor JJ xD No one wanted to do heart sign with him! xD
➤ [Vid] Estar XIA Junsu Exclusive NYC Interview [CN/ENG SUB]
“I wanted the english song to be my gift for my fans all around the world” PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket LOVE YOU JUNSU!!! THANK YOU!
➤ Like JYJ were the first korean group to hold a solo concert in europe! PROUDNESS THROUGH THE ROOOF! (once again =D )
[Trans] Kim Junsu “The first Korean singer who is to hold a concert in Mexico – I’m honored”/
but… ^^°°° Junsu, this shirt is… it`s… it`s… D:< (but I won`t say anything as long as Junsu`s fine with it… I`m #justsaying)

HoMin news!
➤ [Vid] 120906 TVXQ – MISSHA Interview Preview
*O* Wae looking so perfect!? *dies* + Leader씨 so cute at the end! <33 *dies again*
➤ Of course, Changmin`s way to solve the problem: food. xD THAT BOY!
[Trans] Bigeast 【From Member】 : Tell Us ★ Yunho & Changmin

Brian News!
➤ eeeh? Oppa really? °.° This is new for me to hear but okeh~
Brian to part ways with Jellyfish Entertainment
Hope everything goes well for Jellyfish Ent and Oppa so that they can part in an appropriate manner so it will be good for both of them. Without any drama or fight.
➤ Oppa tweeted: “So, my friend was walking somewhere in Korea and saw this:) Finally, my commercial & posters are out… Lol… I had no idea.. Haha
Oppa`s pizza advertisement ^^
Uwah! that`s great! Love pizza! Love Brian! Can we have both when we come to eat?! Photobucket (yeah, yeah, I know. Oppa would just be like ” 😉 ” towards us for saying something like that :3 ㅋㅋ but I couldn`t help myself! It was my natural thought OTL)

PSY news~~
➤ eeeepic stats! ^^ I love it!
PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Becomes the 5th “Most Viral Video” of All Time
i just say: MUAHAHAHA b-kid! PSY already catched up to you, was even better than you & now he`s even part of your agency. I bet all the b-kids are already crying xD

Now to my personal stuff.

oh… Photobucket friends & readers… sad news of yesterday.
It was my Dongsaeng`s last working day with us. She will leave us now. I will miss her so much! Photobucket
My little bambi… my pet…. how can you leaven? HOW? (屮゚Д゚)屮 WAE?? My bambi… ㅠ﹏ㅠ
Yes, that`s what my Junior and me called her: Bambi. Furthermore I calles her my “pet”.
I told her that we are sad that she leaves. She said “I know, but ottoke? I`m also sad but only for you two… three.”
By “three” she means Unni, my junior and me + added “Surely not because of Ajeossi.”
Oh and she said today that she believes I am the person who would never ever do something bad to her.
*cries like a mad person*
WAAAAEEE?????? Wae is the world so cruel? Wae are goodbyes so sad?! *runs away crying*

ok, something more happy: my latest k-dream. The one from last week.

I have the feeling this dream came all because I looked at some Poseidon stuff on the internet yesterday xD
This was another drama filming dream, just like the one with Geng the last time.
It was a prequel story to Poseidon. In that dream the character I played for this drama was a girl that was about to graduate from trainee status of the SSAT (Special Sea Attack Team of Korean Coast Guard) to … how to say… a ‘ready for mission’ person ^^
(I will write from the point of view of my character in that drama filming now + beware of one hell of a storyline again xD LOL)
The training time would officially end at that day for all the trainees and there was a ceremony for everyone to attend. So I was alone where I`ve lived for the training time and getting ready for the ceremony. I was about to pick my clothes when my mother stormed in, starting to argue with me loudly. Apparently it was about a letter I wrote to her and my boyfriend a while ago. Now the letter finally reacher her and she was not amused about the things I`ve written.
Our fight was about an old topic: That I would become a person in duty for the SSAT. My mother never supported that, neither my boyfriend did. But as the stubborn girl I was I left home and became a SSAT trainee nevertheless.
I was annoyed, argued with mom while searching for the things to wear. Mom wanted me to quit and come home, I opposed. Then my (that means: my character’s) boyfriend also showed up and made a even greater mess together with my mom. Even more because I broke up with the useless him who never supported me. I didn`t even wanted to discuss everything with them for them 1000th time and kicked them out. And as if this stress wasn`t enough I was about to be late now all because of them! Photobucket
I qickly changed into my clothes: A nice dark shirt with some print on it, tight black jeans & really awesome boots ^^ (I loved them! not really with heels, they were more the flat ones – well, this was no disco party, this war the graduation ceremony of the SSAT trainees after all!).
I looked at my watch and was like “damn! I will start soon!”. Mom and my (ex)boyfriend were still outside but finally gave up arguing with me when I said that nothing could change my mind and that I would leave for the ceremony now.
Since I was alerady a bit late I took a shortcut to the ceremony`s place. On my way I heard that the first part of the ceremony had already started. Some music was playing (a song that wasn`t bad!) while ppl took their places. A lot of family and friends of the trainees, the trainees themselves and a large group of dancers was performing an opening show for the ceremony (well, whyever there were dancers xD I don`t get it but I don`t care, it`s my weirdo dream!). I hurried up a bit more. Would be so embarrassing if I would be late for my graduation ceremony. This show was not important but I wanted to make it in time for the speech!
I had to climb over a fence in the end but I made it just one minute before everything really started! And ㅋㅋㅋ… on the stage there was our team leader now, Kang Joomin ^^ (YAAYYY! Joomin from Poseidon! =D ). He was about to hold the opening speech and I wanted to sit down. I took a look around and all the ppl were already sitting. Not far away from me there was a bench-like thingy with some of my trainee buddies sitting on it and… xD Yesung! (LOL WTH!? Yesung as guest star character in Poseidon prequel drama? oh yes, I see. Makes perfect sense … just like me being there xD). Of course Siwon was one of them too. There was still a bit more space on that bench and I really needed a place to sit down now. So I just walked over to them, made one of them move aside so that I could sit besides Siwon. Photobucket
Ah yes, what would a Poseidon prequel be without Siwon in it? Of course he was part of that drama too. (and we had Joomin as our leader *__* omo… *speechless*)
Anyways, he smiled at me. Silent convo-telling me that I was late. Yeah, I knoooow~! (all thanks to stupid mom and ex boyfriend OTL). As soon as I sat down he looked at me and then, like it would be completely normal, took my hand in his… (god, who skripted this?? >//< ) our fingers somehow naturally entwine. It was like some kind of reflex, I dunno. … …. GAH! seriously! >////< OH GOD! WHO SCRIPTED THIS????!!! щ(゚Д゚щ) I… I mean… *waves with arms* okeh! It was a drama filming but still! >///< *blushes* I was squish-hugged by Siwon before but… but… we were NEVER holding hands before *waves with arms* drama filming or not: differnet story! different story!!! (((o(;゚д゚)o))) *waves with arms even wilder* and on top of this that damn Siwon was leading me in that moment! >< AISH! Siwon! >//< But ok, ok. No room for panic! We had to get an acting job done here! Although I was feeling irritated/nervous inside I didn`t fell out of #ProfessionalMode and just continued acting like it had to be in the drama. He still smiled at me and I smiled back at him. While Joomin was still talking Siwon leaned a bit over to my side and said “The passage you wrote about me was very interesting.” . I don`t know how it happend in this drama before that Siwon`s character came to read what my character wrote to the mom of me and I have no idea what this letter said in detail. But I just knew it was about the letter when he said this! (like I would have a perfect idea about the drama plot in my dream, like I would have read the scrip for realz ^^ ) I looked at him irritated. How in da world was it possible that he knew about it? I was like “…what? *surprised*”. Siwon said “What do I mean to you? What am I for you?” . &($/%))$(%§! Aigoo >//< that drama prequel! Okies, so these two characters of ours seemed to had something going on since a while, huh ;P and it seemd that I also told this my mom and the stupid ex boyfriend of mine in that letter ㅋㅋ ooh, I completely got the story at that moment!
Siwon was still smiling at me like he new the answer would turn out to his favour (what he practically really knew… when it`s a drama both of us have read the script before). Me stared at him in disbelieve because he was asking this now. I mean NOW, while our leader Joomin was talking ^^ . I was taken aback and still not feeling less irritated/nervous, looking away for a moment and then said “Something… like my boyfriend.” ^////^ AI! Awkward, awkward! *haha* He smiled widely, we looked at each other for like 2 seconds and chuckled. Then we both got a bit shy, looking at the ground, up to Jooming who was still talking, then at each other again and smiled like two idiots.
Then my dream ended. ^///^

What kind of dream was this? I was trolled by my dream with another Poseidon drama, trolled with Siwon & awkwardness.
Note to myself: NEVER look at Poseidon stuff again before sleep!
The most awkward drama filming in my dreams EVER! Also, I wonder since when I`m an actress? So I have 2 jobs now? o.O
And: Choi Siwon! You dare to lead me while we are acting?! Photobucket You`re a never ending pain tease!
Filming the drama with Geng in my drama-dream before was different. With Siwon it left some awkward feeling and I`m pretty sure we both got scolded by Joomin in the end for not paying attention to his speech at all in that drama ^^°°°

somethig personal again:

When I think about my ELFi I could cry!
Her family is really such a pain! Always this family trouble!
WAAAH!!! She only had 2 troubled tweets so far and I`m worried!
I sent her a SMS but no response so far. I dunno what she`s doing… neither what`s wrong!
And I don`t even have the words to express my worry! OTL!

WTH! *runs around in circles* Hope she comes back soon! ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ !!!!

all so troublesome!

My feelings regarding different things these days are even worse than a rollercoaster! The highest heights and the deepest deeps! It`s tyring!
When everything couldn`t get any better on the one hand but, at the same time, also couldn`t get more worse on the other… wtf… o_O different fandom`s lives & friends troubles causing feelings which confusing da hell outa me right now. It`s kinda exhausting becuase it`s changing so fast!
God, my life sometimes!  Photobucket

(EDIT: OMO! ELFi replied! *dies* aaaah, how could her mother say something like that?! >< ugh, so mean! but at least I know what`s up now. *sighs*)

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