Leader GwangJu Style! , HanGeng reached 16 million followers on WEIBO + another k-dream!

안녕 다들!

Let`s start with something really adorable-funny-cute-epic! And I saw it aaaaaall thanks to Unni-ya!
*jumps at Unni with intent to huggle her hard* (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ~~❤ THAAAAAAANKS HEA UNNI!

LEADER씨 Gangnam Style or more like… GwangJu Style! ;D
Arab cassies made this:

and because we are always having great fun with our Leader씨, another vid:

*pretends this is a 2 hours long action movie with Yunho* =D OMG SUN! *goes to DongBangHeaven*

and while we were talking about unni-ya… I would want to dedicate this blog entry to her because stupid ppl were bad to her (>__<). Saying stupid things.
@Hea unni: I hope I will bring a little bit of good mood back to you! You deserve it!

ok, before the music news my personal news:

Mice were really driving me insane. They were sooo noisy at night. I always wake up at half post 12 and then I cannot go back to sleep anymore because they were having their fights.
since 2 days they live on the top level of their terra only again and it`s better. I will give them a few more days and then we will try again.

theeeeen: attention, attention please!
The news about the iPhone 5 were out.
That thing will be available soon.
BUT it`s way to expensive! Photobucket 680€ ( = ca. 890 Dollar) is no joke!
Apple, you want me to go broke for good?? D: SCANDALOUS!
So I decided that it would be best to get an iPhone 4. Yes, 4. not 4S. 4. In my eyes iPhone 4S was nonsense to cool down all the ppl who screamed for iPhone 5.
well, howsoever, I looked around on ebay a bit and found some intersting things like… cases for iPhones and charms ^^ uuuh! so pretty and cute things! I think I will have much fun in future with my iPhone 4! (which I still have to buy but no worries! I saved money the last 2 months! Iiiii can buy it now!)

things on the “money list” for the next month are: a bit of doggie food, pay back the rest of the money from the garage to my second bank account, give mom money so that she can buy soe jeans for herself ^^ and buy the food I need to cook for sis!

Talking about cooking: I tried out the korean rice with vegetables recently. It was the test for what I want to cook for sis! =) worked out great! and it`s really pretty easy to make since I´m no master chef ^^° eh hehe…
Oh well, of course my sister sis had to put me and my cooking down. ok sis, I never said that I can make the perfect kimchi on my own or know how to make takuwan, so I use takuwan that is already made same as kimchi. But WAE do you have to put me and my cooking down then?! oO
Only because she can cook spagethi, or what? I can do that too. tssss~~~
She has no freakin’ idea how to cook ANY korean food so… STFU sis!
*highkicks her* Photobucket

latest news regarding my dreams are:
I had a weird dream tonight that wasn`t really a k-dream because it was basically about my aunt having a huuuuuge hotel (and Blackie was one of the guest too xD LOL ) + a lot of weird and mixed up stuff too.
Fist half of the dream was very confusing. I remember that I was talking to a friend and somehow there was HanGeng around too but I have no idea what was happening or what he was doing. (…or why da hell he was wearing the outfit from the last Xtep commercial filming xD aigoo! my dreams!) In general is was more about me talking with my friend, I only saw HanGeng sitting somewhere randomly.
But the second part of my dream was about my aunt having that huge hotel. My aunt had some friends of her visiting with their two annoying kids. The brats messed up one of the empty hotel rooms, I saw it, kicked the brats out and wanted to clean up. I went back to get some stuff to clean the mess and somehow got lost in the hotel since it was really confusing and huge ^^°. I walked around like a lost person for a while and… did I already mention that the hotel was really huge? I arrived at the wrong room, but didn`t noticed it at first. The door was open just like the door of the room the kids messed up so I walked in. Buuuut this was actually Blackies room. He was unpacking his stuff at the moment, I excused for interrupting and left again. I finally found my way to the room I wanted to clean up and while walking I thought “hm. … that guy looked like Blackie Chen. No way! Was that really him?”. I kept wondering and wasn`t really sure. But it wasn`t really important either, since all I thought about was the mess in the other room.
When I arrived at the right room I~ cleaned up the mess, brought the stuff back and since the ppl with their annoying kids were still not about to leave I decided to check out the rest of the hotel. Hotel area had more than one building. There were 3 buildings.
The funny thing was that I found SuJu in one of them Photobucket
I remember Shindong & EunHae playing with their PSPs xD Donghae`s was red ^^ I dunno wae, but I remember that his PSP was red! #UselessDetailICanStillRemember
Sungmin and Teukie were there too. They were waiting for something and having fun. I only payed them a short visit to say hello since half of them was not present anyway & I was on my checking-everything-out mission!
Later there was something like a open k-pop converence with the press and european fans. Including SuJu of course and Blackie was one of the guests to watch all that. I have no idea wae xD He has SO nothing to do with k-pop but oh well *shrugs*. I was watching it too and in the end I was even sitting on the table next to him. the press wanted to know about k-pop and some fans explained why they like it and in the end the ppl could ask SuJu questions too.
The next part of my dream was something completely different and weird.
The ending part of my dream was that I saw SuJu again after the event & they were already preparing for leaving. :/ This was no k-dream, just to begin with, but when ppl I like are leaving it`s always so… Photobucket sad (no matter if it`s JYJ or SuJu in my dreams. … btw: HoMiiiiiin D: wae do you leave me alone?! I want to see you again in my dreams! *runs away crying*)
Especially since they really only had such a short appearance. Since I had nothing better to do and the event was over anyway I decided to walk over to Siwon and Donghae who were waiting for the others besides their car. Since we haven`t met before Siwon and I were like “oh~ hi! yaiy! *hug each other for greeting*”. Then Donghae started to talk to us and we listened interested. Cannot remember what he said in detail but it was a crazy story about the others xD. Something really surprising, unexpected and in the end funny. Of course there had to be an embarrassing part in all this too. And so it happened when Teukie showed up to announced that everyone is ready to leave now and… eh hehe Photobucket Siwon and I only realized THEN that we have stayed in half-hugging position while Hae has told us the crazy story…aaaand ^^°°° eh hehe… we were still half-hugging when Teukie came. AngelLeader was looking weirdly/a bit irritated at us. xD
^^ This was just like in ELFi`s FF! NO KIDDING! Teukie ruining the scene (kinda, not as much as in her FF xD ). Aigoo! *laughs* Wae? … *thinks* more important: Wae didn`t Hae say something o__O that`s the most strange thing. He was looking at us and talking the whole time! (Hae? ㄱ.ㄱ something to say to defend yourself??). Guess Teukie was more irritated than we were. haha! oh, don`t look like that Teukie! If you want to know what made us freeze ask the fishy! ㅋㅋ
We were like “(⌒▽⌒) well then, bye~”, Siwon patting my back before I walked away and they left. That was all.
In the end it was ALMOST a real k-dream. But the whole hotel thing before with my aunt and the stupid kids of her friends + Blackie at the k-pop event on top of all irritated da hell outa me xD

yeah, and now I already see a certain ELFi of mine laughing and smirking her evil smile. *siii~iiigh* I already know what she will say. I can already hear her. ╮(´▽`)╭

buuuut I have to say: Actually the scene with teukie wasn`t half as embarrassing as this drama filming before! D: OMO! don`t remind me about that! LOTS OF AWKWARD FEELINGS! (((o(゚Д゚)o))) *waves with arms wildly*

oh I think I should just post the second half of this dream into my k-dreams site since the end was really a bit more k-dream like! =) *goes to post it there*

[16 Million!] :
Han Geng reached 16,000,000 followers on Sina weibo! \o/
CONGRATS GENG!!! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
[Latest Pics] :
Rehearsal for Da-Lian International Fashion Festival Opening (Sep 8 2012) → 1 … *looking at what Siwon did these days* AND I TELL YOU they have secret competition on things! ;D  ,
Uwaaaha! *O* I love the couch! and… the fruit plate on the table! (120909) Shenyang Concert Press Conference → 2 OTL I will steal that fruit plate! =D *sneaks around the table to steal it when nobody is looking* ,
(120909) Shenyang Concert Press Conference → 3 …WAH! Photobucket I GOT CAUGHT BY GENG! *runs away* #MySillyImaginations #CallItDayderams ,
°.° this is reall ONE HELL of a red couch! It`s even more red when you look at it from that view → 4 ,
oh hey! interestig shirt Geng! aw, he looks nice! Photobucket5 ,
*raises eyebrows* hm~. *eyes pic interested* no further comment! ^//^ → 6 and… Sun Le is always watching ^^ ,
nice! → 7 ,
keke… it happened AGAIN! Geng has stolen a kid → 8 ,
awww, the kiddo so cute! And HanGeng looks really good! very… bright! → 9 ,
^___^ , Shenyang press conference → 10,
He looked REALLY good that day! (120909 Shenyang press conference) → 11 ,
(120912) For Men Magazine special event → 12 , 13 , 14 ,
Still For Men Magazine special event → 16 , 17 , 18 ,
KYAAAH! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) GENG AND THE KIDDO! → 19 .
[Vid] September 2012 Marie Claire Taiwan photoshoot and interview
uwah! *.* really so nice! The red jacket was one epic win!

SuJu news!
➤ ai! look! Siwon tweeted something cute!
^^ and Simba is basically all Iiiiii say! So cute! I love this movie!
➤ aah, oh nuuu! not again >< Teukies tragic childhood stories! He was such a unlucky kid… parents always fighting and even beting him ㅠ﹏ㅠ
Super Junior’s Leeteuk talks about his traumatizing childhood
well, kids. what you see on the outside of ppl is not even half of the truth. Only because someone laughs dosen`t mean they are happy. Some ppl laugh because they already cried so many tears before *siii~iiigh*
Poor Teukie! *hugs AngelLeader*
➤ ai, this damn accident >< It was really so bad. and it`s not getting better with time going by.
Super Junior members talk about Kyuhyun’s previous accident on ‘Radio Star’
➤ oh?! so Siwon is the “King of Drama now”…
Super Junior’s Siwon confirmed for role in SBS’ ‘King of Drama’
…but I AM the Queen of Drama! -> Drama queen xD LOL #DontMindMePpl #ImTalkingWeird #4everWeirdoYAY!

JYJ news!
➤ Natali would die for this one:
[Trans] JYJ’s Junsu, Musical “Elisabeth” Album To Be Released…Also Includes Interviews
JJ shines just like HoMin in the Missha interview preview!
[Trans/Pic] Jaejoong – Dermatologist Me2day update
➤ I see our beautiful red *___*
JYJ’s Junsu performs for a total of 5,000 fans in Mexico and Brazil
Oh, someone please tell us if Junsu will also come to europe and… where he will go here. OTL we still know nothing but rumors and a bunch of “maybe`s”.

HoMin news!
➤ Leader씨`s and Minnies new hair!
[Pic] TVXQ recording Gods of Victory
➤ [Vid] 120911 TVXQ – MISSHA Interview

➤ YAAAY! Our boys!
Male Idols With The Strongest Mentality – #1 TVXQ, #2 JYJ
OTL but wae is Shinhwa on rank 6???? o__O what da fack?

PSY news
➤ uwah! really?!
Psy to perform “Gangnam Style” on NBC’s ‘Today Show’
➤ aaand PSY keeps achieving all kind of things:
Psy’s “Gangnam Style” MV becomes Most Liked video in YouTube History

Big Bang news!
➤ oh hey! finally! I want to listen to it ^^
G-Dragon releases EP ‘One of a Kind’
➤ haha! xD how cute.
Big Bang’s G-Dragon and 2AM’s Jo Kwon have an ‘awkward’ conversation on Twitter

and now…

❀ELFi FF update!❀
(*click* Is This Real? *click*)

Since she said there is something wroth writing about I will do some live commenting here on the blog while I`m reading this. so this time my fangirling and/or shipper comments will be HERE and not on twitter!
So let`s start reading! *grabs snacks & shipper equipment* Photobucket

— aww ^^ the evil couple is going sweet now? yaaaay! *Waves evil couple shipper flag*
— hehehe… aigoo, Kyu is so cheesy! ^^ It almost hurts! xD
— 아ㅋㅋㅋ how ELFi is all tame with Kyu xD haha, this is funny to me!
— ” “Princess, stop gossiping with Vicky and sleep. You can talk about my present tomorrow”, Kyuhyun mumbled ” LOL xD Kyu knows his little evil wifey too well! Photobucket and the ” “Oh please. Which girl wouldn’t tell that her best friend?” ” the question is -which girl wouldn`t tell that her best friend RIGHT AWAY” *cough* because that would be me. I wouldn`t tell my best friend right away. The next day, of course, but not in the middle of the night.
— WHAT?! “to give vicky something from hyukjae”?! =D OMO! I`m curious what he gave Kyu for vicky =D
— *waves with arms* aigoo~~ evil couple is eve kuddling in ELFi`s school? … … Photobucket *giggles*
— “-that caused Kyuhyun to sit somewhere else sulking-” LOOOOL xD ELFi and her friends are too mean for little Kyu? xD *laughs amused* I cannot believe it!
— *reads* …. *re-reads passage* … *raises one eyebrow* hm! *raises both eyebrows* so the evil is really embarrassed THAT easily when you give comments about her and Kyu? *makes mental notes* for times when I have to save myself again ^.^
— awww! the present of hyukjae for vicky is really nice!
:/ so sad. The evil couple has to separate again. ai! always so dramatic~
— oh hey! I has a twitter appearance in ELFi`s FF again! ^^ I`m famous! O(∩_∩)O
— but Kyu… “love of my life” is… o.o woahw! that`s huuuuuuge! but still! KYAAAAH! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) HE SAID LOVE OF HIS LIFE!!!!! Photobucket *clicks LIKE button*
— ts, ts… ELFi lying to me that she`s fine. oh well, that`s just so like our zodiacs: lying to others so they won`t worry. #Virgo #Aquarius
— *waves with arms* omooo, cheesy Kyu again! (seriously, can this guy become any more cheesy? I mean: still?)
— the end of the chapter: oh! ELFi linked a pic of the ring of the FF: wow! It`s nice! & next chapter will be about super show

All in all a sweet chapter but also sad. I`m looking forward to Super Show 4 chapter(s? there will be more,né? ^^ ). *sigh* although SS4 always makes me a bit sad :/ meh. sucks. Since that super show and I just won`t met. BUT maybe some couple-ness of the evil couple & maybe the foodmonster couple will make me smile a lot (^。^)

Now some random thoughts about my ELFi`s FF in general: She said she has a good idea how we will meet. Me wonders a lot about that! It`s a miracle to me how in da world we should meet? after super show 4 there is nothing… well, you know what I mean. How much further into the future will she go? o.o
oh and don`t forget: after super show 4 I never attended OTL #ThirdSaddestMomentInMyLifeBtw

hehe, yeah, and the thing with my worst case scenarios: I won`t tell! I tell no one! xD NUUUU! No way in hell! I won`t even tell my best friend and she has nothing to do with k-pop! Too much risk that is would leak somehow… somewhere… someday~ *makes a lot of mysterious hand gestures*
I only say I have at least… *thinks* 4 worst case scenarios I don`t even want to think out in MY HEAD not to talk about telling or writing it to someone! ^^°°°° eh hehe… no, just too embarrassing. #4everMyThoughts

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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