HanGeng & SuJu nominated for Mtv Europe Music Awards *O* , TVXQ`s korean comeback, JYJ lawsuit news & GD`s “Crayon” mv ^^

안녕 친구들! v^^.

Iiiii had b-day the last sunday! (september the 16th) and I got soooo many nice presents of my soulmate *___* I will upload pics of it on Twitter later.
For here I will tell you: Sis made a purple Dango for me. Photobucket Purple dango plushy made BY HER for poor LITTLE ME! O: THANKS SIS! It`s cuuute! (note that I let out le squeals when I unpacked it =D )
Theeeen she has drawn me a picture of Junsu only sis could draw! ^^ It`s about what was written on his shirt *haha* just what we talked about before JYJ concert last year with Stephi unni! sooooo epic!
And as if this wouldn`t have been already just too cool Sis has bought me a photobook of our 5 boys *_____* she bought it at Leipzig book fair! *dies* and the pics are just so nice! omo!
BUT there was even another present in the big box sis has sent: Windbells! they are white/purple! It found it`s place above my bed and I hope the won`t fall down on me again xD
Aigoo, as soon as I saw the package when it arrived some days before my b-day I JUST KNEW sis bought too much!

Then I received maaaany b-day wishes from all of my beloved friends! Photobucket

another little story: today at work Oppa dared to steal my word! He used the “wooh~” xD ㅋㅋ I said: “Yah, that`s my line!”
and later that day I had a change to celebrate my word once again ㅎㅎ The situation just called for it! xD I love it!

Some of my friends (my dear friends) received a email lately. A mail with special content from me for them. ^^
they all praised me so much! too much! and the evil even said I don`t look like 27 *.* thank ELFi, Oppa keept telling me that I`m old xD

+ my workmates kept making fun about asians and noooooot a single fack was given by me!
아ㅋㅋㅋㅋ *amused laugh* yeah, yeah. you keep talking. *walking away like THE KING -Queen? ^^- of the scene*

[Latest Pics] :
(120915) Hope in the Darkness World Tour: Shenyang Concert, oh wow… Geng, your… your hair! → 1 , 2 ,
oh! oh! =D there is one of my favourite outfits again! → 3 ,
Beauty 《大美人》Magazine…. *o* → 4 , 5,
Squishy, you look like as if you`ve fought with a dragon ^^° → 6 … thinking about it: He actually already fought a dragon. When he acted out the chinese new years story this year, you remember? (with the cutie baby dragon at the end) ,
it looks good, but pocketostars and I are worried about him losing all his hair ^^°°°° hair is so thin these days! → 7 (his hair just cannot take dyeing well and the white-blond hair was maybe a biiiit much for hir poor hair again ^^ ) ,
LOL! What do you see? “Is it a bird? a plane? …gundam?” #spazz → 8 ,
Photobucket *spills out her LOTTE Milkis all over the comp*…. WAIT! HE`S WHAT?! NOMINATED FOR WHAT?! *reads again* OMG SUN! MTV EUROPE MUSIC AWARDS!!!!! *faints & dies* THIS IS HUUUUUUUGE!
Vote for Han Geng as “Best Asian Act” at the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards!
OMO ppl, please do! For me my votes go to Geng! ok, maybe SuJu are in that category too and most likely they will win but DA FACK! It would be a bigger success for Geng and in this special situation I really think he deserves it more (since SuJu already have some fame in europe too and even had concerts here -concerts I was never able to attend btw *facepalm* #TheOldStory). I`m sorry to say so but he worked so damn hard the past years to come to where he is now. So I´m really sorry SuJu boys, I love you. really. But understand that I love Geng too. It`s a big dilemma for GengFan/ELF ppl like me. But after thinking about it I came to the conclusion that I have to vote for Geng. It`s more fair to vote for Geng in my eyes, although I would want both parties to win this. *looks at ELF fandom* If you want to shoot me for that, well… if you can`t help yourself go for it! ㄱ-ㄱ tsss~
Nonetheless: It`s too sad. My ELF hearts is bleeding a bit but in the end it`s bleeding for a higher cause Photobucket
Ppl will fight about who to vote for. oh, in fact, the kids are already at it! … to be compeltely honest they are AT IT LIKE HELL! It´s really on now! I won`t spread what I saw because I`m against Fanwar. It`s no good. I won`t say “vote for geng only” or “vote for suju only” to anyone. All this here is just my opinion. and my opinion says: Geng worked his way up to the position he is now and really gave his all.  I know, it would be a wonder if SuJu would lose this one and if they win I will be happy but: OTL, my opinion from above! I decided to support HanGeng in this one (a bit more). And even if he won`t win, it`s still awesome that he is listed there! This is already big! #ITalkWayTooMuchAgain #Aigoo
(Actually, I DO consider combi voting to make my ELF heart stop crying. I will vote for Geng very much and for SuJu much! so my personal prolbem can be solved without throwing my opinion over board! #ComflictResolved)
THIS is one hell of an amount of achievments: [Compilation] What Han Geng has done in the 1000 days of Going Solo

SuJu news:
➤ … == …. *slaps AllKPop* YAH! You forgot to mention HanGeng in your headline! ==”” *is somewhat pissed*
Psy & Super Junior nominated for 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards
➤ ^^ oh how nice! Siwon, visit me with cake too! OTL I wouldn`t mind.
Super Junior’s Siwon surprises ‘King of Drama’ staff
and: I like his hair recently! ( ˆ ω ˆ ) cute! (OTL and the bracelets. very nice. I love them! … a bit off topic now but: I love my colorful one from China ^^ I always think of Geng when I see it/wear it =D )

JYJ news!
“The mediation of JYJ-SM lawsuit was breakdown even today, which the both sides remained as far apart as ever. From now on, it seems to be protracted. The lawyer of JYJ side’s suggested the mediation was breakdown saying “We cannot have any achievements.” (by Star News on 18th).”
well… == of course not. It`s SME! they were already unable to show some love for HanGeng, so why should it be different with JYJ?
Quotes Hea unni: “I think this lawsuit may simply be unsolvable…”
OTL. With SME not showing a greater love and just letting them go there is nosuch a thing as “agreement” or “mediation”.
щ(゚Д゚щ) because it`s SM!!! SM, ppl!
and…. uhm… if the court delayed the final desicion again and again till they reached an agreement then GOOD NIGHT! This Lawsuit will still run in 1 000 000 years from now!
JYJ vs SM Entertainment verdict postponed indefinitely
➤ great idea! Chunnie and Yoohwan in one movie would be cool! =D
Park Yoochun ‘I Want to Film a Movie in the Great China Region with My Brother’
oh! *surprised by the sudden news ^^* that`s great!
JYJ selected as official models for cosmetics brand, Tony Moly

Junho news!
➤ awwww! Photobucket that`s so sweet! awww! brother posted a cuuuuutie, cutie picture!
Junho and plushies (120919)
➤ eeeh what, first album?! =D heeey, seriously brother?!
Junho`s Twitter: “10/17発売1st album『STYLE』新曲music clip『その髪も 指も 唇も…』解禁!モデルの秋元梢さんが共演!監督はレスリーキー(^-^)/”
+ he posted a nice picture with this.
aaaaand a new MV is out too!
Juno, “Your Hair, Lips, Fingers”
UWAH! brothers singing and japanese improved. Even I can tell without understanding a word xD

HoMin news!
➤ OMG ASHDFIWUEORJSD!!!! HNGH!!!!!!! *faints*
TVXQ to make a Korean comeback + releases teaser image of Yunho for ‘Catch Me’!
ok, ok. pic looks like… *spares the comment for public* but WAAAAAAAHH!!!!! Photobucket I`M READY! I`M READY! HOMIN COME BACK TO US!
– additional article: TVXQ releases Changmin’s teaser photo for “Catch Me”
wow, ok. that`s kinda confusing me. I don`t get the pictures but WHO CARES! xD HoMin will come back so I`m aaaall running in circles for them! Photobucket
➤ [Track List] TVXQ’s New Songs:
❶ Catch Me ❷ GETAWAY ❸ Good Night ❹ How Are You ❺ I Don’t Know ❻ Like a soap ☆ ❼ Ardent Love song ☆ ❽ Famazing Performance

Brian news!
➤ oh yaaaiiiiyyyy! Oppa in a new musical! ヽ(⌒▽⌒)/
Brian Joo to star in Broadway-style musical “Loving the Silent Tears”
➤ AISH! >< Arirang?! Seriously?! and I can`t watch it because I cannot search for this program with our receiver! *dies* I hope ELFi can see it then!
Brian filming together with TEEN TOP members

Big Bang news!
➤ GD released MV for “Crayon”
you may ignore the vietsubs oooonce again (in case you`re not vietnamese of course ^^)
so now, the MV: OMG SUN! It`s so craaaay ^^ A real GD MV once again! But I like it!
➤ LOl xD I still can`t believe he did the same as Junsu: dressed as a girl
G-Dragon receives attention for his womanly curves in “Crayon” MV
…and the sad truth is that he looks better than half of the women on the planet ^^° definitely one of the best scenes: GD walking into the scene and everyone thought “oh wow, sexy woman” but nuuuuu it`s GD! ;D

➤ aigoo, that Rain! ^^ He`s in the army but still performing!
Rain performs at the ’9th Comrade-in-Arms Marathon’

➤ xD oh my, is there a concert on earth where Gangnam Style is NOT played these days?
“Gangnam Style” played at Maroon 5 Concert in Korea

YAAAAAY! couple series now! =D guess my sis already missed it! ;D

“EunHae of the day”
oooooh~~ how many of you guys remember this? ^^ I do. Cute!

and now to my personal fav couple,
“SiHan of the day”:
≧◡ ≦ Geng was rarely initializing something but ㅋㅋㅋ something like this continued to happen in SiHan couple`s life. aaaaah~ my squishies! (๑´▿`๑)
^_______^ Siwon + Geng just so cute!

☆✭☆[Couple special] SiHan, today: thoughts about “Marry U” (+ the famouse Marry U moment) ☆✭☆
SiHan`s “marry u” cutenss
and I still don`t know if I should laugh or cry. My heart breaks in two, is happy about their sweetness & so sad that the sworn brothers are so far away from each other now all at the same time.

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