HoMin release 6th album & “Catch Me” MV, Yoochun confirmed for leading role in “I miss you” & HanGeng in Show Biz! (engl. subs)

안녕 다들! v^^.

Can you believe it? I really haven`t had any k-dream lately! Not a single one! Not even a bit of a k-dream! :/
Theeere we wo agian with “It just won`t work when I`m stressed & too tired”. -.- *sighs* this week was complete chaos at work! We didn`t even had one normal day!
Everyday we finished work even later than the day before. And my catched a cold by now, but came to work anyway. Her throat hurts and she feels somewhat dizzy and bad. Yeah, we only stay at home when we are REALLY about to die. Dunno how other ppl think about their duty regarding work, but in our company we are like that.
Well, althought it was late again I brought my junior our cat tree yesterday (which was never used by our cat… cat ignored it completely).
We assembled that thing again because it had to disassemble it before transport & the watched her kitten going crazy xD So funny! This kitten is so crazy!

Uhm, did I mention that I try to have a bath & relax since MONDAY and I`m too busy every day to take one?? *sighs* I also try to reply some mails since monday. My friends, as you can see by your empty mailbox: I didn`t make it!

And I don`t even know wae there is suuuuuch a gigant chaos at work. Okies, we have a mega huge order this week but this mostly regards the other section, not us. I wonder… oO

today war relatively ok. Oppa entertained us well xD he`s so silly!

Mice news: after they were too noisy for a while I went some steps back with them and then slowly continued. They have almost all of the terra now. The last third of their ground floor is missing. they are doing well. Not that loud sounds of random fighting anymore. It really annoyed me at night because I wake up often and then I cannot sleep anymore *rolleyes* (I always wake up often when I`m stressed *siiiigh* one thing comes to another!)

oh, talking about waking up! I tried out my phone as my alarm clock o(^▽^)o works good! Never thought I would really hear it O.O but I do.
My new phone can do so many things my old couldn`t! =D

what else? uhm… I got a mail from my ELFi friend and … O: I CANNOT! She really considers to tease me with SiHan lovelies in her FF?! *faints* Photobucket
@Patricia: YAH! YOU! O: H-How can you shock me like that?! Y-You can`t! YOU JUST CAN`T! D:<<
OTL my future in that FF is daaaaark! I will die a thousand times because of too much embarrassment!

Newstime now!

[Latest Pics] :
(120920) Chengdu 9 Square Shopping Center grand opening starlight evening party → 1 … shopping center?! I guess this should be new on his “event list” ,
ah, squishy. you really lost some weight. I wonder wae → 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 ,
*.* …. *_______* oooomo, Yishion 2012 Fall Casual Series! I DIE! → 6 ,
Awww! ^^ Thailand ASTA TV Magazine (October 2012 issue) → 7 .
[VID] [ENG SUB] 20120807 Han Geng Show Biz
*watches vid now* *live commenting while watching ;D*
T~T *cries* When he talked about the time he released the first album… It 4ever makes me tear up. Yes, Squishy, we know. You will always do your best, even in front of only two audience members.
WAAAAAH! WINGS OF LOVE! I CANNOT! I JUST CANNOT! *cries like a mad woman* ㅠ~ㅠ… this song… it always makes me cry Photobucket This song is burnt into my soul as a GengFan… I cannot! *runs away crying*
*several moments later* ok, where did we leave off? I`m done crying now *continues watching*
아ㅋㅋㅋㅋ! MY LOGO! No, this song is no joke. Geng is REALLY going international, BABIES! YUP! That`s it! =D *daces to “My Logo”*
but… WHAT DA… xD LOOOL My Logo dance to the different melodies LOL that`s somehow weird but also interesting! xD hahaha! I`m reacting like the fangirls in that show right now! xD
ai, yes. My Kingdom and Stage Of Youth.
uuuuh >< But nu, just nu! The First President hair… I cannot! This is a no-go (for me) D: but okeh~ it`s still Geng, so I accept it (and I love his hair °~° … talking about it: In First President he actually still HAD hair ^^°° eh hehe… squishy`s hair got so thin!) .
UWAH! Yaaaay! Now finally Show Biz intro ended and we see Squshiy!!! o(^▽^)o Yes, yes. That`s your 2nd album ^__^ *strokes her copy of it*
*nods* oh yes MC, the cover is powerful. Because HanGeng revealed his indentity as the Ninja of Mudanjiang/Heilogjiang with this album! It HAS to be powerful then ;D
aaaah, squishy, you love it that you can impress the ppl with the meaning of “Hàngéng” charatcters, huh? ^^
ah yes, now you see, MCs. This is the NINJA POSTER! OTL!!! (they were unfolding it just now).
oh, man. Clow Mask MV is damn creepy in a way, but awesome. ^^°°° yes, the strange sounds… the most strange thing about them is that you did them yourself, Geng. Photobucket
eh whaaat? Grill him? == *eyes the MCs* no, you DON`T. I won`t let you! LOL When they look at the artist on the wall behind who they all “grilled” so far, just that he knows ^^: Geng “Should we pay our respects first and then…”, 1st MC “LOOOL Pay our respects! He`s so polite that I feel awkward!”, 2nd MC “Very polite, very good” , 1st MC: “I don`t know how to continue the conversation.”
oh! He will perform “Clown Mask” now! *stares* °.° always so good! … *.* I love your hands, squishy *___* + black/white colored outfit is still so great on him!
eeeh, MCs, what kind of weird reporters have you gathered to scare Geng? ai, will this be a bit like butterfly dancing teacher? LOL
KYAAAAH! Photobucket Geng a bit unsure about the situation xD SO CUTE!!!!
LOL oh MCs! Of course Geng wouldn`t shoot SUCH a photoshoot (half nacket pictures on the beach etc). We could have told you that before you asked him ^^ that`s just not Geng´s style (like he said). yeah, yeah. Just look at the italy photobook! Of course the style is very different than a ny other. It`s HanGeng`s style! ^^ *nods* MC said “Military style”. Yes, because Geng comes out of a family with a soldier traditon!
yah! *haha* in that box there are more red balls than yellow ones! that`s cheating!
hahaha! xD Geng always wants to run away to pay his respects xD LOL

Super Junior News!
➤ ah how cool! how cool!
@Emmy: OUR (fandom) WORLDS WILL COLLIDE in that episode ^^ hehe… *is amused … for somehow no reason xD *
Super Junior to make a guest appearance on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’
➤ OH! Our little mokey so chic!
Super Junior’s Eunhyuk has his first solo photoshoot with ‘Singles’ magazine
➤ haha! Onew xD
Kyuhyun reveals Leeteuk’s special treatment as a leader, Onew shocked
So leaders get some special treatment? °.° I wonder…

JYJ news!
➤ Junsu, wae u no gimme password for your doorlock???? (屮゚Д゚)屮
[News] 120920 JYJ’s Kim Jun Su: “My house is just like a hotel for my friends
It`s good that he can hang out with his friends once in a while!
and yes, you play soccer Junsu ^^ what else should it be? ㅎㅎ that`s just so Junsu!
➤ This… this reminds me of something and it`s…. LOTTE! yes! a pic from LOTTE endorsment. Not sure if it reminds me of a pic from DB5K times or JYJ before… but it`s LOTTE pic I`m reminded of!
[Pic] JYJ for Tony Moly/
➤ YAY! Yoochunnie!!! ヽ(⌒▽⌒)/
JYJ’s Yoochun confirmed for leading role in “I Miss You”

HoMin news!
➤ oh! group teaser pic! …
TVXQ releases group teaser image + announces world tour
…but what dies “world tour” mean? oO
➤ oooh this! this is way better than the “rocker pics” of Kyu (because those creeped me out O.O )
[Pic] TVXQ in Vogue 10
➤ HoMin, it will be cool, I`m sure!
TVXQ talks about their comeback in ‘Vogue Korea’
➤ awwww!!!! the cuteness!!!!! Leader씨 and cutie baby puppy! ❤❤❤
[Pic] 120912 Yunho with a dog
Of course the doggie ran to Leader씨! Doggies know the ppl who are dog ppl! ^^
TVXQ “Catch me” tracklist:
1. Catch Me
2. 인생은 빛났다(Viva)
3. Destiny
4. 비누처럼(Like a soap)
5. I don’t know(Korean ver.)
6. 꿈(Dream)
7. How are you
8. Getaway
9. I swear
10. Gorgeous
11. Good Night
➤ *dies* korean version of “I don`t know”?!?!? *dies again* Still cannot believe they made a korean version of it! (and I`m not sure if I can get used to it ^^).
[News] 120922 TVXQ releases ‘Catch Me’ highlight medley
Medley is great! =D aaaaah! I`m so excited for the album! “Catch me” just jumped on no. 1 stop in my “to buy” list! ;D (of course it it did! Cassie matters always come first!)
➤ 아ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Because HoMin are awesome LIKE THAT!
TVXQ’s ‘Catch Me’ rises to the #1 spot on Tower Records’ pre-order sales chart
And I only say: ^___^ my aunt gave me money for my b-day. I pre-ordered “Catch Me” ^____^ #HappyFan
➤ haha, okies, since I`m writing these entries over several days here we go now with the realesed “Catch Me” album!
TVXQ releases 6th album ‘Catch Me’
The “Catch Me” MV!

HNGH! IT`S JUST SOOO AWESOME! THE MOST AWESOME!!!! It`s the best stuff since HanGeng released his 2nd Album! I JUST CANNOT! Their dance, their outfits, Changming screaming! OMG SUN! I`m just so damn happy to see that they have a comeback in korea now! It`s like seeing them again after a long time!
My reaction while I was watching the MV:
– *going on YouTube* *unblocking the MV* “KYAAAAH! FINALLY! OMO! PLAY IT, YOUTUBE, PLAY IT! Photobucket
– *when it started playing* Photobucket
– after the first view moments: (⊙▂⊙) ! “uwah~~!!!” *thinking: Holy crap, this will turn into some daebak stuff!*
– *seeing the dance, the outfits, hearing them singing “Catch Me if you wanna” for the first time* ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ “What is autotune? Fack, autotume, I don`t even give a damn! THIS IS DAMN AWESOME!
– *some moments later* Photobucket *is only staring by now in excitement & speechlessness* “Oh my god….”
– *a bit later* ^_________^ *smiling widely like an idiot*
– *hearing Changmins awesome screaming* *is overwhelmed by Cassie proudness and happiness to the max* ^~^ *cries while smiling and watching #TearsOfHappiness
– *MV ended* -> having massive twitter outburst about the awesomeness & drops dead.
– *comes back to life shortly after & listens to “Catch Me” on repeat*

➤ This MV is just 대to the박!
[Trans] 120925 TVXQ ‘Catch Me’ MV, The Unbelievable Performance, Unconciously Astonished‏
➤ [LYRICS] TVXQ – Catch Me Album
All songs, trans, romanization, hangul. The complete thing, BABIES! ;D
➤ Maybe one day HoMin, maaaybe! (seeing them on stage)
[Pic + Trans] Catch Me Album Booklet + TVXQ’s message to fans
[Trans] Review Kang MyungSeok Editor’s Our attitude in response to [Catch Me]
one quote becaue it makes me proud again and again: “As a result, TVXQ’s fandom is the most passionate and the largest even within SM.” ㅋ ^_______^ YES WE ARE! WE ARE THE BIGGEST FC! *waves with Cassippeia flag* I`m proud. I`m strong. I hope to the end. I keep the faith. I`m Cassiopeia! HECK YES!
➤ TVXQ! 동방신기_’Catch Me’ Album Promotion Interview!
aww! Photobucket THEY ARE SO CUTE! Especially Leader씨 how he`s wiggling from left to right (((o(≧∇≦)o))) KYAAAAH!!!! And Changmins smile so adoralbel! Photobucket I love this interview! WHO CARES THAT THERE ARE NO SUBS?! I could stare and listen to HoMin for 5 minutes *______*
➤ waaaah! *o* !! *imagines how it would be if HoMin had twitter…*
TVXQ snaps photo with red & black versions of their “Catch Me” album
➤ ( ˆ ω ˆ ) I gladly helped! (with my preorder that counted directly into Hanteo charts!)
TVXQ tops Hanteo with ‘Catch Me’ + Girls’ Generation tops Oricon’s daily and DVD chart with ‘Oh!’
➤ HoMin´s Chuseok Message! =)
*O* so pretty treaditional clothing! LOVE IT!
➤ Complete trans of Yunho`s ‘Thanks to’ message
[Trans] Catch Me Thanks To Uknow Yunho
“train TVXQ is getting off now… If you’re gonna ride it please put in faith and ride it… you probably won’t have a station to get off. ^^”
Yunhooooo! ㅠ^ㅠ *cries* I don`t need a station to get off because I WILL NEVER EVER GET OFF AGAIN! I`m glued to TVXQ train!
and all the ppl he thanked… O.O omo, so maaaany!
+ after changmin now Yunho said he`s jealous of SuJu. Wae? Same reason as Changmin? (?・ω・) Just hang on guys! We will keep the faith and you hang on! HWAITING!

Big Bang news!
➤ hm, isn`t this a bit sad? ^^°
G-Dragon chooses T.O.P as Big Bang member he has the least amount of contact with
➤ ah really? just who is is then?
G-Dragon clarifies that the woman in the ‘CRAYON’ MV is not him
➤ Aw, the hyungs miss their baby ^^
Big Bang’s G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung update fans on Seungri

➤ *O* WHAT?!
GANGNAM STYLE on OUR tv program?! WHAAAAAAAT?????? *shocked and happy at the same time*
WOW! cannot believe they aired a report about it! I`m seriously speechless right now. °.°
➤ and another story about Gangnam Style:
IU dances to “Gangnam Style” at encore concert
➤ LOL seriously?!
Psy teaches GOOGLE chairman Eric Schmidt the ‘horse dance’

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