Even my sis knows Gangnam Style now… oO, Comeback(s) of TVXQ_official & … wait! GENG IN GANGNAM?! O: WHAT?!

안녕 친구들! v^^.

Besides the fact that my ELFi now finally moved to Hamburg not too much happened. But still something.

Oh well, I should maybe mention that now even my DAD & my k-pop hating sister know Gangnam Style now xD WHAT IS THIS?! I don`t know the ppl around me anymore!
But I still highly doubt that my workmates, dad or sister know what k-pop is. they only heard of/saw gangnam style video because it got popular on tv the last week all of a sudden. I mean: there were 2 reports about it and if there wouldn`t have been reports no one would have cared. On top of all there were ONLY reports about it because America was going crazy about it first. If that wouldn`t have happened no one would have cared.
This makes me question the ppl and the press here even more ONCE AGAIN. They care about it as a “current trend” and soon everyone will forget about it again. (in case they are no k-poppers).
the only thing that amuses me about that all is that everyone starts to go crazy about it even NOW. I mean: since how many weeks is Gangnam Style running through our k-popper heads already? And now all the non-k-poppers who used to tell us “ew, what are you listening this kind of music? the guys are gay, the videos strage and you don`t understand what they are singing” come and tell us how cool gangnam style is… ㄱ_ㄱ ooookay. GTFO and STFU.
Now they don`t think PSY is gay, the video is not weird and they totally understand what he`s singing or what?
Photobucket aha. Iiiiii~ see!
That again proves that they really only all like it because it`s a trend right now. *sigh* what to with these ppl.
I mean the best sample is my sister: She HATES k-pop but now she watched Gangnam Style MV because someone told her it`s popular right now o__O yeah. Nothing to say about that.
I think it`s nice that they all know Gangnam Style now but… really, before Gangnam Style they didn`t even know that something like k-pop was existing. And… some of the ppl actually don`t even know it now… oO
So I came to following conclution: I will simply enjoy the interest my workmates have in it right now as long as it will last ^^
(it`s just that some ppl cause very weird feelings in me when they say that they know Gangnam Style… just as my sis OTL I`m actually shocked!)
aigoo, aigoo.
the strangeness with this now and my mixed feelings about it. (۳˚Д˚)۳

another thing happened: I received a belated b-day present! IT`S SOOOOO NICE! *__* My baby Lina drew this for me!
This time with japanese signature? ^^ my adopted daughter has so many talents! So nice!
@ Lina: Thank you so much again! This was a very nice present! T~T I`m so moved. So many ppl drew something for me… No one ever drew something for me! *sobs & hugs you* THANKS! I LUB YOU!

Yishion 2012 Autumn Casual Series → 1 ,
GENG IN KOREA?!?!? O: *jaw drops* why? only for shopping? Geng in Gangnam → http://pocketostars.tumblr.com/post/33011619077/fuckyeahhangeng-cr-evonne-young-han-geng-is WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME HE WAS THERE?! I cannot even remember! O: wow, this was… an unexpected happening.

JYJ news!
[Pic] JYJ Premiere Collection – mahalo Part 4
➤ That PSY lives for his music, that`s what I thought. and he indeed seemed honest to me althouhgh I rarely saw an interview of him. This was the impression I got.
[News] 121002 JYJ’s Jaejoong Praises Psy and His Success “I think Psy is really wonderful…”
➤ the park brothers together on a show! =D
JYJ’s Yoochun and brother Park Yoo Hwan featured on ‘Weekly Idol’
➤ aah, so for that they were shooting these photos!
[Pic] Lovely Diary 2012 Fall By NII & JYJ
➤ Really JJ? Then tell us more about her!
JYJ’s Jaejoong snaps a photo with his ideal woman, Kang Soo Yeon
but another thing: I think JJ is really, really thin lately. I mean: Again! WTH… our Jaejoong is too thin! Eat more sweety! ><

HoMin news!
➤ HoMin interview trans!
[Trans] StarTalk. TVXQ! “We’re the ‘busy boys’, badder than ‘bad boys’ “
➤ *proud!* ^____^
TVXQ members reveal they rank 3rd in SM Entertainment
➤ Leader씨 is right! NEXT YEAR IS 10th ANNI TIME! OTL
TVXQ talk about promoting as a duo and their comeback with “Catch Me”
➤ Please never leave~ =) because I won`t ever leave! I lub you! *hugs HoMin*
[News] DBSK: “You Want Us To Leave Easily? We Still Want To Perform”`
➤ awwww! T~T *cries* YUNHO! *clings 4ever*

today, in dodream show, Yunho revealed the story after the group split up and TVXQ once again stand on the stage. “A united group like us encountered the biggest accident. The time after spliting up, once i saw the stage, i felt very hurt so i decided not to turn on the tv. At the beginning, i drank a lot of alcohol and also talked many many with my friends but in the end i still coud’nt solve it.

After drinking, i could feel a bit comfortable but the next day i felt even worse. Once, when i went along the subway, without any destination, at the end, in the early morning, i came Noryangjin fish market, i saw all the owners of the stalls were seriously working, at that time i thought ” What am i doing now? what i do can make me feel the happiest?” Then i realized the thing that i love most is singing and dancing on the stage.”

Leader씨… this hurts my poor soul! Photobucket (but in a good way)
ugh. The wonderful him. I cannot even. T^T
➤ WEEEEEEEH! LOOKIES! It`s HoMin at Music Bank! =D
waaah!!! all the feelings of happiness and proudness! CASSIE FEELS OVERLOAD! =D I was a spazzy idiot watching this! The chants were amazing! I totally loved that they were wearing PINK! KYAAAAH!!! (((o(≧∇≦)o)))
– Here is their MBC Music Core performance (HD)
– Here is their SBS Inkigayo performance (HD)
➤ 아ㅋㅋㅋ *amused laugh* Kyu follows Changmin`s order?
Super Junior’s Kyuhyun says, “I follow orders from TVXQ’s Changmin”
So this makes Changmin “the Kyu”`s master, né? oh well, wae am I not surprised? Minnie is the Dark Lord after all ╮(´▽`)╭
haha! but it`s quite funny to hear from Kyu that he`s “only the face of the Kyu-Line” and the actual leader is Minnie ^^
➤ OMOOOO!!! how cute is that?! =D
[Pic] TVXQ – Staff Diary Update
➤ Just like our Siwonnie ^^
SHINee’s Minho shows support for TVXQ’s “Catch Me”
TVXQ reveals they thought about adding a new member after the team’s breakup in 2010
*cough* to be honest, adding new members to a group that already ran successfully through so many years… fandom wouldn`t accept. It would be like kicking half of SuJu out and replace them with new members. This just won`t work. I mean ADDING MEMBERS on top of the old ones like Kyu, Zhoumi and Henry is another story, but REPLACING MEMBERS too.
I mean, I couldn`t even imagine this. Look what we even got with two members: Standom at it`s finest and massive fanwars. It was the WORST at the beginning aka after KYHD comeback in 2011. Now try to think about what we would have got with suddenly added members…. I, personally, don`t even want to imagine the scenario then. Cassiopeia is a very, very devoted fc and…. yeah, I guess not really tolerant regarding such things.
So hearing about that they discussed something like that gave me a little heart attack, dunno how it was for the other cassies. My thoughts were running wild for a while, going through different “what if…?” scenarios, imagining things… aigoo! (۳˚Д˚)۳
➤ LOL xD This… this is just precious xD
What Yunho does when a ‘fan’ mistakens him as Super Junior…
LMAO poor Heenim and Siwon xD I CANNOT! *dies laughin* (take special note of his face when he`s telling the story: Leader씨 has no regrets! xD )
➤ uh, there was a lot going on in Gangnam yesterday! Hallyu festival… Geng there shopping…
[Pic] 121007 TVXQ! Gangnam Hallyu Festival
oh, Leader씨… your back! Photobucket …this outfit still irritates me in a way, tho. But I totally love it ^^
– Pics Part 2
➤ AMBER in TVXQ OUTFIT! *haha* how cool is that?!
[Trans] F(x) Amber tweets about TVXQ

PSY news!
➤ Gangnam Style can`t be stopped!
Psy ranks #1 in 10 different countries
➤ Ok PSY I understand that but… is is even possible to top the success of Gangnam style??
Psy reveals he feels pressured to top the success of “Gangnam Style” with his next single
➤ WOW! Just wow! PSY and his fans! YOU GAIS ARE AWESOME!
how cool is that?? 80 000 koreans in a place having fun to Gangnam Style! 대박!

now it`s time again for a little update….

❀ELFi FF update!❀
(*click* Is This Real? *click*)

Theeeee evils are in big trouble! They got caught by a fan!
*facepalm* Kyu, wae did you have to put your arm on ELFi`s shoulder and waaaae, ELFi, wae did you have to lean against him?
YOU TWO ARE IN PURPLICH, BABOS! (屮゚Д゚)屮 have you forgotten?! Tons of fans in the city? public place? Many ppl around who can see you??? ARE YOU FREKIN’ CRAZY!?
I really cannot even… so much carelessnesss… evils felt way too save!
I wonder how they will fix this mess again.

What I enjoyed is that the Prince manager seems to become a evil couple shipper too xD ㅋㅋㅋ VERY GOOD!
The foodmonster couple starts to get into coupleness with the first steps, also VERY GOOD!
And our evil couple was ㅋㅋ sweet and “I cannot take my hands off of you for a second”-like as always xD VERY GOOD!
@Patricia: The moment will come when you won`t be able to to anywhere anymore because you cannot move anymore thinking “let`s just hug a bit longer” … oh wait, no this was in my k-dream when Siwon and I hugged for the first time ^///^ oops, how embarrassing now! *walks away giggling* (*gets shy* although is was really nice… (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ai, that horsey… ok, I got squished but who cares? ^///^ *gets more shy* Photobucket )
*cough* whatever! Back to the story!
Siwon arrived in Paris and… wait, what? ELFi wrote Vicky and him remind her of herself and Sungminnie? o.O eeeeh? so this means that Siwonnie will become vicky`s best SuJu friend in future? (° -°) … … waeyo? *pouts* Who will become my best SuJu friend then??? (I hope there will be one in the first place °-° … I wonder) Photobucket ELFi so cruel in her FF~ *pouts even more* she knows that I like the horsey… :/ meh. At least it`s VICKY (OTL) and not a random bish. What simply means: At least it`s someone normal and good!

Thinking about Siwon reminds me that I should listen to my personal “Siwon song” again. ^^
haha! It`s SuJu`s “Monster”! Don`t ask me why, but for some reason in my mind this song was always linked with him. (+ I knew this song in it`s original version since aaaaages so it brings back the feeling of my beginnings in listening to music, that`s really nice.)

Back to ELFi`s FF: Yeah, I know SO WELL that she will laughing about my thoughts again. But ottokeeheee~ *whines* It`s not my fault that she is so mystrerious and got me curious with her story! *pouts*
on top of all, in her mail recently, revealing something about a “plan B” for me in her FF scared da hell outa me.
I mean… if using SiHan lovelies “against” me is not her worst plan, so what is it? There is not really something I cannot handle besides them so: WHAT IS IT!??!!??!
@ Patricia: Damn… really! what is it???? o:

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