HanGeng wins “Most popular actor” award, never ending lawsuit story (SM/JYJ) & JJ reaches 1 Million followers on Twitter!

안녕 다들! v^^.

Not too much happened. Besides that my ELFi has so many new friends now… *controles her jelly* *talk to self* nu, I can do that! Eeeverything is fine *breathes*

Errr… yeah, what hurt/”hurt” (“hurt” for ELFi friends thingy! The following thing really hurt!) far more was that I HURT MY FINGER LIKE HELL at work last night! ㅠ﹏ㅠ ouch~ *whines* Now there`s a black and blue mark under my nail ㅠ﹏ㅠ …. more like pink-purple by now T^T … owies… T~T IT HURTS, DAMMIT! >~<
It`s already better and I can type without problems but I better don`t touch it D:
When it happened at work I was about to die! IT HURT LIKE F*CKING HELL AND SO MUCH! … Photobucket

Cannot remember when I lastly hurt my finger that bad… For the next 10 minutes I thought I cannot hold anything in my hand because the finger just hurt so much! O: But I was in the middle of work so I did this ” >< ” and continued.
It was better after a while but wringing out the cleaning rag in the end indeed became a little challenge for me.
And now I have my black, blue, pink, purple… whatever mark under my nail and I bet it will take aaaages until my nail has grown so mucht that it`s actually out… -.-” Would be very mysterious if it would be gone when Sis comes next week. I guess sis will still see it next saturday!

Mom said my worst accidents always happen on friday night shift. Yeah. I guess he`s right *continues to pity her poor finger* SOMEONE COME AND HEAL IT! FINGER IS NO GOOD! T^T
(Maybe Emmy has some ninja secrets to make it better or so? Or Hea Unni will just make it go away with some kind of magic? idek!)

[Latest Pics] :
HanGeng and… Prada? Is he endorsing that too? ^^ → 1 (I`m really sorry but… no ^^° not even HanGeng can make this shirt look good, the shirt is a no-go in my eyes… *is irritated by the shirt*) ,
Oh, thank god! These are so much better than the first outfit! → 2 ,
heeey =) nice! → 3 ,
ok, I`m actually ok with that outfit but the shirt! OH GOD THE SHIRT! щ(゚Д゚щ) → 4 … in fact, what had shocked me about that outfit was THAT SHIRT! O: *is scared* if it wouldn`t be Genny wearing it, I couldn`t even look at it ^^°°° ,
*mentally removes this shirt and replaces it with another one that won`t hurt my eyes ^^°°°* → 5 ,
*o* ok, I can ignore the shirt now *_____* → 6 ,
YAAAAAAY! HanGeng won “Most Popular Male Film Actor” at the LETV Entertainment Awards! CONGRATS TO OUR DEAR SQUISHY! → 7 + 8 ,
more pics of 121009 LETV Entertainment Awards → 9 , 10 , 11 ,
aah! this is the return of “Hairdresser Geng”! -> Royal Wind endorsment → 12 ,
woahw! oo looks kinda acrobatic (thinkis: “so this is what our Geng is doing when working out?”) -> (121010) Taiwan Apple Daily News → 13 ,
^^ ok, now this is kinda funny ^^ -> (121010) Taiwan Apple Daily News → 14 ,
Yishion Autumn 2012 Casual Series → 15 ,
Han Geng rehearsing new dance for his World Concert Tour – Shenzhen, China — Oct 12 2012 Sina News → 16 ,
UWAAAAH! *O* now THIS is great! Shenzhen Subway Han Geng Special Line → 17 ,
[EMA Voting] ^^
haha xD because of EMA… I thought EXACTLY THIS too! #GengFanSamenessThoughts OTL What if…
– What HanGeng has to say about being nominated for EMA *click* . Photobucket very nice! Always love you squishy!
(I just noticed today that he never told us to vote for him even once ^^ and, tbqh, I think the massive SuJu “vote for us” spam on tweeter now was caused by SM to spread the word now #JustMyLittleOpinion there shouldn`t be much else to it – as for me, I`m still doing combi-voting, but vote for squishy a bit more *is honest*) .
[Weibo Update]
<a href=”http://fuckyeahhangeng.tumblr.com/post/33418589754&#8243; title=”http://fuckyeahhangeng.tumblr.com/post/33418589754&#8243; target=”_blank”Rough Translation: Tomorrow at the Shen Zhen Bay Sports Center Stadium, …

SuJu news!
➤ KYU! ^^ yah! so evil (to us)! xD
TVXQ’s Changmin gives a peck on Super Junior’s Kyuhyun?
but really sweet photo! ^^d cute!
➤ *cries* T^T whatever makes you happy, my AngelLeader! DO SO! DO SO!
Super Junior’s Leeteuk resolves to spend his remaining days happily before military enlistment
➤ Performance from October 11th’s ‘M! Countdown Smile Thailand’ special!
➤ aww, teukie! I don`t even want to think about his enlistment *sighs* but he has to do this.
Leeteuk bids his fans farewell at ‘M! Countdown Smile Thailand’

JYJ news!
➤ T^T 121008: Poor Junsu! That`s just sooo unfair and so typical. I really have no comment about this sh*t anymore. I really haven`t.
[Trans] The injustice that happened to Junsu today
Kim Junsu nominated For “Best Actor” at the 18th Korea Musical Awards
Yoon Eun Hye to play Park Yoochun’s heartbreaking first love in MBC’s “I Miss You’
…and hwaiting woman I don`t even know ^^°°°
➤ *sigh* the whole story and there is still no end…
JYJ and SM: The Unfinished Business
I quote: “South Korea’s broadcasting networks agreed that they would uphold the ban “until a verdict is reached in the lawsuit,” despite the fact that the court said two years previously that SME’s action was illegal and punishable by a fine. But as long as SM continues to stonewall, refusing to budge in negotiations on how much money it actually owes JYJ, there will be no end to the lawsuit. And the banning of JYJ will continue indefinitely.”
and thaaaat`s exactly what I said! This is soooo on purpose, I cannot even! SM dosen`t even wants this lawsuit to end. They rather pay their lawyers 4ever as to let JYJ perform. They know the court would never say something that comes out good for them, to they try to lengthen the whole process as long as they can. I would say: SME can only lose at this rate and they know it. That`s why they are like that. ㄱ_ㄱ
I quote again, this is what comes out: “Baek Chang Joo, the president of JYJ’s new management company C-jeS said last year that everything his company tries to do to promote JYJ takes four times as long because everywhere they turn they are hindered, cancelled and barred.”
Jaejoong reaches 1,000,000 followers on Twitter!
➤ ^__^ JJ so cute!
[Pic] 121012 JYJ Official Facebook – Jaejoong took a picture to celebrate 1million followers!
➤ Oh yes! He does! Together with Jihyo Unni!
JYJ’s Jaejoong to return to the big screen with ‘Code Name Jackal’
I`m curious about that movie. I think sis and I should watch it!
@Cynthia: Né, sis?! ^___^
The poster is cool! =D

HoMin news!
➤ uwaaaah! *.* the cakes area always the BEST! And the ribbons on the cake… someone teach me how to make then THAT nice! I tried once and failed making them look like that! (۳˚Д˚)۳ SO FRUSTRATING!
[Pic] 121008 TVXQ – Staff Diary update
➤ ㅋㅋㅋ oh yeeah. it was just cool! Reminded me so much of TONE Tour opening/first song! (“B.U.T”)
[News] TVXQ’s Hologram Stage, Upgraded Performance Attracts Attention
It`s still so cool that finaly the glowing arm pieces appeared! I was waiting for this! Thought this would be a really coo effect and SM would surely hit on that idea too so it was only a matter of time! =D
➤ woohoo! O(∩_∩)O
TVXQ’s 6th album “Catch Me” ranks 1st for the 2nd week on Hanteo’s weekly album chart
➤ OH GOD! *cries* how perfect is this T^T *sobs* I feel healed now HoMoin. Thanks – as always.
TVXQ – Goodnight [Eng Sub + Romanization + Hangul]
I loved this song right from the start but now I love it even more.
➤ T~T And I will contine to be your fan as long as you accept me. (and maybe even if you wouldn`t accept me anymore: my heart cannot leave you! ❤❤ 4ever Cassiopeia for you.)
TVXQ states, “We will continue to be TVXQ for as long as we can”
and you can do it because YOU ARE TVXQ! *will always stand right here with Emmy to tell you this*
➤ eeh? really? Just like with Big Bang`s “Fantastic Baby”! =D
TVXQ opens up ‘TVXQ! Catch Me Cover Contest’ with special prizes
➤ These pics are just… *____* oh so beautiful!
[Pic] 121010 TVXQ – MISSHA Vietnam Facebook
SOMEONE GIMME THIS! щ(゚Д゚щ) OMG! it`s so beautiful!
➤ haha! xD Leader씨, wae?
[Pic] TVXQ – Official Site update
GAAAH! I WANT THAT SHIRT! O: It`s cute & totally awesome when HoMin singend it ^^ (on top of all: It`s red! =D )
➤ WHAT?! Did I hear something about a -surprise- here??? SHILLAAAAA!!!! Don`t be so mysterious!
Shilla Duty Free Facebook – TVXQ + Go Ara Photoshoot
➤ eh, what? what HoMin vampires? I think Seohyun is paler than HoMin in that one! xD WHATTTTT are you talking about, AllKPop!?
TVXQ and Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun grace the cover of ‘CeCi’ magazine
but nice picture, Seohyun is pretty. I only think that Emmy will die again.
➤ uhm… #justsaying: there are some things wrong with the second pictures o-O what da…. fack…
[Pic] 121012 TVXQ Staff Diary
➤ And aaall I see is the pretty sameness dresses of HoMin & Yunho`s hair… *o*
[Pic] 121012 TVXQ – Running Man
Why did the TVXQ members cry on ‘God of Victory’?
*sighs* -.-” not even cassies have a heart time crying. Look at the shit we`ve been through and it`s even worse for the boys so: of course they can cry fast!… … they should have happier things to do as contest!
➤ xD I know someone *cough* EMMY! *cough* who will like this (and add some dirty thoughts to it xD #trollolol)
TVXQ will be getting down and dirty in the mud for ‘Running Man’
121012, KBS Music Bank performance!
JUST SO COOL! *____* I feel honored to be their fan more and more with every day that goes by.
– MBC Music Core! UWAH! The stage looks like it`s glowing! O: (at least for me ^^)
HoMin Music Core performance (HD)

Ailee news!
➤ O: AILEE! What happened to your pretty hair! *is a bit shocked*
Ailee releases teaser image for ‘Invitation’ comeback
nonetheless: I`m stiiiill really curiious about her comeback!
➤ oh how nice! beutiful ⎞^^⎛ Ailee!
Ailee releases ‘Invitation’ album cover
➤ …sooooo…. oO will her hair be long or short now for comeback??
Ailee releases teaser photos for “I’ll Show You” comeback feat. MBLAQ’s G.O.
and I don`t know about MBLAQ, I just hope the song will be good ^^
Here we go with the teaser for it:

PSY news!
➤ uh, wait, what?! European promotions?! High possibility for England and Germany?? O: *stares*
Psy to start European promotions in November?
This would be cool! But I wonder what do they mean when they say “promotion”? mini concert with a few songs? PSY appearing in frame of another event says hello and performes Gangnam Style? oO I wonder.
(btw: we still have no Junsu here, not a single information. Same as for Big Bang. I will DIE if it is shortly before christmas because that`s exactly the time I really cannot go *sigh*)
➤ That`s very nice of him! but Gangnam Style is really one hell of a huge success!
Psy shows gratitude to his staff with expensive gifts
➤ WOAHW! OoO one of the new ones?! I bet it was one of the brand new ones!
Psy meets with Sung Shi Kyung in the studio and gifts him with a Macbook Pro
^^ PSY throws around with gifts lately! Really generous! oh PSY… *cough* I could use a new MACbook PRO too *cough, cough* (but I have really no idea wae PSY should gimme one xD sh*t! then I have to buy it myself… but it`s freaking expensive! Photobucket have to save muuuuuch more money before I can buy a new one #FirstWorldPains OTL)
➤ ㅋㅋ no doubt, since that song PSY is really Gangnam STyle homself xD
Big Bang, Jang Geun Suk, J.Y. Park, and more show their love for Psy’s “Gangnam Style”

➤ *sigh* basically I really cannot hear the word “lawsuit” anymore. Not in his special case, just in general. But if it`s the only way for Jungminnie… well, he`s old enough to know what he`s doing.
SS501′s Park Jung Min sues CNr Media for $180,000 USD

G-Dragon’s album ‘One of a Kind’ is #1 for September album sales

okies, now I´m done and… WOAH! Photobucket when die my blog entry become THAT long!? *is shocked now*

I will reply my mails now and then… yeah, I guess I will sleep. I`m still completely out of my sleep-wake cycle all thanks to night shift that destroyed my natural feeling for when to sleep and when to be awake totally… == as always *glares at night shift* YAH! because of you I`m feeling weird for the next 2 days again!

Howsoever, I will leave now to reply my mail. bai~ ^^/ *waves*

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