Ailee released mini album “Invitation” + MV for “I`ll show you” , HoMin sells out their Seoul concert in 3 minutes & JJ wants to kidnap ppl he likes xD

안녕 친구들! v^^.

yaaaaiy! Sis will come tomo! =D I will pick her up from the main station! I AM SO EXCITED! This means sis and I will meet soon! =D
But it also means that I won`t be on tweeter that much. well, I just hope nothing really important happens or… D:
Everything is prepared now only sis is missing! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

THEEEEEN: Everyone, now that only Geng is left for EMA to vote for and the dilemma of “Geng or SuJu… or both?” is in the past I will promote Geng shamelessly eeeverywhere ^^ (on tumblr, tweeter, wordpress…), so:

It`s still on! Second round of voting now!

LET`S KEEP FIGHTING! After Big Bang won last year, let`s make Geng the one to win it this year! ლ(>◡<) 화이팅! 加油! LET`S GO!

Please help us to vote for squishy because he really deserves it! ^_____^

[Latest Pics] :
^3^ cutie, 121013 Shenzhen Concert → 1 ,
121009 LeTV Entertainment Awards → 2 , 3 , *__* this outfit is good! 4 , 5 ,
^_____^ CUTIE! → 6 ,
handsome, handsome! → 7 ,
Geng in Thailand ❤ → 8 ,
Han Geng Welcomes Zhou Bichang To Yuehua Music → 9 .
[New Xtep CF] Winter CF
hey! I like it! =D haha xD would be interstin to know how they wanted to master the X-gate LOL

JYJ news!
➤ oh how nice!
[Pic] 121015 JYJ – TONY MOLY Facebook
➤ ㅋㅋ xD new NII pics! *rofl* so funn!
[Pic] 121016 Remember You 2012 Winter by NII & JYJ
➤ haha, yes, seems so. ^^
[News] 121016 JYJ’s JaeJoong and Psy are friends
➤ A bit creepy but still cute ^^
JYJ’s Jaejoong will kidnap a woman that he likes?
*coughs* …it`s not like that I also had the idea to kidnap the ppl I like for THAT PURPOSE … and my list of ppl I like is a bit looooong *coughs* well, but I could set my limit to 3 ppl if necessary… ^///^ I don`t have to tell you the names, né? Everyone should know by now *giggles*
and… my little baby also wants to kidnap ppl so we will join JJ and he will be our Leader! Jaejoong/Sangmi/Jihye kidnap-force HWAITING! ლ( >◡< ლ) 아자! 아자! (haha xD LOL sounds so weird!)
➤ xD WHAT??! oh-oh-… Jihyo Unni! I just love her!
[News] 121017 Song Ji Hyo almost stabbed Jaejoong between the legs during ‘Code Name Jackal’?
[News] 121016 JYJ’s Kim JaeJoong reveals, “I want to shoot a horror movie for my next piece.”
➤ JYJ, looking sharp! (°.°)d nice in suits, I approve!
JYJ members appointed as ambassadors for KBEE 2012
➤ oh yeeees! Our boys so cute! *pinches them all*
JYJ members bring smiles with funny selca photos

HoMin news!
➤ I wish TVXQ would be on my tv whenever I turn on tv too!
[News] 121015 BoA cheers on TVXQ’s comeback
➤ I love it. I just love it to hear this ^^
TVXQ top the charts with Catch Me for three weeks
➤ and I only saw small parts of all of the shows…. O:
[News] 121016 TVXQ, Going for ‘Gods of Entertainment’? Conquers Entertainment Through 3 Different Programs
➤ *____* so proud of them!
DBSK Sells Out All of Its Seoul Concert Tickets in Three Minutes
➤ KBS Music bank!
Today`s Music Bank performance of TVXQ!

Ailee news!
➤ It was finally out!
Ailee releases “I’ll Show You” MV (ft. MBLAQ’s G.O) + ‘Invitation’ mini album
wow! the song is good! and… I really thought this would be more of a slow song after the preview but oh well!
➤ I knew she would be successful =) Ailee is great!
Ailee achieves #1 on real-time charts with “I’ll Show You”
➤ Comeback stages!
– M-net M!Countdown :

KBS Music Bank

➤ *o* this looks like little Kyungdan! *drools* I love these little thingies!
SS501’s Park Jungmin thanks fans for their delicious snacks
and Jungminnie looks really nice! #justsaying

➤ YAY! Yunhoooo! ^^ but emmy won`t like the performance with that one person jumping on him ^^°°°
Girls Generation, TVXQ, F(x) and EXO-M participate in COBU 3D OST
the SNSD song is ok. The song with EXOs Kris too.

➤ errr… ok, PSY and Seungri, we don`t hare you oO but what is this about?
Big Bang’s Seungri also says “Don’t Hate Me”?
tsss….. and Tablo too?
Epik High’s Tablo says “Don’t Hate Me”?

➤ hahaha! xD WTH…
G-Dragon’s hairstyle looks like a duster?
GD`s hair 4ever awesome but… it really looks alike! not to say… it`s the same xD haha, who ever hit on that comparison: it`s funny!

➤ Seriously? Like… like in korea, or what?
Psy gets swarmed by fans and press upon landing in Sydney, Australia
Wae oh wae are there so many k-pop fans in australia? I always have the feeling everywhere are more k-pop fans as in europe! D: (not to start with germany… ==” leave alone germany… #4everSuperThankfulToJYJAndCjes *cries*)

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