OMG! HANGENG WON 2ND ROUND OF EMA!!!! *dies* , OMG! WE GOT TICKETS FOR XIA CONCERT IN GERMANY! *dies again* & Teukie is in the army now :/

안녕 친구들! v^^. (← did you know? this is Yunho-Leader씨 emoticon xD )

ㅋㅋ! OH YEAH!

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ GUESS WHAT!? ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


YEAH! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ PREMIUM CLASS SUPER GREAT TICKETS! BEST RANK TICKETS! FACK YEAH, BABIES! (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . \) *flips random person*

Jut when I wanted to take a bath yesterday I had the idea to take a look at my phone. I slept half of the afternoon and then walked the dog. Means: I was not online AT ALL and if something had happened my soulmate would gimme notification. And since it was only a month before the concert and we had still no infos things could happen very fast every day. So when I got my phone I saw the SMS of sis that TICKET SALE would start at 6pm… THAT DAY! TODAY! (respectively: yesterday) and that was in 1 1/2 hours when I read that.
I was like “*throwing fresh clothes out of the bathroom window* OMG! ONLY 1 1/2 hours! *jumping into bedroom and getting the MAC* *running downstairs to get in lurking position for ticket sale*”

Panic mode was ON!

*facepalm* yes, C-jes. Annoncing the ticket sale the day the tickets will be sold…. great idea.
C-jes, you are one hell of a spontaneous company, huh?
And one of the two ticket seller sites couldn`t even tell us if they will get tickets for sale or not. And on the second ticket seller site there was no word about Junsu before 6pm. the whole catalogue of artist they had on their side… all useless. No Junsu before 6pm so I REALLY asked myself if anyone will sell tickets or not… oO … …. no comment anymore!
This only let the panic increase!
(k-popper life in europe is seriously no easy life! The longest time we know about the concert is 2 month…. c-jes broke the record of all times and made it one month now… not to talk about the chaotic ticket-sale strategies all the time… oh man, we need to be quick here… with everything… definitely.)

I talked to Stephi Unni on FB before the sale started, ask her if she has finally decided if she wants to go or not (since Unni was unsure the past week). Like 5 minutes before the sale started she decided to come with us ^^ So we both were lurking around the two sites.
Even before 6pm the site was first slow and then down for good the first time right at 6pm.
Shortly later site was completely gone. Ticket site wasn`t even loading anymore. Site experienced a complete breakdown.
So since the site was gone ppl keept calling the seller xD LOL they said site would be back in 30 minutes.
Unni and I hit F5 nonstop.
Sometimes there was now a fail-notification to see on the site that informed you that the server broke down because of too many ppl visiting the site and that they would work on fixing that problem.
When it finally worked for some seconds again I managed to go halfway through the process of buying tickets. It worked for me while site was down for Unni. But when it was about time to buy the tickets the number of tickets was magically taken down from 4 to 0 again! …. == ….. THANK YOU STUPID SITE!
… … ….
I was like: “Photobucket … YOU SERIOSU?!?!? ◑▂◑ WHAT DA FACK!? WAEE?????!! (屮゚Д゚)屮 I WAS ALMOST THROUGH!”
Sooo it happened that the site was gone again. We both tried to load it again and again like….:
Photobucket Damn! do something, you site! >.< ”
When site came back a bit again it started working for Unni. She managed to get one ticket before site had a breakdown again. Then she tried it again to get the rest of our tickets (since we needed 4!) and after many times of raping the F5 button she came through again! Photobucket OMONA! SHE CAME THROUGH!

ㅠ﹏ㅠ I couldn`t believe she really made it! so unbelievable we made it… and that with a “high amount” of 4 tickets!

…although Unni spontaneously forgot her name while entereing the necessary ticket buying informations xD …. we had the last 3 tickets we needed!
And as soon as unni said she got the tickets for real I started crying like a baby.
I was just so happy!!!! (✿◠‿◠)
It was the first ticket-war for me. the last time unni faced it alone, this time we tried both and waited who of us was successful first.
Anyways, we were seriously exhausted and happy-confused afterwards!

All that was between 6pm and 7pm. We died a hundred times within that hours!

Directly after we got the tickets I tried to book our hotel (it was try 1) but I was too hyper-confused to get the site xD OMG! I was between still crying, running around in circles becuase of hyperness and being happy.
Since I failed I decided to come down a bit first. I re-read the ticket info email I got from Unni and payed for the 3 tickets (for dad, Sis and me).
then I went back to the hotel site and booked our rooms while talking with unni how we split the rooms.
Well, hotel isn`t exaclty the cheapest (*cough*… hope dad won`t tell me that we should have looked for something cheaper ^^°°) but it`s soooo near the Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen where Junsu will be! =D It´s just perfect! After the concert we could even walk there if necessary.
I checked that out some days before. I thought when C-jes won`t give us infos I have to be prepared when they do, so I googled the map of Oberhausen, searched for “Turbinenhalle” (concert location) and looked around which hotel was the nearest to stay in. TA-DAH! We had our hotel!
Second try of booking the hotel: SUCCESS! Photobucket
Panic mode was /OFF then~

hehe… and my little sis was at the cinema with her friends and missed all of our concert-ticket-war-panic-trouble completely. When the movie was over she read my SMS that we have premium class tickets + our hotel already and was the happiest person on earth ^______^

Nyaaah~ I feared we won`t get tickets! And in the end we were indeed lucky! After the site was back working normal again S-VIP and VIP tickets were already SOLD OUT.
It was just like last year with #JYJinBerlin! EXACTLY THE SAME!

*haha* stephi Unni said “each year in november…” xD yeah, indeed!
Year after year the same. ^^ hehe… I could live with it if it turns out to be a tradition from now on! ;D

Yes readers, thaaaat was our crazy ticket-war story!
All of Unni`s friends also got their tickets so facebook-community was all “YAY!” yesterday!

Now I need to get our train tickets (for dad and me) & print our aaaaall the date I received so far (for hotel reservation, the google map so we will find it after the concert, ticket sale etc. )

@ Stephi: I will bring a surprise for you when we meet in Oberhause! ^^

Additional thought about the concert this morning: I WANT TO BUY A XIA LIGHTSTICK! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) I hope we won`t arrive too late for the goods selling. Both sis and I arrive rather late… around 6pm. Concert is supposed to start around 8pm. At least that`s what we heard.

Now, my reader, the concert story wasn`t the only story of success. Some of you may have already heard about the following…

[EMA 2012] WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!
아ㅋㅋㅋㅋ!!!! *victory-laugh with a bit of glee in it* THIS MOMENT IS JUST PRECIOUS! IN YA FACE, HATERS/ANTIS!!! This is just so great! *dies*
V-DAY!!!!!!! Photobucket *stands all tall and proud #LikeABoss * THIS IS FREAKIN’ V-DAY FOR US LIKE SOOOOOO MUCH! (victory-day)
We made Geng pass the second round of voting now he is up against the other artists from all over the world!
2012 MTV EMA Worldwide Act Nominees Announced!
*dies* Is this even real life???! I cannot believe it we made it that far! All of you guys who helped us GengFans: You are so awesome! THANKS A LOT!
Now we need to work even harder now that Geng passed the final round! LET`S MAKE HIM WINNER OF WORLDWIDE ACT LIKE BIG BANG LAST YEAR!
ELF!!!! I know some of you are also voting for Geng! Let`s do this together sisters! (I`m ELF too #justsaying). Let this be our project!
HECK YES! Haters, we are still here and we passed the second round! 메~롱 *sticks tongue out* xD #ChildishMe
And now excuse me because I have to pass out! OMG! Photobucket STILL CANNOT BELIEVE IT! WE PASSED ROUND TWO! O: *faints*
…I cannot with this reality (it`s awesome and so BOSS but I cannot believe it *faints* ,
…I cannot with his talking voice *____* ,
…I cannot with Fire MV (it`s too BOSS too) ,
…I cannot with Geng in general (too adorable, too amazing, too … everything. He`s a perfect all-kill for me, kills me in all ways possible *______* squishy got me, okeh? he just got me and is not having me 4ever. *dies now*) #MuchEMAFaintingDyingTheseDays
[WEIBO update] About EMA final round
(121030) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Final Round of Voting for MTV EMA [2 Entries}
WE LOVE YOU TOO, SQUISHY-PIE! Photobucket #RandomlyComingUpWithANewNicknameForGeng
[Latest Pics]
HanGeng and Yang Mi (L’Officiel) → 1 ,
that shirt is really sexy! → 2 ,
Yishion 2012 Winter Casual Series → 3 , 4 ,
oh?! calendar? Yishion → 5 ,
Yishion 2012 Winter Casual Series → 6 , 7 ,
Harper’s BAZAAR Men’s Style: 2012 People of the Year awards ceremony → 8 ,
Xtep! → 9 ,
Yishion Casual series, I like that one! → 10 .

SuJu news!
➤ oh. OH! … oh damn….! *.* Teukie actually looks really handsome with that haircut!
Leeteuk chops his hair off for the army
Super Junior’s Leeteuk struggles with sasaeng fans a day before his enlistment
➤ … Photobucket ….. *runs away crying*
Super Junior’s Leeteuk models for one last photo shoot before his military enlistment + says “Goodbye”
➤ THIS IS JUST PERFECT! ㅠ~ㅠ so beautiful.
Teukie is a good leader. A great leader. Hope he comes back healthy & happy. T^T #WeWillWaitForYou #이특영원히사랑해요
➤ Have a good time AngelLeader!
Leeteuk and Sangchu snap a photo with fellow soldiers
➤ OTL wae do ppl think so much about how much money Siwon`s family has o___O If it wouldn`t be the headline of articles in my tl I would never think about that topic.
Choi Siwon’s father receives backlash for Super Junior’s statements about his wealth on TV
It`s no ones business. So wae do ppl costantly ask/think about it? *irritated*
Ok, it`s in a human`s nature to be curious. but… I mean, my dad isn`t exactly poor either *cough* #justsaying grandma said all of our forfather were large landowners and so my fahter is too. Dad has indeed a lot of money but I never ask some from him, because I earn my own money. If ppl would know more about what I just said they would never stop asking so I never tell more than what was said just now. (uhm… wow, what a sentence again oO) #randomTalkAboutMyFamilySituation #WTF #WaeDoIEvenWriteAboutIt ???? o__O
➤ eh? what?! PSY too???? O: I only knew about Siwon!
Super Junior’s Siwon & Psy snap photos with director Steven Spielberg
Aaaah, really Siwonnie? that`s interesting!
Super Junior’s Choi Siwon shares his views on Love
Siwon: “I am open when it comes to meeting someone, but I am extremely careful and cautious when it comes to love.”
Good, good. That`s good. Then I hope he won`t get hurt *wishes her horsey the best of… just everything*
Well (;¬_¬) , the reason why I am the same (extremely careful & cautious when it comes to love) has *cough* rather sad reasons. I hope he will never be in situations like I was. Some ppl just want to take advantage of you, shamelessly use you, are not trustworthy and not even ashamed of what they are doing/what they did… yeah… ㄱ-ㄱ I won`t start a rant now because *whispers* I don`t talk about my stupid ex anymore. He`s not worth it OTL */whisper end*
=-= *randomly eyes all ppl* seriously, you better be nice to Siwon, because he`s really the “sweetest little boy ever”! (quote: pocketostars)
… and once again I feel the need to create that tv show I once talked about with my soulmatesis. A show where we look for good girlfriends for the boys. Maybe we should call the show “My idols` final girlfriend” and Nari will be part of our jury! ;D #OurFangirlPlans #YeahWeReallyPlanSuchSh*tWhenWeHaveNothingBetterToDo #BecauseItsWhatWeWishFor #GoodGirlfriendsForTheBoys
➤ I could only think about that Poseidon highlights vid of back then when I read the headline ^^° dunno wae
(maybe because Poseidon drama really took over my life ^^°°°°)
‘The Lord of the Drama’ releases trailer video

JYJ news!
➤ == …. bad things first: THIS….
C-JeS explains why Jaejoong deleted his Twitter, addresses rumors regarding hospital visit
We think it`s very possible that a stan hacked his acc! The fact that the “JYJ from TVXQ” was deleted and replaced by 3 dots + the fact that only STANDOM (or antis, what`s practically the same *cough*) would do this tells it all. I`m to 90% sure it was a stan. But if the person is really a stan or not: WE TWO BETTER NEVER MEET! ==”” You misereable existence you! Did you really have to destroy our connection with JJ??? destroying his joy with twitter? Now he cannot even have fun with twitter anymore. great. Not enough that he has a bunch of stalkers on his heels all the time all day long, now he cannot even create an account and use it like everyone else. Great work… Photobucket EAT FOOD! Seriously, EAT FOOD 4EVER! *SuJu style* >___< GAAAH! WE SHALL NEVER MEET!
Now the fun is destoryed for JJ and for ALL fans. I just hope JJ feels better and gets well soon and hopefully finds joy in things random cray ppl cannot destroy for him!
➤ Weeeeeeh! Baby won AGAIN! *faints* for the 3rd time in a row! *o* I`m so proud of you Junsu!
[News] 121029 JYJ’s Kim JunSu receives the best musical actor award
Junsu: “To be honest, musical is not just a play to me; it means something more. Thanks to it, I could stand and sing on stage again, I could be invited to an awards ceremony like this, and I could be awarded with such a great award that I thought would never happen in my life.”
T~T what a touching speech! *runs away crying…. again… T.T *
➤ My poor money! This DVD look so too cool! *write on to-buy-list*
➤ YAAAY! JJ is successful as well!
JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong voted most attractive actor in November
➤ THIS MOVIE WILL BE FUNNY! ^^ I have a feeling that this could be our new fav movie!
[Pic] “Jackal Comes” First Look in Movie Week Online Edition
➤ News around Chunnies new drama~!
– Epic facepalm moment… ㄱ_ㄱ when ppl do such a thing… : JYJ Park Yoo Chun Fans Demand Actress Jang Mi In Ae Exit ‘I Miss You’
WTH, ppl, just WHAT DA HELL!? Is it your business? no. Does it affect your directly and personally in a bad way when they let the rookie actress join? no. == *facepalm* Cray fans acting like they are in charge of everything again.
Sure, it`s a common practice of agencies. But WHAT business do other ppl from OUTSIDE of the business have with that?? Isn`t that totally a Cjes/drama producers matter only? YES IT IS! Who knows, maybe the rookie actress is good? Ppl need to get a chance to grow personally & improve! And what are you talking about the image of her? when they are acting they can fit any image needed for the drama. Where`s the problem? oO #IDontGetSonePpl
– ooooh~! dramatic-difficult-desperate love story, huh? I like! =) : [Trans] 121101 Adult Version of ‘Missing You’ Trailer Revealed… Park Yoochun, “Don’t Ever Let Go Of My Hand”
– awww! our boys! ❤ well, don`t they act always like that? ^__^ : [News] 121101 JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun: “My group members gave me a hug”
– hwaitging, guys! You all will do well : [News] 121101 Yoo Seung Ho: “Age gap with Park Yoo Chun? I think we will do good”
– Naaah, see? Chunnie also thinks it`s silly! : [News] 121102 JYJ’s Yoochun asks fans to stop criticizing Jang Mi In Ae
TELL THEM CHUNNIE! >o< but I guess it`s useless… standom & little cray fans will never listen. Some ppl are just idiots! ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌ #FactsInLife *creating lots of useless Tweeter hashtags on the blog today again xD *
➤ Waaaaah! *______* They are so adorable-cute! I`m turning into a mess of fluff and love!
aaaaah, and the old joke from DBSK days❤❤❤❤❤ AKTF!

HoMin news!
➤ aaah, new Shilla pics! I always like them!
[Pic] TVXQ for Shilla Duty Free – December 2012 Calendar Photos
➤ yeah SM…. == you oh so iFans friendly thingy, wae u no gimme such a passport!? I would even pay for it! >___<
[Pic] TVXQ! Facebook Update – TVXQ! We are also the citizens of MUSIC NATION SMTOWN!
➤ WOW! Changmin! *.* Nice photos!
[Scan] Changmin for MORE Magazine December 2012 Issue

Ailee news!
➤ I LIKE! Just perfect Ailee! b^^d
Ailee releases “Evening Sky” MV for movie ‘Now Is Good’

PSY news!
➤ xD because he`s cool like that!
PSY Caught Smoking “Illegal Style”
ts, ts… bad PSY! Smoking #LikeABoss in front of the “no smoking” sign ^^ oh well, there are things ppl do in this world which are even more “bad” so: Things happen. I`m sure a lot of ppl have already done that.
LOL here! here! One of the comments on AllKPop even says: “i live in toronto and people smoke in front of the signs all the time.. not that big of a deal, in my opinion.” xD ooh, you illegal torontonian ppl! Photobucket
(so technically PSY only follows the local trend? xD Aigoo, AllKPop making huge headlines of little issues again Photobucket but congrats to you guys! You trolled all of us again! ^^ )
➤ Great to hear this!
Psy’s “Gangnam Style” reaches #2 on YouTube’s Most Viewed Videos of All-Time

*floating in the bathtub #LikeABoss* yeah, I finished my blog entry here and finally had my bath ^^

I can only say: woah! what a long blog entry! But I had a lot to tell!
For the rest of the days I will check my tumblr and read my mails.
I wanted to finally send the mail to my ELFi yesterday but first I slept half of the afternoon and then I stuck in ticket-war and ticket-joy ^^
On top of all I have to read the new chapter of her FF!

❀ELFi`s FF!❀
(*click* Is This Real? *click*)

btw, readers, how do you like my new little foxies? Aren`t they cutie? =D

haha, this one is so cute! ≧◡ ≦ Foxies will join my blog emoticons here from now on!
So c ya next time!


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