HanGeng reaches 17 million followers on WEIBO & is on his way to Germany now (EMA), Obama knows Gangnam Style & HoMin earn $12.5 million in jap. DVD sales for 2012

아녕하세요! .^^v

This week our turkish cleaners woman called me pretty again. *looks at her* ㄱ//ㄱ aigoo, you, that`s the… 4th(?) time already. I`m embarrassed >///< She keeps praising me for my slim figure and calls me “pretty girl”. ok, >//< maybe I´m embarrassed AND irritated. … *cough* mostly irritated.
Since I don`t consider myself somewhat to good looking (rather to “normal”) it really irritates me and… shows me that I`m still not used to positive attention.
CASSIOPEIA, HEAL ME! D: I`m still not a normal human being!
I cannot handle attention well…
I cannot handle ppl saying good things about me well…
I cannot handle most of ppl in general well… *facepalm*
yup. *nods* I`m a freakin’ mess. I still need to be healed by cassiopeian fandom a lot more. #random

What else is new:
Ajeossi pissed me of on monday A LOT! ==”” He was moody again and unfriendly. Yeah, too bad he found nothing to scold me for. Oh well ajeossi, not everything is always my fault when you need a person to play your moody games with. yeeeah, he would have loved to find a reason but he had none. Too bad ajeossi, really too bad.
BABO! ==
I was like “Smile, just smiiiile. no. kill him! kill him! no, no, he`s not worth it *calms herself down* put on a smile and go by” …. *siiii~iiigh* that person! Photobucket just no words…
Ajeossi, you are a … Photobucket …. FAIL! ><

He was mad since the morning (even before I arrived at work) and didn`t taked again. Once my junior had arrived 30 minutes after me she came to ask (when ajeossi was out of the room) wae he`s mad again. I said I dunno. She nodded. We know the weirdo ways of his mood.
I mean isn`t it JUST RUDE of a person to not tell you good morning although you CLEARLY told him good morning with even adding his name and he just ignores you for no reason? It`s freakin monday morning, we haven`t spent one minutes of the new week together and he`s already mad. …. … ==”’ idiot.
Everytime he is like that I am like: “For realz now?! … Ajeossi, Photobucket you serious??? ㄱ_ㄱ YOU can`t be happening either” (either because I also say this to my ELFi friend but for a totaly different reason!!!)

Oh, and leave alone his stupid talk about asians on tuesday! … Photobucket GAAAAH!!! YOU REALLY CAN`T BE HAPPENING EITHER!!!! (╯‵□′)╯︵/(.□ . \) *flips ajeossi*
He and his stereotypical anti comments/”jokes” about asian ppl. WHAT DA HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!
He threw some stupid things into my direction and wanted to discuss with me or anything but I said “I`m not talking to you in that level” and fully ignored him. I was calm on the outside but my inside was like “DA FAQ YOU JUST SAID?!? Photobucket
Ajeossi then turned to Oppa and blamed him for teasing me too much about that matter in the past so I don`t talk about it anymore. Err… no, ajeossi, no. It`s only because YOU overdo it all the time. Especialls that day. Oppa already knows the borders he better dosen`t cross. ==””’
아이고, 진짜! this is so…. SAJFIW(§)$)§KJOUR§$!!!!!! (屮゚Д゚)屮 YOU KNOW?!
What`s that guys problem?! Wae does he have to say such things and offend my asian friends??? Eh? EH?
unni looked at me weirdly after I told ajeossi I`m not goint to talk to him and ignored him. I told her “ah, it`s true. He should stop to offend my friends.”
I don’t know wae he thinks I would talk to him on that level of lowness. I really don`t get it. oO
hrr…. *annoyed sigh* that guy is such a pain.
I have japanese, korean and chinese friends so: No. JUST NO! ==”

Yeah, and his stupid comment about americans wasn`t helpful either. Thanks ajeossi. == I have american-asian friends and one is especially close to me. This dosen`t makes anything better, u know?! (not to talk about his random joke about russian ppl… seriously, what was wrong with him that day?! he forgot to take his pills or… took the wrong ones or what?)
AISH! THAT GUY! Ajeossi, wae u no stop being stupid and such a pain? eh? щ(゚Д゚щ) wae?
Someone help me to bear him or I will kill him one day!


Well, but besides that “you can`t be happening”-incident and the serious loads of work we got showered with everything was good.
The week left me a bit exhausted but that`s normal looking at the enormous work we had. Oh yeah, next week won`t be better either ^^° ai, how are we supposed to survive till christmas?
At least let me survive till 30th of november! I can die after Junsu concert xD

Btw, I think I prepared everything for the concert now. I`m ready.
glowsticks (red, + blue for project): ✓ CHECK!
map, just in case: ✓ CHECK!
money: ✓ CHECK!
Cassie lightstick in case I`m not able to buy XIA lighstick: ✓ CHECK!
hotel: ✓ CHECK!
train tickets: ✓ CHECK!
phone numbers of taxi companies in Oberhausen: ✓ CHECK!
Tickets (already at Stephi unnis home ): ✓ CHECK!
the surprise for Unni: ✓ CHECK! =D
little surprise for sis: ✓ CHECK!
being all excited: ✓ CHECK!

Oberhausen, here we come!;D

[WEIBO news!]
HANGENG REACHED 17 Million followers on Weibo!!!!!
ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ YAY! OUR GENNY! Congrats! (and he`s already half way through to reach 18 Million followers… wow, HanGeng, you are fast in collection followers! o.o *amazed* )
(121106) Han Geng’s Weibo Upodate – 7th Anniversary [1 Entry]
All the best squishy, all the best! Our pleasure! Love you too! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ~~❤
[Latst Pics]
(121103) *looks closely* o____O Is his hair getting better or not… I think… *still worried about his hair* → 1 , 2 ,
(121103) BAZAAR Men’s Style People of the Year awards ceremony, I agree with Angela: Not fond of the jacket but he looks handsome! → 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 ,
(121103) Deng Chao, Han Geng, and Huang Xiao Ming → 10 ,
(121103) BAZAAR Men’s Style People of the Year awards ceremony → 11 , 12 ,
wooh! I like Yishion pics! Yishion 2012 Winter Casual Series → 13 ,
ㅋㅋㅋ you remember who comes to EMA to Frankfurt? YES! Genny~ → 14 ,
LSBF pic → 15 .
[Interview] Flagship’s Exclusive Interview With Han Geng [ENG SUBS]
Aw, he`s just so nice! yeah, but before you go to thailand Geng, you go to Frankfurt ;D YES!
And hopefully you will win! We gave our all the past months. From now on all I can say is: Good luck and enjoy your stay here!

SuJu news!
➤ yeah… Siwon tweeted about the anni while I tweeted nonsense about Siwon xD LOL what a world!
Super Junior celebrate their 7th anniversary
well, that was because I was already done tweeting about the anni xD #슈퍼주니어7주년 #HappySJ7thAnniversary
Boys, let`s make many more happy memories in future! SuJu, THE LAST MAN STANDING! ^^d (although it should be more like “men” ^^°)
➤ -__- this story is just still soooo much “WTF!?”!
Yesung talks about being mistaken for Kim Jong Il’s son
➤ congrats my boys! ^__^
Super Junior becomes first foreign male artists to win ‘Triple Crown’ on ‘Oricon Weekly Chart’t

JYJ news!
➤ Now totally new but: the english subs are new! ^^
They are SUCH adorable dorks! I cannot! LOVE YOU SO MUCH BOYS!
➤ Premium Ticket info:
About Premium tickets for Xia Tour in Oberhause
hey! that sounds good! =D
➤ As long as I get a DVD with english subs from somewhere later…. yeah, keep adding countries to the list! =D
Jaejoong and Song Ji Hyo’s ‘Code Name Jackal’ already bought by 6 overseas film distributors
➤ LOOOL! xD oh yes, please let`s forget abou that hair Junsu. No. Just no. ^^°°°

haha! xD junsu also wants to forget about it. well, that`s good. Silver hair was…. SO JUST NO! ^^°

HoMi news!
➤ ㅠ~ㅠ *cries 4ever* I want this photook! omg! It`s wonderful!
[PHOTOS] TVXQ – Missha Photobook
➤ OMG! 121104 Inki performance of HoMin! =DDD THEY ARE WEARING RED COSTUMES! =DD

➤ Very nice! Changmin looks like a god in the second pic ^^
[Pic] 121030 TVXQ! The 49th DaeJong Film Awards Part 2
➤ Leader씨 is such a protective brother~
TVXQ’s Yunho reveals his sister on ‘Strong Heart’
oooh! now this sounds good! So Leader씨 would appreciate Yesungie? oh, Yesungie maybe should give it a try ^^ it`s hard to pass by Yunho to get to his siter, so he should talk to her, don`t you think?! ^____^
➤ ;D HoMin 4ever great! DVDs 4ever great!
TVXQ earned over $12.5 million in Japanese DVD sales for 2012
ㅋㅋㅋ my pleasure to help with that! *looks at her TONE tour DVD*
TVXQ are the ‘Album Kings’ for the month of October

Ailee news!
➤ uwaah! another nice song! *o* Ailee`s voice so beautiful!
Ailee releases “Love Note” music video for the ‘Full House 2′ OST + latest ‘Ask in a Box’
and awww!!!!! What the guys says at the end of the drama MV ❤ aw! ^___^
➤ Always nice hear news like that!
Ailee reveals she weighs more than what’s listed on her profile
Seriously, I like it very much that Ailee isn`t so overly slim like other girls in business. She has a slim figure but she looks perfectly healthy! And she`s not ashamed of it! I LIKE! I APPROVE! That`s good! (in so many ways!)
(off comment: btw, how much am I? oO never visited the bathroom scales the past weeks. I rarely do, tbqh. But it still should be something around 55kg OTL)

PSY news!
➤ WOW! So many ppl!
Psy participates in “Gangnam Style” flashmob with more than 20,000 screaming fans in Paris
➤ *sigh* I hope ppl won`t only like k-pop because it`s “some crazy sh*t they`ve never seen before” to them, but for the real talent many artists have!
Psy has Opened the Window a Bit Wider for K-Pop in North America by DBSK_FAN
➤ haha! I want to see how he teaches the horse riding dance to Obama!
Psy wants to teach President Obama the “Gangnam Style” dance in person
gais, say what you want. Obama is the k-pop president of the USA xD he already said during his visit in seoul back then that he knows about k-pop. Maybe one of his daughters listen to it, who knows.
or… *already has scenario in her head* Obama was randomly browlsing the net in his freetime and found Gagnam Style MV (or k-pop vids in general) on YouTube for… whatever reason! Σ (ˆㅅˆ)ノ
➤ °.° wow, seriously PSY… you really killed it all with Gangnam Style in US, huh?
PSY’S Gangnam Style Goes Double Platinum In The United States

Ok, now I have to cook dinner for mom and me ^^ Soup and Mandu! 8D YAY! I`m already excited! so yummy!

bai then~ ^^/ *waves*

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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