He is “Mr. Worldwide Act”_official now : HANGENG WON EMA! #EMAwinHanGeng!


EMA 2012 in Frankfurt : HanGeng won EMA last night!

안녕! I just have to write and post this now because it was such a thrilling and exciting evening yesterday!

EMA got me completely over the past months and especially yesterday.
It was surely a long evening with mostly artist I don`t even know ^^° #TruthOfAKPopperRegardingAmericanArtists OTL but the last part was surely worth all the wait!
I hoped, I cheered, I screamed, I cried, I freaked out. *haha* Photobucket
…Twitter jailed me halfway through EMA xD LOL had to create a jail account in the middel of the night since “tweeting with korean twitter when jailed on our twitter” isn`t working anymore (they fixed that).
It was a fun evening with pocketostars admin, ELFi, Vicky and my soulmatesis. Cassiopeia, GengFan, ELF & VIP ^____^. we all watched it together.
xD haha, when HanGeng walked over the red carpet and we got the first pics we made fun of his siut. ^^ This was just so Geng. Pocketostars admin had a feeling that “Disaster will strike soon” since he was dressed well lately and I jokingly said it will be at EMA.
Oh well, there was no need to make this come true Geng LOL What a good thing we don`t love him for his clothing style. #GengFanProblems
We were all pretty nervous inside, although we were joking on the outside.
We waited the whole show long, got sometimes excited when we saw PSY (they sometimes showed him ^^) and were permanent impatient about seeing Geng but there was no Genny to be seen.
I smiled a bit to myself when that Gotye guy appeared on the red carpet because I was thinking “ㅋ ;D yeah, Gotye, you lost out to who? ㅋㅋㅋ GENNY!” xD
I wanted to tweet that first but didn`t in the end. ^^°

The biever kid was on screen often but so no fun. He was really full of himself and showing off with whatever there was to show off. errr… ok. le me was irritated. k-pop fan is neither used to such a behaviour, NOR do I think that it`s right. he`s too arrogant.
But whatever! One thing that was also no fun were these two guys randomly appearing on stage with Heidi Klum. They wore weird outfits. It was already worse enough from the front but then they turned around and… I was only like ” O: WAH! Photobucket WHAT DA HELL IS THIS! D:< WHAT IS THIS! OMG! D:<<< MY POOR EYES! CANNOT BE UNSEEN! CANNOT BE UNSEEN! T~T My poor, innocent eyes…”
yeah,… == … these guys` dresses were butt-free dresses, if you get what I want to say. To let the irritateion grow to the max there we had a heidi klum now who was slapping those guys` butts. … … … … …. WHAT DA HELL MtV!!! butt slapping?! O: JUST WHAT DA EFFIN’ HELL!?

And so it happned that I could add another trauma to my list of tragic traumata caused by things on tv that night.
Thank you, MTv! Photobucket 아이고 진짜!
(I can only repeat myself 4ever! *faints*)

*cough* howsoever,
towards the end of the show PSY had his epic performance. It was really JUST GREAT! The hall in Frankfurt was on fire! BEST PERFOMANCE OF THE EVENING! I danced while sitting in my bed in front of my comp xD
Then they finally said “Worldwide Act” and I came back to sense after my Gangnam Style hyper-happiness.
I was only like “WORLDWIDE ACT?! Did they really say Worldwide Act just now!? OMG! THEY WILL ANNOUNCE IT! Photobucket *mentally running in circles like a mad woman*”.
They opened the envelope where the winners name was in and I sad in front of the tv, staring. With a racing heart and hands shaking, mumbling: “◑▂◑ Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, …. Photobucket“, waiting for what will come now. Permanently saying -OMG- xD #SillyMe
This was the moment. We waited the whole evening for that. We didn`t even see Geng once for the whole show, only PSY randomly so this was really….such a moment we were having!
BUT THEN the Jonas Brothers finally announced it. They said “HanGeng!” (*LOL or something more similar to “HanGenga-r-” xD -> “HanGengar” *click* ) and I kinda exploded! ^__^
I was like “*squeak-laughs* KYAAAAH! (((o(≧ヮ≦)o))) OH MY GOD! HANGENG!!! *squeaks* HANGENG! He won! OMG! I cnanot!”. And I squeaked, and laughed, and squeaked &… started to tear up. If there would have been one of my friends besides me I would have hugged that person!
Then Genny came on stage and hold his short speech in Genglish & chinese, thanking his fans, Mtv, his record lable and said “I love China! I love music! I love you!” Photobucket
Our proud, happy chinese man Photobucket
I barely got what he said at first. Not because I couldn`t understand him, no, his Genglish was good, but I was just too excited! For exacmple: I re-watched the scene 10 minutes later and only then realized that they`ve played Kuang Cao when he came on stage ^^° I was too excited! I saw and heard nothing besides Geng`s speech and my own scream-squeaking Photobucket

We spazzed ourselves away then and tl was filled with ELFi`s and my spam xD
All I could say was “I cannot, I cannot… he`s worldwide act! I cannot!”. t-list maybe saw that today *haha*
Just like in my tumbler post I was like “*screams, laughs and cries* OMO! I cannot! I cannot! I so cannot! Geng is worldwide act! I cannot! I cannot! This is… OH MY GOD! *dies* T~T he`s really Worldwide Act…”
I went back and forth between being happy and halfway crying. Feelings overload. Happiness overload. Proudness overload.

I still cannot believe this is real life! WE MADE IT! HA! WE REALLY MADE IT! =D
*stands all tall and proud*

Other fans must have been so butthurt, and from what I`ve read so far, they really were on twitter xD LOL another artist they never ever heard of and never ever knew he exists won the award they wanted for their star LOL yeah, you guys better realize the… let me call it “asian music tsunami” NOW! This will happen more often in furuter so get used to it and #dealwithit! ;D ㅋㅋ
(btw, it`s a fact that k-pop/c-pop fans vote like mad ppl, especially when they got provoked beforehand so: You others don`t complain when you`ve put no effort in your voting. tssss~ you jelly now? xD I love butthurt ppl!)

back to main topic: ㅋㅋ after the first round of spazzing the SME trolling started xD LOL I SO KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN!
ppl asking SM if they feel any regret, me asking “You mad?” xD

아아아아아ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ MUAHAHAHA! *laughs the most gleeful, but happy, victorious laugh in history*



Photobucketuuuh hoo hoo, especially SME: What do you say now!? You wanted to destroy him now Geng destoryed YOU! (sort of) ㅋ This is just precious! *makes an eternal note of that*

아ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ *victorius closing laughter*
2012 is HanGeng year! Now he can say “I am the dragon reborn”_official! Photobucket

But the evenig still wasn`t over!
We barely had time to spazz enough over Geng, then they announced the Best Video winner and, of course, it was PSY with Gangnam Style!
WAAAAAH!!!! HOW GREAT CAN AN EVENING BE?! This was such a success for us! all our wishes and hopes were fulfilled!

I finally went to bed around 11:15pm.
In the end I was so hyper that I needed 20 minutes to calm myself down for sleeping because I reandomly started squeaking again because HanGeng won. LOL xD yes, while I was alone in my room!
I just couldn`t…. no, I still cannot!
This was one epic v-day for Geng and for us!

I can only say big thankies to my friends, who I annoyed with EMA so much, for their help in voting. I also want to thank everyone else who helped us GengFans. Like some fellow ELF and also all other Geng supporter and friends out there.

I smiled like an idiot for the whole day at work today because I am still so freaking happy for HanGeng and for us!
In the end “worldwide act” & “Han Geng” were even trending for a bit after it was announced and this was really toching too.
We rarely see HanGeng related trends =)

Night was surely long but it was amazing at the end!

Here`s everything in pics, vids and weibo entries ^^ everything that happened before, during and after EMA so far.

[VID] 121110 – MTV interview
When he went to Germany for EMA!
*___* It`s still so adorable when he says “ee-am-ay” (EMA) Genglish is the best!
[VID] 121110 Frankfurt Airport (second vid) HanGeng and GengFans
aww, he`s such a nice person and the fans also behaved nicely. That`s great to see. love you all! ❤
but… ㅠ﹏ㅠ for the fact that frankfurt is so far away from me let me run away crying
Photobucket(but good thing they were nice)
[WEIBO updates] EMA, Yishion & London
(121110) Han Geng’s Weibo Updates – MTV EMA/Yishion/London Speech [3 Entries]
(121111) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Arrived in Frankfurt [1 Entry]
– After winnin Worldwide Act: (121112) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Thanking Fans for the MTV EMA Win [2 Entries] ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ LOVE YOU TOOO! ALWAYS! Photobucket
[AllKPop article / Vids]
Psy & Hangeng win accolades at the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards

– HanGeng on the red carpet:
so THAT was what he got himself in Gangnam back then? I wonder! and… LOL he wants to give his dress to the interviewer? Nuuuu Genny, you can`t! Then you would be naked. Would be such a scandal! xD LOL you keep wearing your dress! that`s better. No stripping here! xD ㅋ
HAHA! So he was really looking forward to see PSY, huh? and I told pocketostars admin: I bet he wants to dance the Gangnam Style when he saw the performance! just like back then in Thailand! ^^ you remember? HanGeng said he`s “Chinese style” *squishes him* you damn cutie you! *pinches Geng*
btw: KYAAAAH!!! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) he was FREAKING, DAMN, SUPER ADORABLE ON THE RED CARPET! WAAAAH! Viva, wae u no showed Genny`s part of red carpet. Was way more interesting and nice than the other boring ppl you showed us!
He`s honored to be there. Our pleasure to send you there Geng! (●ˆ ω ˆ●)
[Latest Pics]
On the red carpet of EMA → 1 … …. Genny, wae does your dress look like pattern of a couch? xD OH MY GOD! I`m sorry everyone, my bad joke came true. ^^°°° , 2 ,
HanGeng in Germany ^^ → 3 , having lunch : 4 ,
Our little genny-couch pattern… wallpaper… curtain… errr… quilt xD LOL love you Geng! → 5 , 6 , 7 ,
The happy winner of Worldwide Act ^____^ → 8 , 9 , 10 ,
When he had his speech ^___^ (I`m still such a happy idiot because of that!) → 11 , 12 ,
Red carpet again : I think this was the best photo → 13 ,
Magazine pics…. uwaaaah *o* nice! → 14 ,
Proudly presenting his award → 15 .

^^/ bai~

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