HanGeng reached 18 Million followers on WEIBO! & TVXQ`s new song “Humanoids” revealed + info about Catch Me repackage album

안녕 친구들! v^^.

The week started bad for me.
I got sick like… really sick with a cold during the weekend. Photobucket aaaah stupid cold! >< Ajeossi…
That guy stressed me out so much! He even wanted to fight with me that day but he had no luck.
Ok, I kinda provoked him on purpose but only because he acted super stupid again and I was NOT going to support his moodiness. ㅋ I was like “I know you will be mad but I want you to stop acting silly so… *trollface* come, come.. BRING IT ON! hehe~ Photobucket *provokes on purpose* ”
Basically it was the usual Ajeossi trouble. As always. And since I was annoyed by his stupid behaviour… well ^^. It just happened.

Then: Almost everyone at work is sick by now so I`m not alone anymore. Everyone is having either a weird throat or is not feeling well in general. Some more bad, some less bad. I guess my Junior and me have the worst colds >__< AISH! Wae always us?
Talking about her, my Junior went home after only 2 hours of work today because she felt so horrible. Hope she can be with us tomo again ><

What else is new: Junsu concert is T-9 days… wait.
NINE DAYS?!?!? O: *stares* Ooooooomo! I can`t believe it! I will see Junsu… err… again. We will once again witness the encore concert of a worldtour.
Waaah! cannot wait to see Sis and Stephi Unni again! =D aigoo, need to visit dad too before we go ><

Ajeossi asked about when I have to leave recently because he randomly remembered that I asked him about leaving earlier. Aaaah, I hope he won`t be b*tchy that day or he will ruin the start of my journey.
OMGZ! I should go check my bag if I have everything necessary with me
Still so much can happen: Train fail (that they will be late), cam fail (that cam is no good for concerts D:< ugh really don`t hope that this will be the case!)…. *runs around in circles*
9 days! 9 days! 9 days! 9 days! 9 days! OTL!!!!!!!! *runs around in circles*
*coughs* ok. Enough with that!
I can go crazy at the 30th! *calms herself down*

I started missing my ELFi randomly this evening. Somehow she`s… out? still learning? meeting up with her new friends? well, what`s for sure is that she`s not here.
Iiiii~ already played with the hangul keyboard of my phone, sending ELFi random korean SMS. Hope it makes her smile when she will read it later!
Thinking about her reminded me of a k-dream I had a whiiiiile ago and never really wrote down so far.

In that dream I was with my ELFi friend!
We went to a SuJu concert but the weird thing was that it was a concert with them as 13. WTH do I know? Old-times-reuninon-concert or something? Wae were they doing this? It was a bit strange.
I can explain this as good as Geng filming a commercial with SuJu-M in one of my former dreams: Not at all! I absolutely cannot explain it.
(and I can only repeat myself: as if SM EVER would let this happen! tssss, no way! but in my dream it was -yes way!-)
Anyways, we arrived at the venue and still had some time. We looked around and saw that they sold fan items in front of the hall. *o* Hello fangirl paradise!
ELFi bought some things and I… *haha* I bought waaay too much! I was like “oh, I like this and that and… this one too *hands full with stuff*” xD
Oh well I’m sorry. They had all the items I wanted to order from ebay anyway and when I saw it in front of me I only thought “when I buy it here I don`t have to wait 4 weeks till it will arrive! *grabs it all*” Photobucket
I can remember that the last thing I had in my hands in my dream was a T-shirt with some print about HanGeng on it. Actually there were shirts with the names and prints of each of the 13 members. I remember I had the SiHan lovelies shirts in my hands and was like “Omo! Which one to buy (۳˚Д˚)۳ *having SiHan crisis*” , because Iii~ had not enough money to buy both (and I never thought about giving back one my photobooks I already bought, nuuuuu! NO WAY!). After thinking for a while I ended up with buying the HanGeng shirt because it was the first I had in my hands. While I was having my crisis thinking about which one to buy ELFi told me a view times to hurry up because we had to go inside the concert hall now. Concert was about to start and we already wasted enough time outside.
Since my fangirl problem was (kinda) solved anyway we went inside and searched for our seats. We found them relatively in the middle of the venue, maybe a bit right in front of the stage and we were 2nd or 3rd row. Cannot remember exactly but I know we were extremely close to the stage. It was a small hall, there were not too many ppl. We were lucky to get tickets for that show and we were able to take good photos during the concert! ^^d hehe, WIN!
Our “stage side” was the side with SiHan and Kyu xD Most of the time they were on our side which was very good for us. Photobucket
That day we were only their fangirls and nothing else. We didn`t meet up with them before or later. Probably they had no time, I cannot tell. We were only there as their fans like everyone else, enjoying the show.
We had a great time and after concert has ended we walked to our hotel. When we arrived there we saw that some other ELF were staying there too. They were noisy doing nonsense on the hallway because they were still hyper from concert xD I wondered that the other guest didn`t complain about that. Well, maybe we were on the ELF floor. I guess we were all Fangirls there so no one bothered. ELFi and I went into our room where we watched SuJu vids from my external HDD! Photobucket EVEN MORE WIN! b^^d
Although it would have been very funny to meet up with the boys after the concert but.. uuuh a bit dangerous with all the ELF around. ELFi and I were so busy with fangirling and spazzing together anyway that we had no time to even think about it. This was our first event together! Aaaaand this dream makes ELFi`s appearances in my dreams 2! Photobucket

Han Geng reached 18,000,000 followers on weibo.
Man… O.O … he will really be like 1 Million followers a week soon, huh? WOW! CONGRATS GENNY! I`m so proud of you! (again ^^)
[Latest Pics]
The fangirls were at the airport again when he was leaving → 2 ,
Weibo update: “Mtv EMA, Frankfurt, goodbye” → 3 ,
EMA red carpet → 4 ,
Proud with the award! ^^d → 5 ,
HanGeng flying in the air~ 6 ,
oh! °.° I like! → 7 ,
Magazine pics → 8 ,
oh! I love! Photobucket9 What`s this with photos of SiHan and the flowers in their mouth lately? *haha* cute! ,
Ooooooh! the flower cuteness!… *____* → 10 , 11 ,
(121116) Han Geng and Da Zuo → 12 ,
(121116) Han Geng and Andy (MTV VJ) → 13 , 14 (oh… now I understand what pocketostars admin meant on twitter) ,
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ooh! it`s HanGeng in Frankfurt! → 16 ,
§&$(AKSFDJI§!!!! HNGH!!!!! I CANNOT! *___* GENG AND DOGGIE…. CUUUUTE! Dog person HanGeng is back → 17 ,
EMA red carpet → 18 , 19 ,
Mtv China : KYAAH! CUTIE! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) → 20 ,
Meng Niu interview → 21
Han Geng in Figaro [December 2012 issue] → 22 ,
Yishion → 23 .
[Vid] Yishion 2012 Winter Casual Series
KYAAAAH! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) he said “winter”, you heard it?! #TheLittleGengFanJoiys
[WEIBO updates]
(121114) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Dream [1 Entry]
(121115) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Life Style Interview [1 Entry]
wait. can one word be even called an “entry”? o.o #justasking
[EMA details! Part 1] Voting (via FuckYeah!HanGeng!)

Anonymous asked: How many votes were given for him?

According to some news reports, an average of 4,000,000 votes were cast for Han Geng daily. If you disregard the first two rounds of voting and only look at the 10 or so days for the final round (10/30 – 11/9), then he received about 40,000,000 (40 million) votes.
Source: Sina
[EMA details! Part 2] For those who don`t know: WHO IS HANGENG?
*__* woderful!
This is for all the ppl who thought “who da fack is that guy that stole the awards from my star” repspectively “oO who is this in the first place?”
[EMA details! Part 3] HanGeng expresses his feelings after winning EMA:
“Han Geng said he was very happy and excited to get the MTV EMA award. He hopes more people will love China’s music / C-pop. His schedule was tight so he couldn’t go sightseeing in Frankfurt. He hopes he can do it next time.
Cr: HanGeng韓庚 (Facebook)”

aw, what a pity that he had no time to walk around. hope he can win EMA again some day =)
omo, did they film that AFTER the show in the hotel?
[EMA details! Part 4] Where HanGeng`s suit comes from ^^
MTV EMAs 2012: HanGeng in Dominic’s Way
[EMA details! Part 5] Portrait!
MTV EMA 2012 Exclusive Portrait Series
[EMA details! Part 6] HanGeng Explains about his suit!
oh. oooh! now I`m curious *watches*

Han Geng – Backstage MTV EMA 2012

WOAH! The back! We never really saw the back. O.O that`s… somehow really cool.
… ok, Genny, you wanted to stand out with this outfit: you definitely did! And you wanted to make a statement with this outfit too? … *giggles* I wonder what kind of statement. ^^° but it`s ok, baby. It`s ok.
and the shoes… They are cool! and I just say: Siwon has the same in black *cough* exactly the same in black *cough* no further comment. #SiHan!
[VID] [Making] Han Geng & Elva Hsiao – The Best Listener MV — Behind the scene.
This is just one of the nicest MVs I`ve ever seen. I totally love it! The song is great too and I like Elva ^^

Super Junior news!
➤ aww, Teukie! Awww~
Leeteuk’s mother and sister visit him on ‘Strong Heart’
LOL teukie, wae should your sister come out and dance?? just wae? xD haha!
➤ The headline was “SuJu dancing Catch Me”…
xD what dancing?! that`s more like “spazzing Catch Me” xD dorks! DBSJ 4ever! DongBangSuJu!!!

JYJ news!
➤ ah! ah yes, aigoo… I got a heart attack when I first saw this! HNNNNNNGH! This is legit and recent. It`s legit recent OTL!
JYJ’s Junsu and Super Junior’s Sungmin snap a photo together with Min Young Ki
But seriously… DAMN! Junsu, you`re too thin! WTH!? Just too thin! (same as JJ btw… ㄱ-ㄱ *sigh* oh my boys)
➤ uhm…. o-o ok. now that`s a bit creepy…
JYJ Kim Jaejoong jokingly discuss ‘Bogus Kim Jaejoong’, “Even my good friends are unable to differentiate”‏
➤ O: … HNGHHHH!!!!!! HE IS BACK! JJ is back on Twitter!
[Trans] coffeecojjee Twitter Update
aaah, Oppa T^T welcome back. we missed you *sobs*
➤ That`s great! I`m happy for the boys!
Top Idol Group JYJ Receives Award from Korean Government

HoMin news!
➤ They look great again! *-*
[Scan] TVXQ for Vogue
➤ haha, this concert seemed to be much fun and emotion! ^^
Compilation of tweets from HoMin’s TVXQ Live World Tour Concert Catch Me in Seoul
OMG! this is sooo cool! *O*
but… when the stage moved it stopped in kinda that → / position. xD was this planned or did it break?
But really cook song! OMO! will there be a MV too? I guess. *O* This song is cool! so cool!
➤ More fancams!
[Vid] 121117 TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR ‘Catch Me’ in Seoul
➤ so many other artists came to see our boys!
[News] 121118 f(x)’s Victoria goes to TVXQ’s concert
➤ aaah, you two! >< take care!
[News] 121118 TVXQ eats red ginseng and takes frequent nap to stay fit
➤ The pics are really great!
[Pic] TVXQ – SMTown Weibo update
When there`s one thing we can praise SM for then it`s for taking phantastic pictures.
➤ Of coruse! Old songs, new songs, super awesome show!
TVXQ′s Seoul concert draws attention from around the world
➤ 5 Dome stops?! Lucky Bigeast! O: *jaw drops*
Tohoshinki in 2013: 5 Major Dome Tours Decided + New Single Release on 16 January
…I think about moving to japan. *makes note of that*

➤ ah Jungminnie looks great lately!
SS501′s Park Jung Min releases 2nd music video teaser for “Beautiful”
This seems to be good. I already watched this teaser a whole while ago. AllKPop 4ever late xD

PSY news!
➤ waah, so many awards for Gangnam Style!
Psy’s “Gangnam Style” MV nominated for People’s Choice Award
➤ really everyday PSY news!
Psy’s “Gangnam Style” included on ‘Now That’s What I Call Music! 44′ album

➤ haha xD now this is fun! oh well, Lee MinHo, it`s not your fault. Kids are like that xD
Actor Lee Min Ho faces an embarrassing moment from a little girl?

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