HanGeng nomintated at WMA + reached 20 million followers on WEIBO & TVXQ release “I know” ❤

This entry is what happened before and after Junsu in Oberhause.
Happenings I missed and… da faq! Looks like I missed a lot!
Apparently being without internet for even 2 days is no good! I`m totally news defrived!

I heard EXO performed “Mirotic” at MAMA???? oh-oh…
Kids, hands off the holy grail please. ㄱ-ㄱ This cannot turn out good. (I heard SHINee was also part of this performance, is that right? … well I never watched it, too busy with work and catching up to all my fandoms` events/happenings)

And for what I saw/heard now the very young EXO FC has also a stan problem.

[EXO STANS, RT PLS] Whether you are the nice exo stan or the rude fucks in the fandom, we need to do this together.

It seems that due to some rude exo stans, Cassiopeias are pissed at our fandom because some fans (from our fandom) commented rudely on DBSK’s MV.

In order to prevent more fanwars happening between EXO stans and Cassies in the future, I have decided that, if not all, most of us should sincerely apologize to DBSK and Cassies for being rude as fuck.

We should all (on behalf of the rude fuckers) comment an apology on Humanoids MV.

In that comment:

State that you are an EXO stan and write a long/short apology to DBSK and Cassies.

Please spread.

*facepalm* no wonder cassies were pissed. it`s like with the little ELF kiddies who are always looking for war.
Stan groupings in fandoms is a serious problem these days. *sigh*
Where did the good old times go?
I don`t want to judge the whole EXO fanclub but, my Exotics, I understand your pain very well. We as Cassiopeia say the same about our stans. They DON`T speak for our whole fandom but they surely act like they would be our representatives.

Since I was not home when this happened I had no idea where all this ruckus came from oO

The greatest even I missed while being in the train was Jaejoong back on twitter ㅠ~ㅠ OMONA! OPPA…. *sobs* I wished for you to come back *cries* T^T and now you are here again!

First pic he posted for us was sleeping Jaejoong.

“트위터복귀를 바라는 분들이..참 많이계시네요 ..그래서 다시 이렇게 복귀했습니다. 복귀기념으로 수면JJ드립니다..”
[TRANS] Jaejoong: To the people wanting me back on twitter.. There are really many of you.. And so I’ve decided to return like this. To commemorate my return is a sleeping JJ..

“World`s Best Male Artist” and “World`s Best Video” *click*
OMO! O: WHAT?! like… seriously?! §Z$§)KJSKUR§U()$!!!!! THAT`S GREAT!
…but that also means more voting … o: … *faints* (I still feel like dead after EMA … and MAMA…. and now with SBS Mtv Best Of The Best too… ugh *dies* )
[WEIBO] 20 Million followers for HanGeng now!
Han Geng has now reached 20 million followers on Sina weibo~
UWAH! He really gains followers fast! I`m happy ^^ That`s really amazing lately!
Fan account london
OMG! this is…. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! *faints*
Geng, wae so sweet!? you are truely our gigant ball of adorable cute! That`s one lucky fangirl there! oooomo!
also: best fan account ever ^^d
She: “Wo ai ni”
Geng: “Xie Xie” ^__^
Chinese star Han Geng inspires future generation of business leaders in London
[Latest Pics]
Yishion Winter Series → 1 ,
(121128) Honglingjin Interview at the London School of Business and Finance → 2 ,
(121130) Han Geng at Crazy Pig Designs’ London store → 3 ,
121201 LSBF Hope: Press Conference → 4 , 5 , 6 ,
oh! *haha* awww! → 7 ,
The snowbard challenge from “Star Do On Style” episode with Genny → 8 ,
Men’s Uno magazine…. *_____* uwah! I love this one! → 9 ,
(121208) 6th China Mobile Wireless Migu music awards → 10 .
[VID] Han Geng Interview by BBC (Nov 28 2012)
If he`s really about to hold a concert in London I`m in big trouble ;~; I really want to go see him but who wants to come with me? I have no GengFan friends near me O: OMG!
I wonder if my best friend would come with me (in case she gets vacation). I know she would do a lot for me but if attending a concert in london she`s basically not interested in is part of this “a lot” too…? I`m not sure and… basically I don`t really dare to ask her. That`s a big thing to ask from her….
[VID] Star Do In Style (明星DoInStyle)
HAHA! omo! The challenges are LOVE! ^^
Geng won in Gaming, he has extra+ experience with gundams & he is snowboarding like a PRO while the host screams before her board even moves an inch!
I have no clue what they did all this for but IT`S FUN!
I`m glad to see that Geng has sometimes things to do on just for fun (means: for his own amusement). that`s great!

SuJu news!
aw, see? the evils can be good too ^^ *haha* gues siwon will get tons of magnets from now on (because fans will send him lots of them now)
Siwon reveals the thoughtful gift Kyuhyun gave him
The funny thing is that he wrote “to Shiyuan” ^^d I like you Kyu!

JYJ news!
➤ Junsu Musical Concert Details!
➤ Thank god it`s finally over and: no problem boys! >__< It was hard but DA FACK! We will go nowhere, no matter what happens! We will always be right besides you! *starts playing “Stand by You”*
[Trans] 121128 JYJ’s Official Statement “A Monumental Verdict, We Thank The Fans For Their Support”
➤ aaaah~~ Junsu-ya~~~ I love your hair! *_____* (yeah, I really don`t have a better comment LOL )
JYJ’s Junsu reveals the group will release a new album next year
And baby finally looks a bit more healthy again. ai, hope that`s a trend to continue.
➤ aw yes, my little soccer crazy Junsu ^______^
JYJ’s Junsu expresses his love of soccer
[News] 121204 JYJ’s Junsu immediately sells out tickets to his ’2012 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra’
➤ uwaaah! Junsu jjang! *o*
JYJ’s Junsu receives ‘Seoul Foreign Correspondents Club’ award
➤ hm. I remember that flower bouquet Junsu`s holding from somewhere but cannot poit otut from where… (yeah, guess flower bouquets kinda all look the same xD )
[Pic] 121208 Tony Moly Website

HoMin news!
➤ HoMin for SBS MTV Best Of The Best voting! CASSIES! VOOOOOOTE!
Vote here: http://www.mtv.co.kr/mini/best-of-the-best *click*
eh hehe… ^^° *drop* and you may also vote for Ailee? she`s a great singer #ShamelesslyPromotingOtherPersonInHoMinNewsSection
➤ WOOH! another dance practice vid! =D I always love them!
[Vid] 121203 TVXQ! ‘Humanoids’ Dance Practice [Naver Music On Air]
➤ o: but but but…. I haven`t even seen “드라마의제왕” (King Of Dramas)! but waaaah! new Yunho drama! Queen of Ambition!
TVXQ’s Yunho to star in new drama ‘Queen of Ambition’
➤ OMONA! This Photoshooting was just totally awesome! *O* I love this calendar!
TVXQ’s 2013 Bigeast Calendar Scans
➤ *___* HoMin, wae so awesome?
[Pic] TVXQ – ESQUIRE Magazine December 2012
➤ haha xD cool pics! I especially recommend sleeping changmin and the girls xD
TVXQ’s Yunho shares backstage photos from ‘SMTOWN Live World Tour III’ in Singapore and Bangkok
➤ LOLOL! xD Leader씨, wae are you like that?! xD
121208 Yunho’s Rhino Makes an Appearance
➤ New Tohoshinki song “I know”

*____* What a perfect J-Pop song! I can feel their emotions! OMO! It`s so beautiful I could cry! T~T
(For those who can unblock US coded videos or live outside of the countries in which videos with such a code are blocked: Watch the MV at Avex` YouTube Channel *click*!!)

➤ YAAAAAA!!! Brian will have a comeback! =DDD
Brian Joo announces comeback plans on Twitter

WAAAH, this last album was just epic! I`m SO looking forward to Oppa`s comeback! =D

➤ welcome in the “1 Million club” GD! ^___^
G-Dragon reaches 1 million followers on Twitter!

Shinhwa News!
➤ OMO! this is a nice song! uwah! Hyesung!
Shinhwa’s Hyesung releases “It’d Be Nice If It Were You” MV
wah, love it *_*
➤ Eh really? OTL is it because our boys had lawsuit? oO
Hyesung selects Super Junior as the hoobaes that will last as long as Shinhwa

Big Bang news!
➤ eeeh, really??
Big Bang’s Daesung to release debut Japanese solo album next year

➤ this is nice! I still think I should buy this album!
Kim Hyun Joong reveals PV for “Save Today” from his first Japanese album, “Unlimited”

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