HanGeng to perform at WMA O: *jaw drops*, Junsu released “Even Though I Already Know” MV , the birthday of the amazing Kim twins! + new K-dreams

안녕 다들!

Ugh, I feel exhausted. I mean it`s okay now after the weekend but… during the week…. it`s horrible during the week. I feel like a sleepless zombie and had a moment of almost passing out because of feeling too dizzy in the morning this week. This is SICKness man! *imitating Brian Oppa*
°~° I`m almost at the point where I can say: no matter how long I sleep it just dosen`t help anymore.
Soon I`m at this point again.

so I REALLY wondered how I managed to have some k-dreams… like… for realzs o___O normally this just won`t work out when I`m stressed but I really dreamed something that made sense and was not all weird & blurry.
So I will post it now for you (dreams are also already up on k-dream sub-page here).

frist dream was about HoMin (indirectly):

ok, this was a bit strange. It was NEITHER a k-dream in the normal sense NOR one of my hallyucinations…
It was like a looooong, long, empty, black dream but it was not scary at all. I heart HoMin sing the while night. I heard the Lyrics of “I Know”, “Humanoids” and “Still”. It was playing from my mind. Again and again. Parts of the lyrics from these 3 songs the whole time.
Maybe that was the reason for my good sleep that night. It was like I would listen to it with my iPod =)
…but it maybe shows my sad truth in life to never really see HoMin and always just hear them (maybe that`s why my dream was all black)

Second dream was about Junsu (and dogs ):

The dream started with me being done at work and walking to my car. I saw that I got a text message, looked at the screen of my phone and thought ‘oh. *raising eyebrows interested* it was Junsu… *wonders & reads what he wrote*‘. Text message was from the morning and said he`s free this afternoon and if I would like to come over and yeah… if I could bring food for the dogs. LOL what da heck, Junsu?? xD Kinda destroyed the message. ^^
But since I do everything for my Junsu and the doggies + since the pet store was on my way anyway (which was probably why he asked ^^) so I texted back “-Great! Yes, I will bring the doggie food. Just have to pick up the little one before and then I`m on my way.-”
Ooooh I couldn`t believe my luck! =D Meeting up and having a couple afternoon or something like that at Junsu’s place? How cool! Cannot say that meeting up like that happened often in the past(k-dreams)… oO well, it actually never happened to tell the truth. (we only had an emo moment regarding time problems ^^°)

So I went home first, got my ‘little one’ ^^ , drove to the pet store, bought food for the doggies and then moved on to Junsu`s house. There were some free parking spaces near the house so I stopped my car there. I had a little trouble getting out of the car since I had the doggie’s food + the bag with my ‘little one’ in my hands. I was busy to not let anything fall down or fall out of my car because of too much things in my hands xD
btw, my ‘little one’ was a dog. My dog. It was a little, brown doggie and had a face that reminded me of a teddy bear. ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ Just so cute! That was the reason why he was named TEDDY! Photobucket And I had one of those bags for very small doggies to transport him.
I think Teddy was my 2nd dog in that dream and my (real life) big doggie stayed at home with mom. Whatever, I know for sure that Teddy was new and I brought him along with me since I wanted to show him to Junsu. Photobucket
After I managed to get our of my car without any accident ^^and I wanted to cross the street to walk to the house, but then suddenly my UNCLE came down the street. From the side where I was parking. While I was like ‘oO what da….???? why is he here?!‘ in my mind he already started talking to me how surprising it is to see me here and such stuff. Oh yeah uncle, that`s what I wanted to say too. I could only give it back. Then he was like “Oh, you have a new dog?” and asking questions about Teddy – which I answered a bit offhanded.
1.) I was not about to tell him about Junsu since that one uncle of mine is one who tell the whole world everything as soon as you told him something & this would lead to MAJOR trouble.
+ 2.) the things in my hands were getting heavy. ( ̄- ̄;)
So I talked what`s necessary with him without being unfriendly and then excused myself. I said that I really had to go now since some doggies are waiting for their food (which was basically not a lie, I just didn`t tell him about Junsu). So uncle said he wouldn`t be far from here (because there was a park nearby) and if I could spare some minutes to talk so I agreed…. *sigh* since my hands were about to fall off by now and I haven`t met my uncle since a while so… oh well. I just gave in to not make him suspicous. (or even more suspicious?)
SOOOO uncle fiiiiinally continued walking and I fiiiiinally crossed the street and entered the house – #LikeABoss because I knew the code for the door ㅋ 😉 *puts on shades of coolness* (⌐■_■)♢ I`m da WO-MAN! HELL YEAH! (looks like Junsu already trusts his noona so much that I got the code sometime before b^^d )
After I entered the house I piled up the dog food in one corner and looked around a bit. This was the moment I realized that I have REALLY never ever been here before so I was a little bit lost at first, saw no Junsu but heard doggies downstairs. So I thought I should go there first.
I went downstairs and there was a bigger room like a living room and through the big windows you could see the garden and the terrace. I let Teddy out of his bad and he started running around. ^ㅅ^ very cute. Only a second later the other dogs came around a corner because they noticed me. I was a bit surprised since there were 4(!) big dogs. Xiahki and Hoki were first to reach and greet me. They were closely followed by Caesar, a Golden Retriver that was slightly smaller than Hoki & Tyson a big Rotweiler. ^^° oops, WHAT DA FACK!?
I have no idea why the other two were there any why I knew them but they were all cute. Maybe they were only guests because their owners were on vacation. Well, whatever. I knew them and they seemed to know and remember me so all doggies were friendly and nice… and I petted them all Photobucket yaiyyy!
After the doggie greeting I heard ppl taking behind the corner where the doggies came from before. I walked over there and said “Annyeonghaseyo~Photobucket ^_^”. But when I fully came around that corner and saw who was there I was a bit surprised. There was Junsu sitting on a couch and his mother standing in front of him. She had Charlie (her little dog) on her arm and she was about to go home again. It looked like she only came for a short visit.
I said “Oh? Umma-ssi?” ^^ and thought ‘aish! Junsu could have told me that she`s here too! >< *mentally not prepared to meet Junsu’s Umma*‘ and… wae didn`t I say something better than ‘Umma-ssi’? *double faceplam*.
She greeted me and said that it`s good that I`m here now because Junsu was having a bit of a bad day today, practically telling me to cheer him up. She seemd to be right because Junsu indeed looked somehow down.

:/ Nyaah, I didn`t like!
So I asked what went wrong today and Umma told me that he had some kind of a fight with an ajeossi and Junsu explains he thinks it`s all his fault that the ajeossi was angry and stuff. OTL I mentally faceplamed because this sounded just like one of my stories: Bad day at work with an ajeossi.
Then Junsu’s Umma said she would leave since she still had some things to do today and we bid our goodbye to her.
When Junsu told me a little more about his bad day with that ajeossi I said that he should forget about it, that it`s surely not his fault and I hugged him. Then I said that we will chill this afternoon and he should pick a movie to watch. Just something he likes, no matter what it is, I would watch it with him. Then I explained that I should go to quickly meet up with my uncle while he would be thinking of a movie and then I would come back. Junsu agreed and I left the house.
But I didn’t go alone ^^ I couldn’t find Teddy at the moment since he was racing around, checking the house out so I took Tyson with me to walk him. =D I really wanted to walk him! I like Rottweilers! They are nice~
My luck that he was educated well, because he was a really strong.
Well, so I walked him and my uncle was taken aback when I met up with him in the park and he saw Tyson on a leash behind me. LOL wae was this dream so silly?? Uncle expected Teddy and got Tyson. Result: major confused uncle.
So I talked to him and tried to do it as quick as possible to not let Junsu wait 4ever. When we were done with the talk how I was doing and stuff I went back to Junsu’s house.
I went downstairs again to bring Tyson back to the other doggies. Teddy was also back now and played with the big dogs in the garden, Tyson joined ^^ They were all really interested in the new little doggie and Teddy was not even afraid of these 4 big fellows.
But what now? I saw the doggies but no Junsu. I looked on my watch and thought if I maybe took too long with my walk with uncle in the park or if Junsu had a sudden schedule that came up and had to leave. Started to search the area, calling for Junsu and even Junho once (no idea wae I assumed that Junho could be here too. hm. Because of Hoki? But Hoki is always with Xiahki even when Junho wasn`t at home so this dosen´t really made sense… hm, oh well, it was a dream ╮(´▽`)╭ ).
So I went upstairs again, Teddy saw me leaving and that little crazy thing ran after me like wild xD to catch up to me and join my searching.
When I searched the house for Junsu I came to know that it`s really big. Once again I was lost. °-° I only thought ‘where to search? I dunno where anything is here… I have no clue.‘ (if I wouldn’t have been such a babo I could have hot on the idea to used my phone ^^°° #justsaying)
I went upstairs again and found Junsu in a room that looked like a bureau. He was organizing some documents or whatever.
Me: “*sigh* aigoo, there you are. Thought you maybe suddenly had to leave. This house is so big, I had no idea where to search for you. You could have left a note downstairs or something, u know? *somehow a little bit angry because I had to search for a while but still composed* “
Junsu: “oh, I`m sorry noona.”
Me: “ok. I will go and give the doggies their food now. Let`s meet downstairs then, né.”
Then I wanted to make my way back to the dogs then Junsu asked: “Noona, are you mad now?”
xD haha, aw, that Junsu. Really. I cannot! I smilied, walk the remaining two meters over to him and we hugged Photobucket
me: “no, Baby. Not really. ^^ “
We hugged for some more seconds and then I went to give the hungry doggies their food~

Sadly my dream ended then. But was fun! Made me smilie like an idiot for a whole day ㅋ =D

so what was this? something like our first real date in peace or so? o.o seriously Junsu? oh, I cannot! >///<
And Junsu saying things like “I refuse to date carelessly. I’m the type that dates only when I see her as my future wife.” in real life dosen’t exactly make me feel less embarrassed >////< ai, Junsu wae? >//<
Even if it`s only in my k-dreams but still. (((o>////<)o))) *waves with arms embarrassed* How would you feel when you dream something like that about your bias the whole time and he once said such things?! *faints because of feelings overkill*

…and it was once again mixed up reality: I`m running around even after work, ajeossi problems & family meeting. oh wow, all topics in one k-dream.

theeen: While we were already talking about Junsu…

On the 15th of December it was a very special day again ^^
our dearest Junsu & Junho, the amazing Kim twins, had their b-day! Everyone rejoice! o(≧∇≦)o

생일 죽하해요, 우리 준수와 준호오빠! You two please stay healthy and happy, keep doing what you love doing & please keep singing and dancing for us in future. (^ㅅ^)

My Junsu❤, my brother Junho ^^: All the best to you! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Photobucket HE WILL WHAAT?????? O: *jaw drops*
Han Geng will perform in World Music Awards 2012
HNNGHH!!!!!!! THIS IS BIG! (… again o.o) Photobucket OMFG… this is cool! SOMEONE PINCH ME PLEASE! Is this even real life? I mean… still??? After EMA… is it still real life? O: This year is truely SO Genny’s year *______* I cannot!
[Latest Pics] :
(121209) Beijing Mobile All-Stars Concert → 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ,
Han Geng and Vivian Ying (art director of COCOON fashion line) → 5 ,
While filming a guest appearance in the movie, “Happily Come Home” → 6 ,
oh! Geng looks cool! ^^ :【121216】Nanning. Rock Stars Concert → 7 .
[Interview/Vid] Han Geng Gets An Orange From MTV China
Article here *click*

[Vid] Han Geng Hope in the Darkness Beijing Concert Rehearsal: Behind the Scenes

SuJu news!
➤ … one of the most creepy things…. are…. , to me, …. wax figures … …. O____O
Super Junior’s Siwon made into wax figure for Kyochon Chicken
So it`s at Kyochon? ok. I already saw this on tumblr before AllKPop reported about it but… I just thought: “ok, even though it`s Siwon but…. THAT`S DAMN CREEPY! *backs off slowly from kyochon*”

JYJ news!
➤ It`s great that JYJ and Jihyo Unni have a good friendship. I LIKE!
Song JiHyo: “Kim Jaejoong is a friend that I’m thankful for, a stimulus for me”
➤ Of course he will. ^^ *confident* it`s our Chunnie and we believe in him + he has talent!
[Trans] 121209 “Park Yoochun, He Has Unlimited Potential… Will Success As An Actor”
➤ Because also our Junsu is just amazing LIKE THAT!
[NEWS] JYJ′s Kim Junsu Wraps Up a Successful Year
➤ oh! news from the boys on FB! Chunnie and…. UWAOH! *O* the Junsu bus! …. o: I LIKE!
[Pic] 121211 JYJ Facebook Update
➤ KYAAAAH!!!!! *spazzes out* THAT`S WHAT WE SAW AT THE CONCERT! (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) This is where the Junsu x Junsu ship came from!!!!

*fangirls for minutes squeaking once again* (((o(≧ヮ≦)o))) KYAAAH!!!
(it`s technically a “Tarantellegra behind the scenes or… delted scenes” thing o.o ppl who complain about the MV: STFU and enjoy the show of the new ship Junsu x Junsu. comments like “I hope JYJ make better MV” are not needed and I seriously have to ask you…. o___O are you JYJ fan? Are you a Junsu fan? Wae u no respect their work? oO )
➤ *sigh* yeah… the AVEX problem. Had almost forgotten about that with all the SM trouble in Korea OTL
JYJ reached court settlement in Korea; Unable to hold activities in Japan due to continuous dispute
➤ OTL OTL!!! He looks exhausted and tired. I do not approve.
JYJ’s Junsu looks exhausted but sexy in his recent selca
cannot agree on the sexy part because when I`m worry I only worried and see nothing else >< and these days I`m worried that Junsu works too hard. Guess he`s rehearsing for Ballad & Musical concert like a boss.
➤ I love the pics!
[Pic] 121213 – 2012 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra
➤ *o* JJ… uwah! so beautiful!
[Pic] 121215 Jaejoong Interview

HoMin news!
➤ Ok I wasn`t really sure where to out this since it could also be SuJu news but I decided to go with Homin xD
[Trans + Pic] Donghae Twitter update – Changmin
➤ Same with that one xD
[Trans + Pic] Kyuhyun Twitter update – Changmin
➤ Shilla always has nice pictures!
[Pic] 121215 TVXQ! Shilla Duty Free Website

➤ WOW! that`s great!
YG Entertainment takes 7 of top 10 spots for most viewed K-Pop MV’s of 2012

➤ haha xD that`s great!
“Oppan Gangnam Style” ranked as #9 quote on Yale Book of Quotations ‘Top 10 Quotes of the Year’
My workmate keeps saying this too! Every day. He has no idea what it means but Gangnam Style is still his fav song so far this year xD

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