여러분, 새해 복 많이 받으세요! O(∩_∩)O HAPPY NEW YEAR, readers! aka Junsu’s Thank U For & the New Year shows (Gayo, Dragon TV)

안녕! v^^.

First entry of 2013! Woohoo~~ ~(ˆ⌣ˆ~) (~ˆ⌣ˆ)~ *spazzes around*
Hope my follwers and readers didn’t party too hard so you won’t be having a hangover now ;P
talking about that… where’s my ELFi friend? I bet she was up way too long yesterday.
(Edit: she just returned and… she was. I KNEW IT! (((o(゚Д゚)o))) SHE STAYED UP THE WHOLE NIGHT!)

I just wanted to wish all readers and friends a happy new year! Thanks for staying with me in 2012 and I hope you come to read here in future too! ^___^
And: because it’s new year the new year’s header is back! ^^ Our boys! hope you like it! (you have to like it, it’s my only new years header xD )

Well, whatever.
It’s 2013 now!
You are maybe (or maybe not) interested in what nerdy admin of Xiah’s dragonempress blog was doing between the years.
I stayed at home like always ^^ I’m so not the outgoing type, u know ㄱ.ㄱ… (man, I SO fulfill the cliché of a nerd ^^°)
During the afternoon I watched MBC Gayo Daejun.
It was coool! Omo, it was better than last year! …although I had no idea who these ppl on stage were when 80% of the artists appeared Photobucket . I mean when their name appeared I often thought “oh they are THAT group. ok. I heard of them.” but only by looking at them I knew the fewest of them.
I admit it, I’m too ignorant and I’m not even ashamed of it xD LOL
Livestream hat some fails at the beginning but was okay most of the time then BUT, of course, when it was Big Bang’s, SuJu’s and TVXQ’s time to appear on the show stream was lacking like there’s no tomo *facepalm*
I was watching skipping pictures in stead of a broadcasting…. I was like “Photobucket wtf…. you serious now? ….. == …. ”
Uhm yes. Stream was serious with that.
I guess this will become a tradition now sine the MBC Gayo stream is the only stream that’s working for me every year. aigoo… it’s really like that.
So like last year I watched korean new year celebration and Gayo show. At first I thought when they all gathered on stage when it was near korean new year the show was over now and I missed BB, TVXQ & SuJu while I was out with the dog (AND because last year the show ended at midnight). My luck, they were still about to come! ^^
btw, in the commercial break of MBC Gayo I skipped back to Dragon TV in hope to catch Geng (I knew he wouldn’t appear at the start of the show… just like our boys always perform late on shows so Genny does). It turned out to be just the right time. It was exactly the second when Geng’s performance started (when he walked in from behind the stage ^^).
Of course, the stream of Dragon TV’s New Year Celebration show was also lacking at that moment! ==” hrrr….*annoyed sigh* but I managed to see 60% of HanGeng’s performance and when he talked with the hosts on stage stream was totally okay.
The stage of Dragon TV’s show was raeally big…. O.O maybe it only looked like that through tv/the stream but hell…

So after all the shows it was time for dinner.
We were having dinner with sister sis and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend brought things to eat and mom had bought things to eat and in the end it looked like on turkish families tables, or korean families tables or… chinese families tables: a table full of diffenret bowls with 9384309403 things to eat xD
Huge food celebration because of new year! *_____* uwah, daebak!
I mean: food! I can only approve of huge food celebration!
After dinner we watched a movie together and…. damn…. wae was this movie so long and tiringß??? o-O (it was “Batman – The Dark Knight”)
It was like a never ending story and, to be honest, it wasn’t that intersting. I mean there were some cool scenes but the story was really… really… dunno what to say. Just tiring. It took sooooo long till something happened somehow. So: please no more batman movies anymore.
The Batman game my sister sis is playing is more fun.

While watching that movie I was on tumbler xD I missed nothing while I wasn’t looking at it.

sooooo and to celebrate the new year what about letting the couples return???
I hear a “yes!!!!” from sister xD okeh, so let’s meet our couples now!

“EunHae of the day”:
watch out Hyukjae! Hae comes with a random hugging attack~~ ^^
haha, cute babies! SuJu boys so young back then!

And now my personal ultimate couple! Let’s see what they are doing for the couple series today!
“SiHan of the day”:
OH VERY CLASSIC, SIHAN! what they did best: whispering ;D

And it wouldn’t be a full return of the couples if we would leave out the couple special!

☆✭☆[Couple special] SiHan, today: HanGeng takes the blame and the credit for Siwon’s chinese – A MUST WATCH!”☆✭☆
[Vid:] School News SiHan cut! ;D
THIS IS A MUST WATCH!!!!! When you like SiHan you just HAVE to watch this!
This is seriously sooo funny xD LOLOLOLOL!
Siwon is just adorable and Genny is the best! … Photobucket so fun! DORKS!
Just soooo funny!
Siwon all the time: “Im a foreigner” while Geng continues to blame him xD
…yeah, and because HanGeng taugh Siwon chinese, Siwon has the same mainlandish dialect now as he has. ㅋ (the funniest thing was when HanGeng blamed Siwon on national tv because of his “bad habits” in speaking xD BUT GENG~! You taught him! lol xD)

➤ [VID] 2013 Pepsi Microfilm – Bring Happiness Home trailer

aww! this is funny-cute! =D I LIKE IT! Yang Mi and HanGeng so cute ^____^
➤ [VID] 121224 Yishion Christmas Video – HanGeng Part

KYAAAH!!!! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) cuuutieee! aww!
➤ [VID][121229] 20th China Music Award – Han Geng Wild Cursive

and: He won 3 awards. Best Entertainer, Best Stage and a golden melody award for Wild Cursive! CONGRATULATIONS HANGENG!
➤ [Latest Pics]
OTL it says album signing but it was actually photobook signing, book signing at Raffles City → 1 ,
aw! cute gifts of fans ^^ → 2,
Genny, your face looks very small in that one o.o… → 3,
awww! *______* I want the first one as phone walli! *makes note to DL it* → 4,
【121226】Beijing. Filming for COSMOPOLITAN’s 2013 Feb issue → 5 ,
TQ Pad → 6,
oh? this is also for Pepsi? → 7 ,
TQ Pad “Happy New Year” → 8 ,
Genny and YangMi ^^ → 9 .
➤ [Weibo Updates]
– LOOOOL xD ah yeah. that happening *haha* ppl so funny! : (121226) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – 2012 Weibo Night [1 Entry]
(121228) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Lifestyle 20 [1 Entry]
➤ [VID] 121231 Dragon TV New Years Celebrations – Genny’s performance of “Kuang Cao” & “Clown Mask”
o.o the stage was FREAKIN’ BIG okeh?!
Ai, and on top of all I’m so happy! I saw this live OTL Dragon TV livestream was lacking like hell but still, I managed to see Genny’s perfromance. I missen the first half of Kuang Cao but saw all of Clown Mask. And he looked soooo good yesterday! *___*d It was cool! (I watched his performance while the commcercial break was going on at MBC (^-^)d but hell… what is MBC Gayo when I can watch HanGeng’s performance *haha* I only would have been in trouble when Genny’s performance would have been at the same time as HoMin’S OoO … but lucky me: it was not like that Photobucket )

JYJ news!
JYJ’s Junsu releases new digital single “Thank U For”
…the k-dream I had one day BEFORE this song was released is ridiculously similar with the song’s content. I will share it with the next entry. (it’s really ridiculous! щ(゚Д゚щ) like “OMGZ! for realz?!” … my k-dreams… I cannot! Too accurate, too accurate! oh well but what am I talking about here… you can already read it on the k-dreams site so if you want to you can)
➤ [English Trans] “Thank U For” lyrics
[Lyrics] Xia Junsu: ‘Thank U for’
➤ This song is sooo love!
JYJ’s Junsu releases new digital single “Thank U for”…Kim Junsu, hot attention for his Christmas gift for his fans…’Thank U for’
➤ The Kim twins about “Thank U For” in twitter ^^
[Trans] Junsu + Junho Twitter update
➤ well, I only realized that it sounded really clear OTL
[News] 121226 JYJ Junsu’s New Single “Thank U For” Released in Sampling Rate of 48.0kHz
➤ I love how they are working together! ❤❤
haha, they are so dorky-cute! ^___^
[Pic] JYJ 2013 Calendar Part 2
➤ Baby working hard… HWAITING JUNSU!
JYJ’s Junsu practices with a live orchestra for upcoming concert ’2012 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert With Orchestra’
JYJ’s Kim Junsu receives great response for solo ballad concert…”The best vocalist”
Maybe we will get a DVD??? °~° *goes to do puppy eyes at Cjes CEO*
➤ I love you ppl….
[Pic] XIA Ballad & Musical Concert (Day 1) – Fan Support
➤ Nyaaah… *_____* wae is my Junsu so lovely…
[HQ PICS] 121229 Junsu in XIA Ballad & Musical Concert (Day 1)

HoMin news!
➤ WOW! really?! Changmin will be a co-MC?! =D
TVXQ’s Changmin to join Kang Ho Dong as a fixed MC for an upcoming KBS variety show
➤ The pics are great!
[Pic] TVXQ! 2013 Calendar
➤ HoMin’s 9th anni messages T.T so sweet!
TVXQ write handwritten messages to fans for their 9th anniversary
errr yes… STFU SM, you troublesome being. All I see and hear is HoMin
➤ *nods* I can totally agree with Leader씨’s methods
[News/Trans] 121228 U-Know Yunho’s Frank Confession “Of the women who asked me out three were celebrities”
It’s of no use to date a person you know from the start you don’t like in that way. I mean: makes no sense. Not on korea and also nowhere else on earth. Maybe they confessed but… that dosen’t mean that you have to date them only because they confessed to you.
Emmy said: “Yunho has to like you first” ^^ hehe #LikeALeader, as always.
➤ As long as Leader씨 or Changmin are in it I’m more than highly interested to minitor this group #ACassiesConfession
[News] SM Entertainment artists form a project group
➤ Turkish TVXQ fans… WOW! you guys…. O.O
TVXQ Turkish Fans Support Project for TVXQ!
I always wonder how ppl know where to send these packages…. do they simply send it to SM and write on it “give that to HoMin please~” or so… oO
but: uwah… phoenix should do something like that too. I mean… we never have any cool project here >-< *goes crying once again*
➤ I guess I didn’t posted this before… WHAT A SCANDAL! O: there you go ppl with the full japanese Version of “Catch Me”
It actually dosen’t sound weird! It’s good! Photobucket To be completely honest…. I LOVE IT! =DD
➤ HoMin’s performance for MBC Gayo Daejun:

➤ [PICS] TVXQ at MBC Gayo
[Pic] TVXQ – MBC Gayo Daejun
➤ [Phone call] Lookies cassies! HoMin phoned us xD LOL (oh yeah, would be too nice if they’d really do this ^___^ )
January 1st – TVXQ’s Phone Call to Cassiopeia

TVXQ: Hello? Happy New Year! 1,2,3 we are TVXQ.
YH: Are you surprised? We called you to send you new year greetings!
CM: So what is this years oriental (Chinese) zodiac sign? It’s snake year.
YH: yes it is
CM: For the new year, I hope that everyone keeps away from bad luck Iike the snake, and just keeps good fortune.
YH: Yes, I would like everyone to have many good things to happen. We (TVXQ) will always be by your side and wish for your happiness. Especially our beloved Cassiopeia! I love you always. Let us continue to keep this strong bond between us.
TVXQ: Thank you for listening, this was TVXQ!


➤ uhm, wow, ok. if they are not doing this to promote this group then… wow. That’s really cool then.
Rookie group ‘Pure’ to hold a relay of 100 concerts to wish for TVXQ’s reunion

Big Bang news!
➤ Santa Seungri is here! LOL
Big Bangs’s Seungri sends christmas message to VIPs
that boy… really, he’s just too precious! hahaha! great fun, Seunri, really! xD

So this was the first entry of 2013! woohoo! It’s done! First entry of the year during the first day of the year!

aigoo…. it contained a lot of “old” news from 2012… ^^°°°° I’m sorry but I’m too busy at work to post everything in time so you just have to accept old news. (just like Junsu’s “Thank U For” posts… that was really nothing too new!)

I’m looking forwards to a good blogger’s years 2013 and… wait, waht da hell are my mice doing??? *listens to weird sounds and ruckus*
YAH! mommy tries to work here, ara?!? So stop doing nonsense, will ya?! (;¬_¬) aish…these kids!
… err, what was I about to say?
Finally we have a year without eternal JYJ/SM lawsuit news. Depressing news, to be exact. I hope our boys can appear on tv now. At least a few times.

For my reads I just want to repeat that I have Tumblr now since a while and it’s updated way more often than the blog, because it’s a mostly pic-post tumblr for me and I reblog like a mad person xD
So when you are bored you can also look at that and watch me spazz out (and I spazz often LOL)

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