My latest K-Dreams, Siwon reaches 3 Million mark on twitter and Block B fill lawsuit against their company oO wtf…

안녕 친구들! v^^.

As promised I post my k-dreams!
Yes, dreamS! In the meantime it was one more.

My first dream was about Junsu:
I really couldn`t believe it! In that dream my mom attended Junsu’s concert with me!
WOW! So I saw Junsu again & mom saw him for the first time in her life.
We had seats which were just daebak. We were 3rd row in the middle of Super VIP area. I dunno how we got these seats, I surely didn’t buy the tickets. That’s something I`m sure of. Guess Junsu helped out to make us attend the concert 😉
Mom sat to my left and…. you will never believe it, Ailee sat to my right! ( ˆ ω ˆ ) YES! AILEE! it was just cool! But I wasn`t thinking about it too much. I just noticed it and thought it was very cool. There were more important things to do at the moment than being all worked up because of Ailee. I was busy looking at Junsu and was busy enjoying the show!
Junsu picked 4 fans to play a game with him on stage. Little fans were very excited. *haha* ^^ cute. Too bad that I have no idea what kind of game it was, because my dream skipped that part.
The next part took place after the concert. We were in a big living room of a hotel suite. Junsu was there, Ailee was there, mom and me also. Yeah, Ailee again! This hotel was a bit weird. Junsu and Ailee had to share the living room. They both had separeted rooms for themselves but the living room was the one room they had to share. Well, not that important.
The important thing was that Mom talked with Junsu Photobucket Aaaah, finally! Yes mom, you talk with my Junsu. ACCEPT HIM~ ≧◡ ≦
While mom and Junsu talked I sat on the couch with Ailee. She tried to fix her hair and was not very successful which frustrated her a little after a while. I asked if she has trouble with her hair. She said yes and said that today her hair just dosen’t wants to do what she wants. We had a little women’s hair talk then! I know hair trouble way too well! Ailee was very nice to talk to and in the end we laughed a lot. When I remembered that I actually have my pen with me I asked for her autograph. Of course Ailee was willing to gimme one.
I gave her my red marker and looked into my bag to find something for her to write on. Strangely there was my Saipan photobook in my bag and I just gave her that ^^° ( xD WEIRDNESS, I KNOW! but in a dream everything is possible!)
On an empty page in it she drew a little smilie and wrote ‘to Sangmi~ It was fun to meet you!’ and signed it. Aww! How nice of her! Le me was a happy idiot then! I really like Ailee so it was really cool to meet her!
Just when she had finished giving me her autograph Junsu came sit besides me and leaned into the couch heavily. He really looked very tired. (*´・ω・) my poor Junsu.
Meanwhile my mom was checking out the furniture of the hotel room now xD it seemed she really liked it. She was not paying attention to us 3 (Junsu, Ailee and me) at the moment.
When I looked at the clock I saw it was already getting really late and Junsu really had to rest, so I decided it`s the best when Mom and me would leave. But just when I wanted to get up from the couch I remembered something and I turned to Junsu.
I said “Ah, Junsu… *reaching for his arm*” then he blinked at me tiredly (CUTE! btw! Photobucket aww!) and said “hm?”.
me said “before I go, could you sign something for me?”
Junsu nodded and said “okay.”
He put himself into a more upright sitting position and I stroked his arm saying “Kamsahamnida~ ♡^ω^♡ “.
Once again it was time for my red marker & Junsu signed Tarantallegra album for me. Thanks a lot Junsu~~♡
While Junsu was at it with writing, he seem to remembered something he wanted to make a note of so he won’t forget. A second later he had a post it in his hands and put it on me to write on it ^^ on my upper arm to be exact. Uhm, Junsu, you DO know that this room has a table, don’t you? xD Wae using me instead?
Oh but that wasn’t the most disturbing. Actually it was cute but… while Junsu was careful not to destroy the paper while writing on me/the paper (u know what I mean… humans are just not that good to write on ^^° ) his free hand was on my lower arm and…. >///< ah damn you, Junsu! … Somehow it`s always okay when I`m the one touching him (first) but as soon as it`s vice versa it`s making me nervous! (≥///≤) *embarrassed*
I was thinking exactly about THAT while he wrote his little note carefully. I was like ‘*getting chills, feeling nervous and stuff* aigoo, I`m going crazy…’ in my thoughts. Dammit! The first time I was so irritated…!
After some horrible long seconds he was done and mom and I left.
My dream jumped to some days later then.
Junsu had come to visit us at home and we went for a walk. His last free moments this year so what else to do as to go on a couple walk? So this was something like our 2012 year-end date, we were walking alongside a little lake and just everything felt like fluff ^///^° eh hehe.. *embarrassed laugh* I`m such a hopeless case.
But it was just so nice! Even the weather was okay for this time of the year. So we just walked around, not talking too much and were just enjoying ourselves. Junsu was holding my hand (^//^) *blushes* and I was practically cuddle up to his side while walking (^////^) *blushes more*. Then there was a small forrest part on our way (a really small one) and we walked through it, in the middle of it we stopped, hugged and… kissed (^/////////^) *blushes madly*, then walken on.
Once the forrest path had ended and the normal path continued there was a person with 5 little puppies + the puppies’ mom and we got really excited because of the puppies.
Then my dream ended. (^///^) *giggles*

Well I would say…. *cough* JunMi couple is definitely less awkward together *cough* …
but it also embarrasses me in a way. >///< too much couple-ness at once.

.Edit: … …
o-O *blinks in disbelieve* Junsu released “Thank U For” today. One day after I had the dream above and… it`s ridiculous HOW SIMILAR the lyrics’ content (english trans here *click*) is with my dream…. it`s… ridiculously similar, OKEH?! *faints*

My second dream was about HanGeng:
This time I decided to go into the mall in the late afternoon! I`ve read there was some kind of SM exhibition thingy going on and it was the last day of it. So I just wanted to go check it out.
There weren’t too many ppl anymore because it was already late and the last exhibition day. ALSO, it was only an exhibition of differnt things, no artists present and such. (I guess that’s wae no one was there anymore xD )
I walked through it and looked through the more or less interesting things till somehting caught my eye: There was a newspaper article in a frame. It was about Yunho and it was with a big picture of him and it was from an american newspaper! I thought ‘…that’s interesting. I never knew there was an article that huge about Yunho in America… *stares at it* I wonder if Emmy knows about that. Have to show her!’ so I got out my phone and took a picture of it. After I was done I wanted to walk on but theeeen: *waves with arms* A wild SM person appeared… or more like… popped up in front of me and said it’s forbidden to take photos. I was like o__O WTF… it’s a freaking article in a frame so… JUST WHAT . DA . FACK ???’. I said “what? oO”.
-What- not like in -I don’t understand- it was more like in sense of -you serious? wth…- .
SM person repeated that it was forbidden and that I should delete it. hrrr… ==”’ so I deleted it frustrated while SM person was monitoring me. After it was deleted SM person left again and I… ㅋㅋㅋ quickyl took a picture of it again like a ninja and walked on like -lalalalaaa~ I did nothing~ – . xD hehehe… As if I would listen to what random SM ppl say… ㄱ.ㄱ in their dreams maybe, but only there! Because… IT WAS A FREAKIN’ ARTICLE IN A DAMN FRAME?! SM WAE YOU NO LET ME TAKE A PHOTO OF IT, EH?! щ(゚Д゚щ)
When I reached the end of the exhibition I decided to walk through the shops in the mall since I was already here. There was one famouse new shop that had opened recently so I went there to check on it. When I entered it I saw it was a pretty big shop. The clothes were actually cool but… *sighs* the prices. Just no. I walked through this shop only looking at the things, not even thinking about buying them. And while I was walking there just like that two ppl caught my attention. I wasn’t even done thinking ‘Ah! I guess there are SunLe and HanGeng. Cool. I noticed two women, maybe in their mid 30ties, who were kinda stalking them hard, destroying the shopping fun for them. I thought tsk, wae u have no manners? You just wait…(¬_¬) and so I went to disturb the stalker women! (ò_óˇ)
They were still keeping a bit of distance but for my taste it was already too near so I disturbed their ways of walking/crossing their way exactly in a way that they had to back off again.
Some moments later Geng’s Manager, SunLe, gestured me to come near and so I did. When I arrived in front of him I slightly bowed to him and said hello, then looking over to HanGeng who nodded at me. Me nodding back. No big greeting in such a public place ppl! OTL FIRST RULE OF ALL. (btw, SunLe knew who I was, we already met for the SuJu-M/HanGeng CF filming back then).
SunLe said thanks to me becaus he saw what I was doing xD and told me that he would take care of this now. Then he directly walked over to the 2 women and had a little talk with them. I was listening from some meters behind him and… uh, he sounded so serious… °.° … I guess I was staring a bit and was happy he wasn’t lecturing me. What made me come back to reality with my thoughts was HanGeng appearing besides me or more like walking past me closely, giving me a quick side glance. I understood and followed him walking around the shop, but with a bit of distance, walking away from the two women.
A moment later SunLe came back and the women were gone. Apparently he sent them away and they obeyed (wow, at least that). After this was done now SunLe went to the checkout to pay for some clothes they had choosen before (apparently with Geng’s credit card because these clothes were clotehs for him). When I was looking over to the checkout area I saw that the lady at the checkout got some things from the shelf behind her.
HanGeng and I were some meters behind him, waiting. Then Genny suddenly asked “Hey, do you like giraffes?”. I was a bit irriteted by this very random question but said “…yes, I do.”. Giraffes are nice~~! But what happened then was even more irritating: SunLe was looking at us and Geng waved at him with something, SunLe nodded and turned around to pay the shop lady. HanGeng then turned back at me and put what he was holding in my hand. “There you go.” he said and walked away grinning. SunLe and HanGeng left the shop and I stood there like WTF…..?. Then I looked at what he had given me before and it was a little stuffed Giraffe, about 10 cm tall as a keychain. I was even more in WTF-mode then! … I stood there speechless and only thought ‘HOW DARE YOU TO BUY THAT FOR ME, GENNY?!??? (((o(ò_ó)o))) JUST HOW!? ( ̄_ ̄|||) oh gosh! How can he dare to buy me something?! ‘. hrrr… *annoyed sigh* and then walking away with SUCH a grin. I absolutely don’t approve of him buying me things…. no matter how small they may be. … …. =_= and he probably knows that very well! Walking away quickly, huh? What coincidence Genny… what coincidence… . On top of all I only realized then that I stood directly besides a shelf with such keychain stuff and little stuffed animals in general. I didn’t get wae they were selling this here xD Maybe for the kids? I have no clue. But at least I understood now where Geng got that thing from all of a sudden.
Oh well, since they were already gone and I decided not to bother and chase them down because… it would be just too weird to behave like that, there was no need only because of that issue and I was still in a huge public place. So I just put my giraffe in my bag and left the mall. When I was walking home I suddenly had the idea that Genny maybe checked by at home to greet my mom. Dunno wae I suddenly had a feeling that it would happen. I just had it! I tried to walk home faster to maybe catch them before leaving. But unfortunately it was snowing like cray and the way I was walking was also full of snow like… piled up HIGH. I had a rather long and difficult walk home, cursing myself for not driving with my car right from the start. == …
When I was finally home it was still snowing like crazy. I searched for mom and asked her if someone was here while I was gone. She told me that ‘my friends’ (HanGeng and SunLe) were here before but left soon after they came. Then she walked over to me and gave me a letter, telling me they left that for me. Mom then went back to her work I started to read the letter.
It was from Genny and the letter said “I’m sorry we were rather busy today, a lot of work is ahead!”. I stopped reading and thought, more like as a joke, ‘aigoo… can’t you arrange your schedule so you would at least have a bit of time? Photobucket (well… not time as in to meet up with me, just time in general and not always being so busy). Then I read on and the next sentence was “And NO, I cannot not arrange my year-end schedule~ 😉 See you the next time!”. THIS made me laugh! LOL xD
Damn you Geng… seriously, damn you! Photobucket
What is this!? Readiny my mind?? JUST WHAT IS THIS? ^^° Either he has abilities I don’t know about or I’m too obvious. Obviously something was wrong here *haha* ^^

A short dream but… I cannot with that boy! Genny, wae u read my mind? ^^° (and more important: how dare you to buy me little giraffe, eh??)

Two amusing (respectively embarrassing >< ) episodes of my k-dreams!
oh, my sis also started to have one. after year of complaining that it just won’t work out for her it finally works! To see Jaejoong in a bunny constume is no longer impossible! LOL xD dreams make it possible!
k-dreams are fun!

I hope my sis will have many more so I can read about it! Photobucket

[Vid] Pepsi short film, Bring Happiness Home theme song: “Love Each Other in 2013”
Oh well, genny only has a few shots but still ^^ I liked this vid!
[Vid] Happy Camp Preview (for episode of the 130112!)
I . MUST . SEE . THIS!!!!! *O*
This looks like so much fun!
And I cannot…! They dance Gangnam Style for a moment… then we will see Genny dance Gangnam Style again (oh sorry, he’s Chinese Style xD ). Ok, they will dance it in that weirdo room but I coudn’t care less OTL~~~ ^____^ (because weirdo room also looks like one hell of a funny thing!) ㅋㅋ awesome! I look SO forward to this!
[Latest Pics]
Xtep event in Xiamen → 1 .
oh man. more like only latest PIC… only one poor pic… >< oh…

SuJu news!
➤ =D I waited for a new album! Now we will get one! that’s great!
Super Junior-M reveals new photo and release date for 2nd album ‘Break Down’
btw… this pictures kinda confuses me. I think Zhoimi has the coolest hair color ^^ it looks really good on him. For the others goes: I have to get used to it oO then I will say something about it. … maybe.
➤ All ppl want to follow Siwon ╮(´▽`)╭ he now finally reached the 3 million followers-mark!
Super Junior’s Siwon becomes the first Korean celebrity to surpass 3 million followers on Twitter
➤ oh… I hope this won’t get blocked some hours later… >.> but there you go with SuJu-M’s album song preview Henry posted on tweeter~
Super Junior-M, The 2nd Album ‘BREAK DOWN’, Highlight Medley
*__* all the songs sound cool! Can’t wait till the new album comes out!

JYJ news!
➤ Ah yeah, Junsu! Maybe you could use your super scary laugh from ELisabeth again then! *haha* … …. °-° oh wait… that laugh was really scary ><
[News] 121231 Kim Junsu Says, “The Musical I’d Like To Appear In? ‘Jekyll And Hyde’!”
➤ On the one hand it’s sweet, on the other it’s crazy ^^
[Trans] 130102 Kim Junsu Calls His Mother On Stage And Sings ‘Dream Of A Goose’ With Her As A Duet/

HoMin news!
➤ Changmin said it the friendly way, I say it the blunt way: “You damn stalker get a life! You are too crazy so just come back to being a normal fan again! THANKS!” (…if they were EVER normal at the beginning)
Advice from TVXQ’s Max Changmin to fans
I know I keep asking the same question but: Don’t they feel bad to stalk da hell out of ppl they clain to ‘love’?? bothering them like there is no tomorrow with stalking da hell out of them IS NOT THE DEFINITION OF LOVE kids! #justsaying
➤ O: …. Leader씨…. O: … Queen of ambition… *stares*
[Pics] New Pictures of Yunho as Baek Do Hoon
OMG SUN! LET ME DIE! Leader씨 is freakin’ handsome, okeh?! (屮゚Д゚)屮

➤ HOLY SHIT! O: so we have another lawsuit in k-pop…
Block B releases official position against Stardom Entertainment
And now the bloody WAR begins ヽ(♯`Д´)ノ PREPARE YOURSELF BLOCK B! Pissed lables are pissed OTL #justsaying. (even though I wonder how much damage small lables can do… I mean SM was super worse because they have their hands in eeeeverything and can make your life a living hell (when you stay in the same country as them >< thank god Genny went home back then!)

Shinhwa news!
➤ Iiiii~ already guessed that they have little doggies! …
Shinhwa members reveal their pets on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’
…and I was right. they HAVE little doggies.

and now, last but not least, THE COUPLES! =)

“EunHae of the day”
aw~ being clingy? how lovely! ❤ (^ㅅ^) aigoo, *pinches them* so young back then! babies! haaaa~ I love SuJu. Where else can you see a fishy cling onto a monkey?

“SiHan of the day”
O: *jaw drops* OMO! this?! wae is this coming back now?! (voice inside my head: “because it’s in your couple list, you idiot ㄱ-ㄱ …”) I remember I saw a gif or… a video cut of this moment. oh… oh… *looks around nervous* my shipper heart! *faints*

☆✭☆[Couple special] SiHan, today: Marry U☆✭☆
About “Marry U”
The famous Marry U-Moment of SiHan T.T I cry… ❤

ok guys, that’s it then for today. Thanks to my k-dreams this entry is already over 3400 words long! Photobucket OMG SUN!
giiiiiigant one!

So c ya the next time! ^^/

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    gimme more gimme more!
    and I was even mentioned :33 *nods nods* i hope for more kdreams too ❤
    I miss jaejae so bad

    • Sangmi says:

      ㅋㅋㅋ yeah, SiHan put up a really hot show today *giggles* and SiHan couple will continue to be part of the series 😉

      I totally understand that u miss him *pat, pat* =) the more you see them, the more you miss them. It’s a doom loop! ^^° #AFangirlsPain

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