Jaejoong releases “One Kiss”, Geng wins “Most Influencal Fashion Star” Award & my latest k-dream ^//^

안녕 친구들! v^^.

Can you believe it??? I’m on vacation this week! YESH!
So I have looots of time to blog and tumblr-blog (more like reblog)
And also: to get rid of my money (/~\) oh man…
Brought my car to the garade today and there were always more things coming up to do on it … YAH! you ppl, you can stop now. I have no money, okeh?! *sigh*
aigoo… I hope I can get away with a bill in a frame of… up to 700 dollars OTL then I would be lucky.
When I come home in the evening and I cry then it’s because of the garage bill #justsaying

What else?
I think we hate to cut the couple show today. I have to many vids in this entry and… it’s already about to be sooo freakin’ long once again. So I’m sorry sorry!

I started to watch “King Of Dramas”. FINALLY! next up is Yunho’s drama and… aigoo, I feel like being busy drama watching for the next time! O: ON TOP OF ALL MY DRAMA PLANS GOT ALL MESSED UP AGAIN! AISH! (۳˚Д˚)۳ I GIVE UP MAKING PLANS! *walks away frustrated*


*comes back*
hey wait, I wasn’t done here! (wae da heck am I walking away??)

I emailed my ELFi friend yesterday. (130114)
yeah, we are still doing our mail with these embarrassing scenarios in it xD LOL I had a BULLSEYE SCENARIO once again!
Photobucket hahaha! Oh man, I am so good!
(thanks ELFi for giving me good training btw xD )
Oh my poor ELFi friend died yesterday xD ㅋㅋㅋ this was my revenge! (she let me die before too and… yes we are idiots who started -for whatever reason- to write embarrassing scenarios and kill ourselves with it xD this is what we do in our freetime ^^° )
Now I fear with what she will come up next. It can only get worse…. (° °) …. *looks around nervous*

[Vid] HanGeng wishes a Happy New Year
haha xD I have to admit that I at first was like “wth.. *irritated*” when he got that thing out from behind his back ^^ but really cute new year’s message!
[Vid] Happy Camp Science Lap part (english subs)
THIS WAS TOTALLY THE BEST PART! xD I laughed so much at this! THE BEST BEST BEST!!!!
The full episode of Happy Camp (without subs) is here: Happy Camp with Geng HERE*click*
[Latest Pics]
Aigoo… ^^ genny that little ninja secretly went to Thailand for new year! → 1 , 2 ,
Genny & Jimmy Lin for Pepsi → 3 ,
HAHA xD WTH pepsi…? (with: Louis Koo, Yang Mi, Han Geng, Xie Na, and He Jiong) → 4 looks so funny! ,
Han Geng on the set of “Bring Happiness Home” (so this is where he found that doggie!) → 5 ,
Genny & Yang Mi for Pepsi (“Bring Happiness Home”) → 6 ,
HanGeng at 2012 Sohu Fashion Awards on 130108 in Beijing (oh..oooh…. for some reason he looked sort of pissed that day D: I dunno wae!) → 7 , HOT! 8 ,
…oO and he REALLY won the “Most influencal fashion star” awards OTL how? (xD #HanGengGetsNoRespect) → 9 ,
HAHA! the best of “Bring Happiness Home” xD → 10 ,
At Weibo night 130114 → 11 ,
HanGeng on Cosmopolitan Cover, february issue → 12 .
[Vid] The making of Hope In the Darkness
Comments while watching ^^:
– §($KSDOOER!!!! the first shots in this vid! Photobucket
AND… HHHNNNNNNNGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! GENG IN WARRIOR UNIFORM!!!!! (屮゚Д゚)屮 I cannot, I cannot! too hot! *faints*
– UWOAH! and riding into the hall like a boss *haha* the horse that was troublesome for him, wasn’t it ^___^
– I totally love how he still looks like the most normal person on earth when he’s not on front of the camera. Photobucket yup ppl, this is what the person looks like that whon “Worldwide Act” at EMA OTL OTL. The most normal, like you and me.
– … drinking lots of coffee guys, huh?
– awwwwwww! Photobucket petting the MV-horsey ^^
– *Clow Mask MV: things flying throuhg the air in SlowMo* everyone in the vid-> “uwah! uwaaaah!” , me-> “uwah! uwaaaah!” with them xD LOL
– HAHA xD the last shot *giggles* genny, yo hair! ^^d I love this!
[Vid] “Bring Happiness Home” HanGeng cut (with YangMi ^^)
I loooove htem ^^ *ship, ship, ship* Genny and YangMi! \^^/
We also had the Pepsi Micro Movie – Making Of.

SuJu news!
➤ YAYYY! Our baby Henry reached 1 million followers! =D
Super Junior-M’s Henry reaches 1 million followers on Twitter
congrats to mochi~!

JYJ news!
[Trans] Kim Junsu has the greatest ticket power with an all-kill in both musicals and concerts
➤ awwwww! this is soooooo sweet!
The reason Kim Junsu came on the stage with his mother
➤ Rock is not so my thing, at least not this kind of rock, but the song was ok, I want to listen to the rest of his album!
Kim Jaejoong pre-released his song “One Kiss”
➤ [English Trans] Jaejoong’s “One Kiss”

Artiste : Kim Jaejoong
Album : I
I’m feeling, one kiss, one heart
I’m feeling, one kiss, one heart

Born free, sadly, but one kiss one heart
With a slowed breath, we share one kiss
I feel it with my eyes closed in this complicated feeling
Oh I’ll try to show you
A free world

Why didn’t come my way?
Isn’t it too late?
Inside my silence, my away
At the narrowed crossroads, you put wings on me
You showed me the way to go to heaven

Because I was born as me, I couldn’t know
About this common kiss and this rough heart
My dear, you taught me the exit to the hidden memories

I’m feeling oh my way?
Isn’t it too late?
At the narrowed crossroads, you put wings on me
Heaven shines on you, shines on you

I’m feeling, one kiss, one heart
I’m feeling, one kiss, one heart

credit hangul + romanisation : romanization.worpress
Trans : popgasa
Re-up by Tits@SexyJJ


➤ YOU GUYS ARE COOL! Photobucket
JYJ’s Dance Team ‘I.D. MYO’ promotes JYJ on Infinity Challenge
➤ no joke, the teaser was abstract (in a way) and just awesome.
[TRANS] 130110 Kim Jaejoong Releases Images From His Music Video ‘Beautiful As Expected From The CG Handsome Guy’
➤ aww!❤❤❤❤❤ And all we need is you to be happy!
Kim Jaejoong “Your, My, & Mine” – All I need is you (fans)

HoMin news!
➤ uwah! Catch Me will be theme song?! cooool~~
[Trans] Tohoshinki’s “Catch Me” to be theme song for drama starring Nakajima Yukie
➤ LOL very accurate self portrait Changmin! haha xD like airport bambi changmin!
[Trans] 130111 Bigeast 【From Member】 : Tell Us ★ Yunho & Changmin
➤ *__* Leader씨 I will watch!
[Trans] TVXQ′s U-know Yunho moves up the social ladder as a rich boy in ′Yawang′
➤ *___* I love them! Missha, wae so awesome?
[Pics] TVXQ in Missha Photobook
➤ Leader씨, wait for me! I will watch your drama too! I just want to finish 드라마의제왕 first OTL nice walli’s btw ^^
[Pic] Yunho – ‘Queen of Ambition’ Wallpapers

Big Bang news!
➤ haha, no, not really news but: fun! ^^
Big Bang’s T.O.P is unexpectedly cute?
Big Bang’s ‘Extraordinary 20′s’ photobook receives digital award

➤ OTL Gangnam Style turned into a curse: It got so popular that PSY has to perform it 4ever now ^^°°
Psy to start “Gangnam Style” promotions in South America starting February

Okies! Let’s take a look at my k-dream ^^
eeeeh, I can only say: My good friends are my good friends ^///^ eh hehe… *is embarrassed*

*cough* uhm…. I… errr… CANNOT EXPLAIN THIS! xD so here you go!

It was concert time again! ^^
But not an ordinary concert. oh, and this is a bomb now: JYJ & TVXQ were holding a concert together! *dies*
My friend Jing Yee and I were there. Oh so cool! My little dongsaengie and I at a concert that is something like a reuinion concert for us! DAEBAK! Photobucket
Although I have no idea how we were able to get tickets for this…, because there were only a bit more than 1000 seats for this. The location was a bigger theater, the stage wasn’t too big but also not too small. The venue was like stage in the front and each row of the seats higher than the previews one. Jing Yee and I had our seats in the last third of the rows. Not the last row but in the last third of rows. We were maybe realtively far away from the stage but we were happy that we were even able to attent so no complains OTL
When the concert started it tunred out to be a bit different as we had expected it to be. Take note that this was not a real reuninon concert as you would think of it when I tell such a story. The first ones to come on stage were TVXQ. They performed like 2 HoMin songs, then they left the stage while JYJ were coming on stage. Then JYJ performed some JYJ songs and then it was Yunho’s and Changmin’s turn again.
And so the concert went on and on till it was over. A bit weird…. oO and our thoughts were racing after it has ended.
Jing Yee said: “At least they are togehter backstage now ^^ but I really wonder how it was possible for this concert to happen.”
I said: “I wonder too. I mean HOW did Cjes make SME agree to something like that…” (aparently this concert was initiated by Cjes… otherwise, wae should I say something like that? ^^)
After a while of talking Jing Yee said she would go to her hotel now since she was still feeling jetlagged like hell (since she came from malaysia). Other fans were also going home. And 4 hours later really no one was there anymore. Not even JYJYC ^^° – which was probably wae not a single fan was to be found at the theater and surroundings anymore. I was like our boys were rather busy because they had left soon after the concert’s end.
While I was still there? I was waiting for someone.
I already had several Pepsi and was somehow bored. On top of all it was not that warm in the room I was and I silently cursed myself that I had only one jacket with me (since it was warm inside the theater hall during the concert). It was still winter outside *facepalm*
I had already read 2 of the magazines which were lying around on one of the tables and now I caught myself constantly looking at the clock, wondering if they will still come today or not. Checked my phone for eventual messages but nothing. While I sat in some kind of café in the lobby of the theater I
already saw ajumma’s and ajeossi’s coming for the next show of the theater. Besides that nothing much happened TILL (oh, and now there we go!) a couple in their 20ties appeared on the scene. They stopped in the middle of the entrance of the café and the woman was yelling at the man. They were having a huge fight about something and they were making a ruckus that big (and couldn’t be calmed down by theater ppl) that the theater lady in the café called the police ^^°°° eh hehe….. peeeeeople, what da fack?!
I really wondered what their problem was but a while later the police came to solve the problem. The first thing they did was guiding the wild couple out of the building. Exactly at that moment, while I was still staring at the scene with the the couple and the police, someone entered the café through it’s side-entrance: IT WAS GENG! ( ˆ ω ˆ ) YAIY!
So he came in and the first thing I saw was his really gree jacket (tbqh, it was almost neon… very shiny~ oh genny, what are u wearing? *laughs*). ^^ and the jacket was from Xtep, I saw the logo on it. Never knew they have neon green jackets but oh well *shrugs* ╮(´▽`)╭ . It still looked cool, tho. (and it was a dream so everything is possible!)
Geng looked at the police and the couple before he looked at me and said: “What trouble here.^^ Sorry that we’re late.”
I shook my head and said “Nah, it’s ok.” and walked over to him to properly greet him. When I was only like 2 steps away from him something surprising happened: He came towards me for a hug! (∩_∩) Omo! So Genny is fine with it now?! I could only smile like an idiot and, of course, hug him for greeting. It turned out to be a pretty normal hug. Like I would hug one of my juniors: Over the shoulder, not awkward, not too long, close but not too close. I never bothered much with the hugging thing the whole time before since… I’m very well aware of things other ppl might don’t think or care about. So I always thought if he wants us to hug I will know then.
(●ˆ ω ˆ●) So now he was fine with it and it was all fine by me! Aw, nice! ^^
BUT the next surprise was about to come! When we were done hugging and about to separate again a wild Siwon came running to us calling out “Heeey! GROUP HUG! (っˆヮˆ)っ” …. LOL xD and before we knew where he came from he happily squish-hugged us. He was very fast with his “attack”. Yah, Choi Siwon! *laughs* what is this?? Photobucket It was like all the time he had been only waiting for us to hug so he can do this. It was really amusing how happy he was. But while Siwon was enjoying this we were like “aah, it’s okay Siwon. Can you stop squishing us please, it hurts.^^°” . Siwon overdoing it a bit as always Photobucket
On top of all I had to go for little fangirls after all the pepsi…. >< yeah, pretty bad timing but oh well. So I excused myself quickly but told Siwon before I left “You just wait here. Right here. Don’t move, okay? (^-^)”. He knew what I was saying. I could see by his expression that he knew + he smiled at me amused because I was somewhat hyper-happy (^^° oops~). Then I was away.
When I came back I saw that SiHan had wandered to the table in the left corner of the café. HanGeng sitting on one of the two chairs around the table(there was also a bench seat #justsaying), his green jacket already off. Siwon was standing close to the table and was holding one of the magazines around in his hands, reading in it. He still had his blue jacket on (the Super Junior one we saw they got recently) but it was open since he was indoors here. So I walked towards him, he looked up from his magazin and opened his arms so we could hug (yeeeah, it was still not enough with greeting hugs ^//^ it’s like we are never done, eh hehe… ^//^° *embarrassed laugh*).
Of course our hug was different from how I hugged with Genny. Just because in the meantime, and I have to admit that now because it’s true, we have quite some routine with hugging. So now let me explain the scene because…uhm… just because! ^//^ *has no words* : I came to hug him bu~t not around this jacket. >< no way! No hugging around winter jacket, it’s no good. So when I hugged him I was hugging him under the jacket so we could go for a hug properly and no stupid jacket was in the way ^//^ (I’m allowed by Siwon to do so, otherwise I would never do this OTL).
Genny was like… not caring about us. He was just drinking his coffee and reading in a magazine, probably only waiting for us to be done. But it looked like he had to wait a bit longer because in the end we were rather huggling instead of hugging. eh hehe ^///^°° oops? (???). It’s always really nice to hug Siwon and he was holding me close so I cold warm myself on top of all (since I was still feeling a bit cold). nyaah~~ (っ˘ڡ˘ς) the nicest hug I ever had (so far).
Some moments later, we were still hugging (eh he…(≥///≤) it’s slowly getting embarrassing…), Siwon was holding up the magazine again and told me to take a look because he found something in it while reading. He said “They mentioned Super Junior there.” . I was like “Where?!” and scanned the article he was showing to me for the mention of them, because I couldn’t believe something like the article about PSY article in our newspaper happened again (only this time with SuJu).

And that was the final scene of my dream already. Then I woke up.
But what for nice, unexpected happenings… errr… happened in that dream! Concert of our boys (although it was a bit weird with separated performances), having Jing Yee with me ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ, hugging Geng now & a huggle session with Siwon (since the last time it’s been a long time *nods to self*)?
*waves around with arms* what am I supposed to say about that? I LIKE! ^///^ (dreams with SiHan lovelies are somehow always the best lately!)

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