JYJ win lawsuit in Japan – Avex to fill an appeal, Jaejoong released his first solo album “I” & my latest k-dream (yes, another one ^^ 아이고!)

안녕 여러분! v^^.

WAH?! wait?!
When did this week pass by so fast??? D: What a scandal! It’s already weekend again! D:
this mean… this mean…. that my vacation is over!
oh nuuuu, how could this happen?!


*rolls into ball and cries*

yeah. so much for that. T.T *sobs*
but… omg, that Siwon GIF is of a Siwon from his “fuzzy kitten” time ლ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵ლ) omo! I love fuzzy kitten Siwon! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
My vacation is still over but… after seeing fuzzy kitten style siwon I feel better.

And since I cannot do something about the end of my vacation and since it’s just too frustrating to think about it, here is my latest k-dream!

Somehow it happens that I dream about this every year oO This was actually the second time!
So there was this event organized by fans. Again. Mainly it was a event for k-pop related stuff and it was like a huge meeting of different fandoms, but they were also to show anime highlights of the past year (so 2012 in that case).
Ok, I thought, cool. Will attend this again. (since I was already there last year)
It turned out to be even bigger than before because it was such a huge success the last times and it was said that this year the ppl who mainly organized this managed to bring some idols here. I heard someone mentioned NS Yoon-G would come and I was like “cool! I want to see her!”.
Somehow mom and even my sister was with me. I dunno how I made my sister go with us xD she hates all this!
While we were making our way to the main hall, through all the ppl, I thought I saw someone I knew for a moment. And yeah, not just someone as in someone (you know what I mean! *waves with arms*)… I thought I saw 2 SuJu members but it was so crowded that I wasn’t sure. I totally lost focus on this when I bumped into 2 former classmates from tradeschool while I was in thought abou that! haha!
I was surprised to see them there but we went into the hall together then. Inside the hall there were many chairs arranged in rows and this place was really big! There was one huge screen in the front. You can imagine it like a gigant cinema screen. Random k-pop was playing for the time ppl were taking their seats. Mom and sister went to get something to eat (in a corner there was something where you could get food), so my former classmates and I took our seats without them.
The place was crowded with european ppl and korean students (who study here).
Then the event finally started! Anime highlights were the first thing to be shown. I’m pretty much not up to date with all the animes so I found it quite interesting to watch this. After a while ppl got distracted and everyone started talking.
Two ppl appeared like random, taking the two seats besides the rows like 10 meters ahead of me. oh yeah well, and who was it?? no, not NS Yoon-G! SIWON AND KYUHYUN!
I just thought: ‘OMG! So I really saw them before??! Wae were they creeping around in the cowd? ^^ aigoo.‘ . Hehe… but I thought it was funny that they were able to creep around like that ㅋ
Howsoever, Anime was no longer that interesting ^^ so far it was only our corner (because we were the ppl nearest to them) who had seen them so far. It was dark in the hall after all – besides the light from the screen but screen was far enough away from us. #justsaying We were told to be quiet, because fangirls start to scream easily xD , but everyone was talking then. The korean student to my right kept talking to her Unni 2 rows before us xD TWO ROWS BEFORE US. aigoo! I understood nothing besides that she said “I love you” to her at the end (for whatever reason, I didn’t understand what she was saying). I have no idea how many ELF were present in this place but ppl surely couldn’t stop talking in our corner.
Anime were still playing on the screen and our two SuJu boys were watching it intersted, sometimes talking to each other. Sometime Kyu imitated one of the anime characters in a funny way which made Siwon laugh at his nonsense. They were cute ^^
After a while I tried to concentrate on the animes again but totally failed since watching Siwon and Kyu was more fun. Well, of course my thoughts wandered off then. I thought about what they were wearing today. They looked really good ^^
Then I thought ‘Dammit. Wae did I come here? Now I want to meet up with them but… *cries inside* no way with all the k-pop ppl here… T^T so no no.’. Besides that, I was pretty sure they had really no idea that I was here with my family. There were so many ppl, they surely didn’t see any of us. (and da hell, I surely wouldn’t bother, it was of no use to make them see us/me anyway so wae? but it was sort of frustrating *sigh*)
But nonetheless! Although that it was cool that they came I was crying inside when I had this thought … and had to fight the ridiculous strong need/wish (whatever) to hug Siwon ㅠ~ㅠ *cries* omo… how bad this was! What a cruel world… *sobs* T^T
My dream made a skip then and so I dunno what was up with Siwon and Kyu in the end. If they only talked to the audience or what. I don’t know.
So half of the event was already over and I found myself complaining to my former classmates about when they would finally play HoMin’s MV of “Catch Me” for the japanese version. LOL 4ever impatient Cassiopeia!
This was the end of my short dream.

Aiiiiigoo, what was this? I was surely suffering on my seat. T^T I see, I see. I’m really too weak lately. oO seriously no joke. What is this? *blames all on Siwon xD *
Ts… and I already see how my ELFi friend is smirking again when she reads this.
@Patti: … yeah, you be amused when I’m crying inside! T~T … NOT FUNNY!

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SuJu news!
➤ This is like… OMG! the first band I liked meets my boys now! O: *jaw drops* My fandom worlds collide OTL never EVER thought such a pic will be seen… I mean… OMO! *is speechless*
Super Junior-M takes photo with Backstreet Boys + performs “Break Down” for the first time while filming for ‘Liaoning TV Spring Festival’

JYJ news
➤ Jaejoong released “Mine” MV!
UWAH! such a cool vampire-angel! I’m not that into rock (basically totally not) but JJ’s song is good and the MV is dark but cool *.*
➤ [Lyrics trans] Jaejoong’s “Mine”
[Lyrics] Jaejoong – ‘Mine’
➤ It was about time *haha*, my t-listers were running in circles because of the album now they can finall calm donw ^^
Jaejoong releases solo mini album ‘I’
➤ Highclass MV! ^^d I like!
‘Solo’ Kim Jaejoong has a blockbuster-scale music video ’7 sets, 60 hours of filming’
➤ [Lyrics Trans] Jaejoong’s Jackal OST song “My Only Comfort”
My Only Comfort (trans) (you can also listen to the song there OTL)
➤ TAKE THAT, AVEX! OTL xD haha! Omo, I shouldn’t be lik that ^^° but YAAAY! JYJ win their lawsuit in japan! Everyone, rejoice!
JYJ wins lawsuit against Japanese management Avex
tssss, Avex, you go die in shame 4evr for making trouble when they wanted to hold a charity concert ㄱ-ㄱ how can you? Let alone the fact that they came around the corner with false facts… tsss~ there you can see how dirty that business can be.
but anyways: Now everything can only get better for the boys! I’m happy, they deserve it!
Details here: C-JeS releases details regarding JYJ’s lawsuit victory over Avex + Avex announces its intentions to appeal
I mean: WHAT DA FACK?? Claiming something like that… this could ruin a person’s life and they come up with it just like that. tsk. wae does this remind me about what SM did when HanGeng left…. ㄱ__ㄱ you are all LOW! *take a big round of looking down on SME once more and Avex again*
and: Yes, Avex. You go filling an appeal now while I go laugh. It’s the same what SM did when the court ruled in favour of JYJ. You will go nowhere with this. Go on, go on.
Aish! *throws hands up* Wae can’t companies never say “It was wrong of us doing so, we are sorry. This shall never happen again”? They always need to try struggle out of the situation… makes it more embarrassing for them in the end. Oh well, if this is how you want to keep your face in public then keep being ridiculous. You cannot be helped then. *walks away*
➤ Let’s switch the topic to something that makes me less aggressive ^^°°: Jaejoong album photobook scans!
[HQ PICS] 130118 Scans of Jaejoong’s [ I ] Album Photobook

Really great pics! Well done Jaejoong!
➤ Ah really?? well, I hope so! And since I’m an idiot I will believe you chunnie because I believe you guys always.
JYJ’s Yoochun assures fans he didn’t shave his head for the military
but c’mon! Everyone had this thought! this looks like a military haircut! (not bad, but like a military haircut! OTL)

HoMin news
➤ WAH! *jumps* I AM BROKE! Photobucket what, album?? щ(゚Д゚щ) whaaaatttt?????? O: OMOOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMO(…)OMOMOMOMOMOMO!!!!!! *runs in circles like a mad chicken, panicking*
TVXQ to release new Japanese album in March
*head-> desk* Photobucket I’m done. I am broke but I need to save money for Toho album. I HAVE TO!!!!!
I… I really cannot! On the one hand, after the garage bill I’m broke. BUT on the other hand also I cannot not buy Toho album. Aigoo, what a world! Wae did I choose to become a fangirl?? waeeee???? I am not rich enough to be a fangirl so this was a pretty self-destructive decision…
Photobucket *throws le me into toilet to flushes her moneyless, troubled self down*
Need to learn how to live by air and love OTL NEED – TO – LEARN . T.T
Max Changmin says, “Kyu Hyun told me to be prepared to be criticized for just 100 days”
➤ The pictures are amazing! I love this!
[Pic] Tohoshinki -‘Catch Me If You Wanna’ (Japanese Single)
➤ …Missha turns out to be a bit like Yishion for me. Not because they shoot similar pics (bcs they don’t OTL OTL), but because they both shoot just so cool pics!
[Pic] MISSHA Hand Cream With TVXQ!

I mean… screw the hand cream… HoMin look so good!

And what is this entry still missing? ^^ right! the couples!
Let’s look at what our couples are doing.

Couples, what’s up for days’ episode of the couple series?

“EunHae of the day”:
awwwww! Adonis Camp EunHae! awwwww! SO MUCH LOVE!
oh well, then we let our adorable, young baby EunHae sleep. ^^

what’s up with SiHan couple?
“SiHan of the day”:
oh, I see. My SiHan lovelies being lovely once again. ah, I just love you *_____*

☆✭☆[Couple special] SiHan, today: Adventures of SiHan!
The English/Korean/Chinese adventures of Choi Siwon and Han Geng
ooomo! cutie, young puppy SiHan! *____* I love!


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