Two birthdays , HanGeng reached 25 Million followers on Weibo & 3 new k-dreams xD

안녕 친구들! v^^.

aaah, I have to many… uhm… “many”‘s lately!

first the good ones:
I have lots of k-dreams. MANY K-DREAMS! Although not all of them were long and with a great story but still! I mean… wow! never had so many in such a short time! (is that a sign that I became more talented in having k-dreams? ^^)
So I because of that I can show you 2 new little k-dreams today again!
and yes, I know: It’s either getting ridiculous or annoying with me xD I always come around with one or more new k-dreams with each entry. That’s SICKness man! *imitating Brian*

not the bad ones: I have… MANY bad feelings about ajeossi lately like… hate is rising up in me. Like… serious hate.
It’s really rare that I hate someone that much… that I’m even ABLE to hate someone so much is the biggest weirdness EVER oO.  Really, “dislike” isn’t even enough anymore. Just WHAT DA HECK is wrong with this person that he is such an idiot??? (makes it easy to hate him)
Having massive moodswings from one second to another, when there is no reason to hate he finds one to randomly hate at you… err… okay, ajeossi. Whatever you try to do with that sh*t: I’m not that weak. Not by far. I endured enough in the past to have a good practice of dealing with sh*t. You cannot break me even if you want to. You can only die trying. (it will be like to try to go with your head through a massive wall so… ㄱ_ㄱ GO EAT FOOD! EAT FOOD FOREVER! *goes the SuJu way of insulting and being angry to spare the blog + the readers with my massive language that would come out otherwise ^^° *)

Congrats to our Genny for reaching the 25 Million mark on Weibo!!
Aaaaaaand another million of followers for Genny! He’s still really fast in gaining more and more followers! ^^
[WEIBO updates]
(130129) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – So Young [1 Entry]
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– haha! your hair! wae blue? ^^ : (130203) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Birthday Cake [1 Entry]
(130205) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Cloud Altas Theme Song [1 Entry]
[Latest Pics]
Yishion 2013 Spring Casual Series! *o* the pics are daebak! Simple styled Geng rocks totally! → 1 , 2 , 3 ,
(130126) Backstage @ CCTV Spring Festival Web Gala recording: Another kid got stolen xD → 4 ,
Happy Lunar New Year! (OMGZ!! SO CUTE! *____*) → 5 ,
Yishion again *__* nice! → 6 .

SuJu news!
➤ SuJu-M at M!Countdown!
they all looked really good! Liked it!
and HENRY AND ZHOUMI °~° on korean tv_official! I cannot! OTL OTL (hope they will finally get some respect *sigh* not like in the past)
– KBS Music Bank performance *click*
– MBC Music Core performance *click*
– SBS Inkigayo performance *click*
➤ Naah. Original is better. >< (that’s my opinion… it’s weird)
Super Junior-M reveals Korean version of ‘Break Down’
…and wae da hell does SM ALWAYS feel the need to translate SUJU-M(!!!!!) songs into korean??? then it’s more like SuJu-K… and that again is more like SuJu normal… errr… okeh. *is now confused by this analysis*
➤ aw, our cute henryy!
Henry thanks fans for supporting Super Junior-M’s “Break Down” stage in Korea
yah! *glares at everyone* you! love him! *raises fist* ლ( ̄□ ̄) and when you cannot love him then at least respect him (so no hate please! same goes for our ZHOUMI of course!)
… …. eh hehe ^^° am I a bit too much now? *little bit embarrassed*
➤ While everyone was like “UWOAH! REALLY??” …
Siwon and actor Ha Jung Woo become the faces of ‘Audi’
…I was like “I saw this coming” ㅋㅋㅋ me and my super cray-stan abilities… I’m impressed by myself sometimes LOL (no really… no sh*t.. it’s almost scray sometimes …. o-O )
HAPPY b-day KYUHYUN #justsaying
SuJu’s little evil turned 26! *throws confetti over the evil because I CAN ㅋㅋㅋ* Kyu, keep being cool! ^^d All the best wishes to you! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ゜゚・ *throws more confetti*

JYJ news!
➤ It is a huge success!
Jaejoong sells out all 120,000 copies of his solo album
➤ aaah, what are you talking about, autor of that article?? JJ was ALWAYS loved by his japanese fans! OTL
[TRANS] 130128 Kim Jaejoong’s ‘I’ Becomes The First JYJ Album To Appear On The Oricon Charts In 2 Years
to say “is still loved” makes it sound weird oO
➤ really?? I mean… uwaaaah! *o* JJ really is no.1 with his album?? daebak!
Jaejoong’s ‘I’ ranks #1 on album charts in Taiwan and Japan
➤ [CUT] JYJ Magazine (The Story of 1000 days) – Junsu
KYAAAH! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) SO CUTE! and I totally loooooves his strawberry hair! ^^
➤ awww! so nice! But really, you’re welcome. Cassies will support you for the next 100 000 days or… years. whatever you want. To the end, u know?
[Trans] JYJ’s Thank You – messages for their 1,000 days

HoMin news!
➤ HAHA! XD CHANGMIN WHAT DA FACK! (OTL btw, it was proven by scientists that this is nonsense as far as I know xD but: funny that he says this LOL )
[TRANS] 130129 Max Changmin Makes A 19+ Comment On ‘Moonlight Prince’, “The Nose Defines The Man”
➤ WAH! *gets heart attack* (っ°□°ς) LEADER씨!!!!!!! I just got sh*t scared! … but I bet it looks worse on the pics as it actually was (to do for the drama)
Yunho does his own stunts on ‘Queen of Ambition’
➤ Because they CAN #LikeABoss
DBSK Joins Ayumi Hamasaki, m-flo and Others for TRF’s Tribute Album
Not like a Yunho! Not Like a Changmin! This is LIKE AN ORIGINAL JAPANESE ACT! BOOYA! FACK YEAH! and… all other word which describe similar things but I don’t remember then now xD
➤ …errr…. °-° they look like old men in the third one!
[Pic] Tohoshinki – Time Album Jacket Covers
aigoo, wae can’t I pre-order it NOW?? I will buy CD/DVD version! so b-version! yes, I am broke. yes, I shouldn’t buy it then. BUT HECK! I’m a damn Cassiopeia and I want to show the respect to HoMin they deserve so I’m buying their CD instead of DLing it somewhere for free (which I could also do OTL) AND while I’m at it with buying I will buy the version I am satisfied with as CD collecting fangirl because I am broke anyway, just to begin with.
and… dyum! what a long sentence gain… oO
➤ It’s always nice to see cassies gather from all over the world for b-day trending!
Fans celebrate Yunho’s birthday on Twitter + donate rice
I cannot even express my feeling! HNGH!!!! >o<
You are such a inspiring person to us! For your b-day, my one and only true leader씨,I hope you will have a wonderful b-day. A wonderful year. no, have the most wonderful life a person ever had!
Our Leader씨, who has endured so many hardships and anti-attacks. Who never gives up, who keeps fighting no matter what. Who always worked even harder than before for his fans and member(s). Our Leader씨 who’s good with kids and loves dogs ^__^
Leader Gwangju style. Jung Yunho.
생일 죽하합니다! 항상 건강하시고 행복하세요! 리더씨 영원히사랑해요!

Leader씨 birthday pic spam! *click* (best pic/gif spam ever!)
Changmin confesses he received therapy due to sasaengs
CHANGMIIIIIIIN! D:<<<< NUUUUUUUUU! OMG! I HAVE TO SAVE YOU & YUNHO! *highkicks sasaengs into the sun so they will burn!!* DAMN YOU DAYUM SASAENG PPL! DOUBLE AND 4EVER DAMN YOU! (ノ °益° )ノ彡︵/(.□ . \) *flips them like mad*

Ailee news!
➤ Ailee is part of the “Queen Of Ambition” sountrack!
Ailee reveals “Ice Flower” for ‘Queen of Ambition’ OST
➤ UWAH! so cool! I’m happy that Ailee can go where bigger artists go too ^^ she will rise herself! you all will see!
Kim Hyun Joong, Ailee, Baechigi and more to perform in Brazil for ’2K13 FEEL KOREA’

Big Bang news!
➤ uwah! they are amazing!
Big Bang wraps up their World Tour, bow respectfully to fans

➤ SuJu “Best Male Group” & “Best Fans” , TVXQ “Best Music Video” (Catch Me! OTL) , Ailee “Best Female Solo” + Big Bang “Song Of The Year” (Fantastic Baby)!
^____^ I like, I like!
[LIST] Winners from the “2012 Allkpop Awards”

Last but not least: my k-dreams!

The first dream:
That dream was somehow cool!
There was this hotel and the organization who has partners in China held an event again (the one from my k-dream last year). Somehow my aunt was part of the organiziner team. I cannot tell exactly what I did but that she joined that project/event but it was thanks to me. The Organizers had money issue for this one and I somehow made my aunt help them out (note: let’s just say some ppl of my family are not~ exactly poor ^^° *cough*) by joining this event as some kind of sponsor.
So the event was not canceled and we even got to stay at the hotel for free! YAYY! =D my sister sis was also there with me.
We checked out the hotel while my aunt was busy with the organizer team during the first part of the event. Sister was only interested in the hotels’s pools because the cultural event was nothing for her. So I went to take a look at the pools with her (not swimming, only looking).
I have to say the pools looked quite nice. Since the hotel was more a classy one everything looked neat and not exactly cheap. Sis wanted us to go swimming like…NOW but I told her I cannot since I wanted to see the closing show (for a reason! Σ (ˆㅅˆ)ノ ).
So I went to the hotel’s big hall for the closing show. Organizers had prepared the stage there and the room was already almost completely filled up with ppl. Not too many ppl but still a whole bunch. All older ppl more at the age of Ajumma’s and Ajeossi’s or slightly younger. I think most of them were hotel guests.
Thanks to my aunt I went backstage and watched everything from there once they had started. First there was a talking session of the hosts with the guests. There was a female singer I didn’t know and Geng. They introduced them to the audience and asked some questions. Of course they also talked about their partnership with China. The usual thing.
The female singer performed her song first, but I didn’t payed that much attention to it. Eh hehe ^^°°° I was on my phone and checked on twitter LOL poor her, I was only interested in Geng’s performance xD #BadPerson ㅋㅋㅋ
When it was finally Geng’s turn I watched it all excited. He performed “My Logo” and “Clown Mask”. It was cool since it was the first time I saw it from the other side of the stage (not from the adience side).
After Geng was also done with his performance the hosts came on stage again and also the female singer. Geng and the female singer gave their closing words, expressing their thankies that they were invited, granted to spread about chinese culture and such. Then the hosts thanked them for coming and putting up a great show. Also very much the usual talk again. Then the whole organizers team and staff was called on stage, one group after another, to introduce the team to the audience that worked hard for this event. So there was their staff, some ppl of the female singer, my aunt and even SunLe in the end.
So far so good. … ….. Besides the fact that I knew I was doomed once Geng turned around when the last staff ppl were coming out and spotted me on my position only some meters behind them in the background of the stage.
He smiled widely and quickly came over to me. I only thought “…oh-oh. o__o don’t tell me he’s going to… oh no, he is! D: *dying inside*”. When he reached me he was all like “You come too now! ^__^” while I was going “no, no, no, no! Are you crazy?! *does not want*”. But Geng was like “C’mon MeiMei! You must, you must!”. AISH! DAMMIT! >.< and so I was dragged on stage *facepalm* luckily at least not directly in front of all the ppl. Thanks Geng, you at least let me stay in the background *sigh* It guess he knew about me making my aunt helping out for this event and so he thought I should be with the staff. hrrr… that troublesome Geng! It was such an awkward feeling… I couldn’t even! ><
Maybe that was wae Geng was suddenly besides me, putting his arm around my shoulder, wanting to tell me that everything was fine and that I should relax.
Well, I relaxed when we left the stage with everyone a minute later ㄱ.ㄱ
Geng then made a teasing comment and I glared at him a little because it was all his fault.. hrr… == *frustrated*. After that he made another comment that made me laugh because it was so silly xD , then we randomly hugged until it was almost awkward for our standards (LOL although it wasn’t a long time of hugging ^^°). Geng then told me that he and SunLe would go have lunch now and he asked if I want to join them. Of coursed, asked like that I would never say no! So I said yes. Geng said: “Great. But first I need to go shower. ^^” and laughed. I thought ‘Since your clothes are kinda glued to you, it will be for the better.’ (I`ve noticed when we hugged). I said: “You go shower then, I will wait.” and Geng left for shower OTL
I went back to the hotel room my Sister sid, my aunt and I were staying with my aunt to get some things. I met sis again who still wanted to go to swimm. I told her that I will have lunch with friends now. She was disappointed and said she will go swimming now with or without me then.
oh well, rather without me sis, because le me is le busy with other things ^^

Then my dream ended. Too bad. but it was fun nonetheless.

The second dream:
In this dream I accompanied a friend to her job interview. My friend was also a confectionist and was looking for a new place to work. That day she finally had a job interview at a hotel. She didn’t wanted to go alone since she was so nervous so she asked me if I would come with her. Of course I didn’t rejected this request of my friend since I had time (dunno who this friend was, I only remember that it was a friend of mine).
When we arrived at the hotel I was a pretty big one and looked nice. I thought ‘wow, if she’s going to work here this is awesome… upper class, huh?’ . We walked into the hotel and we were punctual as hell! We were there a bit too early. My friend was told to wait a bit by the reception lady so we waited. We sat down in a corner in the lobby where two couches were placed together like L-form (and a expensive looking/designer-thingy-looking couch table was in front of them).
Some minutes later some kind of employee manager in a suit showed up, asked which of us is the applicant and then told my friend to follow to his office. I was supposed to wait till her job interview was over.
I waited and waited… job interview took a while. I wondered whether this was a good or a bad sign … and who was actually more nervous right now: me or my friend in that room ^^.
To distract myself I started to look around the lobby, checking everthing out. But it wasn’t like there was so much to look at just because it was only the lobby. So I ended up staring at the door of the room where my friend was still in again.
Oh well buuuu~t then something happened: All of a sudden someone sat down besides me like… VERY close (close as in -almost sitting on me- Photobucket YAH! WTH!!!). And you know, this was that kind of really soft couch that sinks in into the directon a person sits down besides you. It practically made me lean towards that person! I just thought ‘WTH! Photobucket Who dares to-?!‘ even more.
I turned around to find out who this shameless person was who was not keeping the distance to other ppl so bluntly (since I expected a stranger so this would have been a very weird situation). yeah, I turned around only to look into shisus’ smiling face!
Aah~ ^^, okeh! Then I understood! Scratch the shameless, it all made sense now and was not feeling weird at all anymore ㅎㅎ that’s just natural behaviour of shisus. ╮(´▽`)╭
Well, since it was him it was okay. I only was a bit shocked at first because I was so focused on that door ahead of me. ^^° Yah~, Siwonnie, don’t gimme heart attacks please! Will ya? This could have scared me a lot at that moment because I was focused on something else! Luckily it didn’t (since I’m not that… jumpy normally).
He asked how come that I was here. I told him about my friend having a job interview in this hotel and that I play pilar of support for her ^^. Siwon told me that he was staying here because of work for a while and is now waiting for his manager – who’s on the phone right now to fix some matters before they would leave. I asked him what he’s doing these days (for work). Siwon said “I will go to Thailand for 3 weeks.” and me said “3 weeks?! That’s long. :/ *disappointed about the fact that there will be NO CHANCE of seeing Siwon in 3 weeks for SURE*” (otherwise we at least have a chance to meet by accident -like this time^^- but this now meant that he would be away for SURE… although… thinking about it it’s not thaaat long, but yeah *shrugs*).
I didn’t asked what he was exactly doing there since I didn’t wanted to be too curious. It’s none of my business after all and… I really don’t want to bother too much about or with his work all the time. I really think so many ppl are doing this already so there is no need for me to join all the others. #justsaying
Siwon leaned onto me (or more like: even more as the couch already made him before ^^) and said “But I will come back ^^” and smiled. I thought ‘yes, you better! *haha* You have to! ^^ ‘, also smiled, also leaned towards his side more and said “yeah, you will.” .
Then we just stayed on that couch silently like ( ^∀^)(^∀^ ) *leaning, leaning*, smiling for no reason at all after this convo. ^^° Babo us!
Then my dream ended.
Ts. And I didn’t even get to know if my friend got that job or not! AISH!

…the ridicoulous thing with that dream is that I know wae I had it.
My Junior is constantly talking about her Thailand trip in 2 weeks, le me had a “little Siwon crisis” again because of King Of Dramas (too much hair porn and… anyway! *waves with arms* too much of… too much! o: but nyaaj~ THE HAIR *____*) the day before that dream + my job was on my mind too so this is what it led to xD

Third dream:
THIS WAS SUCH A MIXED UP DREAM! Waaaeeeeeeeee *Changmin style* did I decide to make notes of our stupid scenarios yesterday??? *looks @ Patricia now* yeah, you don’t laugh like that now! ㄱ_ㄱ …. ….. YAH!
So what did happen?
It was evening and we were having some kind of gathering. We were in the living room with the evil couple (means: Patti & Kyu). And when I say ‘we’ I’m talking about Siwon and me ^^ (btw: Siwon, already back? So 3 weeks have passed by very quickly in my k-dreams world! xD LOL ok, all fine by me!). The place we were was not the SuJu dorm, it was the house of someone. Quite big actually. Have no idea who’s house it was *shrugs*
There were two doors to that living room, one to the left -which was near to Siwon and me- & a second to the right side -which was behind our evils-. At first we were talking, then the evils started to smirk and said something about they want to play a game. Siwon was eyeing them suspicious while I was already thinking ‘…O.O oh hell to the no! They want to play -Truth or Dare-! We are screwed!’.
AISH! NUUUUU! >.< We cannot play this stupid game with the evils! >_< they have too much fun embarrassing us! We were about to be in big trouble! BUT then something really funny happened and that pretty much saved our lives: Like 2 seconds after they have said that they want to play a game Heenim appeared in the doorframe behind them and said “Yah, you two! We will play a game now. Sungming suggested it.” and a smiling Sungmin appeared behind Heenim. xD You maybe can imagine how the evils’ jaws droped when Sungmin said he wants to play ‘Truth or Dare’!! 아아아아아ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ *extremely amused laugh* The situation they wanted to avoid because those two, Heenim and Sungmin, would give them no couple dares ;P They would only give them dares who make them “suffer”. You can maybe also imagine that my smile couldn’t be bigger at that moment xD I couldn’t believe it! The evils tried to save their lives now, trying to avoid playing with Heenim and Sungmin, but Heenim was far from giving in to them. So while they started to complain, Siwon looked at me and silently gestured that we should leave now because of the obvious and only chance we were given. ㅋㅋㅋ Very sly Siwon! Time to save ourselves before Heenim and Sungmin hit on the idea to make us join the game. This way we ended up practically sneaking out of the second door and awayyy~~~
We left the room quietly, closed the door and walked down the hallway. We could still hear the evils complain and Heenim saying “No, no. You have to”. We looked at each other for a moment and then burst into laughter. xD This was too hilarious! The evils were about to come up with an evil plan but their plan stabbed them right into their own backs when Heenim appeared. LOOOL so who was screwed now? ;P not us! ㅋㅋㅋ (σ‾▿‾)-σ deal with it, evils!
Since it was late already we decided to go to sleep. We had a shared room. It was one of the guest rooms in this bigger house. There was this bedroom with the two beds, one to the leftside and one to the right wall + a little bathroom attached to this room on the left side of the room. For getting ready le me changed in the mini bathroom and Siwon changed in the room where the beds were.
After everyone was ready with getting ready for sleep we were sitting on thed bed on the right side of the room, still laughing about the evils’ situation, imagining what they will suffer from while playing with Sungmin and Heenim. And so we talked on for a while, it kept getting later. Then it randomly happened that we changed position from sitting to halfway lying – so that we could still look at each other while talking (you know, like when you lie on your side but leaning on your elbow). When the talk about the evils was already long over we had found another random topic to talk about. Cannot remember what it was but it was something silly just like the nonsense back at this utterly boring seminar we had to attend because our bosses said so. Then Siwon teased me about something, I complained and we ended up fooling around.
A look at the clock told us that it has become really late in the meantime. We wanted to end all this with a hug to say good night. But… eh hehe ^^° *embarrassed laugh* like some ppl already know we sometimes have a little “problem” with hugs: They just never end. And since Siwon made another remark about something then it led to the next topic so this turned into a huggling session with discussion and…. errr… eh hehehe ^^°°°°°° *drops* *major embarrassed laugh* … we accidentally fell asleep then because it was already that late. Oops! ^^° … … … ooh (≥///≤) . Embarrassing, embarrassing.
We to end conversation and go to sleep properly—-> #fail. MEGA FAIL!

OTL Just to begin with, wae were we put into a room together, eh? щ(゚Д゚щ) ppl should have known!… …. ….. no, wait. We should have known. xD haha! oh well! *runs away giggling*

This dream was a mixed up dream of several scenarios Patti and I have written so far + thoughts we already had… oO just what da hell.
(๑>◡<๑) But I totally liked the turn of things when Heenim appeared!
And… basically I cannot and do not want to complain about anything (⌒///⌒) *giggles embarrassed*

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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      Yeah, HanGeng gains follower fast. Some of the last times it was one more million/10 days =)
      I called him the master of “1 more million followers every 10 days”_official ^ .^

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